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Seirei Gensouki ~Konna Sekai De Deaeta Kimi Ni~ - Volume 2 - Chapter 61


Chapter 61 [Forced Choice*]

TL : Cnine

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Part 1

「I'm really worried since there's no contact so far after the first letter come!」

Seria was looking up at his face as she entrusting her body on Rio chest.

Repeatly beating Rio chest.

「Sorry. There's no way to get in touch with this place from Yagumo ....... 」

Rio apologizing as if feeling a little troubled.

It's already more than 3 years since Rio left Bertram kingdom.

The number of time he send letter during that time is only once.

Maybe it's only natural even if Seria's worrying him.

「I know something like that!」

Seria voice echoed inside the room.

Though a knight guarding outside of the room it's supposed that no abnormalities happen according to Rio illusion art, even if there's a possibility that a passerby who's happen to pass outside the room will hear Seria scream.

Though Rio's a little surprised, he couldn't say about that risk.

Because the Seria in his embrace seemed too ephemeral.

「I'm sorry. I've made you worried」

「You fool, you're such a fool」

Seria who's buried her face on Rio chest is crying while muttering thosewords with faint voice.

「I've returned in piece right」

’’Dokun’’, ’’Dokun’’, the throbbing of Rio chest was transmitted to her.

It's warm, and there's sense of security.

Seria gently stroked that chest from the bottom of her heart.

In this situation it can't be helped that she feel anxious, though she meet Rio in this way and could confirm Rio's safety who's embarking to a dengerous journey, thus it can't be helped that she feel glad.

Rio has come.

Though it's only that much, Seria was being surprised herself that she feel relieved with only meet him.

「But, you're coming at this timing is just too cunning」

Seria's muttering in low voice.

Somehow she feel that her body become hot from sometime ago.

The throbbing of her heart is something that she never felt until now.

Maybe it's simply because she's glad that Rio has returned or, though just for a moment, she's being charmed by Rio who's growing into a handsome and splendid adult or, maybe because she's in his embrace.

Though it might be all of that, she feel that the greatest reason was because he's coming at this timing.

After all, being confined under house arrest, her contact with the surrounding people is ceased including his relative and, being forced to a marriage against her wish.

Because Seria heart already strained at the limit.

And then Rio just came in this kind of situation, she feel relieved, glad, it's not strange for various emotion to suddenly surfacing.

Even the current situation in which she's in his embrace, there's no doubt it's because her heart shaken.

With that kind of feeling, Seria was frantically trying to surprise the throbbing in her chest.


Rio asking with curious tone.

Rio didn't know what's in Seria mind right now.

But, when he recalling the current situation of Bertram kingdom and Seria current condition, maybe an overly unpleasant incident happened on her recently.

Though he's thinking about how to ask her about that without even that kind of preface, he have no time right now.

The illusion art that he used on the knight in front of the door will simply solved in around tens minutes, there's also the possibility that someone have some bussiness with Seria.

He need to keep it short.

「......... I already heard many news about this kingdom situation. For some reason I'm considerably in hurry」


Seria answering with weak smile according to the situation.

「I heard that you're going to marry the man called Charles Albo. Should I say, congratulation ? 」

At those time, Seria didn't have too much leeway to thinking about marriage.

Rio asking as if being troubled since he couldn't measure whether it's okay to bless her just like that.

But, just as he thought, Seria face become clouded, Rio's judged that she didn't wish for this marriage.

「Stop it. I never want to marry that man! 」

Somehow when she think about a bottomless resistance to the fact that her marriage known by Rio, Seria's voiced her refusal with an expression as if she's going to cry anytime.

Right, Rio's words was drive in like a lynchpin in her heart. そ


Seria sorrowful scream's piercing into Rio chest.

Rio couldn't say anything to her.

If this is the situation in which he can simply say something to easing her condition, he feel that he'll say that words as much as she want.

But, those words have nomeaning.

Seria is a clever girl.

Rio knew from his past experience that it's far from glossing over her suffering, it'll only make her feeling returning to the reality.

Thus, Rio's troubled.

「Though well, it's already can't be helped. I'm a noble, I know that political marriage is something that I have to bear」

Part 2

Seria was pretending to be tough while smiling helplessly.

Though in the first place, political marriage is something that only happen under the agreement of mutual interest to both house, the current case was furnished under a half-threatening agreement.

It's not so bad if Seria become the legal wife and yet, she's the seventh wife.

Though she's slightly beyond marriageable age, it's a treatment as if want to yell back for trying to make fun of the daughter of the prominent earl house.

