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Seirei Gensouki ~Konna Sekai De Deaeta Kimi Ni~ - Volume 2 - Chapter 62


Chapter 62 [The World Was Pure White]

TL : Cnine

Part 1

Though Rio was leaving toward the Bertram kingdom leaving Miharu's, in the end he returned to the rock house in the same day.

In an instant, it's already evening, because the veil of darkness has descending, the forest in the surrounding of the house become gloomy.

「That rock is the house in which sensei will live after this」

「T-That's very rough house right」

Though the barrier magic of recognition inhibition is invoked to Seria the moment she entering the area, Rio instantly cancelling it by manipulating the odo in Seria body.

Though it didn't seems to be that big rock if saw from afar, Seria also understood about manufacturing the house when looking it getting closer.

Though she's a little bewildered since Seria didn't have the concept of living inside of the house.

「Well, please rest assured since the inside is clean. Shall we enter. Because I'll introducing you to Miharu's」

After saying that, Rio lowered Seria to the ground.


Rio easily telling the situation to Seria while they're flying in the sky, even regarding the fact that he's living along with Miharu's.

After going in front of the door, Rio pressed the magic tool that installed on the door to call the people inside.

And following after that he's knocking the door with fixed rhythm.

That was the sign of Rio came back.

「Welcome home! Haruto-san! 」

Soon the sound of the door unlocked from inside could be heard following after the door opened, and Miharu greeted Rio.

Miharu's seemingly feel relieved when she saw him coming home faster, maybe because she feel anxious since there's no Rio.

「Yeah, I've returned」

「Ah, ehm, that child is?」

Miharu asking timidly when she saw Seria who's standing behind Rio.

「She's the friend to whom I'm indebted to. Since she's in danger, I take her under my protection. Though both of you unable to communicating at each other, you'll be living together under the same roof after this ..... Though I'm regretting for not telling you beforehand, will you be okay with it? 」

「Ah, Yeah. Of course you can」

After Rio explaining the situation, Miharu was bowing to Seria seemingly a little nervous.

Seria's also bowing back to Miharu while smiling.

「Rio, could it be that the girl who's dragged in the hero summoning that you said just now is this extremely cute YOUNG LADY?」

Seria's asking Rio while smiling a smile.

Though she seems calm outside, Rio's unintentionally stepping back as he somehow feeling the dreadfulness behind that smile.

「Ah, Yeah. Uhm, she's Miharu Ayase-san」

「This girl is Miharu I see. Could it be that her age is the same with Rio? 」

「Yes. That's so 」

「I see ...... Could you please say please treat me well after this? 」

「Understood. Before that, shall we enter first」

After saying that, Rio line of sight changing to Rio.

Maybe because Miharu also sensing strangely dreadful Seria, it seems her tension raising slightly.

But, because Seria also replaced with gentle smile immediately, the tension sign of Miharu vanished instantly.

「Shall we entering the house first, Miharu-san. Since I will introduce her」

To Miharu who's silently hearing Rio and Seria conversation which she couldn't understand, Rio speaking to her in japanese.

「Yes. I'll prepare the tea」

「Sorry. Please」

Just like that, Rio leading Seria to entering inside the house along with Miharu.

Miharu's going straight to the kitchen immediately to prepare the tea.

「Ah, Welcome back , Haruto-san.! 」

「Aah, welcome back, Haruto-anchan!」

Aki and Masato was relaxing in the living room.

Aki and Masato showing a relaxed face as if being relieved seeing Rio's back, following that, they're staring curiously at Seria who's standing behind him.

「I'm back, everyone」

Rio returning their greeting with a smile.

「The truth is I have a request or should I say a notification. It have something to do with this person but, for thetime being it it okay for me to ask after the introduction? 」

「Ah, yes」

Aki and Masato's straightening themself with a little stiff posture.


「Ah, uhm!」

Seria was looking at the inside of the house with great interest.

And replied with ’’Ha~’’ to Rio who's called to her.

