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Sairin Yuusha No Fukushuu Hanashi - Volume 4 - Chapter 8


Chapter 8


Translator: Norva

Editor: Norva

A man who appeared dashing to Michelle, who was in danger of death. It is a slender tall young man with grey hair and black eyes.


What the young man told her was the name of a hero.

A brave who once come to save the world which summoned by the kingdom.

Naturally, Michelle knew that existence which is told in several fairy tales.

Grey hair and a sturdy tall body.

The dark eyes that lit a strong will.

The strongest warrior who stepped into the domain of the inhumanity.

A young man in front of her is certainly tall with grey hair. Moreover, the colour of his pupil is the same black as the legend. However, isn't it went overboard to self-proclaimed as a hero.

She never felt such sense of incongruity even if she had worked in the field at the village before, but now she had that kind of speechless look.


In the gaze of Michelle, the young man scratched his head with an awkward look.

「......It's just my name, I don't mean that I was the real Amatsu, though. Because I'm just......a failure」(Amatsu)

It was such a tone――that seems lonely and painful.

Failed, she can not understand the meaning of that word, it is time when Michelle tried to ask him a question.

Behind the young man――Amatsu, there's an earth golem that had been silent until then started to make its move.

An iron hammer falls from the overhead of defenceless Amatsu.

「 ou――」(Michelle)

「......It's nothing」(Amatsu)

The tone of the Amatsu was calm though it was a grim expression.

Moderately, Amatsu raises his right arm with no weapon above his head.

At that time Michelle noticed.

Amatsu cut off the arm of the earth golem while being empty handed with no weapons or whatsoever.

’’Then, how did the Amatsu cut the earth golem?’’

At that moment, Michelle saw the answer.

――The arm of Amatsu which is raised is distorted and transformed into a shape of a blade.


The blade becomes like a whip and amputated the incoming arm of the earth golem.

In addition to that, the blade attacked so as to be entangled to its big body before it being shredded in a blink of an eye.

The arm of Amatsu finally returned to its original form while a lump of iron made a sound as it fell into the ground.

For the sight which surpassed that of a human being, Michelle asking her question while in the pertrify state.

「Onii-san...... what are you?」(Michelle)

Amatsu answered the question with a quiet voice.

「I'm a ’’Homunculus’’――that made in this experimental site, the failure of・・・・・・・・hero」(Amatsu)


Michelle also had heard what it was. A ’’Robot’’ produced by a magician.

That's homunculus.

In the past, many alchemists repeated trial and error to create the best homunculus.

However, the study of the homunculus is prohibited as it contradicts with the doctrine of the Religous state.

If Amatsu were really homunculus, Lily would have broken that taboo.

「Well, shall we move on」(Amatsu)

Amatsu raised Michelle who was fall on her bottom and she started to walk while being led by the hand.

「Wh......where are we going?」(Michelle)

「For now, to the outside the orphanage because it's dangerous here. Lily will not let you who have come to this the basement out alive」(Amatsu)

When she heard those words, Michelle finally remembered the situation where she was in to.

The confined Sheena, the corpse of the children who went out and George and Lily who have been attacking her.

She does not want to believe it.

That such a thing happening in reality.

(......That's right, Sheena)

Her best friend is caught by that disgusting man. If she leaves her be, she might be killed by a machine such as that chair.

「Please wait......Sheena is still there」(Michelle)

「......Is she your friend?」(Amatsu)

「She's my best friend......I cannot leave her」(Michelle)

Amatsu shook his head a bit.

「I can't do that, I have to give priority to letting you escape first」(Amatsu)


「Because this is Lily's magic atelier and there are a lot of traps like a while ago. With having taken care of you, it will be impossible for me to save her」(Amatsu)


It was unthinkable for Michelle to abandon Sheena.

Her best friend who supported and helped her during her hard time.

She ought to save her this time.

If Amatsu won't help, then she will go to help Sheena alone.

( alone)

If an earth golem like a while ago comes out, Michelle won't be able to deal with it alone.

(Sheena......Sheena is......I despise this......)

She can not help her by herself.

