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Seirei Gensouki ~Konna Sekai De Deaeta Kimi Ni~ - Volume 2 - Chapter 59


Chapter 59 [Shopping]

TL : Cnine

ED : Rope-san

PF :

Part 1

In the vicinity of the national border between Saint Stellar kingdom and Galwark kingdom, a youth was flying high and far away in the sky.

The youth was carrying a girl in his arms.

「Wa~, amazing. We're really flying in the sky, Haruto-san」 [TL : Uhm, is that you Louis? and Clark too?] [ED: Wrong series, get out of here reference!]

While overlooking the superb scene spreading out from beneath her, the girl - Miharu voiced her admiration.

「Yeah, we're flying right」

The youth who's carrying Miharu - [TL : Sup I mean] -Rio answered while smiling at her.

But, Miharu was looking at the scenery from the sky without even noticing Rio's smile.

「Amazing. It's so beautiful ....... This kind of scenery when looking below from the sky is beautiful」[TL : Here I think Rio forgot to say a cliche catch phrase]

She voiced her admiration.

「Yeah, the sky won't tire you no matter how many times you're flying right. Since we can enjoy various sceneries」

「That't true, I won't get tired no matter how many times I see this!」

Miharu said that while showing an innocent smile towards Rio.

「That's the best」

Feeling happy with her, Rio also smiled lightly at her.

「That mountain is so big isn't it. The lake over there is also sparklingly beautiful ...... 」

Miharu muttered in fascinated state.

She's desperately moved her line of sight and neck to capture the scenery that spread out in her field of vision.

「Yeah, it's really beautiful」

As he answered her, Rio also shifted his attention to his surrounding.

The sunlight rained incessantly from the gap of the cloud coloring the water surface of the lake and the ridgeline of far away mountain.

As she said, Rio thought that the scenery is beautiful indeed.

That's right, whether it's the sparkling eyes or that scenery, it's really beautiful.

For Miharu, who never got tired of the view no matter how many times she flew in the sky but, currently Rio felt more excited than usual.

He was curious no matter what he saw, anything he saw felt fresh, it couldn't be helped that his heart is currently dancing in joy.

And that's because he's looking at these sceneries together with Miharu.

Even if he just somehow enjoyed the scenery, he saw too many things that left him puzzled by the method in which he observed them..

He wondered since when did his chest throb so violently.

He could feel that the beauty of this world like this is -.

With someone who will make him happy just by being at his side.

The world changed just like that for that reason alone.

Rio was secretly looking at Miharu's face.

Currently, Miharu wore a thick robe loaned by Rio on top of her uniform, her hair color changed as well with with the magic tool loaned by Rio.

But, without a doubt she's the Miharu that knew about Haruto.

「Amazing ...... 」

Miharu muttered while still in excitement.

Though she just gently embracing Rio till sometimes ago, maybe due to her excitement, before she noticed, she put more power into her arms.

Miharu body temperature passing quietly over the thick robe along with her slightly sweet fragrance.


When he noticing that, Rio heart is throbbing faster till reaching it's limit.

Though his throbbing might be unintentionally transmitted to Miharu, Miharu just simple-mindedly enjoying the passing sceneries. [TL : MY SUGAR LEVEL RISING AT ALARMING RATE!!!! DOCTOOOR!!!]

Rio's taking a little deep breath as if he's not hearing Miharu.

Thereupon, on that place.

「Can I flying like this too someday ?」

Miharu asked.

「Though flying in the sky is considerably troublesome, it's possible as long as you put a great effort. I'll instruct you once I've some time」

Rio answering while smiling a little.

「Thank you very much」

Miharu said her gratitude while letting out an innocent smile.

As they Enjoying that kind of scenery while conversing, in the blink of an eyes, they can see the city which become their goal.

「That city is the place where we'll go to」

As they arrived and he lead Miharu to Almond.

This place is a trading city under the goverment of Liselotte, the talented woman of the duke Kretia household, the high ranking noble of Galwark kingdom.

