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Seirei Gensouki ~Konna Sekai De Deaeta Kimi Ni~ - Volume 2 - Chapter 50


Chapter 50 [Certain Hero Advent]

TL : Cnine

ED : SenjiQ

PF : Jake1456

Part 1

On the day the six pillars of light pierced the heavens of the Strahl region, a brigade of around 7000 personnel were marching toward the Galwark kingdom by using the highway in the Bertram kingdom's territory.

One pillar of light rose toward the heaven in one corner of that group.

The 2nd princess of the Bertram kingdom, Flora Bertram, was standing in front of it with a dumbfounded expression.

The entire troop were also surprised with the sudden appearance of the pillar of light, and looking at it with a dumbfounded expression. [ED: Comment below;who thinks one of the summoned heroes will be Rio's childhood friend?][TL :Not me]

The pillar of light rose from the brave stone that was in Flora's custody;it suddenly moved on its own to an empty space in the vicinity and then suddenly released a beam of light that pierced the heavens.

「Eh, Wha, What is this? What kind of place is this? 」

When the light of the pillar ceased, in the middle of that place, one black haired youth appeared in the place of the holy stone.

It seemed he was also bewildered and unable to understand the situation, and looked restlessly toward his surroundings.

His appearance was ordinary, it seemed he was not especially trained either, or it might have been because he had a bit of a baby face;his age was hard to judge with just a glimpse.


Looking at that black hair, Flora recalled the existence of one boy. [TL : His name starting with ’’R’’ and ended with ’’O’’]

The boy with well ordered features, black hair, and yellow-brown coloured pupils.

That boy who had abnormal calmness for looking far into the future, along with his polite way of speaking, that was not something she expected of a slum kid.

The moment Flora recalled him, she somehow looked sad.

But, the boy who was standing before her wasn't that black haired boy.

Flora shut her eyes, took a small breath, and shook her head a little.

「This is .......... No way, the legendary ......... Hero ?」

Meanwhile, Duke Euguno, who was standing beside Flora, muttered with a dumbfounded face.

For the masses, the hero was nothing more than a simple a fairy tale.

The detailed knowledge of history, royalty, and that legend, were transmitted in the circle of nobles behind the scenes.

Duke Euguno who was also aware of that legend was surely thinking about the events that happened, along with that legend.

The subject was about the one that appeared in the place of the holy stones, the so called Hero.

「H-Hero ....... sama?」

The guard that was standing next to Flora asking with a dumbfounded tone.

Flora too knew about that legend from her father.

A man would appear instead of the vanishing holy stone.

Wasn't the event that happened before her surely the event passed down in the legend.

With that kind of thinking, Flora broke the ice, as if being resolute in something.

「U-Uhm, could it be that ......... you're the hero-sama ?」

Hearing that question, that youth looked at Flora's face with a blank expression.

「Hero? What do you mean? 」

Though that youth was staring with a dumbfounded expression, it seemed he grasped something when he looked at his surroundings.

「Aah, can you give me an explanation first ? 」

The youth asked while looking at the people in his surroundings, that were looking at him.

After a brief silence that descended in that place, the nobles that were surrounding Flora, like her bodyguards, suddenly came back to their senses and frowned.

「How can you say such impolite words toward her highness Flora ....... 」

One of that nobles, Alphonse Rodan, muttered in a tiny voice.

「Hero? Really? 」

Stead Euguno, who was standing by his side, also muttered those words while looking at that youth, as if feeling it was unbelievable.

「Let me explain it slowly. My name is Flora Bertram, the 2nd princess of the Bertram kingdom」

When the surroundings started to calm down from the shock of that sudden event, with the surrounding nobles starting to whisper in low voices, Flora started by introducing herself.

「A princess? It's just beyond a template with such well used Japanese language, right?」

Flora was trembling due to the way he spoke, which had hint of shock.

「Uhhm, may I hear hero-sama's name?」

「Hero, you say ....... I'm Sakata Hiroaki」

To Flora, who timidly asked for his name, the youth spoke his name without being flustered.

「Sakata Hiroaki, right」

「Yeah, and just in case, Sakata is my family name, and Hiroaki is my given name. My age is 19 years old」

「You have a family name, could it be that Hiroaki-sama is a noble?」

In the first place, though it was still unknown whether he was a human, Hiroaki, when seen from an outsider's perspective, couldn't be seen as anything other than human.

