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Seirei Gensouki ~Konna Sekai De Deaeta Kimi Ni~ - Volume 2 - Chapter 19


Coming back inside the forest, after having bought additional rations and camping equipment for Latifa, the two of them started running towards the eastern direction.

It seemed Latifa was only instructed to master 『Body Strengthening Magic(Hyper Physical Ability)』.

That magic was very useful but it also had many problems.

First, if the body was not also strengthened like Rio's, it would lead to the body screaming in pain the longer he strengthened his physical ability for.

Also, its energy efficiency was also no good either, as it continuously consumed magic power.

But then, using spirit arts to strengthen the body also had same problem.

In that point, the beastman tribes who had tough and flexible bodies had more affinity for 『Body Strengthening Magic(Hyper Physical Ability)』 than the human race.

Latifa's magical power was also the best amongst the people he knew;that was what made it possible for her to continously strengthen her body and move along with Rio for long distances.

Though Latifa could match Rio's highest speed with his strengthened physical ability magic, her stamina was no match for his.

She would lose her breath after continuously running for 30 minutes.

Rio slowed down his speed a bit, till it reached a speed where Latifa could keep up with him.

Even though it took away precious time, they took proper rests.

「Here, some water.」

He passed over the canteen he bought for her and filled it with water by using spirit magic for her.

「Thank you, desu.」

Latifa drank the water, gulping it with her small lips.

Rio also drank water from his own canteen, in front of Latifa.

Guu~, Latifa's stomach let out a cute complaint.

When Rio turned his gaze to Latifa, she vigorously shook her head.

Looking at her, Rio could only give a bitter smile.

「It's already time for lunch, huh?...........Here.」

Using his cooking knife he cut the bread bento which he received from the inn lady and passed it to Latifa.

However, Latifa became bewildered, seeing him pass the bread.

Her eyes looked restlessly between Rio and the bread.

「What's the matter?」

「Is-it fine-for me to eat?」

She asked that while looking a little frightened.

All this time, she had lived while constantly looking at her master's expression.

She was trained, such that unless she was given a clear order, she was prohibited to do anything.

Even when the meal was presented presented before her, unless she was told she could eat, she couldn't lay a finger on it.

Her training was harsh to that degree.

Therefore, she had a deep fear from the bottom of her heart, of unintentionally making someone angry.

So to speak, abiding by someone's will was self-defense for her spirit. That trait remained deeply in her mind, even after she was released from slavery.

She followed Rio after being released from slavery;this action was only natural since it was the self-defense mechanism of her spirit.

「No need to feel reserved. It's fine for you to eat it.」

Although Rio had not understood the overly dependent disease in Latifa's heart, he tacitly understood that she was used to taking orders, and so he used a kind and tender voice to tell her to eat.

Latifa timidly held the bread in her mouth.

Upon savoring its taste, she ate the bread in a hurry.

The meal was not any special luxury. However, as far as she could remember in her life as a slave, this was the most luxurious meal she had ever had.

「Hauf-Haufhauf-uf-higu-ugu」[TL : she's choked with bread, just make sure you didn't imagine it in wrong way]

She stuffed her cheeks with bread and munched at it as if she was sucking it in. Latifa ate while crying.

「I won't steal the food, so eat slowly. It's bad for your body.」

Rio slowly patted Latifa's back, who ate while crying.

「Uuu, because-onii-sama, he-baiting-me-with-food-everyday.」

When she recalled her meals till now, Latifa's cries got stronger.

What kind of treatment did Latifa receive at her meal times?.

Rio's face distorted when he thought about it.

Latifa buried her face in Rio's chest. Rio then gently patted her head and waited for Latifa to calm down.

「I've heard that the beastmen are a race that is really caring for their brethren. That's why, Latifa will also be welcomed when you arrive at their place. There's no need for you to remember those kinds of things anymore.」

Rio was troubled by what he should say to make Latifa stop crying, so he said that.

「I, is that true?」

Latifa looked at Rio with unbelieveable eyes.

「Yeah, undoubtly. It's a far better place than the human country.」

Averting his gaze from Latifa, Rio looked to some far away place.