Though at first the main trade with Bertram kingdom was done capital territories, during the recent years, that part is in the process of being transferred to Almond due to Liselotte skill.

「Uhm, Keep holding like this since the footing will be unstable once I descended」

He isn't descending right in the middle of the city, Rio's descended in the forest without any people in it vicinity.

From here on, they'll be going by foot.

Naturally since there's no road in the forest, the footing is bad due to the densely growing moss and grass on the ground.

Miharu taken out her leather shoes and wore it under the robe is her skirt.

She didn't move again since it'll wound her feet, Rio was carrying Miharu.

「Ah, Yeah. Please take care of me」

Miharu answering with a little strained voice.

But, Rio also in the same situation.

Rio's flustering a little.

「Shall we go?」

After saying that.

Even though the distance between them didn't change that much with when they're flying inthe sky, they feel the distance between them suddenly narrowed with just standing on the ground. [TL : We call it, suspension bridge effect]

Even though somehow awkward atmosphere drifting between them, Rio's advancing forward casually within the forest.

「WAH, Amazing. Is this also some kind of magic ? 」

Since sometimes ago, Rio advancing several metres with only casual leap.

Miharu felt like she was on the cradle since he buffering the shock and shaking with wind spirit arts.

Part 2

「Currently, I'm strengthening my body and physical abilities with something that I call spirit art. Added to that is a bit of wind spirit arts. I'm flying in the sky sometimes ago was also using wind spirit arts」

「Is it different with magic?」

「Uhn, though the final result will be same, it's different kind」

After saying that, Rio goes on with his explanation.

「Though magic is interference with the world by using magic equation, it's lacking in flexibility or should I say mechanical. It's not that much suited for fine tuning when invoking a phenomenon」

Since magic leaving everything to magic equation for the intervention toward mana, the user will never beable to do that except for manipulation of the odo. [TL : it's mean that the magic user won't be able to do fine tuning with their magic except for manipulating the amount of odo poured into their magic]

Though they'll be able to meddling with mana with complicated magic equation and by meddling with the amount of odo, it's far cry to be able to be compared with spirit arts.

「Well, I'll teach the detail sooner or later, for now please just think of it as different skill」

「Yes. Sorry. For asking while we're moving」

Miharu's apologizing to him.

It seems she's regretting for distracting Rio.

「Don't worry, since I still have the leeway for a conversation」

After saying that, silence descended between them.

Maybe because they're strangely aware of the sense of distance between them, awkward atmosphere somehow drifting between them.

And then, Rio noticed one fact.

(Come to think of it, isn't this a date ?) [TL : I'll be happy if you notice the way you're carry Miharu first] (

Though it seems natural, Rio face is actually flushed right now.

’’Isn't this a funny situation?’’, ’’or should I say something?’’, he's starting to being more and more conscious about Miharu.

Rio slightly raising his speed as if trying to shaking off that excitement.

Then he noticed the Miharu put in more power into her arms to hold on to Rio. Rio's taken a back as he loosening his pace.

「I'm sorry. I just suddenly raising my speed」

Smiling wryly, he's apologizing to Miharu.

「A, no. It's okay」

Miharu answered with a gentle smile.

「Thank you very much」

He apologizing since he's worrying about Miharu.

Feeling the cool air was suddenly blowing into his chest, he recollected himself a little.

They're coming out of the forest around few minutes later.

「You saw it right. Are you okay with walking from here ? 」

After Rio goes out on the highway, he lowered Miharu to the ground.

The two begin to walk while keeping a moderate distance called man and woman who just has happen to meet.

Though, along the way they're having conversation during their walk, so their conversation forming naturally.

When their conversation stopped, they're sprinkling the next topic while mutually reading the atmosphere of each other, with this and that it was smoothing the atmosphere between them.

Coming out of the grains field that surrounding the city, they've arriving at Almond after walking for around 30 minutes.

Same as usual, the city is brimming with live, the street stalls standing everywhere, the visitors keep on coming from everywhere.

There's still many people since it's still the time for morning market.

「There's considerable numbers of people right」

Miharu throwing an unexpected question.

