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Sayonara Ryuusei Konnichiwa Jinsei - Volume 2 - Chapter 16


Chapter 16: Fire Dragon and Water dragon

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The sixteen-meter tall fire and water dragons, were finally in their adult dragon figures, flying through the terrestrial world. Bern village was located in the Kingdom of the Northern Frontier District, which was furthest apart from the destroyed villages. Further to the North, across the East and West were enormous mountain ranges, more mountains were spreading through the horizon. Posted Orginially on

As I was soaring through the clouds, I looked at the mountains down below. I then used the spirit power of the flow of air, on my wings with the wind to rise dramatically. The town let alone the houses and more than a few thousand people who were so small they looked like ants. Posted Orginially on

Dragons need to have an alter-ego if they want more precise control of their power. Being reborn as a human being, I had to wait to form my alter-ego. Because my soul was not ready and atmospheric element were needed for it to form were unavailable. Posted Orginially on

Having been visited recently by my old friends Mairahl and karavis, when they invaded my dreams, we met in the soul of the original Dragon which was a relief because of those incidents the alter-egos were made. They also helped me taste the feeling of flying with the wings, this was a long forgotten. The alter-egos consciousness took Dragon forms while my original self was left to work in the fields in the Bern village. They left to go immerse themselves in the sense of freedom and the nostalgic feelings while flying. Posted Orginially on

Before I was in Column One of the Yosinori Dragons, every Dragon there was of high ranking. But the highest or more likely, strongest Dragon vanished from our ground before anyone ever knew of it. The last Yosinori Dragon was left on the ground;I was already taken back by surprise. One time the heroes of the seven people and even an alter-ego showed up once before he then made the human beings extinguished and had them take the form of a typical Dragon. Posted Orginially on

Making an alter-ego to fit the standard of an adult Dragon whose approximate wingspan is comparable to a large sailing ship. The same pure snow color of the scales was used to reduce six wings into two pieces. There by changing from a rainbow-colored human flesh to a blue eyed white dragon. Posted Orginially on

Also between the horns, extending from the head toward the back, all of it were white scales. There was white fur about in the mid-dorsal. With this Adult Dragon of Pai if humans take the initiative to avoid the alter-ego of my Dragon. I originally had six wings per head with rainbow eyes among the whole of the Yasinori Dragons where as now I have two wings per head on the blue-eyes White Dragon. Posted Orginially on

Dragon species generally distinguish between color scales of the tribe(red/brown/gold etc.), their characteristics and abilities. White Dragon with white scales have changed now, I have a high-affinity with all attributes except for the dark-attribute. Posted Orginially on

For example, dragons with red scales and have high-affinity with fire are called Fire dragons. And dragons with brown scales and high-affinity with earth attribute are called Earth Dragons. The same goes for Ice Dragons with high affinity with ice attribute and have the sheer ice scales. And also those with high-affinity with light and have gold scales are known as Gold Dragons. Posted Orginially on

For a female Dragon with a mix of several different types of blood cursing through them won't necessarily have a single color of scales. They will also have characteristics, that don't match the colors of their scales. An example is a dragon that commands lightning bolts while having the red scales. Talking about race, I remember when I still lived as a dragon, Dragon cross-tribal marriage was very uncommon. Young dragons in particular over the generations, in order to become and stay pure-bred Dragon species, they like reducing the number of descendants. Posted Orginially on

Since being a human this is the first one of my brotherhood, that I have met and he seems to belong to the Mole Dragon species. Using my eyes and sense to observe as I was flying over the mountain ranges. Posted Orginially on

My strong wings flapping through the air as I was jumping to high altitude. The freedom to fly without being all over, was a geat feeling. I also felt the intense sunlight, through the sea of white clouds in the sky. Korogasou was out for a while;without thinking I forgot to sense the presence of foreign matter approaching rapidly. I just went with the flow of the spirits of the air and wind, flying while feeling various sensations. Posted Orginially on

Even with my threat level being extremely low, I managed to Identify the foreign matter. The foreign matter was a being with Dragon lineage. Seeing that it was a member of my family I instinctively relaxed. The face to face with my distant descendent put me in a good mood. Posted Orginially on