「Well then, since you're already cheerful enough, let's move soon. We have no choice but to keep moving before we find the beastman territory」

In order to erase the feelings in his chest, Rio suggested that they keep moving to Latifa. [TL : He almost awakened to lo*ic*nism]

Staying in that place also wouldn't give them any solutions.

That was why he felt like moving his body.

Latifa nodded while looking at Rio's face.

For a few hours after that, they repeated the process of running and resting.

They ignored the monsters that passed by them.

If they fought them each and every time, their travelling progress would fall drastically behind schedule.

「We will take a rest in this place today. Wait for a while.」

Rio found a cave suitable for camping when the sun had almost inclined to the west, and signalled Latifa to stop.

After some leaves and branches were collected, with a practiced hand, Rio built a simple tent using them.

A tent of plants;though its appearance would make someone feel hesitant towards lying down in it, especially for modern person like him will put some pshycological barrier for sleeping in that kind of tent, but it has numerous advantage for fooling many monster and wild animals in this world.

He had no use for the plants except for naturally blending with nature.

Besides, it also covered their body odors to some extent.

Furthermore, the forest would get cold at night;added to that, the weather could also become unstable.

In the case of a tent of plants, for example, if rain were to fall, depending on the set up, it would be hard for the water to leak under the leaves.

On the large scale, it could endure wind and rain to some extent.


In addition to that, because the air was always ventilated by the gaps between the plants, staying inside it was surprisingly comfortable. Also different from the tent made of nylon, he could make an open fire inside without being choked by the smoke.[TL : did we just ignoring Mosquito-san here?] [ED2:The smoke from the fire in the tent helps keep mosquitoes away][TL : and choked the one sleeping inside]

Latifa sent a look of respect to Rio who made bedding in the blink of an eye.

「The meal will be ready in a while. You can wait inside;I will call you when it's ready. You can use your nose to search for enemies, since it will have a wider range than me. Don't hesitate to call me if you find any abnormalities.」

Latifa nodded.

Seeing that Latifa had understood, Rio left the camp.

Naturally, cooking that generated a large amount of aroma was not preferable in the camp, but Rio, who was used to the delicious meals of his previous life, didn't have any intentions of eating tasteless food. [TL : The current king of Narou that suffered from more than 20 years of distasteful cooking and forced to eat land turtle meat in his childhood will definitely curse Rio]

Therefore he went to cook at a place away from the camp;the place to eat the meal was also different.

After he discovered a suitable place, Rio began to cook.

He put together salt and water, created from spirit arts, inside the pot.

He was going to cook pasta.

He heated the pot with fire, created by igniting the gathered wood.

At the same time, he also prepared a one size smaller pot, which can fit inside the other pot, for boiling the pasta when stored. He put water inside the smaller pot and heat it with fire.

It was seasoned using some spice he had purchased in Almond.

Moreover, he had also stocked edible wild plants in his bag while moving, since he was taking the nutrition balance into account.

He began to wash the edible wild plants with warm water, then cut them into bite-size bits with the cooking knife.

After chopping the wild plants, he minced the jerky.

He regulated the aroma that came from it, moving it to the sky using wind spirit arts so that monsters with an excellent sense of smell wouldn't come.

That kind of original cooking method couldn't be thought of or produced, even by travelling nobles when they camped.


He turned around when he sensed someone approaching, it was Latifa who was lured by the smell.

Her nose was moving and twitching.

When she saw that Rio made a wry smile, her face instantly flushed red.

「Come here, it's soup pasta. The flavor is my original, though.」

He passed the container, which was already filled with it, to Latifa.

Rio liked spicy flavour, but He made it easy for children to eat because Latifa might be bad with spicy food.

「............『Spaghetti』? THIS, IS『Spaghetti』, right! ? 」

Looking at the contents of the container, Latifa could not hide the astonishment in her voice.

「A-Yeah................Eat quickly before it gets cold.」

Rio replied in a startled voice.

Latifa, who got permission to eat from Rio, ate the pasta with sparkling eyes.

Latifa could skillfully use the fork, it was as if she was used to eating pasta. She ate it while coiling the pasta inside the soup with fork.

