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Seirei Gensouki ~Konna Sekai De Deaeta Kimi Ni~ - Volume 2 - Chapter 53


Chapter 53 [Drifting to Another World]

TL : Cnine

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PF :

This is the first debut of 「Satsuki(美月)」 in this story though in name only, since her name is closely resembling「Miharu(美春)」, I decided to change her name to 「Satsuki(沙月)」.

Part 1

Saint Stellar kingdom located at the south of Galwark kingdom, there's two girls and one boy on the grassland which is not far away from the highway.

Though there's gap between their age, they're unmistakenly still in their teens.

Within the vast blue sky, they're naturally looking dumbfoundedly at their surrounding.

With only mountains, hill, boulder, and grassland withing their field of vision, the didn't see any man-made object.

「............ Where is, this?」

One girl muttered with dumbfounded tone as she's unable to grasp their situation.


Though this girl tied her shoulder length black hair in ponytail have graceful air, her eyes exuding considerably strong will.

She's wearing navy blue blazer on top of cutter shirt for student use and beige based check patterned shirt along with leather shoes and black socks.

「Where you say .....,I also want to know that, Aki-neechan」

The boy replied with cramp face.

His age was slightly younger than the girl with strong willed eyes.

He's wearing jacket on top of long sleeves shirt and long denim pants.

Though he have well featured face, he didn't have the habit of curling his short cut hair, and was emitting lively atmosphere.

「We just walking on the way then we met Satsuki-san right? Masato」

「EH? Yeah」

「Right. ........ Same with Miharu-oneechan too? 」

As she's showing the gesture of thinking about something with her hand touching her chin, Aki was turning her line of sight to the oldest girl.

「Yeah. Yeah, it's same with me. But, I didn't see Takahisa-kun and Satsuki-san」

The girl called Miharu nodding her head with vague smile floating on her face.

The wind that blowing softly made her glossy black hair that growing till her back playing an instrument as it made a rustling sound when brushing her white blazer.

Her look is clear though she's slender, white skin that look like will melt with just a touch, along with her soft manner, she was a graceful and tidy beautiful girl.

Her age was around the end of 15 years old.

「Oniichan is talking with Satsuki-san, and we're a little separated behind them right ....... 」

Aki was looking dumbfoundedly at her surrounding, maybe she still can't accept the reality.

At least for her, she's not used with this kind of spectacle.

They're right in the middle of fully developed city till just sometimes ago, since they never saw this place they also couldn't find man-made object, not to mention finding human in this place.

From their original position, whether it's several kilometres or several dozens kilometres, such scenery was stretching endlessly.

「Yeah. Come to think of it, I feel that there's strange light vortex spreading from Takahisa-kun and Satsuki-san but ........ 」

Miharu was faltered in the middle of her sentence thinking that it mmight be just an optical illusion.

In the first place, they're under an-unscientific situation. [TL : We call it magic, and RIo already experienced an un-scientific-magical dump truck]

From the middle of city, they just suddenly in the middle of a grassland before they noticed it.

If she must say it in one word, she have no choice but to say 「Impossible」.

Her out of place uniform made the them even more conspicuous with her un-realistic feeling.

Though her sense of impending crisis bumbed due to the fact that there was three of them, little by little they're starting to sense the danger in their current situation, their face turned grim due to that.

「What will we do?」

Masato who's the youngest among them was waiting for the decision of Aki and Miharu who's older than him.

Incidentally, though the relationship between Aki and Masato is that of older sister and younger brother, it doesn't mean that Miharu have blood relation with them.

「Ah, that's right! The Cellphone! 」[TL : And what will you do in the world without cellphone provider, internet, manga, anime, a world full of cultiva....... I mean magician]

With just that, Miharu touching her bag in which she kept her phone in flustered manner.

Then she taking out the item she looking for after several minutes elapsed.

She rebooting her smartphone by pressing the power button, being projected on the top right of the terminal screen was a cruel sign of out of range.

「It's useless, it seems there's no electromagnetic wave .......... 」

Miharu muttered with powerless tone as she showing a little disheartened face.

As far as where it's concerned, even their only way of communication is useless, the three of them finally left to the unexplored region without any kind of preparation.

「A-Anyway, let's looking for humans!」

Aki shouting as if flustering.

Though her voice is echoed in the desolate surrounding, they have no other ways to getting out of their current situation.

After looking at each others face, the three of them was starting to act.

「So, which direction we should go to ?」

Masato asking.