Even Seria father who want his daughter to marry also holding a dissatisfaction for this marriage, the father and daughter holding the same sentiment want to loudly objecting that result.

But, if they're going against duke Albo who's the ultranasionalist that currently controlling this country, in the worst case, House of earl Claire will be taken down for their rebellious spirit.

Seria was caught in an inescapable fate.

「I can meet Rio this way in the end. Now I regained my spirit, I'll endure this marriage」

Seria showing a lonely smile.

「Sensei ...... 」

In that moment, the words 「Why don't you come with me?」 almost coming out of Rio throat.

But, is it really okay to say such words? .

Though to break the deadlock in her current situation, he have to do one thing or another to the marriage itself, it's not simply will fine if he take Seria from this place. [TL : just marry her, case closed!!!]

From the position as noble, the influence toward the surrounding, and the livehood of Seria after he got her out of this place, there's so many things that he can't do without considering the situation.

Maybe there's also the possiblity that it'll turn into something that cannot be undone.

Is it truly okay to do that.

Can himself bear the responsibility if something goes wrong.

In the first place, is this really what she want.

Perhaps by some chance Seria will regret it.

In that case, he'll also regretting his own action.

It'll certainly become a trouble if the fact that she's eloped got revealed.

When the situation turning into the worst direction, Rio have no choice but to keep protecting Seria.

his denial to traveling together with Gouki and co in Karasuki kingdom isn't it because he didn't have the resolution to bear the live of other on his shoulder.

When he think that way, he felt that taking out Seria isn't a simple matter.


Rio silently looking at Seria face.

Seria also looking at Rio face while letting out a frail smile.

It's as if she's going to dissapear anytime -.

When he think that way, the thorn in Rio heart dissapeared.

「Will you come with me?」

Rio said those words with full resolution.

That's right, Seria also won't be happy to staying in this kind of place.

Rio convinced after looking at the current Seria.

Only that was certain.

If that was the case, there's only one thing he should do.

「...... Eh? E? 」

Seria's looking at Rio with befuddled expression.

「You should escape if you didn't want to marry. I'll take sensei out from this castle」

Seria who supported him during his painful moment.

That girl now is facing a hard time.

In that case, Rio will support her.

It's not a problem of deeply thinking about it.

As she didn't wish for this marriage, because he didn't want to see Seria figure that look like as if her life have ended.

Seria will find her own happiness.

Understanding that in the most difficult thing.

Thereupon, the problem is showing if she have that resolution.

After that, what's left is whether she want to escape or not.

「Rio .......」

In that moment, Seria showed an expression as if she take a glimpse of hope.

But, it's instantly replaced with an expression as if she's bitten a bitter bug.

「 ......... I can't. The thing is, I'll bring trouble to everyone if I'm getting caught while escaping. At that time, even if I survived, you'll be executed」

Seria rejected Rio proposal.

Her feeling aside, she's still hestitating to bring trouble to the people who's precious to her and she adored.

Though the real situation in which they're eloping without being found by anyone it can't be helped that the way to deal with them is unknown, they've no excuse if they're being caught in the way.

Though her house won't be taken down when thinking about Seria social position, the standing of earl Claire house will be considerably worsened in the country.

Though she don't know what will become her marriage with Charles, at the worst, her family will become hostage for the sake of the country, no, for the sake of Helmut, and Seria might be forced to develop magic tools.

Moreover, after confirming of Rio survival and imagining that he'll be killed because of her, she felt an unfathomable amount of rejection.

「It won't be a problem if no one find us right?」

But, Rio said that while displaying fearless smile.

Seria's looking at him dumbfounded.

「No, well, that's right but ....... Do you know how difficult is to do that? This place is inside the royal castle you know? 」

「Yeah, this place is inside the royal castle indeed. By the way――」

Rio keep talking while smiling wryly.

「Sensei, how do you think I come to this place?」

「Uh, Ah ........ 」

Because she's too happy to be able to meet Rio again, she noticed that she forgot to ask the question that she should ask when Rio just came.

「R-Rio, how do you come all the way till this place?」

Seria current room was located in the deepest part of Bertram royal castle.

Great number of soldier and knight is patrolling around the royal castle, that's excluding countless number of imperial noble and the servants who's walking around the castle, there's also guard knight in front of the room.

he have to slipping through all those people eyes to arriving till this place.

It's different if he's infiltrated as an officials from the very beginning, entering as a complete stranger is impossible however.

Though there'll be a commotion if that were the case, there's absolutely nothing like that happen.