Rio's gaze was fixed at Latifa. [TL : you're not looking at her ears or tail right?]

Pasta wasn't an ingredient that originated from this world.

At that time, that girl also said 『Spaghetti』.

Latifa was a slave, so there was no way she would know how to use a fork.

And yet, she knew the best way to eat pasta.

(could it be, she was also.........a reincarnated person.)

Though it doesn't seem to be that way.

To think that just the other day, he had discovered the existence of a reincarnated person, now he discovered again a new one.

Moreover, to meet in that kind of way.

Rio was amazed by this strange stroke of fortune.

「Hafu, hafuhafuu」[TL : Latifa eating the pasta, just as reminding]

Latifa was frantically eating the hot pasta.

「Since it's still hot, don't eat it too fast or you will burn your tongue. See, you can also eat the bread by soaking it in the viscous soup. If you do that, the soup will be cooled a little.」

Rio advised Latifa to use the bread that was similar to preserved hard biscuit.

Latifa followed Rio's advice, eating the bread soaked in soup;the flavour made her face show a satisfied smile.

Rio then tried to figure Latifa's mental age.

Judging from their exchanges so far, no matter how he sees it, Latifa's mental age was not that much different from her appearance.

It didn't look like she had any social experiences from her previous life.

(Is this acting.......nope, that was not likely.............if that was the case, was she a child in her previous life?)

After some struggling in his head, Rio arrived to one conclusion.

The chance of that was extremely high.

He thought about the matter regarding Latifa while slowly eating his pasta.

If what Rio guessed was right, Latifa was at most a little girl in the upper grade of elementary school when she one day suddenly became a slave.

Though he didn't know how Latifa regained her memories, there was no doubt that her physical age was still below one digit.

Adding the mental age of a grade schooler to a one digit mental age, the total age simply couldn't become their mental age. [ED: Meaning you can't think like an adult even if you add two kids' mental age together.]

(If that was the case, it made more sense if the reincarnated person was still so childish.)

Rio could only imagine the cruel fate that had befallen Latifa.

Rio's case was still better.

Although he didn't choose to start as an orphan, whether his luck was good or bad, he had received proper education, thus he knew how to live.

Though he is currently a criminal due to a false charge, it didn't mean that his life and freedom was restricted like a slave.

Also, his mind was also already matured, so he could at least accept the absurdities of this world.

But, Latifa was different.

A very young child who had lived a plentiful life in modern Japan, suddenly robbed of all her human rights, and live like a pet.

Maybe she received ill treatment beyond imagination.

It seemed she couldn't help but have some kind of training, for her to possess such a cruel nature, not matching her age.

Even so, maybe she accepted her life as a slave as something natural, till she regained her memories of her previous life.

Because Latifa was a slave by nature. [TL : a child of slave is also a slave, at least till they can buy back their freedom]

But, that was all till she regained her memories in the previous life, just like that she couldn't take her life as a slave like it was something natural.

She wanted to be released from slavery, then go back to her original world;there was no doubt that she lived while having that kind of thinking.

Undoubtly, Latifa had received mental damage at that level already. It can't be called as trauma anymore;that was what Rio concluded.[TL : Self Addition->ALL OF THIS HAPPENED IN 0.5 Second]

She wouldn't have any purpose if she regained her freedom, as she was a slave by nature.

Because she didn't have free will from the beginning.

But, she regained her memories and gained the purpose of her own freedom.

Should it be called a disaster or fortune?

(Shit........Could it be, this is also the reason why her mind is so unstable.)

Rio only became more disgusted, the more he imagined Latifa's circumstances.

Latifa was wholeheartedly eating Rio's cooking.

Maybe because she recalled her previous life, pearls of tears gathered in her eyes before she noticed it.

Gulping the soup till it dried, she licked the empty container as if regretting emptying it.

Rio scooped a second helping for her empty container.

Thereupon, Latifa resumed her meal after bowing her head and smiling to Rio.

Rio also didn't have any mood to continue his meal, he put down his container after emptying it, and gave all the rest of the pot to Latifa.

In the end Rio didn't tell Latifa that he himself is also a reincarnated person.


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