「U~hn. That way? For the time being the opposite direction is seems to be forest」

「I agree with Aki-chan」

Thus after deciding which direction they'll go, they're walking in silent.

They're moving slowly with fixed speed.

10 minutes, 20 minutes, they still can't see the shadow of human despite already walking that long.

The dry air made them thirsty while they're walking.

In the middle of the way, Miharu gave the PET bottle that she bought for herself to Aki and Masato.

They decide to drink as little as possible since they have nothing more but this.

They keep walking forward and then, they finally see shadow in front of them -.

「Ah, it's human!」

Aki was shouting with delightful voice.

Their distance is far away, it seems that the other side have not noticed Aki and the others but, it definitely was the shadow of human.

There's even man-made object that somehow look like a box.

Moreover as they're moving in a group, there's few shadows of human.

Though they can't see well due to distance, they was straddling something.

Feeling extremely relieved to the fact that they finally encountering human, a relieved smile naturally forming on their face.

There's human.

Regarding their current status of drifting for unknown reason, that truth caused immesurable impact to the three of them.


Masato was shouting loudly without taking pre-caution. Swinging both of his arms repeatedly to made the other side notice them.

Thereupon, maybe because the other side noticing them, there were people who's suddenly rushing from among the crowd.

「...... Eh?」

Part 2

Masato petrified and quickly ceasing the waving of his arms.

Those people was on horseback.

As far as he know, within the country where they're living in, there's no area that using horse as a normal means of transportation.

As long as they didn't go to the facility such as race track or ranch, horse is animal that they won't see.


Aki muttered dumbfoundedly.

Stepping firmly on the ground, it's treading the way while raising cloud of dust and approaching toward aki's direction even by now.

There, the men that mounting on the horse giving wild impression, they're clearly from different kind than Aki's.

Light leather armor was covering their large build, there was a sword made of metal that giving off profound feeling hanging on his waist.

「Ah, U~hm .......... 」

Miharu instantly coming one step in front as if trying to protect Aki and Masato.

Though she's trying to ask something with trembling voice, it didn't become words.


One man letting out whistling sound as he see Miharu face and body.

And then, grinning widely.

「********? 」

「EH? 」

Though one of them speaking something, the content is unknown to Miharu.

The words that he just spoke was different from the one that she know.

「Ehm, will you help me to tell about this place ?」

Even so, summoning her courage while clinging of a faint hope, Miharu was throwing a question in japanese language.

「******? 」

The man answering with suspicious expression floating on his face.

As expected, her words didn't come through him, Miharu shoulder slumped.

「『What is the name of this place?』」

Pulling herself together, now she was asking with the only foreign language that she know.

「******? 」

But, the man response was similiar with before.

「E-Even english is useless ....... What should I do .......」[TL : ............ I wonder why she didn't say [Japanese is useless, so use english instead] which will reduce the suffering of many foreign WN reader, but for some reason increasing the suffering of translator...........]

Miharu bewildered as if being flustered.

Even Aki and Masato behind her giving a similiar reaction.

They're at their wit's end when they're dealing with the foregner that they never see once before in their life.

「****。 *******? 」


Not caring about their bewilderment, for some reason those men was starting to talk amongst each other.

Sending their line of sight to Aki that standing behind and Miharu, they're grinning with loosened cheeks.

They suddenly have unpleasant premonition.

As she spreading her arms as if trying to protect Aki's, Miharu retreating backward.


Thereupon, a man descending from his horse and casually approached Miharu's.


Aki was shouting from Miharu back. Her voice is shaking.

「****! 」

Looking at the state of them, the men sneered in loud voice.

「W-What did you say!? 」

As if trying to scare those men, Aki glaring at the men from Miharu back.

With a glance, the man unsheating the sword on his hip without being agitated.

From it's thickness and blilliance, without a doubt it's a real sword.

It seems that it could easily mowing down human life with a single swing.

「*****! 」

The smile that floating on his face instantly dissapeared as the man said something like yelling.

Aki's body starting to shaking.

Maybe, maybe just now was a warning.

The man expression not by any means friendly at all.

On the contrary, he's emitting killing intent toward Aki's.

「Ah, U~hm .......... 」

A man glaring at Miharu who's receiving the full brunt of that dreadfull expression, their line of sight overlapped.

An unpleasant sensation assailing her whole body and wrenching Miharu heart.

「H-Hey, isn't this the situation in which you should run?」

「U-Uhm I think so」

Somehow hearing the conversation from her back .

