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Seirei Gensouki ~Konna Sekai De Deaeta Kimi Ni~ - Volume 2 - Chapter 58


Chapter 58 [Afterwards]

TL : Cnine

ED : Rope-san

PF :

Part 1

After eating dinner, Aki and Masato who were mentally exhausted immediately fell asleep.

Rio sat on the sofa in the living room after he guided the two to their bedroom while Miharu was in the bathroom.

And then his thoughts slightly drifted.

Thinking about what he should do from now on.

Looking for Seria, gathering the information for his revenge, looking after Miharu and, looking for Miharu's acquaintances.

There were a lot of things he should do adding to some other trivial matters, there were a lot of things that he should consider as well.

But, he can't be impatient.

The result won't come out immediately even if he's in a hurry, on the contrary he feared that he'll make some mistakes.

Though it's okay since he can do something if there were mistakes, there were dangers of making irreversible mistakes.


He drank the ice tea on top of the table to appease his thirst.

It's cold temperature seeped from the metal glass to his right hand.

Rio stared intently at his right hand. [ED: Some plans for tonight eh?][Tl : Solo?]

Today, Rio killed someone with this hand.

It was the first time he killed someone in his life.

The tormenting feeling of guilt because he killed a man he didn't feel any of it.

Unfortunately, he couldn't feel that way right now.

Whoever that man was and, if it's an existence that will harm him or the ones close to him, he was Rio's enemy.

Because, he decided to take that path.

Still, killing someone didn't make him feel good.

it wasn't something beautiful either.

If possible, he didn't want to know of such a feeling. [TL : Grow some balls already, you're embarking on Shura path, or become a feminist by marrying Seria] [ED: Cnine is a harsh man, though I can't disagree with him.]

But, this world isn't such a gentle place.

If possible, he just wanted to live a quiet life somewhere else while refusing such a world but, that will never happen.

Rio won't forgive Lucius.

It had nothing to do with something like right or wrong.

It was because Rio decided to do so.

And then, there's another new reason for why Rio was unable to reject this world.

This world was a cruel world for Miharu.

He will protect Miharu from this world.

That was the new mission that he imposed upon himself.

Though he couldn't say anything about how he was trying to get his revenge to Miharu, that determination wouldn't change even after he met again with Miharu.

But, along with his memories of his previous life, if he wanted to confess his feeling to Miharu, he felt that he should also mention the matter about his revenge.

Because by doing that, he might be resented by someone*. [TLC* : 自分は人から恨まれるかもしれないことをするのだから。]

Someday, someday after he got his revenge, after he was done with all the matters that he must complete, he wanted to make a small world without malice to live in. [TL : That's a pipe dream dude] [ED: Reality sure is cruel eh]

There was him and Miharu along with few of his cherished people.

It was enough if he could just live in that kind of small world.

And, since that was enough.

For that reason .

And then.

The sound of an opened door resounded inside of the quiet room, Rio's train of thought was interrupted as he looked in that direction.

In that place was Miharu who just came out of bathroom.

「The hot water felt so good, Haruto-san. Thank you very much」

Miharu was speaking to him while smiling kindly.

Rio also smiled at her.

「Ahh, I'm glad then. There are some matters that I want to tell you about your future, is that okay? 」

And, she answered.

「Ah, yeah. Could it be that Aki-chan and Masato-kun have already fallen asleep? 」

「Yes. It seems that they were truly tired. Though I thought about telling everyone tomorrow in case that Miharu-san was also tired, I thought that I should tell Miharu-san who's older first」

「Ah, I'm okay. Please」

Miharu said that with serious expression on her face.

「Then, will you sit down first? I'll prepare some beverages right away」

Taking out a new glass, he poured the ice tea into the metal carafe and passed it to Miharu.

「It's delicious」

Maybe because she was thirsty after entering the bathtub, Miharu showed a delightful expression after drinking somewhat of a large portion of it.

