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Seirei Gensouki ~Konna Sekai De Deaeta Kimi Ni~ - Volume 2 - Chapter 47


Chapter 47 For The Separation That Will Come One Day

Translator : Cnine

Editor/Proofreader : SenjiQ

Part 1

Winter ended, and spring came.

The establishment of the canal and waterwheel for drawing water was already completed;the water wheel poured water into the canal which went on towards the village, as much as needed.

Just like that, the scenery of the waterwheel drawing the water then pouring it to the canal, at first, made the villagers astonished.

But, they immediately got used to that convenience and it was an indispensable existence for their farm-work.

Along with the completion of soil reform, Rio was sowing the seeds for that year's harvest with several villagers.

「Rio~. I've scattered the seeds at my designated area~」

「Thank you very much. Then, could you please help the people who have yet to finish their designated area?」


Their conversation resounded around them, since they were separated by a little distance between each other.

After Rio revealed his relationship with Ruri, their relationship became more intimate than before.

Though she was already a sociable girl by nature, because Rio change the way he talked when he was with Ruri, it was as if they're becoming more intimate compared to before.

Though the other girls asked Ruri the reason for Rio's change in the way he spoke with Ruri, as if competing the others, she was unable to tell them the true reason and had no choice but to say an appropriate evasive reply.

After all, Ruri just said「Since we're living under the same roof, I just want you to please stop being so formal since it'll tire me out 」

Though pretty much that reason wasn't even without concern, more and more people were suspicious that their reason might have to do with a relationship between man and woman.

Due to the change in the relationship between those two, even most of the girls who were secretly aiming for Rio up till then were completely withdrawing from the competition.

(Those two, I wonder if they're dating ............... )

But, there was a girl who had yet to give up.

Her name was Sayo.

Though she was trying to help Rio, she was anxious when she noticed Rio and the others.

Though Sayo estimated that Ruri wasn't aiming at Rio, she might need to stop that kind of thought and reconsider their relationship, when seeing their intimacy.

Or not, she felt strong if she thought that way.

Though she didn't know what she had to say, somehow her chest feel gloomy when she looked at them chatting happily. [TL : YANDERE POTENTIAL FOUND! X 3]

The way Rio spoke to Ruri, showing an unsurpassable wall for the other village girls, it couldn't be helped that Sayo felt anxious due to that.

「Should I help you plant the seeds, Sayo-san?」

When she absent-mindedly thought like that about Rio, shortly after that, the real person addressed Sayo.

「E-AH, Rio-sama!S-Sorry! I just lost in my thought! 」

Rio who offered his assistance made Sayo return from her delusions.

When looking at their surroundings, the fact that Sayo's pace was the slowest one was very conspicuous.

When she noticing that, Sayo white sunburnt face flushed red.

「Please remember it properly. Since the one who'll teach everyone in the village this way of sowing the seeds is Sayo-san after I'm no longer in the village」

Rio said that to Sayo who was seemingly unable to properly remember the precise method.

「Eh ......?」

As if a thunderbolt struck out of nowhere in the middle of day, blood drained from Sayo's face.

「U-Uhm! Rio-sama! When will you leave this village? 」

The flustered Sayo asked Rio, who was already sowing the seeds.

Rio would leave the village.

Come to think of it, she suddenly remember hearing such things when Rio had just arrived in the village.

But, Sayo had completely forgotten the fact that Rio would leave the village.

「Yes. I'll leave this village around next autumn」

Rio answered from a place a little away from her.

Though that smile somehow felt lonely, she couldn't sense any hesitation in Rio's will to leave the village.

「Next ..........., Autumn .......... right. It's not that long」

Sayo said those words with a weak tone as Rio's strong will was transmitted to her.

「Is there something wrong ?」

Missing Sayo's answer just then, Rio asked her with a curios expression.

「Ah, it's nothing! There's nothing wrong! 」

As if being flustered, Sayo shook her head.

Most likely she suddenly became depressed.