「Both of you, running away is useless」

Miharu quickly seized Masato and Aki hands.

The man threatening attitude isn't normal.

She just couldn't think of the sword in that hand was a fake.

Furthermore, the other side is mounting on a horse.

Don't think about running away, they might be killed.

Was what she thought.

「Uh, Ah ........ 」

When their hand suddenly gripped and being warned by Miharu, Aki, and Masato body is trembling.

After catching their hand, Miharu made a non-resistance appeal by raising her hand.


Part 3

When looking at Miharu's who lost their will to resist him, the man snorting a little as if scoffing and ordered something to the men on horseback.

They then descending from their horse and approaching Aki's and tied their hands with rope.

Resisting at this point is impossible.

They didn't know what those men will do if they're showing the sign of trying to running away.

Or no, even if they didn't showing such action, it seems they will suffer unspeakable experience.

Sure enough, the man that bind Miharu is looking at her face with lascivious look in his eyes.

That eyes was like sticky matter that crawling all over her body.

He's staring many times at Miharu face and gazing zealously at her breast and bottom.

Though one man came as he's trying to touch Miharu body, he retracted his hand after being yelled by the leader-like man.

She can't even think what will become of her as her whole body is quivering.

She can't let those eyes to latching at Aki.

With that kind of thought, Miharu take a short breath to calm her heart.

Fortunately they're not being treated in a rude way, Miharu's being taken along to the group where those men belong to.

「******」[TL : I'm slowly liking this free-line, keep your good job author san, the whole chapter with this line]

There was eight coach in that place.

The people that wearing rag-like garment inside is uncountable.

And then, there was many armed human as if they're surrounding the coach.

They're emitting extremely heavy atmosphere.

「*****? 」

A man with nice outfit called out to Miharu's for some reason.


The man who's look like the leader of those people that binded Miharu answering with chuckling tone.

Miharu's belonging was handed to the man with nice outfit.

Though he was looking intently at the item inside, he soon lose his interest and looking at Miharu's.

His lips grinning widely as he's looking at Miharu's as if evaluating them.


saying something while pointing at Miharu, The man with nice outfit was jerking his chin.

Pointing toward one coach on that side.

Then he's pointing at Masato and Aki who's left and jerking his chin toward different coach.

「Miharu oneechan!」

Following the order of the man with nice outfit, the subordinate men pulled Aki and Masato arms to put them in the other coach.

Aki calling in confused tone to Miharu who's being placed in different coach.

「I'm okay. Kya ...... 」

When she's smiling lightly to Aki's, she's being pulled violently and just like that placed in the coach.

「W-Wait! Miharu oneechan! Kya! 」

Aki let out a scream.

A sharp sound of latched whip resounded near her place immediately.

When the whip striking so many times over as if to warn her, Aki finally shut her mouth.

「Uuh ........ 」

Aki trying to hise her body by curling her body.

The man grasping her trembling and and just like that placing her in the coach.

After that, on the branching of the highway, the group split into two Miharu is the only one that going toward different direction from Aki and Masato.

「Miharu oneechan ....... 」

Looking at the coach in which Miharu is separating from them, Aki murmuring in low voice.

And then.

「W-We're in dangerous situation. Aki neechan. If you're making ruckus ...... 」

Masato whispering to Aki as if worrying about their surrounding.

Aki's getting in the coach in which containing boys and girls around their age.

Though their eyes completely lost it's light, they're turning their line of sight toward Aki's as if threatening them.

It seems excessive action is saying their intention.

Since it can't be helped, Aki and Masato just sat obediently along with them.


Maybe to made it easier to keep a watch, they didn't put a roof over the coach, so they can easily monitored from inside.

The coach in which Miharu is already completely dissapeared, time passed a little after that.

Soon, one youth who seemingly not from the group approached Aki's coach.

The youth have well-ordered appearance with silver colored hair, his age maybe around the same generation as Miharu.

The youth is calling to the group of the men.

Looking at that youth -.

「S-Save us!」

Betting on the last hope, Aki shouting loudly.

Maybe that words won't be understood.

But, when she think that it might be her last chance, there's no way she won't shout.


Thereupon, The youth was looking at Aki, their line of sight met.

The youth eyes opened slightly, and staring at Aki and Masato as if petrified.

His line of sight immediately returned to the group of the men, and just like that the youth started to talk about something to that man.

Sometimes, pointing his line of sight toward Aki's direction.

Aki joining her hands together, looking at that state it's as if she's praying.


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