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Sairin Yuusha No Fukushuu Hanashi - Volume 3 - Chapter 16



Translator: Norva

The has battle began.

As the water bullet that deployed around the throne is swept all at once at the signal of Dionis. Instantly after signalling to Elfi through a gaze, I used, ’’acceleration’’ and ’’reinforcement’’ at the same time to evade it.

The water splash landed on the ground before it splattered as it explodes.

「――Demon Eyes・Complete Destruction Explosion」(Elfi)

Elfi repeatedly fired her demon eyes while lightly dodging the water bullet with her superhuman physical ability.

Hence, a small explosion shelling Dionis continuously.

「I told you before, but do you think that you can kill me with this kind of childish play attack?」(Dionis)


A burst of complete destruction detonates ahead of Elfi's gaze grasped by Dionis who was laughing while sarcastically evading the almost no-time attacks. He dodges it having margin after verifying where Elfi's line of sight is directed.

Aah, I know that you can do that much.

That's why, beyond the place where Dionis headed too.

I've shot my lightning magic directing that very spot.

「With such a degree――――」(Dionis)

He deals the approaching lightning attack with the water bullets while snorting his nose. At that moments, Elfi struck her demon eyes upon Dionis who stopped moving. Furthermore, it was a powerful explosion of magnitude and scale that greater than previously――――

「...... I see, of course, it won't end that simple, isn't it?」(Iori)

The explosion was split open and vanished. Dionis who had put water on the blade of his sword is swung it down while staring at my direction.

「A cliched attack and obvious coordination. Haーa~ Geez, it makes me disappointed, you know. I thought you came here with some plans but you have seriously disappointed my expectations」(Dionis)

Dionis complains it while one-handedly brush up his hair. He exhilarated sigh and give off a deliberately depressed expression.

「Although, it's really painful to me who seems to be bullying the weak, but it will be fine because I had to fulfil my role as the Water Demon Lord, right?」(Dionis)

「......He coming!」(Elfi)

Dionis leapt as he comes down to me while holding a sword.

「It is a standard strategy to start with the weak first, right?」(Dionis)


I unleash my lightning magic with increased power. The sparks glide in the ground like a snake that seems was about to coil around the approaching Dionis.

「It's different from those days, Amatsu」(Dionis)


Immediately before that happens, his body is covered with transparent water abruptly. With that alone, the sparks which had hit the body of Dionis has dispersed.

「Its a pure water......!」(Iori)

The pure water containing no impurities that can conduct electricity. The content that I learned in the science classes of the original world, it was the same in this world.

The water attribute magic used by a highly skilled magician creates pure water and it is possible to repel the lightning attribute magic which should be its weak point.

「I do not know what you were doing during this thirty years, but I was growing up, you know. Leaving that empty-headed of your as it is, I'm different from you who deteriorated!!」(Dionis)


I barely catch the water-clad swords that Dionis gives off. It was the body which I strengthened to several folds, but I was retreated by just catching that single blow.

Without using any magic, the onizoku demonstrates several times the power of humans. Dionis is someone with lower muscle strength side among the onizoku, however, it was something impossible for the current me to catch such blow.

As is expected, it is troublesome.

「――o you won't!!」(Dionis)

Dionis approaching and pursuit me who broke my posture.

Then, the Elfi which accumulated her magical power in the rear has forced her way through in between and catches the blade of Dionis with her magical power wielding arm while unleashing a counter with her other free hand.

「......Speaking of which, you could also perform hand-to-hand combat too, weren't you?」(Dionis)

Dionis who jumps back as he avoids Elfi fists.

Not letting him escape Elfi throw her fist in succession.

In the meanwhile, I will rebuild my stance in that gap.


「――Jyuken*」(Dionis) TN 柔剣=Soft/gentle sword

The fist of former Maou which easily shatters the ceiling. Was ward off by Dionis just by his sword. In counter, Dionis trying to mow down Elfi by aiming for her abdomen.


Then, I thrust myself through this time.

The blade of the Jade longsword is barely caught that side blow slash. While Elfi Demon King Punch has was about to beat up Dionis who had his movement stopped.

At that time, Dionis used his other hand that did not hold the sword. The jujutsu which is applied with the soft sword skill has enabled Dionis to catches that fist of Elfi with that hand.

「That was dangerous」(Dionis)

Dionis jumps back to the rear by using the momentum of the received fist.

「I won't let you escape!」(Elfi)

Elfi tries to shoot her demon eyes without giving him leeway to do so――、


A wall of water was created in front of him, to prevent it. It is not a clear pure water that he had produced until then, but it was a wall made of the muddy water.

「Elfisuzaku, in order to hit your foe, you need to point your line of sight at the target. With your line of sight interrupt, you can not do anything, don't you?」(Dionis)

Mocking laughter of Dionis is audible from the other side of the wall.