「I'm glad that you felt that way」

After filling her cup with ice tea for the second time, Rio was smiling at Miharu.

Since there were no pajamas, Miharu was wearing the jersey from her bag.

Though there was the uniform too, Rio remembered this jersey.

Though it was only natural since he also went to the same school before, to Rio, the appearance of the Miharu in that place was really refreshing.

Moreover, maybe because she just got out of the bath, it was strangely erotic. [TL : This osananajimi otaku] [ED: Pfft he doesn't have to balls to do anything to her.]

Even though she used the same shampoo as himself, he felt that the nice fragrance that drifted from Miharu was truly exceptional.

When he smelled it a little, it was as if it calmed his tensed mind a little.

「Now, I'll tell you the things regarding what the plan will be while you come along with me」

Rio said that while trying to look serious as he could.

「Yes. Please」

「Currently, I'm going toward the country called Bertram kingdom」

「Bertram kingdom ?」

「Yes. Though we're currently closer to the national border of the country called Saint Stellar kingdom, Bertram kingdom is in the northwest direction, please remember when you just arrived you were in the country called Galwark kingdom in the northeast direction」

He took out a pen and paper and drew a simple map as he continued his explanation about the surrounding countries and their current location.

「I see. It's forming this way right. Understood」

Miharu was looking at the map with great interest.

「Yeah, then I'll tell you about the reason why I'm going towards Bertram kingdom」

Rio said that as he took a drink of the ice tea.

He continued with his explanation after wetting his throat.

Part 2

「The truth is, a coup happened a while ago in this country, my friend to whom I am indebted to few years ago lives there. That's why I wanted to go to that country to confirm that person's safety」

「A coup ...... Is it okay to go to such a country ? 」

Miharu asked with a worried expression after hearing those disturbing words.

「Yes. Though there might be no disturbance in the public order of the town since the coup happened in the upper brass」

Though he couldn't confirm it, it might not be that awful.

Though there's some unrest in the country, he didn't think that it would have a direct connection with the deterioration of public order.

By the way, he didn't know what's currently happening with the current national administration.

「But, if I'm going to return there, it'll be more convenient for me to move alone, I want Miharu to house-sit」


「Yes. Rest assured, as long as you're in this house you won't meet any common danger 」

Rio smiled to Miharu as if trying to calm her.

When it comes to hiding, it's necessary to place this house in a place where there's no people around.

Though there are a possibilities that dangerous creatures or demonic creatures will appear instead, it'll be safer to live inside of the house if it's just those level of creatures.

Because that was the reason for why this house was created.

「I'll depart around three days later, and will come back three days later at the latest. Though I'm truly sorry for suddenly leaving after saying that I'll take care of you ....... 」

Rio's bowed his head while apologizing.

Thereupon, in order to not cause anxiety to him.

「No, because we'll live in this house as you instructed that's why, please go to that person without worrying about us!」

Miharu answered him vigorously.

「Thank you very much. Though I might often be away from the house, I'll try to return as much as possible」

Rio says that as if he's feeling sorry of that fact.


Miharu nodded vigorously.

「And then, it'll be tomorrow but, I'm thinking of buying daily necessities for Miharu-san in the nearby city. Because it's daily necessities that needed immediately」

「Ah, Yeah. Thank you very much」

「But, since I feel uneasy about going together with three person who can't speak in their language, is it okay for me to take Miharu-san first as the representative? [TL : He's asking for a date right?]

「Yes. I'm okay with it」

「Then, it's tomorrow. Since we'll leave after breakfast, I'm looking forward to go with this plan」


「And then, I'll be looking for a place where the three of you can live safely for days during my absence starting from tomorrow. It'll cause various inconvenience due to the tight schedule, are you okay with that? Please do tell me if you're sick or illness」

It's necessary to know if there's somekind of chronic disasea beforehand.

