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Seirei Gensouki ~Konna Sekai De Deaeta Kimi Ni~ - Chapter 108.1


Chapter 108.1

Chapter 108 [Because of You]

TL : Cnine

ED/PF : LittleEndu

Part 1

After they're done raising the curtain ceremony, the last day of evening party finally began.

「O~h, isn't this the black knight-dono」

「Are you enjoying this, lord Haruto」

「I definitely want to introduce my daughter to lord Haruto」

Rio who just descended from the stage is greeted by many people.

They might be trying to build a good relationship with the newly appointed honorary knight who's being hailed as a brave.

In spite of not knowing what they really think about him, everyone greeted him with amicable face.

It goes as far as marriage offers from some of them.

The nobles who are trying to be intimate with him by calling him such as ’’Lord Haruto’’ or ’’Black Knight’’ are slowly shaving away the ’’something’’ inside of Rio, especially when they call him ’’Black Knight’’.

By receiving the honorary title on his name, Rio automatically became a noble in spite of not serving the country.

Therefore many nobilities made their move without regard to their own countries toward Rio who was just inaugurated as the black knight.

(At this rate I won't even be able to move around as I please)

In spite of showing an insincere smile on his face, Rio was actually frustated in the fact that he couldn't move around.

He's nonchalantly looking around the venue and looking for the people who are taking a different action.

Rio also considered the possibilities of Francois wanting Miharu-tachi to attend the evening party when requesting the permission for Miharu-tachi to enter the castle this morning.

But, he just aware that Miharu-tachi attending the evening party is after the start of the evening party.

Rio felt that they might need to have a discussion while taking a different action.

Miharu and the others aren't that nervous thanks to Satsuki and Takahisa.

(Actually I want to go to meet them but.................)

He's looking at the women who were standing at his side and the nobilities who were currently besieging him from all sides.

The partner who was standing by his side today was not Liselotte.

By the direct order of the king, Francois Galwark, he assigned Charlotte Galwark, his own beloved daughter as Rio's partner.

Charlotte was one of the royalties who he protected last night.

As one would expect, Rio who's unable to ignore the order of the king hurriedly attending the evening party with Charlotte as his partner.

「Haruto-sama, Haruto-sama」

And, Charlotte who's showing a friendly smile when ever something happened is calling Rio.

While at the same time pulling Rio's hand.

Though it might have something to do with her being younger than Rio, maybe she's originally pampered child just like when she embraced Michael arms, her older brother.

This trait of her is in full display even towards Rio.


「Yes, what's matter?」

「Isn't your throat parched after speaking so much?」

Maybe because she noticed that Rio kept speaking since a while ago, Charlotte said those words when he's catching some breath from speaking.

「Oh my, how impolite of me. Then, may I get some beverage from the waiters」

「Fufu, then please bring my share as well」

Part 2

Charlotte might be thirsty too.

When Rio's about to go towards the place where Charlotte was waiting beforehand .

「By all means」

She's coming back with cute way of walking reminding him of small animal and then giving a metal cup filled with fruit liquor to Rio.

「Thank you very much」

Rio received the glass while saying his gratitude.

「Let's toast, Haruto-sama」

「Yes. Cheers」


Making eye contact as he was giving her a smile while raising his glass lightly.

And just like that, he drank the fruit liquor inside the metal glass.

「Fufu, in spite of it's wonderful taste it might somehow make me slightly intoxicated」

Charlotte said those words with impish smile on her face while elegantly placing her hand on her cheek.

「Please don't force yourself. Please stop immediately if you feel something is wrong with your health」

「Thank you very much. But I'm okay with just this amount of liquor」

When they're engaging in those conversation, Rio's catching the sight of six people approaching them.

The black haired woman with tinge of brown on it's surface is greeting him at the same time as they're arriving at his place.


The person who called to Rio first was Satsuki.

There's also the figure of Lilyana, Takahisa, Masato, Aki and Miharu behind her, all wearing formal dresses.

Takahisa is smiling awkwardly when his eyes meet Rio, Lilyana was nodding at Rio with her usual kind smile.

On the other hand, the three of Masato, Aki and Miharu were slightly embarrassed for wearing dresses that they're not used to.

「Everyone............ You're wearing matching dresses」

Rio's in spite of being perplexed managed to respond with smile.

The cause for that is the presence of one girl in front of him, Ayase Miharu.

Though he already seen Miharu figure from afar, he can't be helped but being unintentionally fascinated when he's looking at her from close by.

Her body wrapped in fairy-like and cute pale-pink colored dress and her long black hair which is braided to the right side of her nape of neck is bringing about the neat and tidy atmosphere.

In spite of Rio being able to see many beautiful noble daughters in this three days, Miharu is far more lovely, beautiful, and brilliant than anyone else.

Though Rio was slightly stiffened due to that, Charlotte who's the first to notice his situation is peering at his face from the side.

