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Seirei Gensouki ~Konna Sekai De Deaeta Kimi Ni~ - Volume 2 - Chapter 56


Chapter 56 [Explaining The Situation ~Part 1~]

Chapter 56 [Explaining The Situation ~Part 1~]

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Part 1

When they're returning to the boulder where Aki and Masato hiding, their eyes sparkling when they're looking at Rio and Miharu that was coming toward them.

Just like that, they're running toward Miharu to embrace her.

「Miharu oneechan!」


「Both of you, thank goodness ........ 」

Rio a little relieved seeing those three reuniting safely.

「Thank you very much, Haruto-san」

Miharu represented the three of them to say their gratitude while bowing her head together with Aki and Masato.

「I'm glad that the three of you safely reunited」

Was Rio answer to them while waving his hand a little.

As his face naturally forming a smile.

「Then, the truth is that there's gold coin added into your luggage」

While saying that, Rio presented their luggage.

The truth is that inside the heavy school bag stuffed with more than fifty gold coin which weight is around 3 kilogram.

「Y-Yes ........... 」

Miharu receiving the bag with puzzled face.

The gold coin is inside Miharu bag.

By the way, the 50 gold coin is the expected sum of profit that the slave merchant will get once he sold those three as slave.

Though Rio didn't know about it since he never buy a slave, this amount is not that high considering that the slave merchant was about to ruining someone live by turning them into a slave with illegal means.

The price of the slave will vary greatly by their purpose, se*, and their abilities, the standard revenue is when the said slave is able to earn income by employing them become the standard*. [TLC* : 奴隷は用途、性別、能力によって値段が大きく異なるが、基本的にはその者を従業させて稼ぐことのできるであろう収入が目安となる。]

A beautiful and healthy woman brimming with youth is greatly valued as a harlot even without many great abilities, on the contrary, the values of the men without any abilities is the worst.

Though Miharu and the other who was taken captive as slave will become an imperfect goods, though they can't speak[in Strahl language], Miharu condition is exactly as required above[As harlot], though the demand for Aki is still low due to her age.

Therefore, almost all of the gold coin is the price for Aki and Miharu, Masato price is almost to the point of serving as a bonus to buy the two of them.

「Erhm, this gold coin is?」

Miharu aksing with bewildered expression.

「I think it's consolation money. Because the three of you are narrowly becoming a slave ....... 」

It's not that easy for Rio to answer her question.

Though kidnapping someone to turn them into a slave is an illegal act, in reality there's surprisingly many of them which never becoming an issue.

Moreover, the person who's being swindled to become a slave is mainly that of children, or young woman.

The incident this time is not something that rare in this world.

「N-No way ........ Slave」

Aki muttered as she receiving that shock.

That's only natural.

Because for her, the existence known as slave is something that extremely rare.

Miharualso shocked but, the impact is less than Aki since she hear about slave from Rio from sometimes ago.

「Please explain to me what is this slave things?」

Among them, Masato is asking while tilting his head.

「You don't know about them ?」

Aki staring at Masato with shocked expression.

「Listen to me, slave is. ......Erm......」

Though she's trying to explaining to him about slave, she's was stumbling for words.

Even if she know the meaning of that words, she didn't know how to explain it.

Even Miharu showing troubled face.

「To put it simply, they're people that being treated as an item」

Rio cutting in and explaining in their place.

「Being treated as item?」

Even so, Makoto still tilting his head with puzzled face as he can't make an image from that explanation.

「I wonder if this can put it simply, the people are being traded like animal. The sold person must do whatever their buyer said」

Rio added that words to his explanation.

「W-Why they must do that! Isn't that like a pet! Is that mean we're gonna become like that! Why they're doing that! ? 」

As expected, as soon as he understand the meaning of that explanation, he's shouted his resentment.

「Because the people that will do anything that ordered to them is convenient」

Rio giving that simple answer without minding about Masato age.

「What so enjoyable by listening to the order of such person ? They're not a doll! 」

「Well, that's depending for each person. Regardless whether it's interesting or not, it's more because it's necessary to use such person」

Rio answered with a bitter smile.