「it's packed with people for a city of this size right. Since this is a trading city, the distributioon of money, goods, and people are also numerous, I think there's more than twice people who become permanent residence in this city*」 [TLC*: This line is confusing since it's not explaining what is the comparison for the ’’twice’’ it could be twice the population, twice the people in the area where they're currently at, or twice the population of the similiar size city-交易都市なので人の流通も多いですし、定住者の倍以上の人間がこの都市の中にいると思いますよ]

While explaining about the city in that way, the two of them is walking slowly while pushing their way through the waves of people.

Suddenly, Rio discovered a street stall that was selling beverage.

「That's right. Can you follow me for a while ? 」

「Ah, yes」

Taking along Miharu as it is, Rio's going toward the street stall.

「One apple juice and orange juice please」

After saying that, he's taking out two empty flask from inside the bag that was hanging on his waist, then passing it to the shopkeeper along with several copper coins.


Thereupon, the shopkeeper began to casually filling the empty flask with chilled juice with experienced movement.

「Are you on a date ? How envious. Here a free service」

「Thank you」

Rio saying his gratitude in awkward way while receiving the flask.


Miharu was looking silently at that situation.

Just like that, Rio was returning to Miharu from the street stall after talking about something with the female shopkeeper in a language unknown to Miharu.

「Here you go」

Saying that, Rio passed the flask to Miharu.

「Yes. Thank you ...... 」

Miharu was looking curiously at the flask that she just received.

「Inside of that is apple juice. Feel free to drink it when you're thirsty」

「Ah, yes」

After saying her gratitude, Miharu was looking at the flask that she received.

Looking at that situation.

「........ Ah, my apologize. I unintentionally requesting on my own accord. Could it be that the other juice is more to your liking ? 」

Rio's asking as if suddenly noticing something.

「A, no. It's okay since I love apple juice」 [TL : Me too, though I can't bring myself to drink avocado juice due to it's grassy flavor (^_^)]

Miharu was shaking her head while let out a thin smile.

Part 3

「The sweet taste is very delicious」

Miharu smiling in delight as she's sipping the juice.

「Ah, I'm glad then」

Rio's feeling relieved.

「Then, what kind of juice is yours, Haruto-san ?」

「Mine is orange juice」

「Is Haruto-san like orange juice ?」

「Well, it's not like I like it. I like apple juice too」

Rio answered while showing a sweet-looking smile. [TL : MY SUGAR LEve~...............(Vomitting blood, and SUGAR)]


Thereupon, Miharu was laughing as if it's funny.

「Is there something wrong ?」

Rio asking with curious tone.

「It's nothing, I just remember a little about my past. My apologize」

Miharu apologizing while giggling.

That expression was as if she missed something.

Her long hairs are whistling by the gentle wind.

Rio's smiling delightfully.

「Is that so」

He replied.

He then drinking the orange juice inside his canteen while enjoying the flavor.

Since it's has cooled with magic tools, The cold feeling that passing over his throat feels so good.

The fresh taste made with the freshly harvested fruit spreading inside his mouth.

It's bitter, and sour, a taste in which he missed.

「Shall we go then. Since the shop nearby seems nice」

After slightly appeasing his throat, Rio began to escort Miharu toward their destination shop.

He found out about some information about that shop from the street stall shopkeeper from before.

The building of that shop came into their sight after they're walking for several minutes.

「Here the place」

「It's splendid building」

Miharu said that as she's looking at the 4 storey stone building.

If it's about the size, there's numerous building bigger than this building in the earth.

But, the style and the profound feeling that can be felt from this building is as if drawing a line which differentiating it with the building that Miharu used to see.

「Because the first-class firm is the one who's managing the shop. I think it classification as quite splendid building for this city. It seems that most of the items here is for women use」

This shop is under the management of Rikka firm, it seems that it's giving birth to various fashion aiming toward the women of the neighbouring country, and this country. [TL : Honestly, women are .......... Oh forget it]

The range of the commodities are so wide to the point that there's almost nothing you can't find in this place, the quality of the customer that become the market target is wealthy people or above.