But she immediately turned toward Miharu and the others,

Part 3

「It's my pleasure to meet everyone. I'm Galwark kingdom second princess, Charlotte Galwark」

Charlotte pinched the cuffs of her dress and then made a lovely bow as she said those words.

When she raised her face, she smiled as she looked at Miharu's face.

「Yes. My name is Miharu Ayase. It's my pleasure to meet you too」

Miharu politely introduced herself with slightly stiff smile.

She introduced her given name first since she might be following the custom of this world.

「Sharl-chan. I think you already know about Takahisa-kun and Lilyana-sama but, these three are my friends you know. Though Miharu-chan already introduced herself, this little girl is Aki-chan and this boy is Masato-kun. The two of them are siblings of Takahisa-kun」

Satsuki introduced Aki and Masato who were falling behind Miharu.

「Yes. Nice to meet you」

Charlotte smiled as she greeted Masato and Aki.

「N-Nice to meet you」

Maybe because of their nervousness, Aki and Masato bowed with slightly stiff expression.

Which might be caused caused by her refined manner as a royalty, or maybe because they're fascinated by her cute appearance, or it might be bacause of her age which is close to them.

「Maybe Aki-chan is around the same age as Sharl-chan. Masato is one year younger. Miharu-chan is one year younger than me, she's around Haruto-kun age」

Thus, Satsuki's explaining about Miharu and the others age.

「Miharu-sama, Aki-sama and Masato-sama isn't it. I definitely remember it. Please take care of me after this」

「Yes, definitely」

Aki and Masato's replied to Charlotte who's saying those words with such a pure smile.

And then, when the others were looking at the forming of the group of the same age with warm smile,

「Nevertheless, it seems that the ’’Black Knight’’-sama is quite popular himself right. Aren't there non-stop flood of people coming to you to get closer with you since the beginning of the evening party」

Satsuki said those words as if suddenly recalling something.

That's the grinning expression as if she's laughing at something interesting.

Rio face was unintentionally cramped at that moment but,

「........... It's not like I'm that popular, they might be just being charmed by the cuteness of princess Charlotte right」 [TL : ............ Rio, you........]

Rio's smoothly replying back while pasting his face with his perfect business smile.

Satsuki was squinting her eyes in amazement after seeing Rio's skill to smoothly follow through unexpected situation.

Part 4

「Well, aren't you really skilled in this」

Charlotte who heard about his praise right by his side is raising a delightful smile.

「Haruto-anchan having a really cool title like black knight! I'm so jealous of you! 」

Masato's butting in their conversation with truly bright expression.

「A-Yes. .......... Thank you」

Rio's replying with cramped face toward such pure words of praise.

Thereupon, Satsuki who was unable to endure her urge to laugh is chuckling lightly.

「It's truly wonderful title you know. Haruto-sama」

Charlotte also praising Rio by riding the momentum made by Masato.

For the people who were living pass their puberty in japan aside, she, who's a pure person in this world didn't even feel a slight disturbance inside herself for that embarrassing alias.

Therefore those words of her mean nothing but a genuine praise just like Masato's.

But that's the matter only when Satsuki's not trying to hold her laugh right by their side which might be due to Rio obediently receiving their sincere praise.

「.............Thank you very much」

Rio's telling his gratitude while in fact he's quite embarrassed.

Because Charlotte is the daughter of Francois, the one who bestowed him the black knight alias.

He couldn't say and didn't want to say horrible things about his alias in front of her.

「Nevertheless, aren't you getting really close with Charlotte-chan?」

Maybe because she knew the right moment, Satsuki's brought up that subject for change of topic.

Therefore, Charlotte is smiling ears-to-ears in hearing that.

「Yes, that's true. Haruto-sama is a kind and gentlemen, it feels like I'm getting a new onii-sama」[TL : ....... EH!!!!!!?? I DIDN'T SEE THAT COMING][TLC: But maybe she's into incest, you never know...]

She's leaning in coquettishly on Rio's arm as she said those words.

In spite of the difference in their rank, the people on that place stare in amazement and then start to focus on hearing the conversation the conversation between Charlotte and Satsuki.

「........... He~, doesn't that make you happy Haruto-kun. You get such cute little sister」

Satsuki replied several seconds later with slightly colder tone than usual.

She smiled with her usual kind smile but, maybe it's just his imagination, Rio can feel some sort of pressure released from her toward him.

「That's just a joke. I'm still far cry from Michael-sama」

Rio shaked his head in denial with splendid courage in spite of the chill running along his spine.

「Fufu, Haruto-sama has a different kind of charm compared to onii-sama」 [TL : One bomb after another]

Charlotte was happily saying that while clinging even closer on Rio's arm.

Satsuki squinted her eyes and then even Miharu who's right by her side also looked at Charlotte who was clinging onto Rio.

Part 5

(What with this atmosphere?)

