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School Beauty Personal Bodyguard - Chapter 82


Chapter 82 - Intense


The bleeding had stopped, but Yang Qiqi's body was far from recovered. Her face was pale as she limped away from the room, not wanting to remain there despite her condition.

She wasn't able to kill Lin Yi, and assassin guidelines prompted her to retreat and prepare a different approach. Charging into a fight you knew you'd lose was simple suicide.

Yang Qiqi limped down the the lobby a while later, making her way to where the manager was. ’’Miss, what's the name of that man who brought me in room 209 earlier?’’

Qiqi didn't bother asking Lin Yi himself when she was still with him- obviously, the guy would never tell her, not when he knew the person asking was a stranger with murderous intent.

Yet it was basic logic for Lin Yi to have registered his name at the counter, since Qiqi herself was unconscious.

’’Oh?’’ The woman recognized Qiqi immediately from her clothing- she was the girl that young man earlier brought in hastily.

Seriously? Going to a hotel room together without even knowing each other? The woman then recalled the girl being unconscious as Lin Yi carried her in- there was a possibility that Lin Yi had gotten the girl drunk.

Young people nowadays! The woman couldn't believe how different things like this was from her time, forgetting to remember that it was exactly because of these kinds of couples that brought her establishment business.

’’His name's Lin Yi.’’ The woman answered after a quick look at the registration book.

’’Thanks.’’ Qiqi nodded, embedding the name deep in her mind. Lin Yi, huh? She didn't know if it was the man's real name, but a name was a name- Qiqi wasn't about to forget that name in the entirety of her life.

’’You're welcome.’’ The woman replied, not thinking much of her simple gesture.

Qiqi then proceeded to limp outside as the woman watched in disbelief. Seriously?? Was it that intense?!!

The guy didn't seem that good from what the woman saw- could it maybe be the girl's first time? The woman shook her head as she continued her evil thoughts.

Lin Yi, on the other hand, treated the whole event as a little detour in his life, though he'd be lying if he wasn't at least a bit pissed off at the girl stabbing a knife at him. He'd just saved her life! How did that girl expect him to treat her thigh wound without looking at it?

Her mentality was crazy- it was just a look at the thigh! Lin Yi suffered the same fate earlier today, should he have planted a knife in that nurse's neck after she saw his thighs in its entirety?!

The fire from the alcohol stove wasn't as powerful as the fire from a gas stove, but proper control over it prouced similar results. He'd bought some packets from the pharmacy earlier, and Lin Yi filled some of the packets with the medicine he'd just made. There was still steam coming from the heated medicine- Lin Yi sealed it when everything was still fresh. The steam would keep the medicine from deteriorating in that vacuum state.

Lin Yi packed all his tools up upon finishing- they could still be used again, afte rall. The alcohol had burned out, but fuel like that was available for purchase anywhere.

Lin Yi made sure he didn't leave anything before making a call to the counter to check-out. His eyes stopped at the bed as the phone rang- a bitter smile formed on his lips. It seemed that he wasn't getting away from paying a compensation, the bed was soaked in blood.

It didn't take long before the woman stepped into the room. There weren't any staff most of the time, and she was the only one who managed the area.

Lin Yi had pushed open the windows so as to fill the room with fresh air before the woman came up, and the room stopped smelling like Eastern medicine by the time she reached the room. The woman froze in absolute shock as she stared at the reddened bed.

’’ The bed?’’ The woman tried to comprehend the situation as she pointed at the bed, speechless. She'd thought about Qiqi having her first time in a playful mood, but the blood on the bed proved that it was indeed the case. What shocked her most, however, was the amount of virgin blood on that bed- did Lin Yi not give one shit about a young girl's delicate body? Was he trying to get the girl killed?! The hotel would be done for if that had happened!

The woman's face darkened at the thought- a mattress was quite a couple tens of kuai, her meager profits would pretty much be wiped out after buying a new one for replacement.

’’What happened to the bed?’’ The woman asked coldly.

’’Sorry, I'll pay for it. How much do I owe you?’’ Lin Yi wasn't keen on explaining, deciding to compensate the woman for her losses directly.

The woman stopped saying anything else- the guy had offered to make a payment, after all. It's a good thing this boy knew how to handle things, she'd have thrown some nasty words at him otherwise.

She took a look at the room before turning back to Lin Yi. ’’Disposable disinfector towels, forty kuai. Mattress, sixty. A hundred kuai, kid.’’

’’Okay.’’ Lin Yi nodded. The woman was being pretty reasonable- white mattresses like that sold for 30 kuai at supermarkets, and the doubled price she gave Lin Yi was pretty standard for hotels, just like how the disposable towel was double the market price, as well.

The woman left it at that upon seeing how compliant Lin Yi was. ’’Come down with me, then. You've been in the room for five hours, so we'll have to do it by day. Sixty kuai for the room, and a hundred kuai for the mattress and towel... You gave me a deposit of a hundred earlier, so just pay sixty.’’

Lin Yi nodded as he pulled his wallet out, placing the money on the woman's palm before turning to leave.

’’Wait!’’ The woman called out.

’’Anything else?’’ Lin Yi asked as he turned back, wondering if the woman was unsatisfied with the amount of money she was getting.

’’That girl you brought in- she asked for your name when she left, and I told her!’’ The woman reminded out of kindness, seeing how Lin Yi just paid up without any complaints or anything.

Her instincts told her that the two weren't a couple- it seemed appropriate to give Lin Yi this piece of info.

’’Ah?’’ Lin Yi smiled bitterly- he didn't want anything to do with the assassin girl again, but it seemed that the girl didn't share his idea. He wasn't expecting the girl to remember his name... This bit of trouble would come back to haunt him one day.

Lin Yi looked at the time after exiting the hotel- it was two after noon already, and he hadn't eaten yet. Though, one meal didn't really matter to him.

Lin Yi stopped a taxi. ’’Songshan's First School, please.’’


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