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Seirei Gensouki ~Konna Sekai De Deaeta Kimi Ni~ - Volume 2 - Chapter 52


Chapter 52 [Abnormal Event]

TL : Cnine

ED/PF : SenjiQ

Part 1

Rio was flying straight toward the western direction while pushing his way through the sparse white clouds.

Reflecting on the mountains, that extended to the horizon, was the clear blue sky that spreading to the ends of earth.

Though he was flying without any problems at considerable speed, he was not meeting any air resistance due to the wind barrier that covered his surroundings.

A prairie with scattered rocks spread below him, the river that started from a far away lake stretched further away and divided into many branches.

In the surrounding scenery, slowly moving behind as it transformed, he could see the living places of the human tribes in the Strahl region, if he strained his eyes.

It had been the sixth days since he left the Seirei no Tami village;the land that became his goal approached and it was soon to be that place.

He approached the land where he once left.

Rio held quite an indescribable feeling toward that fact.

Then he suddenly thought back about those days.

To be honest, he didn't have any good impressions regarding the Strahl region.

All of it, even before he regained the memories of his previous life, he never even experiencing pleasant experience even after he regained his memories.

When he thought about the two princess he saved after regaining his memories, he questioned the treatment as their benefactor.

After that he somehow cleared the misunderstanding, it came to him commuting to the institute.

As an orphan without any background, it went towards a favourable direction for Rio, who lacked in that world's culture.

But, as he became the target of the surrounding nobles' malice, he spend his everyday life with endless worry.

Though he could resist them thanks to them saying whatever they want, even if it wasn't affecting his heart, it didn't mean that the stress didn't accumulate.

In those days, if there was no sympathetic person called Seria, he might have been unable to bear that kind of feeling. [ED: person called best waifu][TL : Second to that]

Though it finally came to him being falsely accused, being put on the wanted list and forced to leave the kingdom.

There really were no decent memories, even if he easily recalled them.

In those days, he was powerless. [TL : And spineless] [ED: mostly just spineless]

Though he might have had true power, he who lacked authority and status was be separated by something like social position or status*. [TLC* : 純粋な力はあったかもしれないが、身分や立場といったしがらみを断ち切るだけの地位や権力は持っていなかった。]

Though he never really wanted that kind of life, and couldn't do anything but hold his resentment, it was a fact.

Speaking of it, in his heart Rio just disliked to speak nonsense.

And yet, having to go to that institute, since Rio, who was an orphan, lacked in common knowledge, was a very welcomed situation.

As compensation for that, it left him at his wit's end from the malice entered his daily life.

But, he already knew the cruelty of that world by then.

Even if he only obtained a foundation without caring about ties, like status or social position.

The him right at that time was different from in those days.


Rio breathed a little and then shifted his attention to the western sky.


The following day, in the Galwark kingdom's domain, which wasn't that far from the Bertram kingdom, one silver haired* boy was running between the gaps of the trees inside the forest, which was separated from the main road. [TL* : In WN his hair should be brown[fake] but following the change in LN, the WN later chapter change into Silver[fake too]]

His age was around 16 years old.

His entire body was draped in black robes, a one handed training sword, adorned with beautiful ornaments, which hang on his waist, sparkled as it reflected the sunlight.

The identity of that silver haired boy was Rio.

Currently, Rio had changing the colour of his hair with his hand-made magic tool.

By using spirit stone as the core of the device, he loaded powerful magics on it. Though it was possible to change his appearance, he didn't want to squander his precious spirit stone.

Therefore, the spirit stone stone was relatively not made use of, as it was used to make a magic tool by loading transformation magic and simply changing the hair colour

When it was put on as a necklace, it sucked Rio's magical power to keep changing Rio's hair color to silver.

Without hesitating one bit in his steps, he advanced toward Almond, the nearest city.

As soon as he left the forest, Almond appeared in his view.

Looking at that scene from far distance, it was very different from the city in Rio's memories, from a few years prior.

From the scale of the city, the number of humans who lived inside it might have been several times when he came to that place for the first time.

That city became bigger.