But, there was no way she could cause trouble for Rio, more than already, so Sayo immersed herself with her own work.

Since she might start crying right away if she didn't do that.

「Thank you everyone! Thanks to all of you, I can finish the planned works by today. Please don't forget about the method of sowing the seeds that I told you today, and use it starting from next year」

After the works that day were done, and he taught most of what he should teach them, Rio declared that their work for the day was done.

While taking the opportunity, Rio also told the villagers that he would leave the village the next autumn.

Though he already said that the first time he came to the village, he intended to tell them about that once again, in that place, with the intention of motivating them to learn the knowledge.

None of the villagers now doubted Rio's knowledge, after his achievement with canal and waterwheel.

Rio's existence had already become completely natural to them;though the villagers were shocked, no one showed a loss of composure.

It was already the evening, the villagers were dispersing from that place.

「Rio! Thank you for the hard wo~rk. Shall we go home? 」

Rio and Ruri were going back to the house they were living in together, as if it was something natural for them.

Sayo's house was in the opposite direction.

She was unable to ask him to go home together as it would look unnatural.

It couldn't be helped that Sayo was envious of Ruri.

「Okey. Thanks for the hard work. I wonder, what do you want for today's dinner? 」

「Ah, then I want to eat Zousui* with leftover vegetables」 [TL* : Rice gruel containing vegetable, meat, fish, etc.......... seasoned with miso or soy sauce]

Sayo was looking at them chatting happily from behind with a dumbfounded expression.

She vaguely felt suspicious of their conversation, which was completely like a married couple.

Before long Sayo walked back towards her house with a dejected figure.

Seeing that strangely gloomy atmosphere, the villagers she met along the way were hestitant to greet her;all of them.


Part 2

When she arrived, her knees become limp;Sayo sat down in the entryway.

Just like that, she was crying, her tears gushed out like a broken dam.

「I'm ho......... O-Oi, Sayo !」

In that place, Shin, who just arrived, looked at her crying figure.

Though he called to her in a panic, Sayo didn't raise her face.

The villagers who happen to pass in front of the entryway recalled Sayo saying something strange in that state, and rushed in panic.

「What's the matter? Has something happened? 」

Sayo gave a weak reaction.

Shin desperately thought about the reason for her to become like that.

「Is it ........... him?」

Shin knew that there was only one person who could cause Sayo to become like that.

Though there might be another reason, he could think of only one person who could cause Sayo's emotions to change that far.

「Did that bastard Rio ............ do something?」

Sayo was looking at her important hairpin, that she got from Rio.

She talked happily about the gift she got from Rio, in the house.

After their parents' death, she was trying her best in front of him;looking at what had happened recently, her child-like smile had decreased.

That was why Shin was convinced that the one who made Sayo cry was Rio. [TL : You're the culprit[Conan style]]

「T-That's no ......... Rio-sama isn't at fault ......... 」

When Shin's voice, which was filled with anger, reached Sayo's ears, she quickly told him that.

But she couldn't voice her words very well, due to her crying.

After Shin looked at the state of his sister, it was only fuelled his anger even further.

「That bastard, as I thought, it's better if he never came to this village」

While saying that, Shin felt a strong sense of antipathy.

The livelihood of the village was obviously improving thanks to Rio's arrival.

If Rio hadn't came, Ruri might have experienced a cruel experience at Gon's hands.

Rio was that kind of existence in his heart.

But, when he looked at his little sister crying in front of him, he couldn't help but think that it would be better if he had never come to the village.

Because at least his little sister wouldn't cry.

「No, that's not it, Rio-sama said that he'll leave the village ......, and then .......」

Sayo explained that it's not Rio's fault.

But Shin probably would take it as Rio's fault, even if she explained it frankly to him.

「You're mistaken, this has nothing to do with Rio-sama ...... 」

When she noticed that it had the opposite effect to what she hoped for, Sayo corrected him by saying that Rio really didn't have anything to do with it.

