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Sakurasou No Pet Na Kanojo - Volume 1 - Chapter 4.1



Chapter 4: Getting Serious Isn't Necessarily a Bad Thing

Chapter 4: Part 1

The night after he had gotten in trouble with the police, Sorata tore off the sign that read ’’GOAL: Get out of Sakurasou!!’’ from his wall, threw it away, and announced in front of all the other inhabitants that he intended to stay.

’’I'm sorry for making the mood so gloomy these days. Because of all of you, I came to my senses. I'll be continuing to live here at Sakurasou, so I hope we will continue to get along.’’

Sorata bowed his head. Jin gave him a knowing smile, and Chihiro yelled at him to quit it with the embarrassing speeches while gulping down a beer. Misaki, who had never seen this as a problem in the first place, started turning the conversation to something completely irrelevant, and when it came to Ryuunosuke, who hadn't even come out of his room (of course)...

Understood. Good work. From Maid-chan.

And like that, he left it to the artificial Maid-chan, without even responding to any of the email or chats Sorata had sent him.


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