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Sairin Yuusha No Fukushuu Hanashi - Volume 4 - Chapter 10


Chapter 10


Translator: Norva

Editor: Norva

Same face, same hair color, same stature.

Everything except the clothes he is wearing is the same as Amatsu. Even so, that young man was different from Amatsu.

The long unkempt's grey hair with a pair of scary looking jet black eyes. The young man with a violent smile who wore a simple tunic while one of his hand is clearly an excellent blade just by a glimpse.


Amatsu had an expression of agony while suppressing the cross-section of the severed arm

Michelle is rush over to Amatsu while he covers her with the remaining arms.

「......I'm fine, more than that, Michelle hide behind me. That bad」(Amatsu)

Amatsu, who has broken through a large number of traps and earth golem, said it was『Bad』

To that seriousness, Michelle got her breathes taken away.

Amatsu did not take his eyes off of that young man since a little while ago even for an instant.

「OiOi, what a boring reaction. I told that the hero has arrived, right? So, get more excited」

While playing with Amatsu's blood dripping from the sword in his hand, the young man footstep resound steadily.

It seemed that Michelle and Amatsu were frustrated because unable to perceive his presence.

「A hero......? I have thought that besides me, there should be the others such as yourself, right?」(Amatsu)

「Yes, that's right. But I prefer that you don't lump me with you and the likes of failure's, could you?」

「Are you different from me?」(Amatsu)

「Isn't it obvious you fool. Do not you understand it at a glance? Even among you fakes, I'm different from your failure bunch――I'm the perfect hero Amatsu」

While being boastfully and proudly that drastically changes from some time ago, the young man speaks in a good mood.

The young man who would claim to be a hero would only make him seemed like he has lost his mind by self-proclaimed as if it was a matter of course for him to do so.

Yes, if it was a matter of course.


The abnormal pressure of that young man releases has not allowed him to have leeway to laugh scornfully at his words.

However, to such sinister thing and if anything, Michelle thought that he was more befitting the ’’Demon King’’ title itself.

「I'm different from those specimen that might die shortly and those no intelligent and unable to fight properly specimens! As for me the reflection of Hero Amatsu itself――is the second hero, Olga」

The young man――Olga stuck out his chest while uttering his name loudly.

Dozens of homunculus has been created to reproduce the ’’Hero Amatsu’’.

Olga brags as if he was the complete form.

「......Did you come here by the order of lily?」(Amatsu)

「Order? No, you got it wrong. Because you're the ’’evil’’ that threatens us」

「 We're the ’’evil’’......?」(Amatsu)

「I'm a hero who kills the Mazoku's and saves the world――still the stage has not prepared, yet. Sacrifice is necessary for a while. You guys who try to escape from such sacrifice are evils that hinder the path of the hero」

Naturally? as Amatsu clench his fist toward Olga remarks.

It was his first anger shown by calm Amatsu.

「Are you going to tolerate those who are sacrificed at the orphanage?」(Amatsu)

「What are you angry about? Are you stupid? They're the cornerstone for saving the world, aren't they? They should satisfy with that」


As Olga claps his hands.

His tunic is fluttering as it was emitting his magical power while he is a great lean forward stance.

「Anyway, you whose just a failure is going to die though. And I'm told to bring that brat back」(Olga)


Amatsu who became one-handed took a step forward as if trying to protecting Michelle who edging back. The cut section was blocked, and the bleeding has already stopped.

「Step back Michelle」(Amatsu)


Olga clad the magical powers of his body, Amatsu transforms his arms.

「Because I'll protect you――!」

Thus, the battle between the imitation copies of ’’Hero Amatsu’’ began.


It was Olga who moved first.

Jumping while crushing the ground he started to slash at Amatsu. While having his high-pitched laughter echoes in the forest.


Amatsu receives the sword that was swung down by Olga with his hardened arm. Immediately after, the foot of Amatsu which was not able to endure the shock crumbled.

Olga who raises a high-pitched laugh kick Amatsu which broke his posture.

「Ga, Hah!」(Amatsu)

Amatsu tries to kill the momentum by piercing his arm on the ground.

「You're slow, failure!」(Olga)

While rotating, Olga pierces at him like a bullet.

Just after Amatsu stretched his leg and swiftly moved his torso sideways to avoid a blow of Olga that missed and passed right beside him. That caused the surrounding trees are rustling by its aftermath.


The generated shock wave is even reaching Michelle who hid behind the tree. Michelle can't stand due to the excessive wind pressure.


The battle between Amatsu and Olga was extremely fierce. The hardened arm of Amatsu attacks Olga who moving at high speed and the ground greatly becomes hollow by every single blow of Amatsu.

Even though Amatsu is strong, Olga was even stronger than him.

None of the attacks made by Amatsu has reached Olga.

In the eyes of Michelle who did not know anything about a fight, Amatsu's disadvantage was obvious.


As the battle keep over and over again.

Amatsu who dodged an attack of Olga was directing his arms towards the gap that made by Olga.

There's no way for Olga who was slashing at the empty air were able to cope with it.