Though the common women also seemingly yearning for it, the yearning girls of this city seemingly coming to this shop after amassing their money. [TL : What a vicious circle]

「Isn't it seemingly familiar to the fashion store aiming toward the women ?」

「I believe it is. Let's enter it」

He then walking toward the shop along with Miharu.

「Amazing ....... Right」

Rio unintentionally muttered before flinching.

What entered his field of view was many different women testing the abundance type of commodities.

The kind of shop where there's this much kind of commodities if he's in japan might be the shopping mall.

But, the shop where the gathering of this many kind of goods is something that never he saw in this world.

「There's so many people, and the goods is more abundance than what I thought. Is the amount of goods in this shop is also normal ?

To the more than expected reaction, Miharu also asked while a little curious.

「Not, I don't think that there's another shop as prospering as this one out there」

「It's a nice shop right」


After agreeing with her, Rio's taking a brief look at the interior of the shop as it is.

Since it's a shop aiming for women, it's natural that the shop is full with only women.

Though there's also men that come along as their escort amongst the customer, it's to the point that made him uncomfortable.

Even Rio also felt awkward which is unusual for him. [TL : it's made me remember the time when I'm shopping for my wife underwear, with her of course ........ the other customer looking at me like I'm a rare animal]

「Uhm, I don't know why but, please ask me if you want me as interpreter. Please choose with ease since I'll be waiting at the end of the shop」

Rio told Miharu regarding the brief explanation for the meaning of the letter inscribed on the wooden pasted on the goods.

Even if Miharu couldn't speak in local language, she might have difficulties in choosing if she's coming with Rio who's a man.

There won't be any problem even if she can't speak in the local language if she just choosing.

Part 4

「Yes. Understood」

「Though the laundry will be a little painstaking, please choose many change of clothes since the beginning」

「Yes. I'll be off then」

Miharu departing toward the interior of the shop while after saying that words.

Rio was secretly watching over Miharu figure.

「Haruto-san. Is it okay looking around for the kind of goods inside the shop first ? It seems there's many goods above」

After a brief look in the first floor, Miharu was coming back to Rio place.

「Understood. Just in case, it seems the first and the second floor is mainly for clothing goods. Third floor is accessories, and the fourth floor is look like for lingerie shop」

He's telling Miharu by reading the information board that was pasted on the side of the staircase.

「Is that so. Then, can I go to the upper floor? 」

「Yes. Of course you can」

And then, Miharu was visiting each and every floor to confirm what kind of commodities put in there.

Rio also following along to the upper floor with Miharu.

The problem was in the upper most floor.

「Uhm, as expected, since it'll be hard for me to accompany you entering the lingerie shop, I'll be waiting in this place」

Rio told Miharu while smiling wryly in awkward way.


Miharu answering with slightly blushing face.

Miharu going to the top floor as it is, then going down again after several minutes.

「Thank you for the waiting」

「Yes. Uhm, I wanted to buy something but could it be that it's not in this shop? If possible I want to ask the employee for it」

「A, no. Of course you can. Since this place seems have anything」

「Thanks goodness. Then, shall we looking again from the lower floor? 」

「Yes. Please」

After that, they're returning to the first floor.

Rio is waiting at the entrance of the shop interior, Miharu's choosing earnestly the necessary goods for Aki and Masato.

Since Rio's happy just by looking at Miharu figure from distant, he won't even care how long it'll take.

「Uhm, Haruto-san. Sorry,it take some times to finishIs it okay to wait for a bit more? 」

A while later, Miharu was coming to call Rio.

「Yes, is there some problem?」

「Yhm, is this one piece for sleep wear ?」

「Uhm, can I see it for a moment?」


Rio's reading the explanation that was written on the wooden tag that sticking on some goods that he received.

「It seems it's already the daily clothes and sleep-wear」

「Ah, as expected it's right. Uhm, is it looking good on me? 」

While saying that, Miharu placing the one piece in front of her body.

It has a neat and clean design pink colored sleep-wear with lace on the chest part.