「Having a family name also means you're a noble;that's so template, right. In Jap ....... In the place I lived, everyone has a family name」

「There really is a kingdom like that?」

Flora muttered as if admiring Hiroaki's explanation.

After the first exchange, she felt relieved, as it seemed he was not an evil person. [ED: Something that can easily be judged from an introduction. I hear courts even use introductions as a means of determining guilt.]


When she looked at his face, with a tender smile on her face, Hiroaki blushed, as if being charmed by Flora's appearance.

He didn't have the guts to stare continuously at her, so he looked around restlessly and was unable to decide whether to look at Flora's face.

「Uhhmm. Anyway, may I ask whether you have ever heard the name of countries like China, America, Japan, German, or Great Brittain? 」

'I should regain my pace', after considering that, Hiroaki asked that question.

「Uhm ............. Unfortunately not」

After seriously pondering, she really didn't understand Hiroaki's question, as Flora had never heard the names of those countries.

「As I thought. Then, why did you summon me in this place?」

There was no need to change his tone, even if he knew Flora was a princess, at that late hour, Hiroaki threw questions in succession to confirm his current situation.

「Ah, No, I'm not the one who summoned you, the holy stone ........ It is, the Brave Stone, who summoned hero-sama」

Part 2

「Holy stone? Brave stone? What the heck is that? 」

At the start of that inquiry, Flora explained a summary of the heroes and the six wise gods to Hiroaki.

「That's all. Is there anything else you still wish to know? 」

Flora asking Hiroaki after she finished with her explanation to Hiroaki.

「Well, it's too much of a template so I could easily understand. But, can I ask one more question? Is it fine? 」

「Yes, what do you wish to ask? 」

Though Flora was pondering the meaning of the ’’Template*’’ word that Hiroaki kept saying since some times ago, she straightening her posture to that question. [TL* : You know, summoned to different world, become a hero, defeating the demon king, bringing peace to the world, blablablablabla]

「Is there a way for me to return to my original place[world]?

「EH? A way to return? Uhm, that's ........ 」

Flora was speechless at that unexpected question.

To her, a hero was a saviour-like being, sent by the six wise gods to save the human race.

She never thought something like ’’Where did they come from?’’, she never thought anything but the fact that they were coming from some place as vague as a god.

In the first place, maybe that person didn't come to save them.

Flora was bewildered.

「Uhm, in the first place, where is the direction of the place that hero-sama came from? 」

「I came from a country called Japan in a world called earth」

「That was the name of the place from where the six wise gods came to this place from, right? 」

「A~h, it seems our conversation isn't connected very well, I've never heard of those so called six wise gods, much less seeing them」

「That ........ 」

Flora's bewilderment kept getting stronger.

Is Hiroaki really a hero?.

No, since he appeared instead of the holy stone, he was undoubtedly a hero.


Flora was averting her line of sight as she was unable to look at Hiroaki's eyes that were staring at her.

For Hiroaki that was all the answer he needed.

「Oioi, there's no way you summoned me if there no way to return ?」

When he said that, as if sneering at her, as Flora decided to give the same answer as before, Hiroaki went ahead with the talk.

「Isn't this just a kidnapping? Though I don't know what kind of penalty would be given with this world's law, it's still a criminal act, right? 」

For some reason his tone was getting more lively.

Though that was the first time he raised dissatisfaction regarding his condition, his face, which was if saying that the situation was becoming more interesting, couldn't help but form a grin.

「Ah, U~hm .......... 」

Flora could only be fluttered, maybe her gentle nature wasn't suited for that kind of negotiation.

It was not like Flora understood it either.

The holy stone just summoned Hiroaki at its own convenience, so it was an extreme mistake of fact to call it an abduction.

Since Hiroaki had just suddenly appeared in front of them.

「Yare yare, this one is also being troubled by it, you know」

When the teasing escalated, Hiroaki's stomach turned sour.

When he showed a smile, as if being satisfied with the teasing -.

「You bastard, aren't you acting too impolite since some time ago? Beside, are you really a hero!? 」

Stead, who was unable to bear Hiroaki's attitude any longer, butted in.

