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Seirei Gensouki ~Konna Sekai De Deaeta Kimi Ni~ - Volume 2 - Chapter 17



The next day, Rio decided to leave the inn before sunrise.

「Thank you very much for giving medical treatment to the injured guest yesterday. Thanks to you things didn't escalate into a serious matter」

The landlady of the inn was the woman who give medical treatment to the injured man yesterday, she deeply bowed her head in apology to Rio.

「No, please don't worry about that. Since that kind of trouble is common when travelling at this age*. There is no need for you to apologize for that, landlady-san」[TL : maybe he is referring to his age, not the year]

Rio replied while tottering*(fluttering), in order to not make a fuss about the landlady's apologetic appearance. [ED: Probably meant, lightly waving his hand dismissively][TL : nope, it's expressed as he is fluttering to choose his words]

「It's just that, the truth is , I usually become the mediator, but because I thought it was the usual quarrel I was too late in noticing it. My deepest apologies!」

It seemed the drunken brawls in the bar were usually managed by her.

Although, from what the landlady said, things didn't normally escalate into bloodshed.

「No, part of it was also caused by me making those people angry. Though, I think that they were just suffering the consequences of drinking too much liquor and getting mixed in with problems comes with that.」[TLC : まぁ絡み酒の気質があるのに大量の酒を飲んだあの人達の完全な自業自得だと思いますけど」]

Rio showed an astonished look when he remembered those men.

Nonetheless, they were drunk, so goodwill couldn't be felt from them.

「About that, I think those people also didn't actually have any ill will last night. Usually they're good peoples. They truly care for Chloe, and watching Chloe being intimate with a young boy, while they were drunk, how should I put it;they were actually trying to tease you」[TLC : 可愛がってもらっているクロエが同年代の少年に親しげに接しているのを見て、酔っぱらっているのも重なって、ついからかいたくなってしまったというか」]

The landlady was trying to defend those men from Rio.

Maybe she was actually a kindhearted person.

However, Rio thought that it might be unpleasant getting involved with this person. [TLC : not too sure with this sentences だが、人によってはこういった対応は不快に感じるのだろうなと、リオは思った。]

「Is that so..............」

Regarding those men, since they didn't seem to have a deep grudge, he couldn't really get angry. Being puzzled about what to say, Rio gave a vague answer. [TLC : one more TLC あの男達に対しては既に深く含むところがあるわけではないため、怒りはしなかったが、何とも言いようがなく、リオは曖昧な返事をする。]

「My deepest apologies. Moreover, you couldn't take a bath due to the commotion yesterday, despite already paying for it, right? I will return the money in exchange for the trouble」

After saying that, the landlady returned all money he had paid for his lodging, and presented the money to him in a bag.

「It's fine, you know. I would be troubled, so keep it. Since the meal was delicious it's, also, my gratitude for the meal」

Rio refused the request from the landlady.

「Still, can't you stay for a while and eat breakfast, too. Won't you please wait a while for that? I'll come back soon. I'll make an obentou in exchange for that.」

After saying so, she left the bag of the money on the counter, and hurriedly, half running, went to the kitchen before hearing Rio's reply.

(Though she seemed to be a honest and good natured person, she had the aura of a naive person. She was so defenseless that she even put the money right infront of me.) [TL : I want to say ’’Let me marry that woman’’ but remember that I already have.....]

That was Rio's impression of the landlady.

How to put it;according to the so-called worldly wiseman, a landlady was an unusual match for her atmosphere. [TLC : I don't know which wiseman->なんというか、苦労人という言葉が妙に似合う雰囲気を女将は持っているのだ。]

Rio casually peeked into the kitchen, and happen to see Chloe and an unknown girl waring aprons.

When they spotted Rio, the two girl quickly hid themselves in the kitchen.

(Was she Chloe's..............younger sister? She was still so small) [TL : Hello is this police station, I caught a smell of lo*ic*n in this WN]

He judged that she was still around the age of a lower grade elementary student*. [TL : no more than grade three, Ahem, police-san when will you come] [ED: Around 5 to 7 years old.]

Chloe was also at most she is in the uppergrade of elementary school. [TL : police-san we have a major case of lo*ic*n here!!!] [ED: Around 9 to 12 years old. Rio is only around, what, 15 at this point, so the age gap isn't that bad. Amakawa Haruto however...]