Though to be honest, she's cute no matter what she wore, he felt that this one piece is extremely befitting Miharu image.

「Ah, Yeah. It's really suit you」

「Thank you very much」

Miharu face slightly blushing when Rio shyly tell her his impression.

「Then, we'll look for a bit longer right」

「Yes. Since it seems that the bills are being carried out at each floor all the way till fourth floor, for the time being if there's something that you want to buy, please bring it to this floor」

「Yes. Understood」

After that, Miharu was bringing back the clothes several times while asking many question to Rio.

They're buying goods one by one starting from lower floor, and before long they're purchasing goods in the fourth floor.

To be honest, since he's hestitate to entering the lingerie floor, Miharu was going alone to the fourth floor. [TL : Don't worry, no one know your name. though they'll looking at you as if you're a super rare animal]

Rio's waiting on the landing platform of the stair, so she need to descending to the lower floor if there's something she want to ask.

「Uhm, Haruto-san. Can I ask something? 」

Miharu was descending to the lower floor with troubled face.

「Ah, yes」

There's also female employee with similiar troubled face behind her.

The origin if maybe because they're unable to communicate.

「Sorry. She's from a little far away country, that's why she can't speak in the language of this surrounding country」

Rio taking control of the forestall and talking to the employee.

Part 5

「Ah, so that was the reason. I tried to talk to her since she seems to be troubled by something but, she can't speak in our language. Then for some reason she's gesturing me to following her to the lower floor」

The female employee who's explaining the circumstance was relieved.

「Is that so. Wait a moment, I'll try to ask her」

After excusing himself from the female employee, Rio decided to talk to Miharu.

「Miharu-san, are you being troubled by something?」

「Ah, Yeah. Uhm, you know. I wanted to try the cloth a little, so I'm thinking of what should I do ....... 」

Miharu answered with flushed face as if it's extremely difficult matter.

「Ah, I see ........... 」

After nodding with vague smile, Rio was skillfully conveying her words toward the female employee.

「Naturally it's not a problem. If you didn't mind, isn't it better if dear customer also coming along? I'm a bit troubled since I can't speak to her ........... 」

「Uhm, I'm a man you know, can I enter that floor ?」

「Eh, of course you can. Though it's practically almost no one you can still coming in, even if you're a male attendant, since it's not like we're forbidding it. Moreover considering the circumstance.」

「Understood .......... 」

Following the words of the female employee, Rio's going toward the fourth floor.

Though the other female customer was staring dumbfounded when they saw Rio, maybe because he's coming along with Miharu and the female employee, there's no unpleasant glance looking toward him.

Naturally, Rio didn't talk except for necessary conversation, not even looking at his surrounding and just meditating quietly.

The female employee smiling as she's watching at Rio situation from the side.

The female employee explaining the goods, Rio was translating that for several times.

And then, when they finally finishing with the shopping.

「Thank you very much. Please come again next time」

While being send off by the female employee, Rio and Miharu was leaving the shop with bag of luggage in their hands.

The female employee is grinning ear to ear as she's looking at The flushing face of their retreating figure that somehow look innocent.

「It seems I should teach you the language for the next time we come here」

After leaving the shop at quick-pace with flushing face, Rio said that while smiling wryly.

「My apologize. For troubling you .......... 」

With her face still flushing red, Miharu feeling despondent while apologizing to him.

「I-It's nothing, there's no need to apologize for that」

Rio's quickly trying to pacifying Miharu.

「But ....... 」

Miharu's fidgetting as if being embarassed.

「I'm really don't mind it. I'm worrying whether I'm actually offending Miharu-san」

「T-There's no way I feel that way!」

「Haha, then shouldn't we worrying so much about it」


Miharu consented with her face facing down in embarassment.

And Rio's smiling as if being troubled.

「Then, should we go to buy Masato-kun clothes?」

Miharu was talking in cheerful tone.

Looking at the city scenery on purpose, and just like that he's starting to walk as if urgin Miharu to follow him.


Thereupon after a short answer, Miharu was chasing after his back.

