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Seirei Gensouki ~Konna Sekai De Deaeta Kimi Ni~ - Chapter 101.1


Chapter 101.1

Chapter 101 [Takahisa's Feelings]

+++第101話 貴久の気持ち

TL : Cnine

ED/PF : Jake1456

Part 1

The evening party is interrupted after the attack of the burglars.

Since the burglars who're the culprits of this incident has all died due to a spell, they can't gain the information regarding the mastermind or the motive for doing this.

But, it was almost certain that someone has brought along those burglars to enter the castle.

Maybe there was a betrayer amongst their own countrymen, or maybe it's a deed of someone who belongs to another country.

At any rate, Galwark kingdom are desperately trying to get rid of the mud that was plastered on their own face.

But, seeing that there's so many people of various countries which was invited in the castle, it'll also come along with the doubt of what kind of influence behind the culprit when a suspicion is formed.

They can do nothing but to raise their vigilance to maximum inside the castle when it comes to something that can be done by Galwark kingdom.

The soldiers are deployed in semi-battle situation inside the castle, being wary of the intruders from outside aside, they're also making sure that none of the people inside the castle make a suspicious movement.

The guests need a given permit just to leave the castle, it comes to the point that even the people who's working in the castle will be questioned by the soldiers about their identity if they left without a clear reason.


The sound of a sigh which looks like letting out of the owner's tired spirit is resounding inside the splendid room of the castle which is currently in high alert.

Rio―― The one who let out that sigh is currently sitting on top of a georgeous bed.

Due to the great contribution in repelling the burglars, it's been decided that Rio won't be back to the mansion of duke Kretia and instead will be staying in the castle.

They're preparing a spacious room to the point that they can't even consider it as a single room, it's comfortable and have a environment where one can spend their time inside without any kind of discomfort but, Rio just can't feel relaxed.

(Don't tell me they're going to go as far as giving me helpers)

Rio's sending a fleeting glance at the wall.

There was two court ladies awaiting over there.

Both are young, and beautiful.

The helper of the guests are the jobs of the head servant and not just job of maid servant and they'll help him as his assistant.

They might be daughters of nobles who was working in the castle as an apprentice.

(............... The schedule is going out of order)

Rio's muttering those words inside his heart while looking at the ceiling of his room.

There might be a great number of soldiers patrolling outside of the doors, and two unfamiliar girls inside the room, he won't even be able to sneak out of the room secretly in this kind of situation.

Though there's some restriction, the guests are allowed to stroll inside the castle but, if Rio were going to stroll inside the castle, undoubtedly the two girls will be following along with him.

In case of him coming to meet Satsuki, he have no choice but to come straight from the front.

Nevertheless, the current him have no official reason to go to Satsuki's room.

(It's not like they're suspcting me but, what the hell is with this kind of treatment)

No matter how much of a benefactor he is to them, in his current situation if it's seen from the country's point of view there's no way they'll leave alone someone who have no clear lineage to stroll alone.

Maybe the helpers are also given a duty as the observers so he won't make a suspicious movement.

Though it doesn't seem that they're in the same room when Rio's sleeping, since he have no complete grasp of the surveillance system, it's better for him to refrain himself from becoming a suspect by making suspicious movements from when he sleeps and so on.

Since there's a possibility of him getting involved with the case of the burglars with just that much if he's making a suspicious movement during this highly alert situation.

But, on the other hand, it's also the fact that he must hurry in this case.

Satsuki became the hero of Galwark kingdom, Takahisa became the hero of Saint Stellar kingdom.

If Takahisa is going back to Saint Stellar, no one will know whether there'll be another chance in their life for all of them to gather together.

Though it's currently not a fixed matter yet due to the tomorrow evening party, at any rate Takahisa's days of staying in Galwark kingdom will be limited.

They have to do so many things during that time.

Part 2

(Calm down. Let's arrange the situation for now)

He needs to calm himself for the sake of the future course of his action afterward.

The first problem is how far Satsuki have conveyed this matter to Takahisa.

(As long as I'm looking at the situation when I met him last night, he already knows that Miharu and co is under my protection..............)

He recalled that Satsuki and Takahisa's conversation is profound with meaning before being introduced at each other with Rio.

At that time, Takahisa asked something while pointing at Rio. And then Satsuki's nodding at him.

Rio's expecting that Takahisa already knows that Miharu and co is under his protection from that conversation.

But, there's not that much time passed since Satsuki and Takahisa's taking a different action till the attack of the burglars.

He's wondering how much information they exchanged during those moments.

There's too many uncertain factors which made him feel uneasy to advance forward inside.

But, it doesn't mean that the situation will be changed to a better one by rushing forward.

Though Rio's situation is practically moving to a completely different direction thanks to the attack of the burglars, an irregularity is part of human life.

In the end a human is just a human, because there's no way they can predict everything that will happen in this world.

(I'll at least do what I can do. Perhaps Satsuki-san will also do something. I have no choice but to wait obediently in this room)

The matter of making an excuse to meet Satsuki from Rio's side aside, it won't be so hard to make an excuse for Satsuki to meet Rio if she's using her position as a hero.