You could say that there's no illness which can't be cured as long as they've miracle drug or secret medicine made by Seirei no Tami.

Though it's extremely precious medicines that shoudn't be used at moment notices, it's a cheap item if it was for Miharu's.

「No, there's no way it's inconvenience for us. Rather we're fine with it since we forcing Haruto-san to do many things for our sake. There's no problem since as far as I know, everyone id healthy」

「Is that so. In that case I'm glad. For the time being, I've goes to the nearby city for several times*, I'm thinking of placing the settlement in the Galwark kingdom for the time being」 [TL : The 1st time is when Rio eat meat and noodle soup for the first time, 2nd time is after freeing Latifa, 3rd time is when he ate the meat and noodle soup for the second time[right before the six pillar of light event]]

「Galwark kingdom. I see」

Miharu muttered as she's looking at the map drawn by Rio.

「By the way, since we'll be flying in the sky, it won't be that long」 [TL : Around one hours, Rio is flying at the speed that roughly same with when he's running with full power(in act 2, it's around 300 km in 8 hours or around 40 km/hours(so slow)) assuming that the current Rio is twice as powerful as the him in act 2, it'll mean around 80 km/hour. It's stated before that the distance between Rio and Miharu transfer place is around one hour, so they're around 80 km from Almond]]

It'll take few days to enter Galwark kingdom if they're moving by foot.

But, it'll take few hours even if they're moving flying slowly in the sky.

Though it's the first time for Rio to carry three person while flying in the sky, Rio convinced that it's not like he can't do that with his skill in spirit arts.

His flying speed will be dropped significantly for safety reason, though it might be not a problem if he attached rope as the lifeline. [TL : Is this the Amazing Spiderman 2 FLAG?]

「Eh, S-Sky?」

He's Looking at Miharu.

「Yeah, though it's a little different from Magic, please just think that there's some way to flying in the sky」

「Uhm, understood ............ 」

Miharu replying in curious tone while wondering about in what way will he fly in the sky.

「Well, I think you'll be know it if you see how I'm flying. It might be a little scary but, please just say it if you can't endure it」[TL : I hope Miharu didn't imagine Rio wearing his underpants outside like superman]


After Miharu replying, silent descending upon them for several seconds.

Rio's looking at his glass with bored face.

The matter that he should tell her already finished.

So he's thinking to end their conversation since it seems Miharu is already tired too.

「......... Uhm, that's all of it right. Haruto-san」

Miharu spoke timidly.

Part 3

「Ah, yes, what's matter?」

As he replying, Rio's change his line of sight from the glass to Miharu.

「What about the gold in the bag, what should we do with that ?」

「Ah, those gold huh ....... 」

It was the gold coin that included just like that into Miharu bag by the slave merchant.

Though it's being set aside as they talk about various things, it just by now that he recalled about it.

「Please treat that as Miharu-san's capital for your own activity fund」

Rio just readily handed over the ownership of that gold coins to Miharu's.

Thereupon, Miharu eyes opened wide.

「Uhm, since we're always the one who receiving your aid, I think Haruto-san should be the one who get that money ....... 」

Was her answer.

「No, since the victim is Miharu-san's, that's money is yours. You can say that it's consolation money」

「Even so, we're always being helped by Haruto-san, it's useless even if we're the one who hold it. Please, I wish that Haruto-san will take that money」

Miharu insisted as she's resolutely saying her denial.

Their eyes meet. [TL : I wonder when will they stop flirting like this?]

Miharu unyielding will to back down is transmitted to Rio.

「Uhm .......... Then, I'll be the one who keep this money but, how about deducting that money for the daily necessities that needed by Miharu-san's from tomorrow ? 」

Thus, Rio proposing that.

「N-No, in that case, isn't that basically our money ........ ?」

「Ahaha, I'm exposed huh」

「Uhm, shall we put it that you lend us that money from now on? I'm thinking of returning that lend money someday to Rio-san with my own power」

「Eh, no, there's no need to do that you know」 [TL : Yeah, if you're not that wussy, that's it]

This time, it was Rio eyes that opened wide in shock.

