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Seirei Gensouki ~Konna Sekai De Deaeta Kimi Ni~ - Chapter 111.1


Chapter 111.1

Chapter 111 [The Black Knight, His Name Is... . . ]

Part 1

After he read every parts written in that letter, Takahisa stood on his place with a dumbfounded expression .

The inside of his head turned pure white as he feels a bitter taste in his mouth .

「What the hell . This is............ . 」

Takahisa's face became frozen solid as he raised a remark as if squeezing his voice .

What he couldn't understand is what the meaning of the content of that letter .

He can't stop his trembling heart .

Though they were together for a long time, he wasn't aware of this fact .

About the other childhood friend of Miharu .

About the other older brother of Aki .

Because he never saw both Miharu or Aki showing that sort of sign at all .

Until they arrived in this world .

Not even to consider the thing which had been lost .

He's not aware of anything that was given to him nor he have any question about it .

Protecting someone .

Takahisa's the only one who was spending his life happily――

「U-Uhm, Takahisa-sama?」

Kiara's calling to him in seeing him showing an unusual reaction .

But, her voice never reached Takahisa .

(He was the older brother of Aki, loved by Miharu and her childhood friend?)

Takahisa's pondering about that point .

Rio who was once Amakawa Haruto is confessing his love to Miharu .

Maybe the person who Miharu loves is Amakawa Haruto .

That must be why Miharu can unconsciously feels the trace of Amakawa Haruto in Rio .

Takahisa suddenly imagined the figure of Rio standing on the place where he should

be at .

Along with Miharu, Aki and Masato――


He's attacked by a severe feeling of rejection .

He can even try to imagine that fact as a fact .

He also doesn't want to .

’’Why someone like Rio, Haruto is right on the side of Miharu and the others――’’

「Unfair............ . Yeah, so unfair . Isn't this unfair to me? The thing that he does is...............」

Takahisa suddenly muttered to himself .

「He's lying . He cheated Aki and Miharu」

’’He's trying to bind Miharu with a debt of gratitude―― He's trying to restrain Miharu with sympathy―― Outside, he says something like 『I'm respecting Miharu and the others own will』 while in fact trying to guide their will .

Yes, it was Rio who is always pulling a trick toward Miharu and the others .

He was the one who is betraying Miharu and the Others . [TL : What an overly imaginative guy]

Isn't he such a selfish man .

Part 2

「What do you mean by harming someone since it's necessary? Killing a human? That's impossible right . Such a thing! 」

The feeling which is gradually arising in him is eventually coming out in verbal form .

He really can't understand what kind of nerves one needed to kill someone .

Even if he is a former Japanese, normally it shouldn't be so easy for him to kill someone just because it's necessary .

Even if it's for self-defense the public will talk about it behind his back in Japan .

That kind of simple solution of killing someone if it's necessary to live on is absolutely wrong .

He can't put his sympathy to that kind of person and feeling uneasy for the ’’Good person’’ evaluation on him by Miharu and the others .

Much less to say, he can't help but worrying if that kind of man is staying by Miharu and the others side .

And then, a strong desire was swirling inside of Takahisa .

Such unrestrained emotion is on the peak of heat .

The chaos and excitement makes him feel dizzy .

As if heaven and earth is completely overturned .

Even so, it was the feeling that he recognized as clear as day .

「I won't let that killer to be along with Miharu」

Takahisa muttered with a subdued voice .


Takahisa's standing still at his place with a sour expression and then someone appeared and called his name .

「I wonder what are you doing by standing still at this place, Takahisa? And for the three of you to be here............ . 」

It was Lilyana who was taking along Fril, the maid, with her .

She's coming upon the figure of Takahisa standing on the corridor when she returned to her room after she's done with the negotiation with Francois .

「AAAh, Lily.................. So you've returned」

Though he noticed Lilyana, Takahisa's reaction is dull .

It feels like his body is here but, not his soul .

「Yeah, since I only need to sign the official form of the alliance............... What's the matter, Kiara? 」

While talking with Takahisa, Lilyana who is seeing Kiara's reaction is asking for a confirmation of the situation .

「M-My deepest apologies! Lilyana-sama . The truth is――」

Kiara's apologizing with a pale face and then began to explain the situation to Lilyana .

She then proceeded to the explanation of the fact that transpired at that place objectively .

And then, Lilyana felt anxious after she heard the entirety of Kiara's explanation .

Part 5

Takahisa's saying so with a sullen expression .

「Takahisa-sama............ . . 」

Lilyana's heaving a sigh as if troubled by it .

Up till now, she always respecting Takahisa's will as far as possible .

Though he's lacking the life experience due to his young age, Takahisa's bad nature will appear in his speech and conduct when he became too hot blooded .

It seems the person himself is aware of that fact but, he never left any fatal mistake which can't be undone in his young age .

Therefore Takahisa's never even considered to fix that nature of him .

Lilyana was also captured by such a nice disposition of Takahisa .

That's why she never thought of trying to fix that side of him immediately since she also has a duty as the princess to win him over toward their side .