When they're finding the shop after walking for several minutes, theyboth entering the shop and choosing the clothes for Masato.

「This look good right」

Miharu's choosing the clothes carefully and didn't cut corners even if she's choosing the clothes for Masato.

She's matching many clothes with Rio as the model.

After finishing with daily clothes.

「This clothes seems look good on Haruto-san」

Miharu was advising that when she found a clothes that look good on Rio.

「Is that so?」

「Yes. May I put it in front of you for a moment ?」

「Yes, Please」

Miharu putting that cloth on top of Rio who's currently holding the luggage bag.

「See, I think it suit you very much」

She's smiling at the defenseless Rio from point blank range.

「Ye-Yeah. Thank you ...... 」

Rio told his gratitude with slightly blushed face.

「Let's buy this since it seems you're lacking of everyday clothes」

Rio didn't have everyday clothes since he's mainly moving while wearing cloth armor. [TL : Must be hot, in summer]

Even his clothes is few in number as there was many of them of the same pattern with only choosing without thinking so much about it during his stay in the middle of the journey. [TL : We call it practical...... Or should I say ALMOST all men are like that]

「Is that so. Then, can I ask go along to see what should I put on you? 」

「That's right. Can you help me to choosing it ? 」

Rio was thinking of increasing his everyday clothes since Miharu is the one who specially choosing it.

「Yes. If you're okay with me. Theeen .......」

After that, they're choosing the Rio clothes by Miharu recommendation.

Miharu fashion sense is obviously better than Rio, she's bringing many stylish clothes.

There's also many customer coming with men in their surrounding, and many women choosing the clothes of the men.

But, maybe because Rio and Miharu are pair of handsome and beauty, everyone was stealing a glance at them, even the one who come with their lover.

They're not even noticing that line of sight from their surrounding, just thoroughly choosing clothes, Rio clothes are making progress in a good way. [TL : RIAJU just EXPLODE!!!]

Part 6

「That was a great shopping. Thank you very much」

When they leave the shop after shopping for almost one hour, Rio told his gratitude to Miharu.

「It's nothing, all I do is choosing. You're carrying such amazing amount of luggage with you. Can you carry it? 」

Miharu said that while looking that both of Rio hands is full of luggage.

「Look here, I'll be storing it into my bracelet okay」. [TL : His item box is in the form of bracelet]

Rio answering in joking tone.

「It's completely like a magic bag」

As she saying that, Miharu was smiling as if it's amusing.

「Magic bag ?」

Rio asking curiously.

「It was some sort of tool from the picture book that I read long ago」

Miharu continue with her explanation while smiling happily.

「Anything can enter that bag. Feast, sweets, juice, even tea can enter it」

「It seems that bag was completely stuffed with children dream」

「That's right. Even so, aren't there also many item that can enter Haruto-san bracelet? I thought that it's look like that magic bag」

「Well, it's a tool that loaded with something like magic. .......... Ah, that's right. Since I'll be stowing the luggage in a desolate place, it's be a bit late but shall we have a lunch?」

After sending a fleeting glance at the clock tower that was standing in the city, it's already a bit past the time for lunch.

Since they keep moving for shopping and walking after breakfast, he want to settle down slowly in some place.

After entering the alley devoid of any human for a moment, he quickly storing the luggage bag into the item box.

They're returning again to the main street and began to strolling in the city looking for whether or not there's convenient restaurant.

「Let's try this place」

After going around in the food and drink district, they discovered a slightly stylish shop.

It's a beautiful two storey restaurant with stone wall and It's location is closer to the heart of the city even amongst the restaurant in the food and drink district.

「The atmosphere in the shop is really wonderful right. Even so, it's a high-class one, is it really okay? 」

Because the status and atmosphere is obviously higher than the other restaurant, Miharu was asking with perplexed face.

However, there's several shop with status even higher than this shop in the surrounding, so it's not a top-class shop either.

「Since there'll be too many ill-natured customer in the cheap shop. Don't worry, it's my treat. Though I can't guarantee the flavor since this is also the first time for me」

Though there's no need to forcing themself to enter a high-class shop, there'll be many drunken guest if he take her to cheap shop.