Maybe the one who should make the first move is from Satsuki's side to meet Rio, and from then there's a chance to meet Takahisa.

There's too much risk involved for him to make a strange action when he's still unclear with his current situation.

While thinking about that matter, Rio decided to have a change of pace.

He wanted to give a rest to his body by lying down on the bed but, Rio's nerve isn't so bold to the point that he can feel relaxed with two unfamiliar girls in his room.

(............ Hn?)

Suddenly he noticed that their line of sight is alightned to him.

They were looking curiously at him who's looking at the ceiling with a listless expression.

Rio's looking toward the girl.

「Was there something on my face?」

So he asked.

Those court lady suddenly making a surprised face and then,

「N-No―― I-It's nothing. Please forgive our discourtesy」

Saying those words while shaking their blushed face.

Part 3

「So that it......」

Their conversation ended there.

Their conversation isn't going on.

Rather than that, he also feels uncomfortable due to it.

(Should I talk about something with them? Though when you say so............)

The matter regarding to starting a conversation to a guest from their side is a breach of manner but, it's different matter if Rio is the one who's talking to them first.

But, Rio was at a loss since he didn't know what kind of topic he should talk about in this kind of situation since he has no similar experience in entertaining court ladies.

Even so, though the other party are court ladies, they might be daughters of nobles as well.

On the contrary, Rio is a mere commoner.

The people of higher social position is serving the people of lower social position.

That's an extremely contradiction situation.

And then, when Rio is worrying about such a strange and uncomfortable situation, a knocking sound was resounding inside of the room.

「May I enter, Haruto-sama? 」

The voice of a man can be heard from the other side of the door.

「Yes. Please wait a minute」

Rio's getting up from his chair while answering him.

「I'll open the door. Please just wait there, Haruto-sama」

For the sake of avoiding the situation where they're mistaking their priorities, the court lady is stopping Rio at his place while heading toward the door with a slightly faster pace.

When the door is opened, standing on the other side of the door is a white knight.

He can see the figure of the palace guards who's patrolling around on his background too.

「May I ask your business today?」

The court lady asked the knight.

「Ha. Takahisa Sendou-sama, The hero of Saint Stellar kingdom, wishes to meet Haruto-sama. Do you want me to accompany you to meet him?」

The knight asked him that with a well voiced tone while doing a quick salute' at him.

「Takahisa-dono, is it?」

Rio was asked that from inside the room.

「Yes. He said 『I want to chat with him』」

「I see」

He can't help but to remember one reason if Takahisa is calling at him with such timing.

But regarding how far Takahisa understands the situation, it might be around the same level as Satsuki.

That kind of question is surfacing in Rio's head but,

Part 4

「Certainly. Please guide me there」

Nodding, Rio decided to come to where Takahisa is.


Rio has come all the way till in front of the room in which Takahisa is lodging in while taking along one of the court ladies and leaving the other one in his room.

There's two girls who wore knight attire standing in front of the door of his room.

Their age is maybe around Rio age.

One of them have petite height, while the other one is slightly higher than the average woman.

The petite girl is looking at Rio and then,


Said those words with a slightly idiotic-like tone.

「Oy, Alice!」

「S-Sowyy. Kiara-senpai」

The petite girl called Alice is promptly apologizing when she's being scolded.

The girl called Kiara was glaring at Alice while a sweet smile is forming on her lips.

It's meaning is「The one to whom you should apologizing to isn't me right?」.

「M-My deepest apologies!」

Alice is bowing repeatedly to Rio.

「My colleague showing such discourtesy. My deepest apology for such action」

Kiara also apologizing after Alice.

「It's nothing since I don't really mind about it」

Rio's shaking his head in denial without showing an expression of particularly minding about such things.

「You're Haruto-sama right. Takahisa-sama and your highness princess Lilyana have been waiting for you. Please wait a minute」

After saying so, Kiara knocked on the door.

(Your highness princess Lilyana is also in there?)

Rio just slightly confused since there's an unexpected person involved.

「Haruto-sama has arrived」

「Please enter」

The voice of a man is resounding from inside the room.

「Permission has been granted. Please follow the way」

Kiara pressed him to enter the room after opening the door.

「Well then, I'll be waiting in there」

Part 5

The court lady who followed Rio said those words.

As expected, it seems he can't be careless since it goes as far as there's royalty of a foreign country in the room.

「Certainly. Well then, I'll see you later」

Rio's turning around and then went toward the room where Takahisa's waiting.

「Excuse me」

Saying so, Rio enters the room.

The room is made like design of the room of classic hotels, the inside isn't that much different with the room where Rio's staying at.

But, he can feel that Takahisa room is more spacious.

From the fact that there's severals beds inside, it might be a room made for the stay of a large number of people.

Wooden table was extabilished in the middle of the room.

In that place, Takahisa was sitting along with Lilyana.

The girl who wore knight attire and a girl who was seemingly a maid who wore an apron dress is right by their side.