But, only this case she can't act like usual .

Because Takahisa doesn't seem like the kind of people who will do what he likes just because he's a hero to Lilyana .

Since it'll implied on so many things by bringing in a hero to her country, in the end she has no choice to scold him for the sake of her own country .

Lilyana has not enough power to settle everything with her limited authority except for something necessary .

Moreover, she thinks that trying to settle this case with power is a poor move .

She might be able to do something if this is Saint Stellar kingdom .

But, Rio, the victim is a noble of Galwark kingdom, even Lilyana can't freely wield her authority in Galwark kingdom .

「Though it's the type of crime that will need the victim side to file the complaint, intentionally tearing the letter which is written by a noble is a crime . Do you understand that now? 」

Lilyana asked with a calm voice .

Since there's many confidential matters in the letter written by noble, one will become the subject of the rules when they were intentionally violating highly restricted information .

It's going as far as death penalty if that letter happened to be highly classified information, even if it happened to not be highly classified information, it's not something praiseworthy praiseworthy either since they basically stepped into another person's privacy .

Furthermore, there'll be additional punishment waiting upon them in case they're conveying the content of that unsealed letter to another person .

「Eh.........? 」

Takahisa's eye opened wide in hearing such unexpected words .

Certainly, he can't just open the letter of another person just for his own convenience .

Even more so, that's something akin to a crime――

Part 6

Certainly, the matter of him accidentally tearing the seal and reading one part of the letter are just act of god .

It definitely is his fault for reading the entire letter after that but――

Somehow or other, Takahisa isn't making a justification in his heart for it is his own fault .

But, he noticed immediately .

――I-I can't do that . One who opened a letter except for the one to whom those letter addressed to is a criminal?

When he read the letter addressed to Aki aside, from Kiara trembling, he knew that he already became a criminal by the time he read the letter addressed to Miharu .

「............ . AH」

「It seems you understand the weight of your action」

Saying so, Lilyana's letting out a deep sigh .

「No, even so............ It's not like I teared it on purpose」

Takahisa's showing a gloomy expression as if he can't accept that .

He clearly understands that this matter is happening because of his own fault .

Because Takahisa didn't think that his action was a crime .

「You definitely will be punished for intentionally opening the seal of the letter . You shouldn't be punished for opening the seal by mistake . But, does Takahisa-sama know that intentionally reading the letter is something that can't be undone in this case? 」

「T-That is..................... . 」

It's shown on Takahisa's face when he heard about it from Lilyana's tone which is greatly different from her usual tone .

「You will become the target of punishment if the fact that you intentionally broke the seal and reading the letter is known to the public . At this rate, you'll be undergoing trial as long as Haruto-sama filed a complaint . And there's no other way to prevent that except from asking permission from Haruto-sama」

Takahisa unintentionally gulped his saliva in hearing the statement of Lilyana who's supposed to be his ally .

「Punishment you say, that's too exaggerated huh............ . 」

「Whether it's exaggerated is depending on the will of the victim and the content of the letter............... Since Takahisa-sama's a hero, even if for example Haruto-sama filed a complaint, he basically can't do anything about that 」

Part 7

Maybe because the trial matter to the country is comparable to a hero .

Though this matter might become an issue, they can avoid such judgement with the political situation and in the end Takahisa won't be charged for his crime .

Beside everything will be fine if this matter won't cause any problem, though it's possible to turn the situation in that way if this place was Saint Stellar kingdom, it won't be that easy when such matter happened in Galwark kingdom .

If for example they're facing the trial, maybe it's easier to imagine that it'll turn into them owing a favor toward Galwark kingdom .

Even if it's not turning toward that way, they might have to offer a formal apology to Rio in order to not being charged by him .

「B-But, if it'll turn into something as dangerous as that, no one will ever receive something like a letter of a noble right...... . . Since it'll bring trouble upon them if they ever make a blunder which caused the letter to be unsealed like now」

Takahisa tried his reasoning .

It might be might be something cruel to entrust the letter without any sort of explanation, what will happen if the seal of the letter is broken .

 ’’In the first place, I love Miharu, isn't he way too bold for entrusting a letter with such content to his rival in love . ’’

 Though it should be fine if he hands this letter by himself, why did he have to entrust this letter to me .

In the first place, Miharu's decided to go with Rio, so she's in love with Rio .

Even if you couldn't hand over the letter since you're in a hurry, you should give the letter yourself .

And yet, he completely failed to understand why Rio entrusted the letters to him as if he's chased by something .

In addition to one matter today, Takahisa feels something close to unjustified resentment toward Rio while recalling the content of the letter .

「Let's go give our apologies toward Haruto-sama . I'll go along to apologize to him too」

Lilyana proposed that plan with a soft voice .

Her tone is completely like inviting a child who just did a naughty thing to reflect on his action .

「No............ . . 」

Takahisa's showed a complete rejection toward such a proposal .

Lilyana's suddenly making a whole face smile .