It's another matter if it's Rio alone, there'll be high chance that it'll turn into a quarrel with drunken men if he's coming along with Miharu.

There's no need to go to the place in which they'll be involving with unreasonable trouble.

「For the time being, let's enter first. Though there might be a dress code, I think it should be okay since our current appearance isn't that shabby」

Rio saying that while walking toward the restaurant.

「Welcome to Erbe. Are you a reservation customer ? 」

When they're entering, they're being greeted by the desk clerk who wear a uniform.

The entrance lobby giving a bright and clean feeling.

「No. I'm not making a reservation beforehand, is that okay? There's two of us」

「Yes. It's absolutely alright. Then, this way please」

The two of them entering the interior of the shop guided by the employee that showing a perfectly bussiness smile.

As Rio expected, there's no appearance of the rude guest inside.

The atmosphere also slowly calm him down.

「Is this seat okay ?」

The place they're being guided to is a private room in which they can enjoy the outside scenery.

Making it a quiet and private room.

「Yes. No problem」

「Then, by all means. This way」

Rio and Miharu sat on the chair as they're being guided to their chair just like that.

「This is the menu. Today recommendation is this lunch limited course dish」

After scanning over the menu, the recommendation dish it seems it's a full course meals composed of aperitif*, assorting appetizer, bread, pasta, meat dish, dessert, and drink. [TL* : Wine before meal, Please read Toriko for this kind of full course set as I'm not that proficient with this]

The price is one silver coin for one person, it's enough for 20 person to eat a set meal in cheap restaurant.

Part 7

「Is there something that you can't eat, Miharu-san? I'm thinking of ordering the course dish. Following by pasta and meat dish」

「Ah, Yeah. Since I'm not particularly a picky eater, I'll leave it to you Haruto-san」

「The alcohol is .......... For drink right」

「Ah, yes」

Miharu never drink liquor since she was still a minor back on earth.

Though she can drink the liquor without any problem in this world, she must have a strong resistance to it.

「Understood. Then, May I choose the meat dish and pasta too? 」

「Ah, Yeah. What would you like? 」

「I see.. First, the pasta is divided into three type 」

Rio's teaching Miharu about what kind of pasta and meat dish that was written in the menu.

Though speaking of pasta instantly reminding her of tomato sauce, unfortunately there's no tomato in Strahl region.

Nevertheless, since he have many tomatoes is his item box that he collected in Seirei no Tami village, it seems tobe okay to made it at home if it just for meal.

In the end, Rio and Miharu was choosing pasta each with different flavor.

「Then, course set for two people please. 「As for the apperitif, do you have something like non-alcoholic cocktail? 」

Rio asking to the clerk that waiting nearby.

Maybe because receiving a complete education, she was silently listening to Rio and Miharu who's talking in a language that she couldn't understand.

「Yes. We have it. Though there'll be an extra charge, we have the apperitif list that we can offer」

「I see.. Then ――」

Rio calmly said their order to the employee.

「I've received the order. Then, please wait for a while」

After confirming the the content of the order, the clerk was bowing once then leaving that place.

「Haruto-san seems used to this. Do you often coming to this kind of shop? 」

Miharu asked in admired tone after looking at him speaking unreservedly to the employee.

「No, this is also the first time for me entering this kind of shop. Since I used to arbeit* in a little high-class restaurant in my previous life, I just somehow getting used to this」 [TL* : Rio's using Arbeit[アルバイト] which means Working part-time in German, is that true?]

「......Previous, life?」

Miharu tilting her head with curious face.

「Yes. Come to think of it, I've not explaining it in detail yet right ....... 」

「Uhm, yeah ....... 」

Since his pronounciation in Japanese language is awkward, Miharu was thinking that Rio might be a foreigner who's expert in Japanese.

Though she heard that Rio used to live in Japan from Aki, Rio past is completely wrapped in mystery including the fact that he's strangely well versed about the condition of this world.

Though she thought that it was strange, when based on the rule that suggested by Rio to gain his protection, she somehow feel bad for asking it.

