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Secrets Of His Royal Highness: Pampered Consort - Chapter 19


Chapter 19: Let you be my empress (5)

Ming Luo felt piercing pain, cold-sweat exudes out from her forehead. Look at her hand and knee. She didn't know what to do! Blood flow out from the wound staining the floor. Ji Wen was just about to leave the room when he heard the sound.

He looked at Ming Luo who was sitting on the ground and then noticed her wound. Before his mind could think, the body reacts faster. He caught her hand ’’how so clumsy?’’ Ming Luo was shocked. she didn't think that he would be so concerned about her. She thought he would just use his cold eye to look at her.

’’Wang ye, slave is alright.’’ Ming Luo tried to get up but she completely forgot her knee wound. When she got up, the knee come a terrible pain and it took her by some surprised. ’’Ah!’’ Her foot slip and she fell straight to Ji Wen arms.

Ming Luo was caught by surprises. Strong male atmosphere envelope her, she wanted to push him. He not only didn't let her go but also the arms more tightened and her knee really hurt. There was no choice but to rely on him. Ming Luo felt very embarrassed, after all this is the first time she is so close to the opposite se*.

She can feel her heart beating so fast. So closed! She was afraid. he could hear her heart beat. ’’That Wang ye, trouble you to send me to the chair.’’ Her little ears were bright red.

Ji Wen looked at the women in his arms. If someone were to asked him to hold them, he would be very disgusted but surprisingly he didn't quite hate this feeling. He didn't say a word. his expression doesn't change, very indifferent! He put her to the chair and without a word helped her first aid.


’’Light...pain! Lighter’’

’’God, are you planning to kill me? Lighter...’’

Finally his actions proved that he isn't a very patient person. He deliberately increased his strength. How can the dignified crown prince wait on someone but he is here doing this for her and she is still complaining?

’’Do yourself.’’ He stood up walk a few steps and paused. ’’Even if benwang is marrying you as a cefei* but not as wangfei, benwang won't marry another women.’’

(Cefei -concubine, Wangfei -head wife of a prince)

Ming Luo was simply dumbfounded. she didn't expect he would suddenly say this. So, should she be grateful? Why? He even forced her to marry him! Seeing her not respond, Ji Wen thought she wasn't satisfied.

’’How? If you're my only women then you would naturally be my empress, well satisfied?’’ Ji Wen turned and looked at her with disdain.

Ming Luo turned superficial. This guy how so proud and domineering! She could just pray he could ignored her after. ’’Wang ye seem to have misunderstood slave.’’ I do not rare that position. But this kind of words she could only keep in heart.

Ji Wen hooked lips, ’’Ah.’’ He didn't say anything, turned around and walked out with big steps. Ming Luo looked at his departed figure. She seemed in a dazed, as for his word she doesn't take it to heart.

Even if he is overbearing would the minister's just standby? 'Don't have any expectations then you won't be hurt' more of all I don't love him! This belly black person! This is the ancient period, where men have three or four women is normal.

Ming look at the day, the warm sunshine spreads from the window. After a while maid servants came carrying a bright red wedding robe. Ming Luo look at it and sigh, he sure has everything prepared. She looks at maid servants, do they also know?

One of the maids, that seems like to be of a higher status than the others come up and answer the questions in her mind. ’’Lady, don't worry. We won't speak nonsense! We are carefully chosen to serve lady.’’ Ming Luo thus was assured. ’’What is your name?’’ The maid immediately bowed her head ’’Lady, nubi's is called Liang.’’

Ming Luo deep in thought for a while! She is getting married, even if she doesn't have any good impression on this body's family but after all they're still her family. ’’That my father? Does he know?’’

’’Yes. His highness the crown prince has already talked with the Duke. The Lady please rest assured, the bride price as well as the dowry has long been done. Wang ye would give face to the lady, Wang ye is very generous!’’ Liang answered.

Heard till here, Ming Luo face isn't very good. This group of men! So this play has long been directed and he was just informing her. When she remembered him say he is going to marry her, that wasn't a request but a statement. All this things happened how come even a wind is not spread?

Of course, the wind is not spread. This is the crown prince personally handle. This would give that princess Qi Yue a big slap in the face.


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