It seems that during the several years since Rio left this city, it achieved considerably advancement.

Though when he reached the area near the circumference of the city, there was none of the peculiar stinky, acidic-like smell of the city.

(Maybe they put effort into the hygiene management of the outer parts)

If the one who governed Almond was the duke daughter called Liselotte.

If it was her, I could understand the rapid growth of the city, especially with the attention she put on hygiene management.

That what he thought.

Because it didn't have rampart, it's circumferences was only surrounded with fences and he could enter via the west and east gates without any inspection.

Despite that, there was no sign of bad public order.

The main road was paved ground and the building arrangements were also planned, even inside of the city.

As he entered the city from the west gate, the inn that he stopped for one night as a relay station was still in there.

He didn't see any change in the inn's outward appearance.

But, Rio continued forward without minding more than that.

Soon he arrived at the commercial block.

Same as when he came there before, the city was a popular trading site.

The commercial block was overflowing with energy, the food stalls that were open at the arrival point called for their customers.

Rio looked at the surroundings for the meat and noodle soup that he really missed since he came to that place before.

Thereupon, that store was the food stall that sold the noodles.

He didn't know whether the store at that time still running their stall, even if that stall still running, he didn't know which stall it is and who's the one that managing it.

Recalling his memory, Rio was stopping at the appropriate stall.

「Ojii-san. One large serving of meat and noodle with soup please」

「Ou. It'll take a bit long to boil it, is it okay with you? 」

「Yeah, I don't mind」

After receving the order, the shopkeeper starting to boil the pasta.

Rio reason for visiting this city was simply for information gathering before entering the Bertram kingdom.

Since he want to gather information while placing the order, it was more convenient for Rio if it was taking more times.

「I'm thinking of going to Bertram kingdom after this but, is there any change in there lately?」

The best way for gathering information like this was by asking the stall shopkeeper.

Shopkeeper is the connoiseur of information who will easily open his mouth if you buy his commodity.

「Dear customer, Areyou a traveler? It seems Bertram kingdom is currently facing many difficulties. My advice for you is, it's better to stay for a while till the situation calmed down」

「What was happened?」

「About that. A coup d'etat has occured」

The man said that with fed up tone.

Almond was a city that become trading point with Bertram kingdom.

It seems that The rise of troublesome matter with their neighbours is not very undesirable event.

Part 2

「...... A coup d'etat」

The topic wasn't a mild one.

Rio heart was slightly stirred.

「Ou, it seems that the Proxia empire just launching a military agression few days ago. It seems that Bertram kingdom is receiving enormous damage due to the unexpected coup d'etat. But even I don't know about the detailed situation」

Thus, the male shopkeeper began to tell the situation to Rio.

「Thoughtlessly rebelling right after military agression huh」

Rio replying with shocked tone.

「Right. There's many rumour saying the the ringleader of the coup is working behind the scene with Proxia kingdom. In reality, the movement of Proxia empire after their military agression is rather meek」

「It's extremely suspicious right. So, any victims during the coup? 」

「For some reason there's no damage amongst the civilians thanks to extremely quick action. But, I heard that part of the imprisoned noble was executed」

「Noble ...... 」

Rio muttering with gloomy expression floating on his face.

Rio has some bussiness with Seria, the noble of Bertram kingdom.

But it's alright if Seria isn't mixed in the execution list.

Is what he thought.

Even after that, Rio easily getting information and rumour from the shopkeeper.

Looking at the current situation, the seed of the coup can be said already exist when the previous king died. [TL : Flora and Christina grandfather]

Though duke Albo has showed tremendous influence after the death of the previous king, he lost his power after the princess kidnapping event that happened ten years ago.