「Oioi, I was just absurdly abducted and summoned to this place, you know? I never even once gave my consent to become that hero. Listen, I'M DA VICTIM. Isn't that already clear to you? 」

He sighing a little toward that Stead, and then emphasised the fact that HE WAS A VICTIM.


To that attitude, Stead glared at Hiroaki, without hiding his scowling expression.

Even the surrounding nobles didn't have a favourable impression toward Hiroaki.

The atmosphere in the surrounding become tense.

「Flora-sama, will you let this humble me say few a words?」

And then, Duke Euguno, who silently looked at Hiroaki, as if judging him up until then, finally spoke.

Suddenly, the line of sight of the surrounding people, including Hiroaki, turned towards duke Euguno, who had just spoken.

「Yes. What it is? 」

The tense atmosphere slightly relaxed, as Flora asked duke Euguno.

「I suspect that there is a very high probability that this place will be found by the pursuit troops that were send by duke Albot, due to the light from some time ago. Let's continue the talk just now in the coach, we should quickly move our troops」

Duke Euguno said that with a calm tone.

「Understood. We'll depart at once. My apologies hero-sama, we're running out of time, right now. Will you go with us for the time being? 」

Flora asked Hiroaki, as if she was somehow in a hurry.

「Hnn, oh whatever. There's also something else I wish to hear」

Hiroaki gave an instant reply, without wasting any time.

Even if they were suddenly leaving that place for the time being, Hiroaki didn't have anywhere to go, and was suffering from fatal lack of information.

He didn't have any choice to not follow them.

Nevertheless, he quit with the provocative attitude that he showed so far, since it would become a disadvantage and absolutely impossible to leave by himself*. [TLC* : にもかかわらず、これまで挑発的な態度に出ていたのは、自分のことを絶対に置いていくはずがないと高を括っていたからである。]

It was his intention to see how the other side responded to his provocation.

Following Flora as it was, Hiroaki was got on a coach along with duke Euguno.

「Roana-kun, please get on with us too」

「Yes. Acknowledged」

Being called by duke Euguno, the nearby Roana, who's the daughter of duke Fontine, also got on the coach.

And then, inside the high quality coach [based on that world], gathered the four, consisting of Flora, Hiroaki, duke Euguno, and Roana.

Part 3

Inside the coach was spacious, there was still room to spare, even with the four of them.

But, it was a difficult ride for Hiroaki, as he wore a bored expression while keeping down his hips.

「Currently, there's a coup d'etat in our kingdom」

After everyone was done with simple introductions, duke Euguno explained the truth to Hiroaki on Flora's order.

Just few days prior, a coup d'etat occurred in the Bertram kingdom.

The ringleader was Helmut Albo, a man who was the previous leader of imperial guard knights, that was beaten in political strife by duke Euguno eight years prior. [TL : please read ACT 1:Rev. for more information]

The start of that was the large scale invasion of a hostile country, the Proxia empire, and the Bertram kingdom receiving a great deal of damage while losing the kingdom's important base.

The subordinates of military faction and nobles, along with duke Albo, persisted on hard lines to oppose the Proxia empire.

They completely denounced Phillip III, who was backed by duke Euguno as the head of the moderate faction.

Though duke Euguno and Phillip III were going to rein in the die hard dissatisfaction with negotiation, Helmut made the arrangements, behind the scene, to raise those dissatisfactions with military force.

At that time, the nobles of duke Euguno's faction left their noble close aides who couldn't leave their duties, most of them surrendered to Helmut.

To capture the nobles who managed the moderate faction, Helmut used overbearing force to purge them.

Though Helmut lost his influence in the imperial guard's chivalric order, due to being overthrown by duke Euguno. As for his military force, he successfully gained an unshakeable position, after long months and years, by using his son as his puppet.

The main nobles of the moderate faction were imprisoned, leaving one part of it and duke Euguno. Amongst them was duke Fontine, Roana's father.

To sum it, duke Albo, who used force by called it a purge, was also using house arrest on royalty by using misgovernment as his reason.

As a result, King Phillip III, Queen Beatrix, and the 1st princess Christina were under house arrest in the royal capital.

Duke Eugune, who quickly sensed the purging of the head nobles of the moderate faction, formed a restoration army to protect himself.

He successfully rescued 2nd princess Flora, who went to the same academy as Stead, duke Euguno decided to becoming a backing leader for her and seek an asylum in the Galwark kingdom.

