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Seirei Gensouki ~Konna Sekai De Deaeta Kimi Ni~ - Volume 2 - Chapter 16


+++Chapter 16 [Inn]

After leaving Rikka Firm main office, the sun almost setting under the sky, Rio walking toward inn street.

The inn street in district that not that much separated from the marketplace.

Mahy stores, bar, and dining hall taking advantages of the already gathered peoples, which is why it's overflowing with energies.

Doing a rough survey to the shop to make his decision. [TLC : ざっと店を見渡しながらどこがいいかと判断していく。]

(At least I want to stay in an inn with bath tub)

Though there is also bathing culture in Bertram Kingdom and Galark Kingdom, the bath in which one's body completely submerged in the bathtub is not exist, those are only existed in some area with hot spring.

It's also because the cost that must be covered to made the hot water.

So, the so called bathtub is only a shallow wooden bucket with diametres around one metre, one's can wash their's body in bathing style with the hot water warmed by residual heat of iron pot. [TLC : そこで、風呂桶と呼ばれる底の浅い直径一メートル前後の木桶に、釜の余熱で温めた湯を張り行水して身体を洗うのだ。]

In case of properous house, they use magic tools to heating the water, also creating something similiar to sauna bath.

Though in case of an inn without bathtub is cheaper, on the other hand, there is also inn equipped with sauna bath.[TLC : F*CK WITH ALL THIS USELESS BATH EXPLANARION!!!!->安い値段だと風呂桶がない宿屋もざらにあるが、他方でサウナ風呂が設置されているような宿屋もある。]

Rio going to the direction of the inn with bathtub, the reason is because he isn't that much interested in sauna bath.

「Ne~Ne~. Black haired Onii-san over there! 」

Suddenly someone calling out to Rio, he is looking around to the source of the voice and looking to an inn.

Black haired person is extremely rare in this country.

He turning around and found out that it was only him, at that place is a girl with town girl appearance wearing an appron on tunic.

Her age is more than two years older than Rio, but somewhere under three.

「E~r, is it Me?」

「Yes, tha'ts right! Could it be that you're looking for an inn? 」

The girl said that while coming to Rio and taking his hand as if to not let a guest to escape.

「AH. Is this place have a bath? Since I want to take a bath」

「Yeah. It have」

The girl cheerfully giving that answer.

「I see. Well then, I would like to stop for one night please」

「I did it!!!Look, I got one here! This way! Quickly, quickly! 」

The girl continously pulling Rio to a nearby inn.

It was a wooden-two stories-building, from it's appearance, one's can sense some history in that place.

The counter is located in the first floor near the entrance, on the right side connected with a door is dining hall and bar.

Noisy voice can be heard from beyond that door.

There is loud voice of someone singing, voice like drunken quarrel, this kind of hustle-bustle means that the humans inside already drunk.

「Rest for one night is one silver coin, it's already included with diner and breakfast. Hot water and towel is 10 copper since it's excluded. The fee paid in advance! 」

Rio giving a wry smile to the girl that explained the fee to him with loud voice in the middle of that loud hustle-bustle from the bar.

The girl is just like splendid employee of the inn.

「Then, including hot water and towel」

Rio giving immediate reply since it's already his intention to bathe with hot water from the very beginning, and passed one silver plus ten copper coin.

「Roger!  Thank you for your patronage~! By the way, What is your name? 」

The girl said that while smiling in a good mood.

Truly a healthy kids, that's what Rio think.

It's somehow made him feel refreshed since he only saw sly childs in Royal Institute.

「It's RIo」

「So Rio. I'm Chloe, nice to meet you! 」

Chloe sending a sweet smile to him.

「Ah, Nice to meet you too」

In addition, facing the opposite se* such as Chloe, Rio expression didn't change at all.[TLC : そんなクロエを相手にも、リオの表情はあまり色がない。]

「Mu~, you're keeping that sour look without even smiling! Smile!  Smile! 」


Rio give a wry smile.

「Mu~, well, that's OK. Well then, I will take you to your room! 」

After saying that, Chloe grasped Rio hand and pull him.

「This is your room. The toilet is over there. In addition, you may use the water from the well to your liking. By the way, just call when you need hot water and towel! And then, this is the key. It's better if ou not put your valuable things in the room. Have any question? 」

Somehow, Chloe said all of that in one breath.