Michelle is not stupid enough as not to understand it. That's why in despair of reality, she was about to crumble on her feet.

「......Don't look like that」(Amatsu)

With a plop.

A hand of Amatsu was put on the head of such Michelle.

「I'll help your friend latter」(Amatsu)

「Eh......? But, you said that you can't do that......」(Michelle)

「Certainly, it may be impossible if I'm with you」(Amatsu)

That's why I'll let you go first, and I'll come back here.

Amatsu said so while stroking Michelle's head.

「I think that they're desperately looking for us.

So I can't afford to pay attention to other kids in the meantime」(Amatsu)

Amatsu said to Michelle who could not wipe her anxiety even after he said so.

「As for Sheena-chan and your other friends, I'll definitely save them all」(Amatsu)


Amatsu nodded with a strong expression when he told her to entrusted oneself.

At that time, Amatsu mutter ’’Oh, that's right’’ like he came up with something.

「I haven't heard your name yet. I want you to tell me if you do not mind」(Amatsu)


「Thank you. Yeah......that's a good name」(Amatsu)

Amatsu muttered in an inaudible voice, enviously.

It was when Michelle opened her mouth to hear the meaning of his word.

「Michelle, are you there?」(George)

George's voice was heard from afar.

「I'm sorry I for angry at you earlier. It seems I made you misunderstand it」(George)

「Yes, I'm sorry too, Michelle. I'm going to apologize to you and explain the situation properly」(Lily)

Lily's voice was added to it.

They are calling Michelle with a gentle tone.

Little by little, footsteps were approaching.

「――So don't move from that place」

Michel strongly held her breath.

She wonders if what they are saying is true.

This situation is all Michelle 's misunderstanding, are they going to apologize to oneself properly?

I wonder if I can return to my original happy life――――

「......It is useless」

Amatsu shook his head to Michelle who seemed to be overwhelmed by the words of the two.

「I don't know what you saw, but it's definitely not a misunderstanding」(Amatsu )


「Lily has been doing a lot of experiments here for a long time, a lot of people are made into a test subject......I have been watching it all the time」(Amatsu)

Amatsu leads Michel by the hand and starts running to escape from there.

「Don't worry, I definitely going to take you to a safe place」(Amatsu)

She hesitates for a moment.

Is she going to believe in Lily or Amatsu?

The result of worried are――、


Michelle was to believe in Amatsu.

Michel starts running in a passage with being led by the hand by him.

「......Michelle! Where are you going !?」(George)

「Come back!」(Lily)

From behind, she can hear the screams of George and Lily.

Shut her eye, Michelle ran off swiftly.

「......bad girl」(George)

「Right......really bad girl」(Lily)

「To enter the basement without permission, make a fool of my son and to deceive the important research result......」(George)

「That girl needs harsh punishment」(Lily)

Such a horrifying word came into the ears of Michelle just before she turned toward the passage.

Towards an entrance to the ground, two people run at full speed in the passage.

There was no hesitation in the step of the Amatsu which led and ran. Moreover, he seemed to grasp the structure of this underground in detail.


The floor and walls began to transform as it making *BokoBoko* rumbling sounds.

Innumerable earth golem appears and comes to attack.

「Do not be separated from me」(Amatsu)

Amatsu's arm glows brilliantly and chopping up the earth golem.

It is an occurrence of instant.

None of them can even hurt Amatsu.


To Michelle who involuntarily spilt the words of admiration, Amatsu shook his head.

「It's not that amazing......because I can only do this, you know」(Amatsu)


「Come on, hurry. This is those two magic atelier

and it is dangerous to stay too long」(Amatsu)

Amatsu advances while he slaughtered the earth golem manifestly.

In the process, Michelle was attacked by countless traps that can hardly be surpassed by one person.

The innumerable earth golem is crawling out from the floor and wall.

Amatsu cuts off with one stroke of his blade.

Then countless blades pouring down from the ceiling.

Amatsu holds Michelle and avoids it with minimum movement.

Next, a large amount of magic is coming from all directions.

Amatsu erases those magic with a metamorphosis os his arm.

Whether this basement bares its fang at him.