Different with himself who's accepting slavery as norm, the seemingly bright Masato can't just agree with the way of this world.

「Why, that's ........... 」

Masato muttering in low voice.

He might experience difficulties to explain the swirling emotion within himself.

「Then, will we turnes into them if Haruto-san didn't found us .......... 」

Thereupon, Miharu who was listening quietly asked with frightened expression.

「Really. Then, I'm glad that we're save now ........ 」

Aki said that while shaking on Miharu side.

It seem's she's frightened when thinking about what will become of them if Rio didn't come to save them.

「No, I didn't do anything that worth mentioning」 [TL : Like slicing a man in half without leaving even an afterimage or more explanation which causing me to explain that it basically one-turn-kill?]

Because in the first place Rio thought that he have to save Aki's.

Though the current situation changed way too much, his first motive wasn't passing the level of curiousity and he didn't think to delve too deeply into it.

Part 2

「....... We're truly saved thanks to Haruto-anchan*. Thank you very much! 」[TL : Older brother]

Maybe because he managed to regaining himself, Masato said his gratitude to Rio.

Though it seems awkward, his smile of gratitude is reflecting on his face.

「Don't worry, it's nothing」

「No, if there's no Haruto-anchan, I really can't imagine what will become of us! I'm truly being scared of them」

「Yeah, you're welcome then」

Rio answered with a smile to Masato who's insisting to saying his gratitude.

And then.

「By the way, what are you saying a while ago. That ’’Haruto-anchan’’ ........ 」

Aki asked Masato seemingly a bit pouting.

「EH? Ah, it's nothing, I mean, Haruto-anchan seems older than me. It's just normal right? 」

Without even that big reason, Masato wassomehow calling Rio ’’Haruto-anchan’’.

「....... I see, but」

Aki muttering in dissatisfaction as if she's unable to accept that answer.

Masato showed a puzzled face as he's unable to understand her reaction.

「Aki-chan ....... 」

As if worrying about it, Miharu calling her name.

Aki showing even more frown as she noticing that.

「I'm sorry .......... 」

She said her apologize with unpleasant mood. [TL : Because her oXXXXXXn just NTRed]

Wondering who she was apologizing to.

Aki head slumped down as she's unable to clear her ill's feeling.


Rio is staring intently at Aki who's fallen into such state. [TL : no way ......... he's looking for another victim]

Feeling some sort of deja vu, though her surname is different, Rio thought of such possibility when he heard her name.

But, he's convinced now.

Maybe Sendou Aki was Amakawa Haruto little sister.

The fact that she's together with Miharu strengthening Rio even more.

Different with Amakawa Haruto who leave the house to go to the countryside following his father, his little sister, Amakawa Aki was being left in that city with his mother. [TL : Fuh, another flag down]

Though he didn't know whether they're living in that house or not, if Aki still in that city it's not that strange for her to go along with Miharu.

Though Haruto was always playing with Miharu, Aki was also playing with them most of the time.

Though he misidentifying the current Aki due to her growth, Haruto unintentionally recalling of his mother face when looking at her.

「I'm sorry. Haruto-san. For causing the atmosphere to become strange」

Aki apologized to Rio.

「Don't worry, I don't mind about it」

Just like that, Rio answered with a vague smile.

(Could it be -. )

(NO, it's not like it's not possible)

(Could it be that Sendou Aki hate Amakawa Haruto) [TL : You will know the reason around 40 chapter later, so wait for that chapter or ............]

Rio currently was thinking of such possibility when he's looking at Aki state in front of him.

「Thank you very much」

Aki bowing while showing a little apologetic smile.

Looking at that Aki, though he felt that somehow his chest is tightened, in their case, Rio is only someone they just met.

The current Rio isn't Amakawa Haruto nor he ever meet him.

Is he even the kind of person without delicacy who'll bluntly poking his nose into someone delicate spot.