「It's okay. I don't have any question」

That charming appearance made Rio smiling from the bottom of his heart.


「O-, that's not a perfect smile! Look, you look better when smiling, oniisan! It's something that suit you very much! Jeez, because it's already time for dinner, put your luggage in our room and come to the first floor. The dining hall is on the right side of the first floor and combined together with the bar. Ah, and it's better to not get yorself quarrelling with the adventurers」

「A-, I will try that」[TLC : あー、そういうのあるんだ」]

Rio, intended to follow what she said since he didn't want to get caught in trouble.[TLC : と、リオが面倒くさそうな声を出して言った。]

「Un, even I'm wondering about how much this happens in the inn in everyday occurance. Especially when a youth just come, many of them getting into a quarrel with them. The adult people is really just idiots! So easily become violent.......」

Rio saw that, a shadow appeared just as Chloe finished her sentences.

「Well, it's better to ignore them」

「U~n, Do your best, right?  For Rio saying something like that, it's feel unreliable....... 」[TLC : なんかリオってなんか頼りないというか......」]

Leaving after said her worry, Chloe trotting back to the first floor.

He entering his room after opening the lock with the key, placed his luggage, then immediately going to the bar.

Bustling noise and the smell of alcohol drifting around when he opened the door connected to the bar in the first floor.

Countless eyes looking at Rio direction.

Being confused about the place where he can sit on, he turn toward Chloe in the counter to ask for that matter.

「The cooking will begin immediately. What about the drink? Just one cup is free though」

「What do you have?」

When he think that he might be as well said that he didn't drink alcohol -.

「The free one for alcohol is beer, wine, and mead, as for the rest is tea and milk」

Chloe immediately told him the kind of drink that free of charge*. [TL : first cup only]

「Beer then」

Though as a person who is interested in a good drink and can pay for it, for the time being he choose from amongst the choice tht Chloe gave him since it's free.

「Ue~, you drink that bitter things?」

It's look like Chloe has yet to understand the merit of the beer.

By the way, it's look like the children in this world can drink alcohol. [TL : GOOD KIDS, NO EVEN BAD KIDS SHOULDN'T drink ’’alcohol’’]

「Well, right then. because I'm already hungry, please serve the meals soon」

「Roger that! You can expect something good from mother cuisine today 」

Chloe going inside the kitchen, trotting for a little.

And then, as if waiting for that opportunity, three peoples with great physique and style like adventurer come to him.

Though Rio have already noticed them, he didn't especially paying attention to them.

「GAHAHAHAHA! O~y, Nii-chan. Are you ordering something like beer to become adult? This place is not a place for a boy who can't drink sake~」

「That's eight, that's right. That thing is bad for your body! How about you just go back to you home and drink milk~~? 」

「Well, well, you guys. Can you not say anything else that will made him nervous」

It's appear that this men's here is already drunk.

The other guest that sit on the other tables also smirking in watching Rio.

Rio frowning in the stinking smell of these men's breath.

「He-y, it's not good for you to try to bully Rio you know. Rio, here bread and soup, second helping are free of charge. I'm the one that personally baked the bread」

There, Chloe carrying the food with worried face.

Considerable volume of food is lined-up above that wooden plate.

「He~, Thank you. Then, I will have a second helping for the bread afterwards」

「What, what do you mean by Rio. Since men's such as myself are going to protect little Chloe-chan」[TLC : 男のくせに自分より小さい女の子のクロエちゃんに守られやがって」]

Though the adventurer's send a provocation at the same time, Rio ignoring them, taking out his own cutlery, and begin his dinner.

It's quite tasty, the spoon, knife, and fork moving in quite speed.

「Ceh, even preparing something like elegant tableware. O-Noble-sama」

In the middle of the guests that eat their food by grabbing it with their hand, Rio elegant figure that have his meal by using tablewares reflected in this men's eyes.

That place is full with macho men's after all*. [TL : not in ’’blue oyster’’ sense, if you didn't know ’’blue Oyster’’ try to google it]

「Oi, do you hear me! ?」

Even though Rio is in the middle of enjoying eating the tasty bread, the adventurers getting angry in seeing that.

That state, Chloe who is looking at that event nervously from the kitchen feel relieved.

「Oi! 」

「Don't Ignore me! Look at me! 」

The man call him with loud voice, while grabbing Rio collar and lift him till his chest height.

