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School Beauty Personal Bodyguard - Chapter 80


Chapter 80 - Healing


So theres this part in the last posting where Lin Yi was lusting after the girl's flesh, but I messed up and made it look like he pulled her pants off for pervy stuff. It's edited now, but remember that Lin Yi pulled the pants off with saving the girl as the top priority

The girl's pantyhose could very well have stuck to the wound, as thing stood. Pulling it off would very likely result in even greater blood loss.

Lin Yi frowned. There weren't any surgical tools in the room, but Lin Yi did feel something hard in the girl's pants as he yanked them off earlier, probably a dagger from the feel of it. It was the only sharp thing he had, and Lin Yi decided to use it for surgery.

He picked up her pants and pulled the dagger out, spinning it a couple of times in his hand to get a firmer grasp on it.

Knifeplay was one of Lin Yi's strong suits- his primary melee weapon when practicing assassination weapons with his mentor was the dagger, after all. It was also the most common weapon his enemies employed.

Lin Yi used the tip of the knife to pick at the connecting points of the pantyhose's fibers, taking care to not touch anything else. The pantyhose was reduced to tatters in a matter of seconds, and Lin Yi tugged lightly at it to pull part of it off. He threw it to the side.

The wound finally came into sight- it was at the right side of her thigh, and had been wrapped in simple bandaging already. Evidently, it wasn't very effective, and the blood didn't look like it would stop flowing any time soon. The girl wouldn't have had gone looking for Golden Creation Medicine or anything if that wasn't the case, too.

The girl's legs were long and slim, but Lin Yi wasn't in the mood to be paying attention to that kind of thing at this point- he wasn't sick like that. Lin Yi wouldn't be lusting after a woman's thighs when they were covered in blood, no matter how exquisite they were.

He cut open the bandaging, and proceeded to inspect the wound.

It was an extreme case, but Lin Yi let out a breath of relief- the arteries were untouched. Lin Yi would have had to resort to sending her to the hospital if even the arteries were damaged- he simply wasnt equipped to be performing a surgery like that.

The wound was triangular, clearly caused by a triangular knife that'd been stabbed into the flesh. A triangular wound had to be stitched back together for the bleeding to cease.

The girl had most likely bandaged herself after the stabbing, deciding to pay the pharmacy a visit for some Golden Creation upon realizing that the wound was bleeding. There wasn't any Golden Creation left, and the girl fell unconscious on her way back from too large a loss of blood.

Lin Yi understood the girl's position- assassination was a special job, and assassins rarely went to the hospitals when injured during missions. Their identities had to be kept as secret as possible, after all.

Having understood the source of the injury, Lin Yi decided to start applying medicine. Deep as the wound may be, the blade hadn't reached the arteries. It shouldn't be too big a problem for Lin Yi to handle.

Lin Yi went over to the stuff he'd bought from the pharmacy, speedily grinding a couple of the ingredients together. The process was something Lin Yi was very well-practiced with;back in the African jungles, his medicine was something his teammates looked forward to the most. He had to prepare an entire bag's worth for it to be split properly.

The bandages couldn't be used anymore- they were completely soaked from the blood. Lin Yi hadn't prepared any bandages beforehand, as well- he'd have to find something else as replacement.

His school uniform was new, and Lin Yi wasn't really keen on ripping a piece off to bandage this assassin girl. He made his way to the bathroom and found some disposable disinfectant bath towels. A sign was placed beside the towels: '40 kuai'.

These kinds of one time use towels would never go beyond the twenty kuai mark in supermarkets, but hotels were known for labelling things like this with higher prices. There was also a regular towel the hotel provided, albeit not a disposable item.

The disinfectant bath towels were prepared for those who were obsessed with being sanitary, after all.

Lin Yi decided to use the disinfectant towels- they could serve as makeshift bandages.

He applied the medicine he had grinded earlier onto the wound when a low moan came from the girl. Lin Yi didn't pay her any attention- of course it'd hurt when medication touched any wound.

Lin Yi then proceeded to tear the bath towels into multiple pieces, and swiftly completed bandaging the girl's wound.

’’Fuu!’’ Lin Yi exhaled when finished. Now that he looked at it, the main problem was really just the loss of blood- chances of survival were very high now that the bleeding had been stopped.

Though, it went without saying that assassins usually had more vitality and endurance- as far as Lin Yi could tell, the girl was pretty much going to survive this. She'd feel a little weak upon regaining consciousness, but that should be it.

Lin Yi started getting to his own business after finishing with the assassin girl. He'd only used up the required portion of his ingredients on the girl- there was still Huaijun he had to take care of!

What he'd given the girl was, in essence, grindings of ingredients. It didn't take much for that to be prepared, but the medicine Huaijun needed required a longer period of time- he'd have to boil it slowly, and make sure that every ingredient was added on strict schedule and order. One little slip up and the medicine would suffer a big loss in effectiveness, failing to produce anticipated results.

This was also why Lin Yi refrained from handing Huaijun a recipe- the process was a complex one, unlike the processes used for the painkiller sedatives Huaijun was taking;Those only required grinding a couple of medicinal ingredients together, after all.

Lin Yi also didn't want the recipe spreading out, too- he trusted Huaijun, but there was no guarantee that the guy wouldn't accidentally let the secret slip out. It'd cause a huge uproar in the medicine world.

Lin Yi put the pot and alcohol stove he'd purchased earlier on a flat surface, and proceeded to boil Huaijun's medicine. The hotel provided electronic equipment for tea making, but fire was superior when making Eastern medicine.

Medicine making via boiling was a very taxing procedure, but Lin Yi was someone who'd made straw sandals on a regular basis. This much was nothing to him.

Lin Yi used the time on his phone as reference, adeptly adding the ingredients at the appropriate times. Lin Yi wasn't sure how much time had passed since he'd started, but he sensed a faint stirring from the bed behind him.

His focus was currently occupied by the medicine making, and he'd never have heard the soft movements if his ears weren't so sensitive.

Lin Yi didn't look back- what he was working on required absolute attention- there were a couple of ingredients in his palm already, waiting to be dropped into the pot when the time was right.

Lin Yi was aware that the girl might've woken up already, but he had something more important than that going on in front of him. It'd be fine if she could just get up and exit the room quietly, however- the two of them would forget each other this way from that point on. Lin Yi never expected the girl to pay him any gratitude or anything of the sort from the moment he decided to save her, anyway.


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