Lying about his history, falsifying his very existance, since it's already too late to change it for now as it'll gain one-sided judgement but, it won't be fair if he's inquiring about that matter if he didn't even say that he is Amakawa Haruto himself.

But, it might add fuel into the fire if he said that he's Amakawa Haruto by this point.

(What should I say ........... )

RIo also made a little preparation for his feeling when he and Miharu going back toward Aki and Masato hiding place.

(Currently the matter about Miharu and the other taking the maximum priority, my history isn't that of Haruto, it seems I need to think about what will happen to them after this)

For this reason, he decided to leave them for sometimes to settle with their feeling and by that time he'll tell Miharu about his previous life.

Anyhow, the subject of the conversation is the detail.

He shouldn't causing to much confusion by giving too much unnecessary information mixing with his own feeling at this stage as it will cause a confusion, because his feeling just too heavy therefore, it's more preferable to hear their situation after their heart calmed down.

But, the situation coming toward him becoming more complex.

He want to move faster to confirm Seria safety, and he currently didn't think of abandoning his revenge.

(No .......... in the end nothing will change. Right now I have to explain Mii-chan's about their situation, I need to have them accept their current situation after they're calmed down. But, the matter that I have to consider have only increased by little)

After deciding that.

「.......... Then should we moving to the main subject?」

Rio stared at Miharu's as he's smiling when saying that.

Postponning the matter about the gold coin inside the bag for the time being.

(Since it's slowly become dark, first I need to tell them what I should tell them in this place)

「I think your first worry is about where's the place that you're currently in right now. Though I already explained to Aki-chan and Masato-kun, this place isn't earth」

This explanation is mainly for Miharu.

This time, Miharu strangely thought about the the matter why Rio speaking in japanese.

But then.

「 ........ Uhm, Can't we goes back to earth ?」

Aki asked with anxious face.

It might be natural to have that question.

Rio has expected that kind of question will come.

Part 3


But, Rio was unable to answer that.

Rio know that it's almost impossible to answer that.

(But, is it okay to tell her just like that.)

The current situation is that even for Rio who have superior information than human race regarding spirit arts and magic within Seirei no Tami village, there's too many point that can't explained.

Though it's impossible to do it with spirit arts because the intervention toward mana and odo manipulation in extremely complicated to manipulating space and time, the Seirei no Tami succeded in that area with magic.

Even though they can move from the tip of the continent to the other side by using transfer crystal that was loaded with transfer magic, it's still impossible for crossing over the world.

No, though it's possible in theory by setting the coordinate, no one know how to set the coordinate in the other world.

Even if for example they managed to set the coordinate, the feasibility is extremely low when thinking about the amount of the odo needed to crossing the boundary of the world.

「Sorry. Though it's not like it's impossible, I think it's extremely hard to do that ........ 」 [TL : Truck magic sure is convenient]

Rio answered, after being worried about such things.

「That ........ 」

Aki expression dyed in despair.

No, Aki isn't the only one.

Even Miharu and Masato receiving that much impact.

「But, the chance isn't zero. Because I think that this event is not happened naturally, if we can determine the cause of this event. Even though the possibility is low but ..... 」

Rio added to his explanation without looking at Miharu's despaired expression.

(I wonder who causing the today event?)

Since it occured in the Strahl region, all human are the suspect.

Though as far Rio know, human tribe has yet to reach the stage of where they can put the time and space magic in practical use.

Rio didn't feel that it'll reach the level of practical use within the few years during his absent from Strahl region.

That's why he concluded that it might be possible if it's due to the artifact from the Demon-God War era.

He might be able to discover something if he can clarify the magic engraved into that artifact.

Though the magic equation engraved into the artifact have way too much complicated mystery.

Though there's many subtitute class artifact spirit tools being made by Seirei no Tami who have far more advanced knowledge about magic than human tribe, even those couldn't classified as artifact class item. [TL : Okay this is a bit explanation about magic. Magic for human is derived from the magic formation that they got from Seirei no Tami or artifact which then inscribed into their soul[this is the main reason why the majority of human in Strahl can't use spirit arts like the human in Yagumo]. Spirit arts is direct manipulation of Odo which need more complicated training but will become more practical at later stage[it need much more time and difficult to master but more practical in combat]. in short it's just like the difference between manual and automatic car]

Setting that aside, if they can clarify the cause, the possibilities of them to find the artifact itself is extremely low.