Part 2

「Since I'll guide you inside of the house later, please sit here for the time being」

「Yeah. Please then」

Seria sitting on the sofa in the living room, and Rio sat beside her.

「By all means」

Maybe because she already boiling the water beforehand, Miharu returned to the living room and bringing along the tea with her.

After brewing the tea, Miharu also sitting beside Aki, their sitting arrangement in 2[Rio and Seria] facing 3[Miharu's] with desk separating them.

「Thanks for the tea. ........ Ara, it's tasty. You're skillful with your tea brewing skill」

After holding the tea cup with tea brewed by Miharu in an elegance manner, Seria stated her impression while smiling with delightful face.

「The tea brewed by Miharu-san is tasty」

Rio translating her impression and conveying that to Miharu.

Miharu replied to that with shy expression.

Seria also smiling to that Miharu.

「Well then, we should began the introduction immediately right. She's Seria ClaireMy old friend to whom I'm indebted during my childhood」

They decided to convey Seria real name and her lineage after discussing it beforehand.

Since it might cause more problem without knowing it beforehand, that's why explaining the situation beforehand will make it easier for them to cope with the problem.

Seria bowing to the three of them with elegant conduct.

Masato face become red to her loveliness, thus Aki thrusting a tsukkomi elbow from his side.

「Eh, the person to whom Haruto-san indebted to in his childhood?」

Miharu's asking with curious face.

Because Seria couldn't be seen as nothing but someone who's a bit younger than Rio who's by her side.

Her age might be separated with Aki by one or two years.

It's a bit strange if Rio said that he's indebted to her during his childhood.

「Ah, though she look like this, she's older than any of us. She's 21 years old this year」

Noticing what Miharu puzzled about a while later, Rio tell them about Seria age.

「E .......... EEEEEEEEEHHHH!

「21 years old .........」

「Seriously .....」

After being dumbfounded for just a moment, it's not only Miharu, even Aki and Masato voicing their amazement.

Though her appearance and beauty didn't leave that of children, maybe because Seria youthful appearance is by no means that of someone whose age surpassing twenty.

Rio's smiling wryly at their reaction.

When he send a fleeting glance at Seria, Seria was looking at Rio with a bit sulking face.

Though it seems that she didn't know the content of their conversation, it seems she roughly grasped the subject of the conversation by looking at Miharu's reaction.

Incidentally, when he's laughing a little, now she turned her dradful smile at him.

「They're saying that sensei is youthful you know」

To make an excuse, he explain their reaction to Seria while smiling wryly.

「......... I know that」

And, Seria replied while staring intently at him with ’’Jiii~’’.

Miharu's looking at their exchange with great interest.

「Sorry. Shall we return to the story. I'm acquainted with her when I'm 7 years old, she was the lecturer of the scholl in which I went to」

And now, Rio's explaining to Miharu's.

「...... A sensei」

Miharu's blurting out her reply like a parrot.

「Sensei ...... 」

Aki was sending her line of sight alternatingly between Seria and Rio while muttering that.

She's somehow curious with their relationship.

Masato's still fascinated by Seria, and nervously looking at her with sparkling eyes.

Rio felt that the flow of atmosphere in this place become strange.

Though he can't describe the atmosphere very well.

After shaking his head a little and thinking that it can't be helped, he gonna ignore the out of place atmospherefor now.

「And with that. The truth is that her situation is a bit complicated. That's why I wanted to introduce her to everyone since you'll be living along with her after this」

Rio continuing the story after coughing a little.

Thereupon, Miharu's line of sight gathered at Rio.

「First, she is a noble」

When he tell them that Seria is a noble, the three is looking slightly amazed.

Because there's no noble in the modern Japan.

It seems their feeling is interweaved between bewildered and surprised which is wrapped in curiousity.

「It's no wonder that she have that kind of atmosphere ........」

Miharu showed satisfied expression.

「How should I say, it's just like a princess」

「Nope, she didn't feel like a princess actually right?」

Even Aki and Masato's showing a similiar reaction.