However, Olga jumps his body in the midair right before it reaches him.

He avoiding Amatsu side sweeping leisurely while distorting his mouth in the sky.

「It's not over yet......」(Olga)

Olga was making some moves that ignoring the laws of physics since a little while ago.

Every time, the attack of Amatsu which was supposed to hit Olga was ending in failure as he keeps slashing at the empty air.

「――You idiot!」(Olga)

As he kicking the empty space, Olga dropped like a bullet. Before him, there is a figure of the Amatsu who shooking his arm. Amatsu was trying to avoid Olga, but he was overwhelmed to fast for him.

「――You're too SLOW!」(Olga)

Amatsu hardened his arms to prevent the attacks, but it was blown away by the fierce power of the Olga slash.

Immediately afterwards, a shocking impact to the extent creating an explosion occurred in the forest.

Amatsu flew in the sky while breaking off the trees.

「That's, ONII-SAN......!」(Michelle)


Olga laughed loudly as if extinguish the scream of Michelle's.

「It feel great! By fighting this way, it easier for me to know my strength」(Olga)


「Ah! After all, I am the strongest!!」(Olga)


As he collapsed, Amatsu stretched his arm to Olga who keeps on laughing. The piercing speed that is not perceived by Michelle's eyes――However, Olga avoids every each one of them with some irregular movements.

「Oi oi, who are you targeting? I have given you some chance. So, why don't you try to attack more properly?」(Olga)

「, it's a wind magic, huh」(Amatsu)

Ignoring the provoking Olga, Amatsu uttered the answer regarding the unnatural move of Olga.

――The Wind attribute magic.

Olga released the wind from the body and enabled movement that ignored the laws of physics.

「That's right!......So? Then what? To make it easier for you to understand, that poor-looking ’’Transformation’’ and ’’Hardening’’ of your won't be able to match up with me, do you get it?」(Olga)


Amatsu rise and swung his arm many times.

But he couldn't hit Olga even once.

Evade, repel, ward off――all attacks of Amatsu did not hit Olga at all.

Olga had such an outstanding power as he treats Amatsu attack as if it is nothing.

Contrary to unhurt Olga, gradually the body of Amatsu got wounded.

For each action of Amatsu, Olga's sword moves slightly.

At that each time, the blood flow from the body of Amatsu which should have been hardened.


Eventually, Amatsu, who bled from the whole body, shouted to Michelle who in the shade of the tree.

「I earn time! So escape――――」(Amatsu)

「How many seconds do you planning to earn?」(Olga)

「Kah, Hah......!」(Amatsu)

The sword of Olga stuck in the abdomen of Amatsu before he able to finish his words.

Spat his breath out, Amatsu collapses on the ground.


「Ah, that was great, imitation. You fight me and you do not even earn ’’one second’’! May I be proud of it?」(Olga)

「Michelle......don't come!」(Amatsu)

While crouching, Amatsu restrains Michelle who's going to dash at him.

「Farewell, imitation. Just leave the rest to the hero. Geez, I'm asleep!」(Olga)


The magical power cladded blade will be able to cut even the hardened Amatsu.

Thus, the arm of Olga is swung down.

――just before that.


From Olga's feet, something long has been sticking out. It binds the legs of the Olga in a blink of an instant and sealed his movement.

「What is this......」(Olga)

Soon after that, Olga turned his eyes to the surroundings.

All too soon.

The slashed arm of Amatsu had disappeared from the ground.

「......That's right, It's the arm」(Amatsu)

Amatsu which lying down was smiling while enduring a pain.

The left arm which was cut some time ago.

In the midst of the battle, Amatsu manipulated it and hid it in the ground.


Olga struggles to remove the arm, but the hardened arm does not come off. The body of Olga was locked firmly to the ground.

「I guess the attack did hit properly, so, I kindly accept your words」(Amatsu)


「――forgive me」(Amatsu)

Amatsu's arm transforms and becomes a huge sword. The arm which hardened with all his magical powers slashed from Olga's shoulder till his flank.



However, both of them was surprised.

As both Amatsu and Michelle open their eyes wide at such impossible scene.


That very person was smiling.

Olga was laughing ferociously.

「Did you think that I can not use the magic that you can use?」(Olga)

The Amatsu blow does not create any single millimetre wound on Olga's skin.

Hardening――It was completely prevented by magic that Olga used.


「Are you surprised? Of course, you are. After all, did you think that a misguided imitation like you would be able to win against me? The ’’R・E・A・L・T・H・I・N・G’’ is no other than this me」(Olga)


The sound of breaking iron was audible.

The sound of Amatsu's arms that restraining Olga crumbling down into pieces.


「There's a limit for being insolent you scum」(Olga)

As Olga's blow slashed Amatsu.

――I wanted to help.

Amatsu/Homunculus is a homunculus made by imitating ’’Hero Amatsu’’.

Hero's hair, nail, body fluid, magical power, battle data.

The imitation that created by the ’’Lost magic’’ that mastered by George and Lily after making use of all samples.