Though Rio's still in the wanted list.

Though it's already 3 years ago, it's still valid.

Though there's no full-scale investigation, he'll certainly captured if he's spotted walking nonchalantly.

Rio is growing, though he might be able to enter the royal castle if he falsifying his identity, it's also strange for how he came to this place without any attendant.

Since there's no way for the current Seria to meet someone without any attendant.

That's why, though she didn't feel that Rio's coming in this place as an official, Seria common sense strongly insisting that there's no way he come in that way.

(I mean, if he can do that, assasinating the king isn't that difficult right.)

Part 3

「I sneaked in」

But, Seria question easily answered by Rio.

Even so, Seria's seemingly not convinced with his answer.

「N-No, no matter how you say it ....... What kind of magic, that is」

When it came to that, she's still believed that he's a guess who has come by passing all of the official procedures.

But, she's strongly insisted without circumtantial evidence.

She can't help but to accept it if she see it.

「Rio, you, really ..........」

Seria muttered in shock.

Seria know that Rio couldn't use magic.

Thereupon, she asked whether he sneaked in this castle alone.

Or, what kind of magic tool that he uses which look like a necklace that changing his hair color.

「It seems you starting to believe it」

A smile floated on Rio face.

「Really, what kind of magic did you used? It's disgracing many soldier and knight who're working as the guard of royal court, that ....... 」

Seria who know the grave of the situation asking with serious expression.

Rio's placing his hand on his mouth as if pondering about something.

「......... Something like this magic」

After answering in that way.

In the next moment, soon after a low whistle of the wind, Seria lost sight of Rio figure.

Rio who spoke in front of her vanishing before she know.

「...... Eh? Rio? 」

Seria calling Rio name who's suddenly dissapearing.

「Then appearing like this」

A gentle breeze blowing past her and Seria recognized that Rio continuing his explanation.

「W-What kind of?」

Seria muttering in amazement.

(What kind of magic is this?)

「This is the kind of magic that make me transparent to blend with the surrounding」

Rio speaking with calm tone.

「Y-You say become transparent, as far as I know there's no such kind of magic but ......」

「Because strictly speaking it's not magic. I think it's also difficult to do the same thing with magic」

When Rio nonchalantly saying something that can't be allowed to pass, it's greatly stimulated Seria curiousity as a magic schoolar.

「W-What's that? What is the principle? 」

「Uhm, let say that by manipulating the wind loaded with odo, I mean magical power ........ Now is not the time for that kind of explanation」

Though he unintentionally explained when he was pressed by Seria who asked vigorously, Rio shaking his neck sideways while smiling wryly.

「EH? A-Ahaha, sorry. I unintentionally being curious about it .....」

Maybe because her self-awareness was wavering since she lost herself, Seria apologized while smiling wryly.

She who instantly in trance when it comes to something relating to magic wasn't changing whether in the past or now.

「For the time being, I won't say anything rather than taking sensei alone out from this place without anyone noticing. That's why, let me ask again. Sensei, will you come with me? 」

Rio said that, though in a way as if he ask her to take a light stroll in the park.

「Uhm, what do you say with me but, the current me is a super VIP you know? First, if it's exposed that Rio's escaped while taking me along, this time you'll certainly become a genuine criminal」

「I don't care. I'm already got a false charge on my head for an attempt to assasinating a royalty you know. So I didn't see the reason for why I can't abduct a noble in this place. As it is, sensei problem will become an accident」

「Rio .......」

「If we left to the other country, the wanted list in the Bertram kingdom won't have anything to do with us. Moreover, I don't think the Bertram kingdom will make Seria-sensei dissapearance come out to public」

「That's ......... Maybe you're right」

Regardless her country or another country, there's many power that want Seria. [TL : Could it be that all of those kingdom king is actually a lo*ic*n?]

It's easy to predict what it'll turn into if the conveying the dissapearance of Seria from Bertram kingdom to those people.

Certainly even without that, when it comes to the face of the country, no one is naïve enough to make a proclamation like kidnapping or unofficial dissapearance of the country VIP.

There's a possiblity that this country might be hiding the fact about Seria dissapearance.

「B-But, even after leaving from this place, I'll only become Rio hindrance. I'm, a woman who have no redeeming feature except for magic」 [TL : You're a loli and cute, so I forgive you.... or so my past self would say]

「I know that. Because no one will be cleaning and tidying the room if there's no me」

Rio showing an amusing smile while saying that.

Seria cheeks inflated with ’’muu’’.