Below there were more mountains, this was the Black Mountain range. The mountain was a turf for this dragon, because as I got closer the Dragon got closer to me. When you get closer to another dragon's turf, they see it as having invaded their territory. I decided to stop and wait for the Kinukete Dragon to show up. Posted Orginially on

As the dragon appeared it did not stick our of the clouds. It was a young female dragon with brilliant Crimson scales, a Crimson Fire Dragon. Thinking it through the color of the scales from the fire dragon, meant that it was a powerful Red Dragon. The Crimson dragon seemed very mature with a vibrant vivid crimson color reflecting the sun rays, similar to what my white scales were doing. She had a youthful life in her developing limbs and I was able to judge that my adult dragons will outgrow the Crimson Dragon, after 20 years. It also had vertical pupils with Crimson eyes, similar to the color of its scales, as it gave me a grim warning look. Posted Orginially on

I would estimate that it was in the late teens, if it changed into a human it would barely be twenty years old. It appeared to be so dazzling with a youthful vitality which covered her entire scales. The Crimson Dragon had robust wings which it was vigorously flapping, strong muscle tissue and nerves, skeletal appearance which looked unique to her bloodline. It was young with unlimited possibilities. Posted Orginially on

’’You have set foot in this area, my territory. Do I know you?’’

It came asking with an edgier tone, which all fire dragons had from the moment they were born.

I had invaded, it's territory and in turn its aggressive attitude was justified. It was still mystery to the adult dragons who stood on their tiptoes trying is to see the appearance of the Crimson Dragon, just pleased to learn more about the world.

It was a formidable enemy to humans who could guard against Dragon species, as for example the Dragon's junior subordinate is also a Dragon.

Sometimes when adventuring Knights with top-notch talent end up cruelly winning. Even if the Dragon general which was an adult were to stand up in their way, it would have a small chance of winning. But if souls leave the body, the alter-ego can't even cope around with it. But in the mind such watch mischievous granddaughter grandfather was the biggest reason.

’’If you had no idea this was my turf. Leave now, you are really annoying me.’’

I wanted to enjoy a little conversation, but the Crimson Dragon's strong warning to me just now seemed to make things difficult. Generally, fire dragons had rough tempers but they were far to blatant and terribly vigilant. I appear to have violated a territory of whatever little high spirits family left. Leaving such a big nest seems to be too much to me, could it be that they left long ago and won't return .

Sometimes you have to sympathize with the young. Though I felt sorry, I still listened to its suggestion to leave this place and actually tried to do so. But as I was trying to back up and move, the Crimson Dragon was spewing flames.

A strange voice the run through ’’The skies are infront of us again.... You shall feel pain!’’

I was about to do nothing and to hurry up and leave. Feeling pained because the dragon came out of nowhere and challenged the Crimson Dragon and I.

’’When starting in a battle it is important to protect one's own turf, but is impressed with a introduction’’ replied the Crimson Dragon,

A huge fireball came from the Crimson Dragon as it opened its mouth, whose diameter was comparable to a two-story house. Without any being to warry of Dragon Breath Fire is set part from a mere physical fire. That is because the spirit, even the soul burn in the flames.

I moved back as four emitted fire bullets, were shot toward me. I spread my wings turned and came to a stop to get around the fire bullets. As the fire bullets grazed me there were some sparks that were released. As a result, the compressed magic crystal scales were scorched to a terrifying extent.

’’One's life is shortened when they are not less impetuous! Miss’’ I coldly stated to the Crimson Dragon.

’’ I'm the Crimson Dragon Valle of moles! Remember this name as you die, your death was not a bad one’’

’’ HMPH!! ’’

To opponents like a mentor while I thought of old cold Dolan who met with a young Crimson Dragon Vader at the moles range. Vader was hot-blooded partner to practice with. Eyes of Dolan and young Vader had good qualities.

Meeting of Vader and Dolan at the banks by the lake become rare since the appearance of Blue Dragon Girl Rui Yu. Rui, he and Vader, were polite to each other unlike most maidens when they were fighting for Dolan, who was against the fighting and just wanted to spend time with the two of them.

Dolan a three Dragon Emperor and three Dragon Rui Yu were not once unknown to know things in One Column. Dolan was prone to being mischievous and so he was often laughed at. Rui Yu tells us if you remember Ryukichi for Rui Yu will find a word, that seems to be acquainted with Dragon Emperor Dolan.


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