With her beautiful white hair that stretching till her back, her smooth skin also white as if it were transparent.

Her light purple pupils are beautiful like an amethyst gem, her appearance also in order which is appropriate to call it as representation of beauty.

The white one piece that she wear for everyday dress made her gracefulness stand out even more, certainly if seeing her up close, she can't be seen as nothing but a beauty of somewhere country.

「Certainly, she brought up a nice air but, it seem's she's also a friendly person. That's why it's okay and no need to be stiff in front of her」

Rio explaining with a wry smile to hose three that seems stiff.

Maybe they're anxious about how to getting closer to her.

For Rio who know about Seria basic sloppy nature, he know that Miharu's didn't need to feel needless anxiety or fear.

It seems it'll be left to them to getting used at each other from now on.

When he also needed to do the follow up as much as possible, Rio was bracing himself.

Part 3

「And then, as for the reason that I brought her to this place, currently, she's put in a dangerous position in the country, till just a while ago she caught under house arrest to made her into a tool of political marriage as she is」

Then he give a brief explanation for why he bring Seria.

Miharu's might be simply perplexed if he suddenly ask them to live with someone that he brought along without any explanation.

By letting them know that side, he expected that it'll make their cohabition live become easier.

The point is to prepare them.

Beside, when thinking about the matter in the distant future, when unexpected situation arised at the side that indirectly judging the situation, it'll be easier for them to arrange the story beforehand.


Miharu's speechlees while showing dumbfounding expression.

That's only natural.

Becauseit's the kind of story that they'll never heard if they're living an ordinary live in Japan.

「Originally, political marriage isn't that rare if it were for the noble in this world. It's practiced very much with both side who deem that it's for the mutual interest giving their consent 」

First, Rio told them that somethinglike political marriage isn't that rare in this world.

「But, her situation is a little special case. Though I think that you're somehow understand from the fact that it was a house arrest, she was set in an almost forced engagement. Moreover, though she should be the legal wife of the prominent noble if we consider about the position of her household, in this case, she was coerced to marry as the seventh wife of the influental noble」

Rio sighed a little as he tell them about it.

「So cruel ........」

Though he couldn't sure whether the shock is hitting in which point, the three certainly sympathyzing with Seria circumtances.

Especially for Miharu and Aki of the same se* as her, their expression as if on the verge of couldn't hold anymore.

「It's certainly painful. Thus, since I'm unable to see her like that, it comes to me taking her out from there like this」

Like that, Rio explaining the reason for why he bring Seria.

「It's just natural to bring her right!」

「I think so! 」

In an instant, Masato and Aki's vigorously supporting Rio action.

Though it's not like he didn't get their little impulseness due to their youth, that feeling made him happy.

Rio's smiling at them.

「Even so, despite how much the person herself wishing for it, it's not something allowed for me if it from the country in which she was*. For her too, if it's exposed that she's escaped on her own volition, it'll bring trouble to her house」[TLC* : でも、いくら本人が望んでいたとはいえ、彼女がいた国からすれば俺がしたことは許せないことだ。]

Though the person herself agreeing, he just kidnapped the fiancee of a high noble.

Moreover, Seria is a considerable important person for the current Bertram kingdom.

For example, Rio won't escape from their hostility if they know that he's the culprit.

Though there's no other wise option, it's undeniable that it's a little to hasty or more like just a bit immoral.

Since at least there's no change of public or der in that country.

Though Rio have no regret in his action for taking out Seria.

After bringing her out like this, he intending to protect Seria with his everything just like Miharu's.

「That's why I wanted to ask Miharu-san's. In the future, will you promise me to not talk to anyone regarding Seria-sensei when you left to outside? 」

Rio was bowing his head while saying that.

Though he still reluctant to involving these three, he didn't wish to not telling them will cause a demerit in an unforseen case.

Moreover, they also have the right to know since they'll be living under the same roof after this.

Seria who sat next to him also bowed her head when she noticing atmosphere.