Though Flora never thought that she had the power to make people gather around her, due to the persuasion of duke Euguno, the nobles, and the vessels who approved of her, she decided to take a stand for her kingdom.

「H~n, are you and princess Flora in some kind of earth-shattering difficult situation then?」

Hearing duke Euguno's explanation, Hiroaki, who didn't wear the garments of that era, remarked about Flora and her faction, that was right on the mark.

It was true, the fact that Flora and her faction were being driven to fight with wall behind them was as clear as day.

With King Phillip III being held captive, it was as if they were saying that the rebel was duke Euguno*. [TL*: Rio karma]

Moreover, gaining victory by going from the front was almost impossible, as, just going by the number of soldiers, the opposite side had more than 20 times of war potential due to openly recruiting to the limit, while their side was unable to increase their number to more than the ones they already had.

Wishing for a chance for reversal, duke Euguno was taking an exile towards the Galwark kingdom but, it couldn't be helped that they were in a very tight situation, even with that.

「No, that's not it, we've a chance for reversal since we have hero-sama, Hiroaki-sama ! 」

Flora denied their dire situation by saying that.

Hiroaki, who was being summoned by the holy stone, came to that place[world] as the legendary hero.

Though the credibility regarding the tales surrounding the holy stone was unknown in the first place, the value of holy stone itself was incredible as a symbol to demonstrate ’’Power’’.

The legitimate power should be more credible with Flora alone, who was royalty, so duke Euguno, with his obstinacy, forcefully took out one of the two holy stones being owned by the kingdom*. [TLC* : 王族であるフローラの身柄と併せることでその権威の正当性はより確たるものとして扱われることから、ユグノー公爵は王国が二つ有していた聖石のうちの一つを意地で持ち出していた。]

And now, the holy stone vanished after summoned Hiroaki. If Hiroaki really was a hero, he had a greater value than even the holy stone, as it was nothing more than a tool to show authority.

If Hiroaki had the same battle skills as the legendary hero in the legends, the restoration would gain great power, war potential, and authority

「Hiroaki-sama, please lend your hand to us!」

Flora was bowing, as if to say that Hiroaki was their last hope.

Even duke Euguno and Roana, who were silently listening to the talk from the side, were bowing to him.

「I said some time ago that I'm just a victim, being forcefully summoned to this place. I don't know what that hero things is. Nor do I have some kind of reason to put my life on the line in a battle. Moreover, I don't think the current me has that kind of battle power」

Hiroaki was insistent with his opinion, without feeling embarrassed towards their appeal.

Flora's expression turned into that of despair, Roana's expression turned sour.

Only duke Euguno looked at Hiroaki with face devoid of expression.

「Hero-sama, the legend tells that the hero possessed an armament called divine raiment and vast amounts of magical power*. With that tremendous power, you could mow down the demon troops with only one swing of your sword. And then, if Hiroaki-sama is a hero, you should have the same kind of power」 [TL* : There's a difference when Rio and Seirei no tami referencing magical power with when another person[Ex: Seria] referencing magical power. in Rio case they use Odo[internal mana] for magical power]

Duke Euguno explained about the hero's power bestowed to Hiroaki with kind smile on his face.

「divine raiment, huh. Though I at least didn't anything like that with me, right, assuming that I do have that, I don't have any reason to fight for you. That complicated internal strife is your trouble, right? So I refuse」[TL : GJ, Hiroaki] [ED: Refusing is the right call, but I still think he's a douche] [PF: better than some other heroes][TL : The Hero called ’’Empress’’ is waay better than Hiroaki or the other heroes]

Hiroaki firmly rejected while plainly looking at duke Euguno with vigilant look.

「P ............ Please save us! Because you're not only our hero!」

「Please, I also wish for you to save us. We need Hiroaki-sama's power! 」

While saying that, Flora and Roana's faces basically made a desperate plea.

Hiroaki smiled wryly, as if being troubled by those two girls.

「Well, even if that's true, the lot of you are going to put me in a war, right? 」

Hiroaki said those words with somehow a disdained tone.

「I must kill humans if I'm going to war. Murder is a serious crime in my country. Even if that person is innocent, or whatever his circumstances are, someone who has already killed a human has to bare the stigma of murderer」[TL : If you're not killing human in war, what are you killing? Horses?] [ED: Well in that world there's demons and Seirei no Tami, right?]