In the first place the biggest mystery is the fact that the Miharu that dissapeared in the opening day of their first year in high school being summoned to this place.

Though that incident about several person that dissapearing was being treated as passed away, it was treated as trifling news to enliven the society.

The current Miharu was still in her high school year.

In short, the dissapeared Miharu is because she is being summoned to this world.

But, in that case, it's causing another question to surface.

Why Haruto who died way later than Miharu dissapearance arrived first in this world?.

Though there's a difference between reincarnation and summoning if there's difference in it, there's something in it that causing gap in chronological order.

(I don't understand at all)

So many complicated matter tangling in his head.

After exhaling a little as if to spit his fatigue, Rio staring at Miharu's.

「Because I'll give my cooperation as much as possible」

After saying that.

He's truly annoyed with himself who can't do anything but giving such consolation words.

If Miharu said that she want to return to earth no matter what .

Will he give his cooperation to returning her to earth?.

Or will he trying his best to keep Miharu who want to return to earth?.

Rio was thinking of such question.

「...... Thank you very much」

Miharu answering to Rio speech with the best smile she can make.

Aki and Masato has yet to recover from the shock.

「Anyway, should we think about what will you do from now on」

After all that smiling as if being in awkward situation, Rio spoke to Miharu.


Miharu answering with a smile.

「First is, I think that you already understand that the public order in this world is extremely lousy. It's impossible for you guys who can't even communicating with it's inhabitants to survive on your own」

Though his way of speaking become extremely harsh, Rio told them without hiding it.

The sign of tensed state is extremely visible on Miharu face.

Maybe because they're hearing about their current situation, Aki and Masato also lend their ears to hears Rio words.

「But, please at ease. Because I'll protect you as long as you're following one rule and swear protect it is my condition」

While he think that it doesn't matter even if he must protect them unconditionally is his true feeling.

But, based on the current situation, Rio have to set a rule for them to protect.

「Ru ........ Le?」

Miharu asking with timid voice. [TL : You, become my slave]

Part 4

「Yes. From now on, you cannot revealing about my personal information to the third party without my approval. But, in case that it'll harm you, you don't need to minding about leaking it. Are you agree with that? 」[TL : Ask for Miharu hand in marriage you bachelor-for-life-to-be]

Rio saying his condition without even showing riled up state.

And then.

「....... Are you okay with that?」

Miharu answered as if bewildered by his rule.

In that situation, essentially Miharu's responsibilities is nothing.

When judging from Miharu point of view, it's not something half-hearted to put three strange person together under his protection.

At least, even if he's the same japanese who also live in earth, she think that he won't easily giving his approval.

For this reason, Miharu was bewildered when he unexpectedly presenting such light rule.

「Yes. Your trouble regarding the life necessities of three people will be taken care by me if you vow upon your words to give your compliance. I will even teach you the necessary things that you need surviving in this world as much as I can teach you」


That was the best thing she could ask for.

Because for Miharu's, that's the truly best things she could ask for.

But, doing that maybe too much of burden for Rio.

Though Miharu's didn't have any choice other than clinging to Rio, she couldn't apologized for causing too much burden to Rio because of that.

But, it was the truth that the current Miharu's unable to do anything.

「Understood. I swear to protect that rule. Someday, I definitely will return the favor that I get from Haruto-san. That's why, please somehow protect us. Please」

Miharu was bowing her head deeply while strongly vowing in her heart to return this favour someday.

Absolutely, deeply, she bowed her head.

Aki and Masato also following after Miharu,bowing their head while saying 「Please take care of us」 to Rio.

「Understood. Please raise your head」

He saying that while smiling lightly.