Or no matter what kind of trap strikes.

Amatsu crushes it from the front.


She does not know why Amatsu helps oneself.

If what he said was true, it was Lily who created Amatsu.

Why is he against the existence that known as his parents?

She does not know and can't understand it......

To Michelle, Amatsu fighting in front of her seemed like a real hero.

「Why are you helping me......?」(Michelle)

While running, Michelle asked Amatsu.

Why did you go this far for my sake?

「As for that......」(Amatsu)

He seems felt trouble and slightly sad.

However, Amatsu answered it with a strong-willed expression.

「――I heard your calling」

「The earth golem is not his match, huh」

George and Lily were naturally aware of the magic attacks that had been activated and breached through one after another.

Those two were at the deepest part of the magic atelier are monitoring the orphanage and its surroundings.

「......hah, the failure is trying doing its best, huh」

It seems that traps that have been elaborately devised are not very useful before that research result.

Though he just a mere『Likes of Failure』but he was magnificently breaking through those traps. However, to went against his own creation is something unforgiven.

「Papa, mamaー」

A door opened and a man came into the room.

It is the man such as plump fat pig which is fitting the epitome of ugliness itself.

The clothes that are wearing are opposite sides, and even the string of shoes which he wears is not being tied up.

For the ugly existence that frowns on no matter who looks it, Lily is,

「Oh my, its Da-chan!」

She rushed over with a full smile and hugged him vigorously.

She forces her lips and performs a sticky passionate kiss.

George, who had been filled with malicious intent until then, was watching it with a sweet smile on his face.

Dartis Melt Elvancht.

It is the beloved only son born between Lily and George.

「Mama tied my shoelaces」(Dartis)

「Did you untie it again? It can not be helped isn't it?」(Lily)

With a melting smile, Lilly ties the unfasten shoelace of Dartis.

Even though it was a strange situation that the mother was tying the shoelace of a son who passed the age of more than twenty, everyone in that place considered it as a natural thing. To such extent, where George and Lily over-doting on their son, Dartis.

It might be the embodiment of their affection to him that ’’Melt’’ was attached to the baptism name of Dartis.

To baptize the name of God, it's the worst thing that the Melt believer would never do. The fact that they really did such ridiculous thing is showing how depth is their love to Dartis is.

「Say, did you know that a girl has come in my room a while ago」(Dartis)

「Oh, that girl!」(Lily)

「Dartis, she didn't do a weird thing to you, isn't she?!」(George)

Seeing Dartis nodding, they put on the expression that they were genuinely relieved. Then they turned red in anger at Michelle, who approached their beloved son.

「Absolutely, she will not return alive!」(George)

「I'm gonna dispose of she along with that failure」(Lily)

The couple shouting hysterical, before Dartis say「No!」while shooking his head.

「Bring that girl to my room」(Dartis)

「But, Da-chan? That girl is......」(Lily)

「Just give up on her because I will bring a better child for you」(George)

Dartis drops on the ground and crying while flailing his limbs.

「I want to play with that woman! I want her! Papa, why you won't listen to my request? Do you hate me?」(Dartis)

Their faces turned pale at such word.

It is better to commit suicide rather being disliked by their beloved son.

「Okay okay, I get it. Leave it to your Papa」(George)

「Yes, we'll bring her soon」(Lily)

At the words of two people, Dartis raised his body,

「Un! Mama, papa, I love you!」(Dartis)

With a big wide smile afloat on his face.

The couple is trembled as having been deeply moved by the smile like an angel of their son, they embrace Dartis with wholeheartedly.

「Let's get ’’Olga’’ for sake of Dartis」(George)

「If him, Michelle can be caught quickly, too」(Lily)

Then they began to move to fulfil the wishes of their beloved son.


It was just before we left the atelier to go to ’’Olga’’.

Suddenly, George seemed to have sensed a reaction other than Amatsu and Michelle.

Even though he try verifying it, he can't find the perceived existence.

「Probably it just my imagination」(George)

Thus, George pays no mind to it.

「Well then, I time to teach what・・・・a true hero mean to that failure」(George)

He left the room while chuckling to himself.


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