「I've no place to go if I leave this place you know? I might be staying on your side for lifetime you know」[TL : I want to tsukkomi that this might be a confession]

「At least we'll be together till I found a permanent residence in which Seria-sensei can live in peace. Though there's no guarantee whether that place will be in Strahl region」[TL : And he shoot it down just like that]

「 ....... In this point I wanted you to say ’’I will support sensei for life’’ though.」

「Ahaha, sorry. Naturally I can't thoughlessly saying such promise」

Rio's smiling wryly to Seria who's looking at him with reproachful eyes.

「So that's was how it is」

Seria smiled while gigling a little.

「After this, if possible I want sensei to promising only one thing, I won't especially make sensei do something」


「Yes. Maybe, sensei will catch a glimpse of many crazy event when you're with me. Though I'll explain it as long as I can, sensei must swear to not thoughlessly tell a third party about what you know. Though there's no need to keep this promise in case it'll bring danger to sensei safety」

「Crazy event right ........」

Seria stared intently at Rio.

She already catching a glimpse of that.

She could do that much.

Because there might be something that more surprising that this.

Because something like magic that will make you transparent like what she saw just now, to Seria who's a magic scholar and a noble, she understand that the effective value of that is unthinkable.

The people that will come to Rio to reproducing that might be appearing if that magic is know to public.

Maybe that's also what Rio worrying about.

When Seria about to give her consent.

「If you come with me, Sensei will also lost something big. There's also some danger. That's why I didn't want to take sensei by force. Whether sensei will come with me or not, please decide it by yourself」

After saying that, Rio stretched his hand to Seria.

To that hand, Seria -

「......Let's go. We'll go right. Take me from this place, Rio」

She grasped it tighly.

Though he couldn't feel any hestitation in that, it's not something that he didn't think at all because it's about Seria right.

Though his eyes opened wide to Seria intant reply, Rio's squeezed Seria hand tightly.

「Well then, let's leave this place immediately. Is there something that you want to take along? 」

「Since it'll be suspicious if I'm escaping and taking my private properties in this room, Maybe I'll take some material and magic tools in this room. If that was the case, maybe I should take my research result along with me. Well, I should choose it carefully since there's a limit to how much I can take in one go though.......」

Part 4

While speaking, Seria's looking at the magic tools inside of the room with difficult expression.

Being scattered in disordered fashion inside of the room is materials and countless magic tools, and large quantiry of thick and massive book.

it seems she need to choose carefully in which one to carry since some of them is quite heavy.

Was what she think.

「If you can't choose which to carry, how about taking everything?」

And Rio throw such words.

「EH? 」

「Well, if it's needed I can keep every magic tools in this room but, what would you do?」

Rio explaining again while smiling wryly.

「No, you say keep it, even if Rio's empty handed, no matter what you say, that's impossible right」

「As a matter of fact. I can do something like this. 『ReleaseDischarge』」

When his hand lightly touching the magic tools that was placed on top of the desk, Rio chanted the spell to use the itembox[Space-Time Warehouse].

At that moment, the magic tool that he touched warped, and then vanishing from that place.

Seria was looking at that scene with dumbfounded expression.

「Though I'll put back the magic tool that just vanished now if it's unneeded, don't worry since I'll hold on to it if it's needed. What do you think? 」

「........ Y-Yeah, please keep it. While we're on that, please take everything inside of this room」

Seria replying with cramped smile.

Maybe because she's stopped worrying over it, her tone became a bit loose.

Rio continously put his hand on the items that was inside of the room and stowing it into the item box after she gave her consent.

In the blink of an eyes, everything inside of the room is swiped clean and almost left nothing.

The people who say this scene will definitely confused.

Actually Seria also greatly shaken by it.

「Well, shall we go then? Are you okay to be separated with your parent? 」

「....... It's okay. I'll write a letter or something after the situation calmed down」

Seria answered while showing a lonely smile.


Rio grasped Seria hand.

「Please don't talk while we're moving. Though we can't be seen from the outside, it won't go as far as erasing our presence or sound」


「Well, let's go then」

After saying that, a breeze happened, Seria's lost the sight of the surrounding scenery.

Though she almost let out an astonished voice, she close her mouth following Rio order.

Maybe because looking at the surrounding situation in Rio, she's not hestitating to take a step forward.

Seria was walking with her hand pulling Rio as it is.

Though she hear the voice of someone talking during their walk, no one noticing them.

Seria felt that it seems she's completely become transparent.