「Something like that is impossible. because that way we're just one-sidedly receiving your favor. Though I might not be able to return the money, gratitude is must be returned」

「I see. ......」

Certainly, if Rio is in her position he'll try to returning the money.

That's why, Rio knew very well about what she feels.

But, for Rio, he didn't really wish to receive gratitude from Miharu.

Such thing is natural since he's trying to be nice o Miharu.


「Uhm, right then. There's a reason for why I save Miharu's. There's no need to feel that indebted to that extent you know? 」

Thus, Rio joking a little to tease her.

「Uhm, then for what reason did you save us ?」

「That's ........ because I want the information about the event that happenedin this region」

After he say that, Miharu eyes opened slightly wide.

「........ Normally, someone won't go that far for only that reason. We didn't have any kind of information, I just want to return the favor」

Miharu said that while showing a seemingly amusing smile.

「Ah, no, there's still another reason did you know ?」

「And that reason is ?」

「Yes. That's complicated」 [TL : And you're the one who cause it, or should I say the author?]

「And may I hear what's the reason?」

「Uhm, maybe it's because Miharu-san's the japanese that I missed. Beside, there's also various ....... 」

Rio answering with great difficulties but, Miharu felt that there's something hidden deep within that words.

「Various ?」

「Yes, well ....... 」

Rio become passive. [TL : another version of translation is [Rio become a Beta]]

「Uhm, right then. Well then, please receive the money and make it like it's to returning your favor」


Miharu hestitating.

It seems Miharu feeling in the gratitude is more than what he expected.

Or it might be due to her honest personality, or both of them.

Somehow he became happy to know about the current Miharu personality.

「No means no, I mean those money is quite a large sum right ? Though it's nothing but simple convertion to Japanese Yen, I think that it's value can easily surpassing more than 10 million yen. Though I think it shouldn't exceed 20 million yen」

Though he didn't count the precise number, the value was roughly around that number by glance.

「1-10 millions huh ....... 」

Miharu solidified by such unexpectedly high monetary value.

Though naturally speaking of, it's just natural, she seems to not be able to understand that value.

「And that's it. I'll receive the money, in addition I also won't take this money. Will you agree with that ? 」[TL : To make it simply, he'll be the one who keep her money otherwise known as living wallet]

「Uhm, is that really okay ?」

To Miharu who's still perplexed.

「It's alright」

Rio was showing a little mischieful tone. Miharu's a little perplexed.


And answered while giggling in low voice.

「Anyway, please don't mind about money problem from now on. If you're still anxious about it, it's plenty enough if you help me with housework」

「Ah, Yeah. Certainly, doing that was supposed to be just natural ! 」

「Well then, best regards. Please become the landlady while I'm away」


Part 4

While smiling gently, Miharu added「Even so――」 .

「Please say anything that has to be done and anything that necessary later. I'll help you as long as it's within my capacity」

「Yes. Thank you very much」

Rio smiling back at Miharu.

「Then, shall we sleep soon. Miharu-san is also tired right」

「Yes. Thank you very much」

「The room will be different room from Aki-chan, is that alright?」

「Ah, Yeah. Even so, is it okay to use such private room ? 」

「Yeah, it's not a problem since there's many vacant room」

And then, after guiding Miharu to her own room, Rio was also entering the bathroom.

Miharu seemingly fallen asleep while Rio entering the bathroom.

Just like that, Rio also entering his own room, lean on the rear side is an extra-large bed made by Dominique.