At that time duke Euguno who's secretly consolidating his power for that time to gain long standing hegemony in the royal palace after that event *. [TLC*: それを機に雌伏の時を経て力を蓄えていたユグノー公爵がのし上がり、以降、長きにわたって王宮内の覇権を得るために政争が繰り広げられることになった。] ,

Especially in this several years in which many violent strife unfolding, thus it falling into quagmire because of the rumour that spreading in the street*. [TLC* : 特にここ数年は激しい争いが繰り広げられていたようで、こうして隣国の市井で噂になる程に泥沼に陥っていたようである。]

「I see. Thank you very much」

「It's nothing, if it's this much information a shopkeeper in this city will instantly know about this. Here, the meat and noodle with soup is done. Thank you for waiting」

「Thank you」

The shopkeeper then filling the soup into the container which containing boiled pasta, and then adding large quantity of meat on top of that.

After he received the container that containing meat and noodle with soup, Rio sat on the space inshoku space that was being provided by the stall. [TL* : 飲食スペース, you know it's the space for eating in the stall]

He then silently eating the pasta by using fork.

Rio didn't particularly care even if Bertram kingdom falling into ruin.

But, he couldn't help but being anxious about a girl safety.

As expected, it weems he won't know about the safety of the girl who's only one of the noble in that country.

He want to ask for a bit more information but, he didn't think thathe can get more in for mation than what he already have in this place.

When thinking about the time he wasting in, he need to leave this city immediately.

Thus Rio decided to leave Almond immediately.

Just when he want to leave, he's performing a checkon the document of wanted list including the old ones.

But, it seems there's no fugitive warrant for Rio.


Around 10 minutes after he leave Almond.

「!!!!! ? 」

Red, blue, green, brown, yellow, and white coloured pillar of light was piercing the heaven of Strahl region.

The torrent of mana and Odo in that pillar of light causing the atmosphere to vibrating.

The pillar of light that was rising on the direction that leading to four direction, when he's staring dumbfoundedly at that scene - .


Suddenly, Rio eyes opened wide in amazement.

The light pillar isn't reflected in his eyes.

His body become warm as if there's a fire being lit in his body.

Though it just for a moment, he certainly felt that there's some warmth.

When he returned to his sense, he made an astonished face as he touched his own chest with his hand.

「Who ......?」

For some reason, Rio accuracy in the perception of Mana and odo was raising exponentially.

He have this feeling that the current him can freely using more varied spirit arts than what he use up till now. [TL : you're not up till now?]

Maybe because of that he could feel that something is sleeping in him. [TL : a babe[naked]I hope]

It's still sleeping.

But, it won't be strange even if it's awakened not long after this.

Is what he felt.

Soon, Rio was looking at his surrounding.

The pillar of light is still rising.

Though the change in himself is also important, he's worrying whether something just happens in Strahl region.

He change his train of thought by shaking his head a little and then sharpening the odo inside of himself to feel his surrounding.

「Is that space and time magic ........ ? Moreover, though there's no pillar of light, even from that direction ......」

Rio sharpened sense detected another gigantic torrent of odo and mana in the different direction from the pillar of light.

To the little southwest direction, a little close to the neighborhood of Saint Stellar kingdom in the southern of Galwark kingdom.

Since he couldn't see it, though he couldn't make sure whether it's from invoking spirit arts or magic, he can sense the peculiar distortion of time and space magic from the vibration of mana and odo.

He sure that large scale magic just deployed when he sensing it from that direction.

Even further south of that point, one pillar of light rising from the innermost of point of Saint Stellar kingdom.

Though in the separated place in the west side of Bertram kingdom, two pillar of light rising in which one of them is closer to the Galwark kingdom side.

And, one pillar of light also rising from the innermost of the Galwark kingdom.

In short, four of the pillar of light is close by, moreover it's causing gigantic chaos of mana and odo in it's vicinity for unknown reason.

Pair pillar of light that rising within Bertram kingdom is seemingly the one that producing the unknown chaos of the mana and odo.

Either one will take one hour of him by flying from his current place.

Though he want to go to Bertram kingdom as possible, what just happened now made him extremely worried.

Though this event have nothing to do with him, somehow an unknown anxiety raising within himself.

Wondering what was this sense of anxiety.

The pillar of light is just that much standing out.

The human might instantly gathering in that place.

(In that case, let's go to the place where there's no rising pillar of light)

After deciding that and further stimulating by his anxiety, RIo going toward southeast direction.


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