「It's done!」(George )

「Finally, we able to reproduce the ’’Hero Amatsu’’!」(Lily)

The first thing he heard was the voice of George and Lily who trembled with delight. Both of them have produced many homunculi before then, none of them succeeds. Meanwhile, it was oneself to have kept a form for the first time.

It became his own cause after hearing the story of ’’Hero Amatsu ’’ and Amatsu/homunculus thought.

Oneself also want to be such an existence, too.

To be a hero that can save people.

It was soon that he learned that it would not come true.

Amatsu/Homunculus can only use two kinds of magic.

As for the powerful magic that ’’Hero Amatsu’’ able to use.

『So, it's a failure......』(Lily)

『What a short-lived happiness. It is useless and just a failure』(George)

An imitation.

A failure.

A good for nothing.

So after being verbally abused, Amatsu/homunculus was put in a laboratory incubator again. Although it is a failed work, it was to be preserved as a sample that retains the body.

Then the incubator of the laboratory became the world of Amatsu/Homunculus.

He usually being put to sleep and wake up only during the data collecting purpose.

He spends such a life for years.

While waking up for a very short time.

――help me.

Voice was heard.

The voice of a child seeking help.

A voice to appeal for the name of the parent that separate from.

――help me.

Voice was heard.

Many times.

Again and again and continuously again.


How many times has he heard the voice?

During days, Amatsu/Homunculus noticed.


Looking at the child seeking help, he wants to do something for them.

――help me.

The scream kept becoming louder.

The burning impulse spread within him.


However, the scream is not his.

Surely it is thought of the man named Amatsu who became the origin of his existence.

So, such desire is not mine.

It is an imitation,

He was driven by such detestation.

――help me.


Nevertheless, I......

「――As for me!」(Amatsu)

With the impulse, Amatsu/Homunculus broke the incubator.

Stepping into the outside world, Amatsu/Homunculus finally learned.

Oneself was shedding tears.

And, there is nothing he can do about this feeling because it was unchangeable.

He was trying to move his body forever.

While doing so,

『Help me......』

He heard Michelle cry.


At that time, Amatsu/Homunculus finally noticed.

「――because I wanted to help」(Amatsu)


While spurting fresh blood, Amatsu collapses to the ground. If the wound is deep and if does not heal quickly his life would meet its end. He can block up some wounds if he uses the ’’transformation’’, but Olga in front of him won't let him do so.

――At least, Michelle alone.

He keeps his fleeting consciousness that almost breaks off, and he immediately opens his eyes.

Amatsu is in despaired.


There was a figure of Michelle at his side. She is desperately suppressing his wound without being afraid of getting dirty with blood while crying.


「Oi, it is a masterpiece. Your perseverance was all useless」(Olga)

Olga looked down at Amatsu and Michelle while laughed happily from the bottom of his heart.

It is useless.

Michelle cannot escape from the Olga from this distance.

Realising that, Amatsu fall into despair.

When oneself was able to save nothing.

「Well, ain't this was the obvious outcome? The evil is defeated and justice wins. The imitation is defeated, the real thing wins. It is natural that trash like you loses」(Olga)


「Right, don't be so depressed. Is not it natural that trash can only produce trashy results?」(Olga)

――that's right.

Amatsu realized that there was a part of him that admits Olga's words.

A defective imitation.

When oneself could not overcome such completion form.

「......Sorry, Michelle」(Amatsu)


「I'm just a fake......and useless」(Amatsu)

――I could not help you.

I can not defeat Olga by myself.

I cannot help Michelle.

I cannot rescue either the children of the orphanage.

Amatsu crushed by resignation――――

「――u're wrong......!」(Michelle)

――Then, there's a voice that erases those voice.

「Onii-chan is not a fake......!」(Michelle)


「Because it was Onii-chan who helped me!」(Michelle)

Immediately after, *Gotsu* dull sound sounded. Michelle's body floats and rolls on the ground.


「Shut up, brat」(Olga)

As Olga's stepping on Michelle back.

「 This guy is a fake/ imitation. Helplessly. The real thing is no other than me myself」(Olga)



Michelle raised her face while being stepped on by Olga. Opposing Olga, she says to Amatsu while looking directly at his eyes.

「Onii-san are different from you......!」(Michelle)

「............What was that? I'm gonna kill you」(Olga)

Olga ready his sword.

「They told me to bring you I care.

You are evil. The disgusting whore who insulted a hero. Oh well, there's no other way then killing you right here」(Olga)

Olga brandishes his sword.

Several seconds later, Michelle will be helplessly killed.

Just before the sword is swung down.

Amatsu certainly heard.

――A voice of Michel seeking help.


I can not beat him.

I can not win against Olga.

Me alone――――

There is no strength.

But, there is an ideal.

I want to help Michel by all means.


「......Ah? What are you?」(Olga)


The words that were branded on a heart.

I want to accomplish such heart desire by all means.

――Mental magic【The Sincere Roar of Imitation (The Indelible Roar)】――


I'm not a fake――certain scream pierced Olga's ears.


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