Though Rio felt that strange air is drifting around them, he can't understand the reason for that.

The thing that he understood was that he'll be in an even more troublesome situation if Charlotte keeps sticking at his arm like this.

Nevertheless, it's not like he can just forcibly shake her off seeing that the other party is a royalty.

「Fu~hn, Haruto-kun charm is it. I wonder which part is it?」

「That's right. He's giving out this reliable air which made me feel at peace just staying by his side」

「........... I see. I understand your feeling though」

Satsuki's reluctantly agreed with Charlotte and even Miharu who was by her side also nodded lightly to that remark.

But, the group of people originally from Japan were staring at Satsuki with slightly perplexed expression.

Somehow the current Satsuki's displaying wealth of girlish emotion befitting of her age.

That was a rare case for her.

Satsuki was almost like faultless girl in the eyes of the surrounding students back in Japan, which also includes Takahisa.

Therefore she's being branded as a honor student by her surroundings and she easily set her position as the president of student council with ease, she was giving out an hard to approach image due to her result.

Naturally she'll be responding properly if one's speaking to her but, maybe because she's not open about herself or because she drew a line, she established herself as a calm and composed person without that much emotional aspect.

That Satsuki's living up to the expectation of her surrounding was because she isn't showing part of her true self even to those who were close to her but, the current Satsuki was naturally revealing such feeling on her face.


Charlotte was saying so while bringing her face closer to Rio's arm as if to rub her face on it.

Therefore, the severity of Satsuki glare on Rio's arm was raising to another level.

In spite of giving an unconcerned look, Miharu's gaze was also locking on Rio's arm.

Though Rio's already driven by the impulse to leave this place ASAP, Charlotte's still glued to his arm.

This is bad.

Rio who was instinctively sensing the danger approaching himself is looking around for something which can be used as an excuse to free himself from this situation.

Thereupon, he discovered the empty glass clutched tightly in Charlotte's hand.

「May I borrow your glass, Charlotte-sama?」

「Yes. Here you go?」

Charlotte was obeying go?」

Charlotte was obeying Rio words in spite of being slightly puzzled by his action.

「Though it's already emptied, the remained fruit liquor will make your wonderful dress dirty if it were to scatter around. Let me to return the glass」

After taking the glass, Rio nonchalantly took some distance from Charlotte.

And then, when he managed to get himself free from the previous glued state,

「Oh my, as expected of a gentleman. How tactful of you, Haruto-kun」

Right at that moment, Satsuki said that in admiraiton with slightly loosened lips.

Though the reason for that is incomprehensible for Rio, even the strange atmosphere which dominated that place till just a while ago is vanished like a lie. [TL : Haki!!? did she just released a haki?]

In return, Charlotte was showing a slightly bored face but no one noticed that. [TL : EH!?............... EEEEEEEEEEH!!!, AN EVIL LOLI JUST APPEARED!!!]

Part 6

「It's nothing since it's an important matter..............」

After replying with a wry smile, Rio went toward the nearby table to return the glass.

He heaved a relieved sigh in a slightly separated place after being freed from hard to understand pressure.

(Yup, shall I goes back then)

Rio walked toward where he come from with the preparation of a soldier who's about to marching toward the battlefield.

「Are you enjoying this party, Miharu-san?」

After returning he greeted Miharu first.

She who was watching the conversation in spite of being the part of the group is trembled and then turning around to face Rio.

She was looking at Rio face with the face as if asking ’’What's matter?’’.

Miharu's smiling as if slightly embarassed and then,

「Uhm, I'm a bit nervous though」

She's replied while twirling the tip of her braid.

Just like that, they sneaked to a slightly separated place from their group.

Even though Takahisa seemingly showed a slightly worrying face, he isn't calling for her.

「I'm glad then. I'm worried whether you're actually forcing yourself to participate in the evening party but, it seems my worries were for naught」

「Yes. Since Lilyana-sama says that this will be beneficial in the long run since we can say our gratitude toward the king if we're attending this evening party」

「I see..................」

Though showing a slightly pensive look on his face, Rio nodded while fumming in small voice.

「Anyhow, Masato-kun and Aki-chan are seemingly enjoying this too right」

Saying so, Rio was looking at Masato and Aki.

Those two were chatting with the people around them while merrily laughing.

「They're slightly excited when it's decided that we'll be attending the evening party you know. They were a bit nervous just before the party though」

Miharu chuckled as she said that.

「How very like of them right」

Rio replied while lightly smiling.

After a while, Rio noticed that he was enjoying his conversation with Miharu.

「Somehow, it feels like it's been awhile since we're conversing like this with just the two of us」

And somehow Rio blurted out his own thought.

In fact the two of them have not that much of chance to be alone with just the two of them inspite of living under the same roof.

The last time they're having this kind of conversation is maybe when they made the last meal before going toward the capital.

~To Be Continue To Part 2~


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