Now Rio height is not reaching 160 centimetre, just a little more to that height.

While the party of the men's infront of him have height approaching 2 metre.

「Uwa, it's stink. What? 」

Rio managed to said that line with great trouble.

「’’WHAT’’ DO YOU SAY! ? 」

「You bastard What's with that ignoring other peoples that having a great trouble in trying to talk to you? HAH! ? 」[TLC : せっかく人様が話かけてやったのに何無視してくれやがってんだ?]

Soon during that time, the surrounding noise ceased immediately, the surrounding guests s looking at the event unfolding before Rio with great interest.


「In the first place, I don't even know who you're, so I think you'r talking to another person. But, your mouth is smelly when you're, can you please stop breathing? 」

When Rio clearly stating his discomfort, that made the men's shoulder trembled.

Explosive sound of laugh rising from inside the bar by that sentences.

「Ahaha. Oioi. They're being underestimated by that boy~」

「That's right, that's right. Gene! Is it good~」

he surrounding guests are jeering at the men's who is picking a quarrel with Rio.

Following that, Jin, the man who is treated as the leader of these men's face dyed in bright red color.


Without wasting that moment, Rio shoved his palm againts Gene lower jaw that still grab his collar.


It gave a cerebral concussion* to Gene, and made him down to his knee.[TL : Hitting lower jaw will really caused this(this is also a fatal weakness), many boxers often use this to KO-ed their opponent. SO, NEVER USE THIS ON YOUR FRIENDS, AS THIS IS AN EXTREMELY LETHAL TECHNIQUE]

Most likely it will take at least take several minutes for him to regain his senses, the surrounding spectator not really understanding what just happen, they just saw Gene being dumbfounded and then fall to his knees.

Rio sit once again and continuing his meal at the counter.

「Oi! You bastard, what did you do to Gene? 」

His followers then shouting at Rio.

「So? Didn't it called [Acute Alcohol Poisoning] due to him shouting after drinking liquor? 」

After feigning his ignorance, and getting a revenge from the one who disturbed his long-awaited delicious meal, Rio quickly eat his bread and soup.

「A, Chloe, seconds* please」[TL : for bread and soup]

「Ye, Yes! 」

Eventhough Chloe still being dumbfounded, she immediately come to her sense's with Rio calling her.

And so after answering him, she she quickly going back into the kitchen.

「Oi! 」

And then, Gene comrades calling-out to him in loud voice.

「Thank you very much. The bread is delicious. Go back to the kitchen since it will get dangerous」

After saying his gratitude to Chloe for bringing bread and soup, Rio breathing a sigh then made the first move.

「Ye, Yeah. Thank you very much」

Chloe following through Rio advice and goes back to the kitchen.

「What you're just selfishly asked! [TLC : 何したのかって聞いてるだろうが!]

Looking at Rio with anger in his eyes, one men moving his hand and draw a knife from his hip.

Looking at that Rio mouth agaped.

「You better not take that out I can't going easy on you if you take that out」

Rio told them with cold voice and made a serious face.

「BRING IT ON!! ! ! 」

But, it's too late already as the man already dead drunk, so he ignored his warning.

That man unsheated his knife from his hip in anger.

Though one more person expression paled and made him awaken a little from drunken state in hearing Rio words, he retreated one step from where their group standing, his hand strongly holding the knife on his hip. [TLC : もう一人の男はリオの言葉に酔いがさめたのか少し顔が青ざめているが、自分たちから仕掛けた手前引き返すことはできず、腰のナイフに手をかけたまま固まっている。]

Rio leap himself to attacking his opponents, and just like that that loud guy is collapsed.

Taking his knife and stabbing the thigh of the man standing closest to him.


The man that get himself stabbed crouching down while letting out a loud scream.

The fallen man dumbfounded and didn't know what just happened, he turn back and his face instantly paled knowing what just happened.

「A, Ashil! ? Y, Y, YOUU! ! ! WHAT ARE YOU DOING!! ! ! 」

Looking at Ashil, the man who got stabbed by knife on his thigh, hurriedly turning around and looking in anger at Rio.

「So what, it's a legitimate self-defense. You're just too cruel. So I stabbed your friend」

Rio said that with cold evil tone.

Rio learned that this kind of things can't be dealt with cold headed way few days ago when he entangled with it in the capital.