「Well then, let's doing a short introduction again. In this case I should be the first one. ........ Though I told you that my name is Haruto, to tell the truth, that's my alias due to my circumtances. My real name is Rio. My age is 16」 [TL : No one asking for your age, you wizard inside]

Rio told them his real name in this world.

That's because he think that he have to show his best courtesies to them right now.

Miharu's looking at him with dumbfounded face after knowing the fact that he's using alias.

「Ehm, sorry for the confusion. Though it's okay to call me by both name in a place where there's no other people, after this, when you call my name in the outside please call me Haruto」

Rio was bowing his head a little while saying that.

「Uhm, understood. Well then, since it will cause confusion, is it okay if all of us calling you Haruto-san for the time being? 」

Miharu answered since she's already used to call him Haruto.


Rio smiling lightly as he's replying to her.

Though if it's from Rio, he's extremely aware to the fact that he's RIo, there's no difference between himself and Haruto.

To be honest, he's truly happy that Miharu call him by that name.

「Then, it's my turn right. My name is Ayase Miharu. My age is also 16. Nice to meet you」

Miharu also introduced herself to Rio again.

「Then me too ――」

In addition, Aki and Masato also introducing themself to RIo afterward.

「Then, please treat me well from now on」

Rio said that while looking at the three.

「Well then, though there's still more to talk about, it's already become quite dark. Let's move to a quite place to rest out body. I'll take my house now」

Darkness already enveloping their surrounding.

Remaining in this place for too long will only causing them to become even more gloomy.

「EH? Ho ........... use ? Taking out? 」

Aki asked as if bewildered.

Where There's such house in the rocky area with basically nothing.

Even Miharu and Masato also have similiar reaction to her as thehy're looking at their surrounding in confusion.

「Please wait for a while」

Rio moving a little farther from that place as he's smiling wryly to their reaction.

After finding a suitable location, he put his hand on the ground, manipulating the earth with spirit arts to stabilizing the ground by cutting the roots.

After confirming that he's already estabilishing the place for the house -.

「Discharge[Release]」 [TL : The ’’Release’’ here using kanji [解放], while the ’’Discharge’’ is the furigana written in katakana[ディスチャージ]]

After reciting the aria.

Thereupon, a gigantic whirlpool swirling in front of Rio.

He can putting in item that he didn't need to bring within the item box.

And then, the item that being stowed can be taken out on whichever place that near the holder.

A house isn't an exception to that rule.

During the preparation for this journey, Rio made a house for journey purpose.


And that was the rock house that was created by combining many rocks that despite naturally blended with it's surrounding, it's durable.


It have spirit tool was loaded with magical barrier for perception inhibition incribed on the building itself, when someone other than the registered resident entering within 500 metres distance from the house, they'll feel strangely uncomfortable within the range of that barrier the instant they entered.

If the one who's entering is a spirit arts user with high mana and odo perception who can see odo, though they'll notice a barrier magic that was covering the surrounding with the rock house at it's center, there's no valid magic for crime prevention related to living creature.

But, when considering that the trespasser conciousness will be cut off after they're crossing the 500 metres radius, even if they're entering the barrier since that effect will be decreasing rapidly, he also need to choose a suitable place to place his house.

By the way, the effect of the spirit tool can be switched to ’’ON’’ or ’’OFF’’ at anytime, currently the barrier is switched to ’’OFF’’.

Also, except for the barrier for the perception inhibition, just how many magic inscribed on the building.

「W-What the heck, is that ....... ?」

Though she couldn't see very well in the darkness, Aki muttered in astonishment when she see a gigantic rock suddenly appearing out of nowhere.

The mass of the gigantic rock that appeared before Rio's has more than 20 metres lenght at it's longest parts.

Miharu and Masato also dumbfounded, Rio just smiling wryly seeing their reaction.

「This is the house in which you'll live from now on. Though it's appeared to be an ordinary gigantic rock, the inside is extremely beautiful. The entrance is this way」

While saying that, Rio quickly walking toward the entrance of the house.

The three just looking with perplexed face at his back.


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