「Yes! 」

「Me too!」

Each of the three of them giving their firm consent.

After Rio bowing even deeply.

「At least, please absolutely never tell anyone that she escaped under her own volition. In emergency situation, just say that I'm the one who abducted her」

He spoke with a voice in which they can feel his strong resolution.

Though the person herself agreeing, he made himself as the excuse for Seria escape.

If possible, he didn't want to cause any trouble for Seria house.

Though his worry has ended ........

「That's ........ It should be alright? About this matter to Seria-san ...... 」

Miharu asking timidly.

「I can't say it. Since she might be opposing it」

Rio showing an awkward smile.

Even if he explaining about this matter[Rio as culprit] to Seria beforehand, he know that she might be opposing it.

That's why Rio feel that he need to make this kind of situation by saying it beforehand in case of emergency situation.

「Haruto-san ...... 」

Miharu called Rio name with worried voice.

「Well, I'll do my best so that emergency situation won't happen. This place is in the different country, because we'll put on a disguise when we're leaving to the city, her existance won't recklessly leaked to the higher ups of her country」

Rio answered cheerfully as if trying to glossing over the awkward atmosphere.

After he's smiling to Miharu's to fix the mood.


Though there's some anxiety, Miharu nodded her head.

「Me too」

Following that, Aki also nodded.

「Me too. Well, it's not like I will be spreading the words that I don't understand」

「That's the story for after we're learning the language. This matter is the event in which we're leaving to outside. You must be careful since you're the most dangerous one here」

「U-Understand, nee-chan」

Aki cutting in Masato who's jokingly said that.

Masato flinched when answering her is maybe because he's aware of that fact.

Part 4

「But, is it okay? For you tell us about that fact」

Miharu asked with anxious voice.

The risk of the leaking of the information rising along with the number of people who know that information.

Maybe she's worrying about the demerit that will be come by telling the matter above that should be hidden to them.

「Yeah, though first we need to get a false introduction including name and personal history for Seria-sensei, since the three of you'll be living along with her from now on. The defect will only coming out even if coated by lie」

Since even by Seria personality, it'll only gathering stress on her to life a live being coated with lie, he's trying to gain their agreement by making clear of her lineage.

「Moreover, not knowing and knowing beforehand will make a preparadness during the emergency time really different. I want to prepare the three of you for the time of emergency」

Though he observing along with Seria, there's no way the devil hand won't reaching to Miharu's.

As expected, they'll be beyond defenseless if they didn't know anything during that time.

Though the possibility is low, when Miharu's aware from the third party about Seria lineage by some chance, there's a possibilities that they'll be carelessly leaking the information about Seria.

Though he already come up with endless planning, there's some demerit for not teaching if he's not tell them Seria story.

Of course there's also some demerit for telling them depending on the circumtances, the choice is based after that.

「That's why, I'm taking maximum measure so that the emergency situation that I said above won't happen. We'll put a disguise when we're going outside, and also change our name. Please remember our conversation this time in the corner of your mind in preparation for the emergency situation」

Rio pressed on his warning again while shrugging his shoulder.

Miharu's nodding with a little strained expression.

「Well then, since I've introducing about the three of you to Seria-sensei, I'll have a little talk with her」

After sipping the tea to appease his thirst, Rio moved his line of sight toward Seria who sit beside him.

「I've explained briefly about sensei situation including the introduction to Miharu-san's. And forbidding them to speak about it. Now I'll introduce the three of them to sensei」

「I see, thank you. Rio」

Seria's smiling gently at Rio.

「It's nothing ....... Because Sensei is my benefactor」

Rio answering her with flushing face.

「....... I, never do something like that to you. Why are you going as far as this .......」

Seria replied with a little apologetic tone and slightly amazed expression.

「There's no such thing. Because I'll be completely alone by myself in that school if not for sensei ......」

「It seems like that you're completely trying to be Aloof aloof though? 」

「It's because sensei was there. Because I expected that being alone in that kind of place will be harsh for my mind in various way」

「...... But, it's because I was your sensei, it's only natural to worry about my pupil」

(That was a lie.)