As Hiroaki kept talking, his eyes were looking at Roana and Flora with disdained eyes.

「Regarding the matter that I heard from you just before, the so called hero is an existence that exist for the sake of defeating demons, right. It's an entirely different matter if it's about defeating of demons or demon king, isn't it already strange if I use my power to kill humans? 」

Hiroaki was resentful and speaking only at critical moments.

「I have no intentions of killing humans! Or rather, I have no intention of saving you guys by putting myself in a danger by killing people!」

It was clearly said by Hiroaki.

A long silence descended in the coach.

「Ahahaha, as expected of Hero-sama. Such splendid motive」

And then, duke Euguno said those words with somehow bitter expression.

Hiroaki twitched and looked cautiously at duke Euguno.

「I agree with hero-sama. Even we want to avoid the case in which a battlefield turns into a dire situation. So naturally we won't push such an individual into such a situation.」

Duke Euguno said those words and took a breath in silence.

Part 4

「But, as it is a dire struggle in necessity. Duke Albo has been colluding with the kingdom enemy behind the scenes, in addition he'll be handling the humans with many crimes with shallow requests *. We can't leave that guy at his own devices」[TLC* : アルボー公爵は背後で敵国と内通している節があり、加えて多くの罪なき人間を浅はかな主張で手にかけている。]

Duke Euguno was engulfed by the imposing aura of someone with a long military service, Hiroaki's eyes opened wide when he heard that.

「Princess Flora's family is also under house arrest in the royal capital, and I'm not sure about Roana-kun's family's safety in their imprisonment」

After Taking a deep breath, duke Euguno looked at the horizon outside of the window that was starting to get dark.

「Duke Albo is an atrocious and sly man. Our power is already far behind him, if it goes on like this, awaiting us is the future of being labelled as rebels」 [TL : You're one to talk]

Duke Euguno went on with his story, as if trying to shake Hiroaki's argument.

「I want to protect her from his devilish hands」

While saying that, duke Euguno looked at Flora and Roana with expression of a father that was trying to protect his children. [TL : Be careful Hiroaki-kun, it's a trap]

「But I'm powerless. Though I have wisdom with due to my age, I don't have the power to use it」

Duke Euguno said that while sighing with a bitter expression.

「That's not true, duke Euguno has already done his best!」

「That's right! If not for duke Euguno, I don't even know what will happen to me ri............ 」

Flora and Roana looked hurriedly, saying that to duke Euguno with timid faces.

The two of them had a debt of gratitude after being saved by duke Euguno.

Though what they said made duke Euguno gain more merit, they failed to notice that point in that moment.

No, even if they noticing that, they would ignore it, since they had a debt of gratitude to duke Euguno.

「Certainly, Roana-kun might be sold to a noble with strange tastes .......... 」 [TL : Eh, aren't you one of them?]

Hiroaki's face grimaced, as those words were strangely vivid in his mind.

He unintentionally imagined that cute girl becoming the plaything of an unknown sleazy-bag who knew where;it really pissed him off.

In that moment, Hiroaki was feeling a faint anger towards duke Albo, who wasn't in that place right then.

「Even I'm aware that it is wrong to repeatedly ask the hero-dono, who doesn't have any relation to us. Though I feel ashamed by asking you to help us. Please, will you save us? 」

Duke Euguno bowed his head and looked sad as he said that.

「War isn't the only way to kill someone. Hero-sama can't fight for yourself. If hero-sama joined us, we could decrease the number of the victims in the future! 」

His passionate tone was as if fully loaded with trust towards Hiroaki.

At that time, something that resided in Hiroaki's heart as a man, was greatly shaken.

「Please let me think for a while ....... Though I understand your situation, I can't and have yet to prepare myself」

Hiroaki answered with strongly clenched fists and a furrowed eyebrows.


「Father! I still can't believe that that man is really a hero! 」

That night, inside the tent that was set up for duke Euguno, Stead asked as if he resented Hiroaki.

Now there was no need to fear that someone would hear their conversation, as Hiroaki was having a dinner with Flora and Roana.

「That man is a hero. There's no doubt about it」

Even after he was summoned and got on the coach, a collective of complaints were gathered toward Hiroaki, centring around the young nobles.