With girls around that age, he couldn't help but think that this inn can't be fully functioning [staffed], the source of the landlady's troubles could easily be seen.

(Could it be that she was taking care of three people? I hadn't seen any signs of a husband.)

Since Rio came to this inn, he hadn't once seen the landlord, husband, of this inn.

He thought that might be because he just secluding himself in the kitchen, though, the landlady was mainly in charge of the kitchen.

(Well, that's fine.)

It seemed the person herself didn't particularly worry about it, so Rio discarded that thought. The landlady then come back carrying a package with lunch inside.

「Sorry, it's just mix of the leftover from yesterday. I also stuffed a lot of bread and ingrendients inside. Please eat it, since Chloe woke up early to bake it」

「Thank you for this. Thank you very much」

Rio expressing his gratitude with smile on his face.

「Oi! I'M BACK! 」

In the direction that call came from was a drunken man coming into the inn from the entrance, walking unsteadily till he found the landlady.

「Honey! You're drinking too much in the morning again! 」

「SHUT UP! It's just a little sake drinking! 」

Yelling in a loud voice, the man suddenly slapped the landlady.

Rio could only be astonished by that scene.

It seems that man was her husband.

He Immediately hit her after drinking the whole night;Rio though that he wasn't a decent husband.

Though he couldn't bear to watch it any longer, he had a hunch that a family problem was just too complex for a third party to start butting in. That was why he couldn't just butt in.


However, he looked at the landlady as she cowered, while holding the place where she was slapped, and Rio sighed. He approached the landlady and gave medical treatment to her with spirit magic. [TL : overflowing MILF aura detected!!!]

The pain in the slapped spot dissapeared in an instant, though the landlady showed a surprised face, she understood what Rio just did and bow her head in gratitude.


Though he didn't understand what Rio was doing, the husband glared at him with displeased face because his action protected the landlady.

「STOP!  This person is a guest! 」

In a panic, the landlady hurriedly stood to block her husband.


(That, well then, she would get slapped again...........)

Rio was astonished.

Although he knew that she had a strong sense of responsibility;she was still a weak woman.

As the husband went to the landlady intending to hit her again, Rio blocks the husband's movement, and then gently pushed his head to the floor.

「『Detoxification Magic(Detoxify)』」

Rio's hand then shone for a while;after a few seconds the sense of reason also returned to the husband's eyes.

「That was detoxication magic. Now you feel refreshed, right? 」

Rio told him in a cold tone.

「A, ah. I'm sorry」

The husband said that, with a bewildered expression, once his mind was cleared,. [TLC : 一瞬でクリアになった思考に戸惑ったように旦那が言う。]

「If You're gonna apologize to me, apologize to the landlady too」[TLC : not too clear what he said in this line 俺に謝るなら女将さんに謝ってあげてください」] [ED: if you're gana apologize to me apologize to landlady-san too]

Shocked when Rio said that, he moved his line of sight and glanced at the landlady.

「So, sorry」

The husband apologized to the landlady with an awkward expression.

Though it was just a drunken frenzy, people wouldn't unreasonably act so violent unless they were drunk. [ED: Even if i'm dead drunk I will never hit women. I will instead hit on them]

「I, I'm really sorry! 」

He was apologizing to the landlady with an extremely sorry appearance.

「No, since you're not troubling the other guests too much. Thank you very much for the lunch. Well then.」

Any more than this would make things more complicated, so he decided to leave before that happened. After he said his farewell, Rio left the inn.

(Well, it was not a solution, either)

Nevertheless, originally it was a problem that should be settled by the related people themselves, he was only agonizing over his actions a little because of the short display of hypocrisy*. [TL : previously he already promised to himself that he won't help another person(due to the incident in previous arc), but he already breached that for the third time]

He had already become a little depressed since the morning.

「I guess I should eat some manjuu」

He then decided to eat some local cuisine, that he missed yesterday, for a change of pace.

As for the bentou that he received from the landlady, he decided to eat it at noon.

The morning market was open early.

In the first place, the people of this world began their activities in the early morning.

Also, there were no people, whether they were a farmer or a peddler, that did not rise early. At the very latest, they occasionally woke up at six in the morning.

The street vendors already lined-up to sell breakfast in the market, delicious fragrance wafted in the air from here and there.