But, with the current flowing conversation she might be able to ask about Rio past.

With that kind of idea, stirring by her curiousity, Miharu's decided to mustering her courage.

「..... Uhm, though I don't know if it's okay to ask this, how Haruto-san ended up coming to this world?」

Miharu asking in modesty.

Though Rio eyes opened slightly wide for a moment, he instantly smiling as he recalling his past.

「About that, even I didn't know the reason for that. Since I already in this world when I regained myself ........ 」

Was his answer.

But he quickly added 「But -」.

「To be honest. I want to ask you to not surprised, the truth is, I'm someone who already died once」

Rio said that while smiling wryly.

Hearing that words, Miharu's bewildered and her body stiffen in an instant.

「Dead once ...... But, Haruto-san's still alive right now right? 」

As her thought unable to follow their conversation, Miharu's smiling with puzzled face.

「The me who died isn't in this world. It's the earth. Though my face is resembling that of half, I was a former Japanese. If there's an easier way to say it, then I'm reincarnating. before I know, I already reborn in this world」

Rio was saying that while shrugging his shoulder as if it's a joke.


Miharu's unable to hide her agitation.

Suddenly the story was turned into an unpredictable direction.

But, despite not even one day has elapsed since they first meet, Miharu didn't think that Rio's the kind of person who'll spout such lie.

「That's why, as for the reason why I live in this world and why I've the memory of my previous life isn't something that I know」[TL : Obviously because the god[Author-san] granted that memory to you]

Rio's smiling to Miharu who can't even say anything.

Miharu agitation was only expected since Rio also feel that way.

In his case, he's agitating about letting her to know about himself as Amakawa Haruto.

That's why RIo was waiting calmly for Miharu to regain herself.

Though it's an absurd story, it it's Miharu, she'll believe it.

He strangely feel that way.

「Is ....... That so. M-My apologize. I'm asking about something disturbing........ 」

After regaining her composure bit-by-bit, Miharu was quickly apologizing to Rio.

Despite in the previous life, him talking about his own death is unpleasant isn't it.

That's why Rio didn't talk too much about his personal history.

With that kind of thought.

「No, I don't really mind talking about the death of my previous life ........」

Rio was smiling while shaking his head a little.

His family is certainly there in earth.

And his friend to whom he's getting along with.

When recalling about them, he couldn't say that he really didn't have a lingering attachment to the earth.

But, now he already have too much important connection to this world.

That's why he feel okay with it.

This place is the world where he should belong to.

Recently, re was starting to thinking that way.

Beside, there's also Miharu right in front of him.

Wishing more than this is too much of luxury.

Part 8


Rio was calling Miharu as she's staring as if peering deeply into his face.


Miharu's gulping then looked back at Rio.

Why right.

As her heart throbbing faster, Miharu was almost absorbed by Rio.

「Would you like to hear the story about my previous life someday? I think it'll become a heavy story. But, I still want Miharu-san to hear about it. After both of us can calm ourself, at that time .......... 」

While saying that, Rio was peeping at Miharu as if to confirm her reaction.

Suddenly, he thought that she might be about to say something.

But, it seems she didn't want to and couldn't bring herself to saying her thought.


After staring intently at Rio, Miharu's consented with clear and calm voice.

「Thank you very much」

Rio told his gratitude while smiling with delighted expresssion.

Thereupon, at that place.

「Excuse me. Sorry to keep you waiting. Here your apperitif」

The one who was coming with the apperitif is the waitress in charge of serving.

It might be an extremely nice timing.

Since he expected that their conversation will be interrupted around the halfway at the earliest.

After distributing the apperitif, the waitress leaving the room immediately.

「Though this is an apperitif, it's a non-alcoholic cocktail - 」

Rio starting to fluently explaining the apperitif that served to Miharu as if trying to shaking off a little heavy atmosphere till a while ago.

Even Miharu listening with great interest to the explanation as if catching Rio intention.

As their meals coming in order, the two of them enjoyed their a bit too late lunch in a calm atmosphere.


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