This is the only bed with strangely large size amongst the bed in the house, the bed that's extended by force can fill in the room around 12 tatami mat. [TL : The biggest kind of the room]

Dominique has said 「Since this is your room. I'll going as far as making a special made bed. Since the other room is just for sleep」 and while empashizing the last part, and just like that this room has decided as Rio room. [TL : Org- .......... must be my imagination]

Though to be honest he didn't need to follow that, somehow he feels bad for treating someone goodwill with disdain, thus Rio was sleeping on that bed.

Though at first he thought that the bed was way too big, he can somehow feeling a sense of security when lying down like this.

There's no need to worry no matter how much he's tossing around during his sleep, he was unintentionally wanting to rolling around on it.

Now he'll feel unsatisfied when sleeping on a normal bed.


Maybe it was because the conversation with Miharu before he sleep, for some reason Rio feel like an elementary grade student the night before his excursion trip.

He's staring intently at the dark ceiling in the house in which he sleep.

It was truly a long time since he feel this feeling.

Suddenly, he recalling the excursion trip in which he goes along with Miharu in his previous life.

He also couldn't sleep the night before the excursion trip, and recalled that he was being waken up by Miharu early in the next morning. [TL : In Act 2 when Rio's fainted due to surprise attack from the Tami's]

And now he have this wonderful feeling because sleeping under the same roof as that Miharu.

Rio consciousness is sinking within various thought.

And then, today Rio slept peacefully.

And then, the next morning.

Rio opened his eyes when the light of morning sun entering into his room from the rock window.

He descending from the bed with sluggish movement, and then going toward the other room.

Thereupon, the aroma that stimulating his appetite was filling the living room.

(Is there any dishes that we forgetting from the last night left?)

With such kind of thinking while half-asleep, he's going toward the kitchen.

In that place was Miharu who's cooking while putting on an apron -.

Suddenly, Rio stiffened.

Rio thought awaken in that moment.

「Good morning. Sorry. Look like I'm oversleep」

The panicking Rio's greeted Miharu.

「Good morning. Since Aki-chan and Masato-kun still sleeping too. I'm waking up early since I'm using the alarm function of my wrist watch」

And, Miharu told him the reason for her early rise.

Though there's also watch in this house, it didn't have alarm function.

In the first place, the clock is usually a luxury goods didn't appear in the market, it's not that much problem either since he's living his live with his biological clock that already deeply ingrained into his body.

He took a brief glance at the living room clock, it was just before 7 in the morning.

It seems that yesterday he's sleeping at ease since he sleep a little late.

「I'm sorry for using the kitchen at my own convenience. Be at ease since I'll make the breakfast」

「Ah, let me help you. Please say if there's not enough ingrendients」

Rio told her that as he put on the apron that stored in the kitchen.

Though there's ingrendients within the cold storage magic tool, majority of it being kept in the item box.

「Ah, Yeah. Uhm, I'm puzzled with what should I make for the main dish, it might be depending on that」

「I see. Then, shall we make bacon and egg」

「Ah, there's bacon and egg ?」

「Yes. Now please wait for a second since I'll take it out. 『ReleaseDischarge』」

Recalling the ingrendients stored inhis item box, he's taking out the necessary amount of bacon and egg.

「Please use this」

「Ah, Yeah. Haruto-san really have anything right」[TL : Except you]

Miharu said that as if admiring him.

「Ahaha, calling it anything is impossible but, I do carry many ingrendients」

RIo smiling with somehow awkward smile as if trying to dodge that.

「Ah, that's right. Should we prepare the lunch for Aki-chan and Masato-kun since we'll leave since noon? I'll make the preparation for that」

「Yes. Then, I'll continue with the preparation for breakfast.」

「Yeah, I'll make a bento that taste good even if it's cool」

After saying that, Rio also started to move.

Even though he just make an ordinary meals, somehow he feel happy.

Making meals by himself feels dull but, making meals with another person was fun.

Is it because he's with Miharu.

The coup, the revenge, forgetting all of such dark stories, right now he set that aside.

Rio felt really happy.

Today, only in that moment .

That was all of it.


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