「Two servings of manjuu, please.」

「Got it!」

He gave 10 copper and received 2 manjuu.

Though it looked particularly steamy, like a steamed food, its appearance was, rather than like steamed manjuu, more like fried manjuu. [TL : is there any grilled manjuu, or is it actually baked manjuu? ほかほかと湯気を立てているが、見た目は肉まんというよりはお焼きに近かった。] [ED: 焼 ’’yaki’’ can mean basicly anything cooked unless I'm wrong. baked and grilled included. so it's grilled, roasted, baked, steamed meat buns]

The springy texture of the dough was a little unsatisfactory.

Though when he ate it, it exceeded his expectations;he was savouring the first taste inside his mouth. [TLC : 想定外なジャブを喰らったが、とりあえずは食べてみようと口の中に含む。]

Then, the bountiful, delicious meat juice, seasoned with salt, spread through his mouth.

So delicious.

The so called manjuu was just like a hamburger.

That was Rio's impression towards the food.

(I don't know the recipe............ Nope, isn't this using ginger, oyster sauce, and sesame oil as it's seasoning)

He felt unsatisfied and investigated the origin of the taste.

[TLC : 物足りない味の原因を考察する。] [ED: confused about this one, it says he investigated the cause of the unsatisfactory taste.]

That didn't mean that it was not delicious.

He was just a little disappointed, since the taste is different from what he expected.

Rio also knew the recipe for manjuu.

Rather than that, 'I think I should collect seasonings and ingredients all over the world by myself during this journey.' That kind of idea suddenly emerged inside his head.

Since he lived alone in his previous life, cooking was one of his hobbies;various kinds of recipe were, also, stored inside his head.

Thanks to that, although it didn't reach a professional level in each style, he could make a normal meal as long as he had the ingredients.

Aside from humans, there were countless living things that exists in this world and not on earth. There were also many flora and fauna identical to the ones on earth.

Maybe the ingredients that were not in this area could be extremely abundant, beyond imagination, in another area.

(Should I look for then in my spare time?)

Collecting ingredients that he was familiar with from the places that he would visit during his journey, Rio had that kind of thought while having a take-out meal.

While he thought about it, he had already left the city via the eastern gate.

Although from there on he could just follow the highway instead of travelling through the forest;Rio purposely got off the highway and went into the forest.

Though there was no search warrant for him inside of the Galark kingdom yet, that was only because Rio was moving extremely fast, to the degree that it couldn't be compared to the speed of a general human.

If he was going to raise his movement speed, it would be good to be moving through places where people couldn't see him;that was what he thought.

Taking advantage of the early morning, some parts of the forest were still covered in fog.

He could move at a pace that was a little slower than usual, but instead ignored the nauseating feeling from the limited field of view and Rio increased his pace.

Rio was cleverly avoiding the crowd of trees that was coming in front of him, despite his low range of vision in this fog.

Rio caught the shadow of a person inside his field of view.

It was positioned 30 meters straight in front of him.

That person was lying facing the ground.

(.........A corpse?)

Though it was rare, there certainly were monsters and carnivores living in the forest, in the vicinity of the city.

Maybe this person was unlucky and encountered that kind of creature, that was what Rio thought.

He approached the faced down person;that person's whole body is covered by Haori* like robe.[TL : editor-san, please give a link to Haori] [ED: it just said robe, but anyway it's the jacket you were over a kimono.$_35.JPG%5D

Judging from the size, it might be a kid younger than Rio.

(......A kid. Was that collapsed person over there a kid? Why? )

That kind of doubt rose, if he just left them as they were, he expected it would leave a bad after taste.

It couldn't be helped, Rio decided to call out to that person.

「Oi, are you okay? 」

He shook that person and saw that they were not reacting to him.

He held the body in order to identify that person;the warmth of their skin could be felt through the robe.

(It seems this person is still alive)

He felt relieved and looked at the person's face;a girl's face is sticking out from the hood.

「!!!! ?)

Suddenly, the girl opened her eyes.

Simultanously, he felt a small killing intent.

Rio looked at the girl's hand, in it she is holding a knife with a long blade*. [TL : please look for this 刃渡りの長い一本のナイフ, as I don't know what kind of length is ’’hawatari’’] [ED: kitchen knife length and shape, actually it looks like a kitchen knife]


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