「I'm happy that you came. Thank you very much」

Takahisa who sat on the chair is standing up immediately.

Lilyana following so while smiling a sweet smile toward Rio.

「It's nothing, I got too much free time than what I expect」

Rio's replying with a similiarly bright smile.

But, he still held suspicion inside,

(What the hell are they going to do?)

He thinks about such things while squinting his eyes.

There's four people waiting inside the room, including Takahisa.

He didn't see Satsuki's figure.

If it's for the talk regarding the matter of Miharu and co, he can't understand the reason for the addition of three people aside from Takahisa.

「Please take your seat」

Takahisa recommended the seat in front of him.

Though he's slightly perplexed by this kind of situation,

「Excuse me」

Rio decided to play along as he noded lightly.

Kiara's pulls Rio chair.

「Thank you very much」

Rio's telling his gratitude to Kiara and then sat on his chair.

Kiara left the room after bowing once to them.

When everyone is already sitting on their chair, the maid is starting the preparaiton to make tea.

「Thank you very much for your help last night, Haruto-sama. I'm safe thanks to your action」

Lilyana told her gratitude while showing a pure and innocent smile.

Part 6

「Please let me say my gratitude too. Thank you for protecting Lily」

Takahisa also bowed his head deeply as he said his gratitude.

He can feel their sincere gratitude.

「It's nothing, I just repulsed the burglars who were coming at me. The matter which ended without any danger approaching your highness Lilyana is thanks to the knights of this country and your own attendant」

Rio's slightly shaking his head in denial.

He's wondering whether he's being summoned for them to say their gratitude for the matter last night.

In that case he can understand the reason why Lilyana and the others are also sitting along in this room.

「No, I might have been attacked if Haruto-sama was not there. That's why, please be proud of what you did」

Lilyana's saying that while showing a carefree smile at him.

「Your words are more than what I deserve」

Rio told her that with a strained smile on his face.

「You're such a modest person aren't you」

「No, that's just how I am」

Rio's shaking his head slowly.

「Senpai will................ Satsuki-san will be here soon. We'll have a conversation after that」

Right after Takahisa said those words, the sound of the door being knocked is resounding inside of the room.

「I've brought Satsuki-sama」

「It seems she has already arrived. Please enter」

After Takahisa said so, the maid openend the door immediately.

Thereupon, Satsuki made her appearance.

Satsuki's slightly perplexed at the sight of the three people who were sitting inside of the room.

「............. Hello. and good evening」

She's staring in amazement as she entered the room while nodding lightly at them.

Lilyana replied to that with a blooming smile.

「Good evening. Sorry for the sudden call, senpai. Please sit on your chair」

Takahisa's offering a seat to Satsuki.

「Thank you. Excuse me then」

As she nodded, Satsuki timidly sat on the vacant seat next to Rio.

Kiara's coming along to help her by pulling the chair for her and then left the room again.

「Fril, please leave the room along with Hilda when you done with making the tea. Takahisa-sama wants to have an important conversation with the two of them」

Part 7

And so, Lilyana gave an order to clear the room.

「Certainly. Your highness」

The girl called Fril gave a solemn reply.

Though the female knight called Hilda seems slightly dissatisfied, she just silently standing on the back without voicing any objection.

When she finished making the tea one minute later, Fril and Hilda left the room while leaving just the four of Lilyana, Takahisa, Satsuki and Rio.

Silence descended in the room for few seconds.

A while later.

「I don't call anyone but the two of you. Uhm............ It's about the three people from now on」

Takahisa was breaking the ice by telling them those with apologetic expression.

「Three people from now on?」

Satsuki recited his words with puzzled expression.

「............. It's the three who's under him, Haruto-san's, protection」

So that there's no room for misunderstanding, Takahisa declared that while looking at Rio.

「W-Wait a minute. ............ You told that matter? To the princess」

Satsuki's reacting as if being confused.

Lilyana was someone who belongs to the royalty of Saint Stellar kingdom.

In short, when that matter known by her, it held the meaning that it's also known by Saint Stellar kingdom which is standing behind her.

When Rio and Satsuki's exchanging line of sight, Lilyana's showing a slightly troubled smile.

When Lilyana was about to say something at that time,

「My apologies」

Takahisa's bowing his head to apologize to them till his head almost touched the desk.

「Though I felt worried when I heard about it from senpai. I also didn't wish to treat them like bargaining chips of politics」

Takahisa telling him that with a tone as if crushed by guilt.

「In that case................. Why? In the case of telling that to the princess, you should at least consult about it beforehand and yet............」

Satsuki muttering those words with slightly grimacing face.

「My deepest apologies. I'm asked for unreasonable things. I'm really anxious when looking at Takahisa-sama who became exhausted after the evening party」

Lilyana replied with a apologetic voice instead of Takahisa.

「You're not the wrong one, Lily! It's mine!」

Takahisa's covering for Lilyana while standing as if his hand hitting on the desk.

When the atmosphere of the place become slightly heated up,

「Please calm down」

(~'.')~To Be Continue On Part 2~('.'~)


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