Was what she feel when saying that.

Compared with the other pupils, Seria was evidently very close with Rio.

(I wonder what was the reason for that?)

At first she was vaguely noticing it.

Though she couldn't remember it since it's already long time ago.

Seria was recalling a bit about the start of it.

As she's thinking about that .

「Yes. That's why I'm grateful to sensei. Thank you very much」

Rio told his gratitude while looking a little embarassed.

When their line of sight intersected.

「....... You're welcome」

Seria's answering while turning her line of sight slightly from Rio.

Her face's slightly blushed.

Smiling lightly, Rio's sending a fleeting glance toward Miharu's.

Thereupon, the three of them was looking intently at Seria and Rio affair.

When their line of sight coincidentally meet with him, ’’Sut’’ they instantly turning away their line of sight.

(What's matter I wonder?)

Rio inclined his neck a little.

「Uhm, well then I'll introducing about the three of you to her. First is from Miharu-san」

Thinking that it'll be bad to stalling it forever, he decided to introducing the three of them immediately.

「Ye-Yeah. Please take care of me」

Miharu replying in a little awkward manner.

「Though I already introduced her to Seria-sensei a little while ago, this person is Miharu Ayase-san. She's 16 years old」

Rio introduced Miharu.

Miharu was bowing lightly to Seria while peeking at her direction.

Seria's returning her bow with a smile.

「And then, the girl beside her is Aki Sendou-san, she's 13 years old」

Aki bowing with stiff posture.

Seria bowing back to her with a smile.

「He's Masato Sendou-kun, he's 12 years old」

Masato also bowing at her with stiff posture.

When Seria's bowing back at him with smile on her face, Masato face blushed red.

Aki who's gueesing quickly guessing at his situation from his side staring intently at him.

「By the way. There's something that I want to ask but .......」

After the brief introduction, Seria was pulling Rio sleeve from his side.

Her expression as if she's a bit reluctant to ask him.

「Yes. What it is? 」

Rio's pressing Seria to ask her question.

「Uhm, I wonder why you can talk in their language? Could it be that you're using some kind of spirit arts? 」

「........ I see, it's natural that you have such question」

Part 5

Rio was smiling wryly as he say that.

He already anticipated such question beforehand.

If he want to, he can deceive her by saying that he's using spirit arts.

But, that lie will be exposed as soon as Seria can talk with Miharu's.

That's why it seems that he have no choice but to tell the truth to her.

However, though he can't deny that it's an unmotivated reason, this might be the best chance to tell her.

The world was pure white for the former Rio.

That's the color that couldn't identified.

Sometimes after reborn in this world, no matter what he hear or what he see, to Rio it was only a false one.

The revenge toward Lucius, his lingering attachment toward Miharu -.

He keep on living because sticking only to those vague emotion.

But, since who-know-when, he came to realize the color of the world.

Though it was only a little at the beginning.

That was certainly a beautiful color.

And the first one who made him to realize that color was Seria.

But, the Rio at those time didn't have such leeway to enjot that feeling from the bottom of his heart.

After leaving Bertram kingdom and staying in Seirei no Tami village, going toward Yagumo region and living in Karasuki kingdom, the room opened in his heart bit by bit, the color of the world increased bit by bit.

Though he still yet to give up on his revenge, the current world after he met with Miharu is overflowing with color.

He cameto become this way was thanks to the many people who he met up till this point.

That's why, he think that this is the best opportunity.

For the people who compromised with that kind of him up till now, since now he'll make a compromise on his own.

This is the first step.

「As for that――」

It's not because he can't take a step forward if he didn't say the truth.

Rio was thingking of telling his secret by his own volition.

He won't hestitating to tell her if it's to Seria who bring the first color in this world for him.

Though he feel scared whether she'll believe him or not, but since he want to step forward.

That's why he's smiling awkwardly.

「Because I'm originally was living in the same world as them」

And thus, he said his answer.


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