「Well, what are you going to do then?」


Takahisa's at a loss for words .

If he goes to apologize to Rio, the matter of these letters will be known by Miharu and the others .

What will happen if this letter arrived at Miharu's hands?

When he imagined what will happen after that――

No good .

Part 8

Takahisa's showing a strong resistance .

 ’’I won't allow such a thing to happen . ’’

 ’’Absolutely not . ’’

 ’’Rio's a killer and a liar after all . ’’

Rio's the benefactor of Miharu and the others, he was protecting them and taught them survival skills without holding anything back .

Miharu and the others were embracing strong feelings of gratitude toward Rio .

That's why Takahisa also invited Rio to come along .

Since Miharu will come along with him .

He was kind of aware about the distance between Miharu and Rio getting closer and closer but, he's not envying that and was trying to hold his own emotion .

And yet, Rio is betraying his feeling .

A killer who is caught in his distorted revenge .

When such a dangerous man is with Miharu, he won't let such a selfish story to pass by .

There's no way he can bring happiness to Miharu with his hand which is soaked by the blood of the people killed by him .

He must not let Rio get closer to Miharu .

「Don't tell me, you're going to hide this fact?」

Lilyana asked with a slightly grimacing expression .

「That guy is...... . . Dangerous」

Takahisa's replying with a frown .

Though Lilyana's unable to see through the true meaning behind his words, she knew that Takahisa implicitly accused Haruto .

「Even if I'm working along with Takahisa-sama to hide this fact, someday this matter will come to light . You should understand what will happen by then even without me explaining the risk right? 」

If they were going to hide this fact, they have no choice but to bring back Miharu and the others to their kingdom before they've any chance to get into a contact with Rio .

But, that's nothing more than stalling the time in their country .

In that case, Miharu and the others may show a strong resistance if they're trying to forcibly bring them back, even if they managed to cheat Miharu and the others, they'll know that they were being cheated sooner being cheated sooner or later .

Moreover, Charlotte was there to witness when Rio entrusted his letter to Takahisa, Satsuki also knows that Rio's going to send those letters toward Miharu and the others .

Satsuki might be aware of the truth if she meets Miharu and the others later, and it might cause a crack on the alliance with Galwark kingdom who just became their ally .

「Even so............ . . This is definitely for the sake of Miharu and the others」

Takahisa muttered those words with slight confidence .

「He's showing his sincere attitude toward us, no, he's the one who let Takahisa-sama to reunite with Miharu and the others . In spite of that, are you going to treat him with such extreme insincerity by hiding the crime that you committed toward him? 」

Lilyana's asking him that question .

Rio put his trust on Takahisa as the older brother of Aki and Masato, and yet, Takahisa was betraying his trust to the point of committing a crime .

Is Rio the one at fault for entrusting his letters to Takahisa, or Takahisa for betraying Rio's trust by reading the content of the letter? .

Which one is it .

「L-Lily......... . You're mistaken」

Part 9

Though the sincere complaints of Lilyana is piercing deep in his mind .

Takahisa thinks of her as someone special when he knows that she's his only ally .

And yet, why can't she understand hi,?

No, Lilyana just doesn't know about it .

About Rio who deceived Miharu――

「N-No...... . . You're mistaken . I can't let Miharu, and the others to meet him」

Takahisa's somehow frantically trying to explain the situation to her .

But, Lilyana's pupils are shaken as if she feels sad and,

「Takahisa-sama, we promised to Haruto-sama . That we'll respect the will of Miharu and the others . Are you going to betraying that promise too? 」

She asked while staring at Takahisa face .

「Wrong . What will, that will......... Is something that guided by him! Miharu and the others are tricked by him! 」

「Their will......... . Is being guided?」

Lilyana's reaction also showed a slight change in hearing Takahisa's calm objection .

Naturally she doesn't know the detailed situation unless she asked for Takahisa's explanation .

But, it might have turned into her prying to other people's privacy if she's prying even further into it .

Normally Lilyana will show a smile that is resembling a dignified bloomed flower but, only in this time she's showing a hesitation .

「...... Maybe he'll make their life miserable if they go with him」

Takahisa told her about that while making the content of the letter vague .

Amakawa Haruto is dead in the past .

But, Ayase Miharu is alive in the present .

And yet, that dead man is loving the living woman, there's no way he'll allow it .

She won't be happy .

Death isn't something that can be taken lightly .

Rio's lacking in that awareness .

After all Miharu will be sad if she knows that Haruto is dead, for that Haru-, No, for that Rio to confessing his previous life as Haruto is way too selfish of him .

Takahisa keeps making such a excuse inside of his head .

「Surely . Yeah, I'm sure . He's definitely the one who.........」

「Is that the only secret written in this letter? And will it make Miharu-san and the others unhappy once they know about it? 」

「Yeah......... . 」

Takahisa consented .

「I see......... . 」

Maybe because no one but the writer knows the intention behind the sentences that he wrote in the letters .

Or maybe because it's depending on the receiver of the letters――


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