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Seeking The Flying Sword Path - Chapter 407


Chapter 407

As they flew down, they felt a terrifying aura .

"Oh?"The goateed Daoist and fat Daoist turned their heads .

The Bodhisattvas, Skyimmortals, and Skygods beneath them also turned their heads up to look east .

A glaring red beam of light flew over from the east!

It streaked across half the sky .

"What powerful Sword Qi . "The goateed Daoist had raised brows . This newcomer's strength was in no way weaker than his .

"Who is it?"The Skyimmortals and Bodhisattvas beneath him were alarmed . The Sword Qi seemed to permeate tens of thousand of kilometers, leaving all the experts in the Ancient Augury World feeling repressed .

Swoosh .

The red light dispersed, revealing a figure above the Ancient Augury World . It was a black-robed man with piercing crimson brows as sharp as swords . His eyes scanned the area beneath him before he descended in the direction of Scenic Jade Garden . "It's here . I can sense the existence of an unfamiliar Sword Dao . For a mor


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