Though they're actually a decent men's who won't harming other's people for fun, Rio already learned about that in this world. [TLC : 面白半分で人に害悪をぶつけてくる人間に碌な人物はいないというのが、この世界でリオが学んだことだ。]

These men's here is at fault for staring to one-sidedly attacking him.

So Rio pushing aside his honor and hardening his will.

「WHAT DO YOU SAY! ? That's what you're just doing! 」

But, without understanding the meaning of his words, that man flaring at Rio.

「That is your knife right? In this situation you must be understand what going to happen when you unsheathe your knife in a crowded place like this. Stabbing with that knife is just a legitimate self defense」


Rio said that while give him a cold glance that made that made the air within the room become heavy.

「Will I just be quiet and waiting to get stabbed? 」

 And then, Rio said that in order to end this mess.

「We, well............., even so...................」

 The man face paled and he completely awakened from his drunken state.

「That's just trivial matter but, it's better to stop that person bleeding quickly. Though he won't die from it, it's not a good things to leave that wound as it is」

 After giving a cold glance at that man, Rio sit and starting his meal again.

 As expected, the surrounding men's that looking at Rio with smirk also silenced.

「A, Ashil-san! Are you alright! 」

 A woman expression changed and quickly rushed to that spot. [TLC : そこに顔色を変えた女性が駆けつけてきた。]

 Her age is around the first half of her twenties, she is a beauty but has weary expression.


 Responding to that woman call, He carrying the one called Ashil whose thigh get stabbed by knife and letting out a loud scream. [TLC : 女性の呼びかけにも応じず、アシルと呼ばれた男はナイフが突き刺さった太ももを抱えて、大声で悲鳴を上げている。]

「I will unplug the knife and stop the bleeding. It will be painful but, please endure it」

 After saying that, the woman unplug the knife from Ashil wound to give him medical treatment.


 Though while the woman coiling bandage aroung his thigh, the blood overflowed and dyed the white bandage in red color.

 Seeing that the woman fallen into panic, as a result, Rio sighed and approaching them.

「Please step aside」

「E? 」

 Rio ignored the woman perplexed voice.

 And, moving Ashil who is far bigger than himself to the edge of the room, Rio unwrap the bandage at once.

 Rio also ignoring that man scream, the surrounding peoples taken aback and fall into silent watching that scene.

「『Healing Magic(Heal)』」

 Reciting camouflage chant then placing his hands above the injured part, then light overflowed from Rio hands.

 Rio wasn't using magic, he's using spirit arts.

 Though geomethrical pattern will come afloat from magic, that won't show in spirit arts.

 The surrounding peoples didn't notice that pattern, Rio gave medical treatment to that man while hiding his presence. [TL : MEDICAL NINJA SPOTTED!!!]

 Because he hestitating to also not keeping it too long, he quickly give first-aid measure then stopped to only that degree.

「With this the blood should be stopped. Though, please hold back from violent movement for few days」

 and, though the surrounding peoples heard what Rio just said, all of them in that place didn't made any reaction and mute in amazement.

「Se, seriously.......」

「Ju, just now is 『Healing Magic(Heal)』........ right? This is the first time I see that......」

「That kid is a magician............」

「By any chance, you're a noble, isn't it? 」

「Well, such unpleasant situation............ Starting a fight with noble is capital crime」

 Before long here and there the men's understand the things about Rio and starting to become noisy. [TLC : やがてちらほらと今リオがしたことを理解した男達が騒ぎ始めた。]

 In the first place there is also only very few peoples receiving magic education from commoner class, above all 『Healing Magic(Heal)』 control of magical power is extremely difficult for a person to learn, so there is only few of them.

 Not yet an adult, a boy could easily use that magic, all peoples in that place entering a shocked state.

 Sensing it, Rio being fed-up with the noisy atmosphere of the bar.


「Ye, Yes! 」

 Calling to Chloe who is lying down in the bathroom, Chloe speak n frightened voice. [TL : previously it's said kitchen in the raw text, so how is she suddenly lying down in the bathroom?] [TLC : 風呂に入って寝ようかとクロエに声をかけたが、怯えたようにクロエが声を出した。]

 By the look in her eyes to Rio, there is no familiar atmosphere from sometimes ago.

「I'm sorry. It's trivial matter, but. The meal is tasty. Thank you for the meal」

 After saying that, Rio leave the dining room and head back to his room.


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