Though the guard knight might be disciplined later, it didn't make her feel guilty when she remember that he must be punished for se*ual harrassment by leering at her.

Just like that, after walking for almost one hour.

「Well, it's should be okay now」

Rio finally spoke to her.

In that moment, her field of vision unblocked.

Not to mention outside of the castle, before she know, they're already outside of the royal capital.

「H-How can we escape this easily, this is truly ridiculous right」

Seria muttered with cramped face.

「Because it'll take too much time for the explanation, let's talk about it while we're moving. That's aside. I'm thinking of moving in one go while carrying sensei, are you okay with that? 」

Rio asked that.

「Carrying, me?」


Since he want to leave from the royal capital immediately, Rio intended to flying as it is in the sky.

「E, Uhm. I didn't particularly mind about it but ......」

Seria answered with flushing face.

「Then, excuse me」

Rio gently holding Seria body in a princess carry.

Seria body is light like a feather, the supple feeling which the typical of woman transmitted over her clothes.

「Kya .......... T-This, is really embarassing right. Isn't it batter to carry me on your back? 」

「Ahaha, since it'll be dangerous if you let go of my hand, holding in this way is safer for me. Though it's okay to let go of my hand if I attached a lifeline[rope]」


「You'll know immediately. Though I think you'll be surprised, please don't scream too loud when we're ascending since I didn't want to attract a public gaze」

「Nh? Well, though I don't know what you mean ...... Okay」

Though she's being carried in a princess carry, never in her wildest imagination that they'll flying in the sky.

Though she inclined her head in wonder, she just gave her consent since she trust Rio.

「Well then, let's go」

「!!!!! 」

Rio's soaring toward the sky with wind spirit arts.

Seria eyes opened wide.

Though her lips keep flapping, maybe because she's too astonished, or to keep her promise with Rio, no sound coming out of her lips.

「You can talk now」

After soaring high in the sky and reaching the height that couldn't be seen by public gaze, Rio talked to Seria.

Though she's looking at the surrounding scenery with dumbfounded face, soon Seria gaze slowly shifting to Rio.

An then, after breathing deeply for several times.

Part 5

「W-WHat the heck is thIIIIIISSSSSS!? 」

The scream of Seria heart was resounding in the sky.

Rio's amused by Seria reaction.

「This is called spirit arts. Sensei also heard about it isn't it? 」

He answered while laughing at her.

「S-Spirit Arts? This? 」

「Yes. It doesn't need aria of the spell and magic equation right? 」

「Come to think of it, that's what they say about spirit arts. Don't tell me it's really real ...........」

Seria was looking at the surrounding with dumbfounding face.

Seeing this lind of scenery is the first time for her.

As expected, even the indoor type Seria can't help but also excited and astonished.

Whether it's because lacking in prudence to Rio, Seria eyes looked as if shining.

「Sensei, I want to ask a question, did you know the name of the hero that was summoned in Bertram kingdom?」

「Hero? I think he said Kai Shigekura ........」

When Rio asking the astonished Seria, she easily tell him the hero name.

Though he was thinking to coming back again in the future if she didn't know the hero name, it seems he just avoided doing a double effort.

「Kai Shigekura huh. I see」

It's not the name of Miharu's acquaintance.

It seems they're not the hero that was summoned in the royal capital of Bertram kingdom.

After looking at the hero that was summoned in Flora's place, there's four hero left. フ

Though he think that two of them might be Miharu's acquaintance, he lost a bit of his self-confidence after two consecutive miss.

Though the chance is very high that Miharu's acquaintance are heroes.

He decided to gather the information about heroes in this way as long as possible after this.

「Why did you ask the name of the hero?」

Seria asking with curious voice.

「To be honest. Currently, I'm living along with the children that was getting dragged during the hero summoning」

「Dragged in during the hero summoning?」

「Yes. Yes, I've no doubt about it. Because I heard from them that person might be summoned somewhere as a hero」

「....... Is that mean they'll be living along with me after this?」[TL : Your newlywed couple live plan has failed]

「That's right. Sorry I should explained it before but ......」

「Don't worry, it can't be helped since we're racing against time before. What kind of child are they? 」

Seria asking about Miharu's as if taking a bit too curious about them.

When he think about it, it just a natural reaction since they'll be living together after this.

「I see. There's three of them ――」

Rio told and informed her about Miharu's.

Though he got this feeling that Seria's sulking a little when he told her about Miharu and Aki, she just replying that it's nothing.

In addition, they're also talking about so many things till they're arriving at the rock house, when they noticed, their journey has finished in the blink of eyes.


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