But, it was already too late.

「That guy will, leave from the village ....... That's ....... 」

Shin then knew the reason why his sister was crying like that.

His expression was as if he was chewing a bitter bug.

The truth was, Shin also knew that Rio would leave the village sooner or later.

Though he completely forgot about that, as he became more familiar within the village lately;it was something that he knew since the first time Rio arrived in the village.

At first, Shin unable to come to like Rio, and yet, despite being just a temporary resident, the villagers carelessly accepted him;the last line was him getting intimate with Ruri.


Shin fell deeply into his own thoughts.

About what he should do.

About what he should do to stop Sayo from crying.

But, Shin was the one who knew the most that he wasn't someone who was suited for that kind of thing.

He was getting more irritated when thinking about it. The next moment, he ran from that place.

He decided to act on his instincts, rather than pondering about it.

「O-Oniichan! W-Wait! 」

Though he heard Sayo's voice, who was trying to hold him back from behind, Shin kept running with all his power and neglected her plea.

Just like that, soon he arrived at Yuba's house.

「Oi, Rio!」

Changing his expression, then opening the door of the house, he called Rio's name.

Rio, Yuba, and Ruri, who were in the middle of preparing for dinner in the hall, were astonished on seeing him like that.

「Do you have some business with Rio?」

Several seconds later, Yuba asked his business with a quizzical voice.

Though it was completely a rare occurrence for Shin to have some business with Rio, from the frantic look and his vigour, it was seemingly not a trivial matter.

Just what kind of business did he have with Rio.

「Please! Please don't leave this village! 」

After saying that, Shin prostrated before him.


The other three were speechless.

「I know that I'm being selfish by saying this! But, please hear what I'm saying without saying anything. Will you stay in the village, even after this! 」

Sayo was crying.

Shin keep pleading to Rio, saying the words that he couldn't say.

When Rio and the others were astounded without being able to say anything .

「O-Oniichan! S-Sorry! My brother has troubled you ....... 」

Sayo, who just came, gasped for breath in that place.

When the figure of Shin prostrating come into her eyes,she quickly called for him.

「See, onii-chan. You're causing trouble to them. See, right? 」

She then pulled Shin's body.

He cast a fleeting glance at his little sister, who was trying hard to put a smile on her face.

There were traces of tears in the corners of her eyes.

Though her lips slightly opened, Shin, who could feel her desperation, raised his powerless body.

「Y-Yeah ........... My bad」

Losing his previous vigour, Shin apologised with dumbfounded face.

Part 3

「I'm really sorry! I'll have a proper talk with my brother! 」

Sayo bowed her head deeply.

As if feeling uncomfortable by her actions, Shin also bowed together at her side.

It was just the usual habit of Shin, doing something without thinking of the consequences when he lost his cool.

He didn't know how many times he brought such troubles to Sayo.

Shin would feel really awkward after what he did.

「...... Understood. We didn't hear anything about what happened just now. Right, Rio? 」

Yuba knew very well regarding the crazy actions which were repeatable done by Shin.

She also understood what sort of reasons for whenever he does that kind of action.

Giving a sidelong glance at Ruri and Rio, who were still speechless at the actions of the pair of siblings, Yuba asked Rio while letting out a small sigh.

「Yes. I don't mind ............... 」

Dumbfoundedly looking at the pair of siblings, who were bowing to him, Rio agreed with Yuba, while somehow feeling that he should quickly flee from that place.

To be frank, Rio was also a little lost to what just happened before him.

It seemed the turning point was when he told the time he would leave to the villagers.

Moreover, the way Shin tried to restrain him from leaving the village dealt a huge shock to him.

If there was nothing between them, it might pose no problem to ask further.

Being unable to give him an answer when they were in that place, Rio was taken in by Yuba's proposal.

「Thank you very much! 」

After receiving their approval, Shin said his gratitude again. Just like that, Shin returned back to his house while being dragged by Sayo.