Because many of them were the members of an organisation who called themselves Flora's bodyguard.

With Stead as the head, and followed by Alphonse.

「How can you be sure about it!? 」

「Because that man appeared instead of the vanished holy stone. That is all the the evidence we need right ............ 」

Duke Euguno indirectly said [You didn't even know something as simple as that].

Losing to that force, Stead at first felt lifeless, then flinched.

「Beside, we measured the amount of magical power that man has with the new type measurement stone that was developed by that Seria Claire that you love so much. The result is impossible to measure. Our magical power can't even be compared with his」[TL : Seria is mine, or Rio's] [ED: Not Rio's;see usual letter complaint.] [TL : Ah you're right]

And duke Euguno spoke with an unusually merry tone.


According to that Seria Claire's addition declaration, the new type of measurement stone wouldn't reveal ’’Impossible to measure’’ unless 100 royal court magician touched it at the same time.

Though the old model of measurement stone couldn't do anything but measure the minimum amount of magical power, which is the necessary requirement level to use magic, the new model of measurement stone that was invented by Seria, with the respect and affection of Stead, could roughly measuring and estimate an amount of the magical power. [TL : Not clear how I should wording this one]

Stead was surprised because he blindly believed that the masterpiece of that girl would never malfunction.

「Though he's unusually not timid and is clever, in the end he is still too young. I could roughly grasp his personality with that conversation. It's not a problem either」

Stead gasped in awe as he was overwhelmed by his father's statements, as if he could see through everything.

「You must keep a watch so the young nobles of your generation don't let their dissatisfaction out on their faces」

Duke Euguno added those words when he found that Stead didn't say anything any more.

「Understood .......... 」

After replying with his head facing down, Stead stood up and left the tent.

When he was looking at that back, that was behaving like spoiled child, duke Euguno summoned his close aide.

「Do you have some orders for me?」

A man who appeared right away asked in polite manner.

「Look for a woman who's devoted to art of lovemaking, and start by indirectly inciting that hero. Do it indirectly to the end. If it's impossible with words, we'll do it with that woman」

Duke Euguno gave the instructions to that man with sneer on his face.

In his opinion, a woman's body could also called a weapon.

He could manipulate most men with only that.

Sometime ago, Hiroaki was stealing glances many times toward the beautiful Roana and Flora.

Though the person himself wasn't conscious of it, when looking from the side, he knew that looking at them so many times was unnatural.

Part 5

Even though he was putting on a monkey show, his line of sight betrayed him.

Though that kind of ideal was foolish in the relations between men and women, the type that immediately bit into a meal serve before them was simply easier to lead*. [TLC* : ああいう手合いは男女の関係に自分勝手で愚かな理想を抱いているが、場を演出してやれば割と簡単に据え膳に食いつくタイプだ。]

Or setting up a woman to have a bodily relationship with, if he didn't have the courage to make the first move.

That was duke Euguno's analysis.

「Is it really okay? Is there a woman with suitable social position, counting that the other side is a hero ? 」

That man precisely judging the woman needed by duke Euguno with those words, when his vassal asked with calm tone, he listed the candidates from his memory.

His job was checking the operation.

He revised his plan with suggestions and contradicting opinions, toward the most appropriate one. [TL : It's something like comparing who's the best models or idols]

Especially the ones who didn't have any kind of resistance to the seduction to the hero.

「There's no need to suddenly present the best quality product. I need them to do a different role. Right now the first candidate to become our pawn is, HER」

The one with a balancing social position to a hero is royalty, or at the minimum is high ranking noble, and a person who was currently with restoration troops who could become a candidate was Flora, and after that was nothing but several nobles' daughters.

But, the girls who were born from privileged class weren't skilfully in bed, it was only natural since they were virgin;they fell short of the se*ual techniques of the women who received special training for that.

There was considerable availability to make use of that kind of woman[experienced] for another use.

There was no need for them to specially come and warm the hero's bedding.

Moreover, he had some suitable candidates in case they commenced the plan to use a woman's seduction power.

That point was the problem, whether it was suited or not.

「With pleasure」

Thereupon, giving a respectful bow, the man stood up and left the tent.

「Fuhn, the rebels will surely realise this. The problem of Albo will ....... 」

After being left alone, duke Euguno spat his provocation

For him, Hiroaki was surely an unexpected fortune.

