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School Beauty Personal Bodyguard - Chapter 81


Chapter 81 - Mister Dongguo

Lin Yi didn't expect the girl to be paying him any gratitude, but it didn't seem like the young lady was going to leave Lin Yi alone.

His attention was fully focused on the medicine in the pot before him, but the killing intent from behind Lin Yi hit him, coupled with the danger signals the jade was sending off.

Lin Yi frowned- the medicine boiling was at a critical stage, and this was no time to be dealing with the girl. ’’Don't mess around!’’

Yang Qiqi was confused. She'd lost consciousness on her way back from the pharmacy from the loss of blood, but Lin Yi pulling her pants off woke her as they scratched against the wound. The pain brought her back to consciousness, but her body was so weak that even opening her eyes was beyond her. It wasn't a long time before she fainted again.

The pain from Lin Yi's treatment later on woke her up too, but it didn't take long before she fainted once more. The two instances, as a result, gave her some awareness of the situation.

This man before her had saved her life. At the same time, however, he'd seen many things he shouldn't have! Her face, her thighs... Something like this was absolutely intolerable for Qiqi!

It was discomforting for Qiqi to murder her saviour, but her face was only meant for one man- this person had crossed the line!

With the decision made, Yang Qiqi reached for her dagger on the bed, silently creeping up to Lin Yi's back. Her movements clearly hesitated upon seeing what Lin Yi was up to.

Was he making medicine for her? The warmth of the action got to her- she'd really rather not kill the man who was caring for her.

She admitted that her heart wasn't as cold and as merciless as the hearts of other assassins, but this man, at the end of the day, was her saviour!!

Qiqi was in the midst of her hesitation when the man snapped: ’’Don't mess around!’’ Qiqi froze at the words- she was about to murder him, and the guy told her not to mess around?

His tone made it sound like she was a kid playing around- did he think she was gonna run around the room or something?

’’Didn't you hear about the Mister Dongguo story when you were a kid?’’ Lin Yi started, his head still unturned. ’’I feel like that Mister Dongguo right now.’’

Qiqi's face changed- of course she knew that story. She was raised in an assassin's organization, but there was a distinct difference between her and the other assassins growing up alongside her. She'd received proper education outside of assassination.

The story of Mister Dongguo was a classic fable, about a Mister Dongguo who'd saved a wolf, only to be eaten by it after bringing it back.

Lin Yi's words reminded Yang Qiqi of his earlier statement, telling her not to mess around. Evidently, this man was aware of her intentions!

The fact that he'd mentioned the fable proved it- he was mocking her ungratefulness!

Who the hell was this guy? A shiver ran down Qiqi's spine- he'd sensed the assassination attempt, for one thing, but what was with his composure? Why was his back still turned, as if there were nothing to fear?

For what purpose did the man save her? The reason was suspicious enough for Qiqi's heart to colden in resolve. She stabbed at Lin Yi's neck with the dagger with even more power, not even one trace of hesitation left.

Lin Yi couldn't believe it- the girl was taking advantage of both his hands being occupied. With a frown, Lin Yi snapped his head to the side, dodging the dagger and retaliating with his teeth, biting and grabbing hold of both the knife and Qiqi's fingers.

’’Ah-!’’ Qiqi let go of the knife from the pain- her body hadn't recovered yet: getting off the bed and behind Lin Yi was managed out of pure will. With no energy left, Qiqi slumped back onto the floor, her breathing heavy as beads of cold sweat started trickling down her forehead. Her wound seemed to have opened up a little, as well.

Lin Yi spat the dagger out over to the other side of the room, turning his attention back to the medicine. ’’You're really ungrateful! Whatever, I'll let it go, just leave. I might feel like killing you after I'm done with this medicine, so go.’’

Yang Qiqi understood immediately- Lin Yi was no normal man. Could a normal man dodge her surprise attack? Could a normal man bite onto her dagger? Lin Yi's words also made it clear that the medicine was never meant for her- she'd been thinking too much.

’’Hmph!’’ Qiqi glared at Lin Yi with unwillingness and humiliation, but she was never a reckless girl. Recklessness was detrimental to assassins- the reckless ones always got killed off fast.

Lin Yi's ability was demonstrated clearly: he was able to disarm her with both hands occupied. Having comprehended the strength difference between the two of them, Qiqi gave up on trying to kill him. She didn't think she'd be able to take this man on even if she were fully recovered!

There wasn't any killing intent coming off from this man, not in the slightest- the aura she sensed from him was one full of incomprehensible mystery, the type of aura her own father wore! Lin Yi was only the second person who'd made her feel like this.

Qiqi silently picked her leather pants up, spotting the dried-up blood on it. It'd be a little uncomfortable, but the appearance wasn't affected. There wasn't anything else to change into, and so Qiqi decided not to complain.

’’Don't forget to close the door.’’ Lin Yi said, as if he had eyes on his back.

’’......’’ Qiqi stepped out of the room, speechless. She slammed the door shut.

’’One, sorry- the man's my savior, and I'm not at his level yet... Don't worry, I'll remember him. He'll die by my own hand one day, caz I'm yours alone... your little Seven.’’ Qiqi swore after closing the door. In actuality, Yang Qiqi's name (Qi is seven in Chinese) wasn't always that- 'Seven' was only her codename in her assassin training class. She was the youngest, placing her in the seventh spot. Other members of her team went by numbers, as well.

It never occurred to Lin Yi that an oath for his life was taking place right outside those doors, especially when he'd just saved a life.

’’Achooo!’’ Lin Yi sneezed- he was no stranger to the smell that the medicine emitted, so where was the sneeze coming from? It was the second sneeze today, did he really manage to catch a cold?

When had his body become so weak, catching a cold right after getting to Songshan? Was it because of how relaxed everything was?


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