「By the way, should we have dinner first?」

Yuba said that while sighed deeply, looking at their retreating backs.

Along with Rio and Ruri, they timidly begin their dinner.

For some reason their dinner was enveloped by an awkward atmosphere, they didn't discuss anything regarding Shin's action.

「Rio, I'll ask something, will you lend your ears for a while?」

After the dinner and they done with tidying up the aftermath, Rio was asked by Yuba.

「Yes, is there some problem?」

「Is it okay to ask what you are trying to do, after you leave this village?」

The matter regarding Rio leaving the village, though she already heard it since the first time he starting his staying in this village, she didn't pry too deeply into the reason for that.

Somehow she felt awkward and didn't pry further but there was the event caused by Shin.

Though Yuba slightly guessed one reason for Rio to leave the village, she thought that there were several other reason for that, by looking at Rio's state.

Thus Yuba decided to ask further.

Ruri, who heard from their side, was looking intently at Rio.

「After I leave the village ............ 」

When Rio answered that question, he paused for a moment.

After he left the village, he would go back to Strahl region, but it seemed that he needed to go to Seirei no Tami first.

He would then collect information about Lucius after returning to the Strahl region.

And then, he also needed to report about his safety to his teacher, Seria.

He only sent a letter, under an alias, to Seria once before, and didn't have any contact with her after that. [ED : It was the one thing she asked, you jerk!!!][TL : Cool Senji-san, COOL]

Though he couldn't get along with the nobles of the Bertram kingdom, only Seria was different.

Currently, though he don't know how much regarding his treatment* within the Bertram kingdom, if it was the current him, he could hide himself as much as he wanted. [TL* : Rio is charged with false charge and become a fugitive by the end of 1st Act]

It might be better if he sneaked into Bertram kingdom and meet Seria.

「Though we are not connected by blood, there is a child who regards me as her own brother. I'm going to meet that child. After that, since there's a benefactor on the other side[Strahl region], I should show my face to them too.」

「Hee, there's such child, huh」

Yuba spoke with great interest on hearing the existence of the people who were close to Rio.

Ruri brought herself closer since she was also interested.

「Yes. My little sister is 12 years old now. My benefactor is supposedly around 20 years old」

「Fumu, they're still young, I see」

She felt assured, since to Rio those kinds of people are kind ones.

Even thought she couldn't confirm that by meet them directly.

「Will you come back to this village someday?」

「That's right. Though I don't know when that'll be, I definitely will return to this village」

Though It was not something that he can use frequently, he could shorten the movement time with a transfer crystal;Rio could come, like an excursion, to the Yagumo region from the Strahl region.

He was tied in various ways, so he thought that he wanted to return to that place after finishing his errands.

「I see. You can come back any time. I mean, you're already recognised as one of villagers」

「......Yes. Thank you very much」

Rio told his gratitude with a shy face, to Yuba who was smiling gently at him.

Yuba gave a faint, lonely smile to Rio, who was smiling in such way.

「And then, the matter regarding Shin's action just now. I vaguely understand the reason why Shin took such actions towards you but ...... 」

「Aa, Un. I have a feeling that I'm also somehow related to that」 [TL;What a scary intuition, Ruri]

Smiling wryly, Ruri agreed with Yuba statement, while sending a fleeting glance at Rio.

Rio tilted his head as he didn't quite understand the meaning behind their actions. [TL : F#ck you, now you're acting like some donkan protagonist]

They were smiling wryly on seeing Rio's reaction.

「Let me tell them indirectly the next time. The two of you, will you just act like usual and didn't pry too deeply into this? 」

「U~hn. As for me, I occasionally chat for a while with Sayo but ........... I'll leave it to you first, Obaa-chan」

Since she knew that it was not a good idea for many person to hear the reason at the same time, Ruri was aware that, though she showed a small reluctant expression.

「Yeah, understood」

Though he was still a bit puzzled, Rio gave his consent, and then they immediately split up.


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