In that case, he had some chance to become a victor.

But, he couldn't be impatient.

Duke Euguno was steadily kneading the future plan inside his head.


The next day, the air around Hiroaki had changed compared to the previous day.

He was smiling with a somehow masculine face that was brimming with self-confidence.

「Well, I feel that somehow the revolutionary troops are moving this way ――」

Hiroaki was talking with proud tone while looking at the map that was spread inside the coach.

「If I was that duke Albo, I wouldn't stop the pursuit till it reach this point. The advantage of number have no effect in ravine. Because they need to keep their vigilance in case they receive a harsh counter attack that's waiting for them 」

And then gave reassurance, full of confidence.

「Wonderful. As expected of the hero. To have such wisdom. Having come to even sharing his insight in strategy ...... 」

Duke Euguno was praising Hiroaki, as if flattering him.

Even though he was smiling on the surface, his eyes didn't smile at all.

Hiroaki was delighted with that, as he originally didn't have deep insight, and didn't have enough experience in life to notice those subtleties.

「That really reliable. was Hiroaki-sama studying strategy? 」

Even Roana praised him while asking that question.

「No, I was just an otaku or should I say, A GAMER. I just know many things since I completely experienced it. If there's something that I want to know, I just had to look for it on the internet」[TL : -.......-]

Maybe due to the self-confidence in his own knowledge, Hiroaki's humble attitude wasn't bad at all.

Though Roana didn't know the meaning of words like game, Otaku, or internet, she judged that Hiroaki was a diligent student. [TL : in ACT 1, Roana was the class rep]

「Uhm, Hiroaki-sama. Are you accepting to help us by giving advice like this? 」

Flora asked while looking at Hiroaki with look of expectation.

His change in attitude in that way was an extremely good development for her.

「........ We need to act together for the time being. But, I'll leave once you made a mistake in your progress in the future」

And, Hiroaki replied with a firm tone.

Hiroaki didn't know.

By the time he decided to act together with them, he was carrying the lives of a considerable number of people on his shoulder.

For the hero, to stick along was nothing but sticking along, how much irresponsibility was that when a falling out happens midway*. [TLC*: 勇者として関わるだけ関わって、途中で一抜けたをすることがどれほど無責任なのかを。]

「We'll follow hero-sama beliefs」

Duke Euguno said that while bowing his head.

His mouth was chuckling.

「I will put my trust in your words. Best regards.」

Hiroaki addressed duke Euguno with a serious expression.

For Hiroaki, who had prejudice that all the nobles were the same rotten people, duke Euguno's courtesy was truly unexpected. [TL : No, you're right about your prejudice]

Moreover, Flora and Roana were just right in the middle of Hiroaki's type.

He thought that maybe not all of the nobles were rotten. [TL : the one with you are rotten for sure]

「Yes, I'm looking forward to working with you from now on, Hero-dono」

Smiling lightly, duke Euguno presented his hand to Hiroaki.

Hiroaki grasped that hand.

「Thank you very much, hero-sama! I swear that I won't lie about saving the people who follow me and the kingdom. I'm looking forward to working with you from now on」

Following that, Flora said her gratitude while grasping Hiroaki's hand.

Things might have turned out well in that way.

She could save the people and the nobles who were following after her.

When that vision come to her, Flora was smiling as she felt relieved.

「Ah. Fortunately my power as hero is great. As long as it isn't used in the wrong way, it can become a deterrence」

Hiroaki was waiting for the time to be ripe before saying that with fearless tone.

「Hero's power ?」

Flora asked with puzzled tone.

The eyebrows of duke Euguno, who was standing next to Hiroaki, twitched and he looked at Hiroaki with great interest.

「Yeah, this is my divine raiment**. Come, Yamata no orochi*! 」[TL* : It's name is really yamata no orochi in katakana, it's the name of eight headed-eight tailed serpent in japanese mythology] [TL : Can also translated as God Cloth[神装]]

Followed by a scream in his hand, a tachi* appeared in Hiroaki's hand. [Tachi(太刀) : Predecessor of Katana with around 60 cm length and deeper curve than katana as tachi is mean for used on horse back]


Share Novel Seirei Gensouki ~Konna Sekai De Deaeta Kimi Ni~ - Volume 2 - Chapter 50