「Unnecessary resourcefulness......!」(Elfi)

「Thanks Elfi, but do not go too far ahead」(Iori)

「......Aah*」(Elfi) TN Yeah*

「Don't be hasty, it is going well so far」(Iori)

It was favourable to us because that fellow loathes me.

The eyes of the Dionis was almost directed at Elfi since a little while ago. In the first stage, he understands that I'm weaker than Elfi. That fellow is waiting for Elfi to make an opening while not serious attacking me.

That's convenient.

The warier he toward Elfi, the easier it will be for me to move.

When the wall which had been blocked in front of us disappeared, Dionis already stood a little far away from where he was. With a sword in one hand, he has been turning his disdains gaze to me same as ever.

Right, I admit it.

For the present us, he considerably troublesome enemy. Therefore, the weakness has become obvious.

Disdain, arrogance and negligence toward the weakling, that fellow tends to play with the foe he could win. In the middle of our journey, it was his weakness that has been repeatedly noted by Lucifina. Fortunately, it doesn't seem to be healed even after three decades.

「Well, it's a passing point for Elfisuzaku. But, Amatsu, aren't you a little too weak?」(Dionis)

I don't make me happy even if I get a passing point form you while Elfi spits it out.

「Well, I've been thinking about it since our journey. You're not a big deal, you just a scum. Brave? Hero? Save the world? You are no more than just a conceited human. Luser or the other incompetent rascal is also the strongest magician at human discretion and humans don't understand where they stand, do they?」(Dionis)

Dionis lifts his arm and sings an aria.

――’’Torrent Snake’’――

It is different from water bullets until then. A massive mass of water was formed, which formed a shape like a serpent.


「Step back Iori!」(Elfi)

As it swells, the serpents are heading towards us vigorously.

I will definitely get drowned to death if being caught by that.

「Come to think of it, I haven't heard it yet. Hey, who are you going to avenge?」(Dionis)

Ignoring Dionis who laughs, I start running in order to escape from the serpent.

Elfi moved in the room by kicking and leaping through the wall while she evades it lightly.

But I can not do that kind of movement. The momentum of the water is fast, and it is not possible to escape by just running. The means which I planned for getting through water bullets, should I use it here?

「......’’Double acceleration’’」(Iori)

’’Acceleration’’, which was used until then is multiplied further. With doubled agility, I evaded the serpent which approached me.


My whole body is creaking and it feels almost to burst up. There is a feeling that my muscle fibres are *BuchiBuchi* tearing. It is considerably more agile than usual with the『Reinforcement Magic Bracelet』, but the burden is also correspondingly increased.

It is the demerit of the bracelet.


The pain runs every time I move, but there is a feeling that it will be healed immediately afterwards. It is thanks to the continuation-type portion that I had swallowed before came here. I can reduce the burden of double acceleration due to sustained recovery effects.

「Ahahahaha! Do not push yourself, Amatsu! You won't be able to evade your inevitable death!!」(Dionis)

Leaving the serpent, I approaching Dionis which stood right before the throne. I'm going to slash him with just several seconds interval.


「It seem that longsword of yours is already given up on you」(Dionis)

The single blow which is drawn out from double acceleration was caught. Furthermore, the sword is being grasped single-handedly.

「Speaking of which, it was me who taught you the soft sword after all. Well, I never thought that you have potential for it anyway!!」(Dionis)


It was the early stage of the after effects struck me.

My posture was not destroyed, but I flipped back.

With a laugh, Dionis comes after me.



Followed by Dionis water serpent is attacking Elfi who is trying to support me. Simultaneous using his sword skills and magic. Elfi is hindered by the serpent while I'm cornered by a sword.

......Elfi, is it isn't ready yet.

「Ahahahahahah! Hey, Amatsu! You will die if you do not try hard!?」(Dionis)


I endure the violent attack of Dionis patiently. As Dionis said, I was taught a soft sword by him.

Therefore I understand it.

This fellow possesses a high level of technique, but the attack that he uses right now is no more than a mere brute strength with intention of making fun of me.

It was the timing when my breath started to run out shortly after we exchange our blows.

「Dodg――I'm going to blow it off with the maximum firepower of the demon eyes!」(Elfi)

In the distance, the scream of impatient Elfi was audible. According to that word, I can sense that she cladded in high magical power.


In response to that, the attention of Dionis has deviated to Elfi as he's going to develop defence magic with his hand to prevent the demon eyes.


I was about to cut him during those timing, but still, Dionis prevented the blow lightly. But it's not over yet, during that short interval, I swung down with all I got once more.

「I can deal something such as your degree even when I looking the other way, though」(Dionis)

While ridiculing me, Dionis was about to match the timing of my sword.


He completely catches the timing of my sword accurately.

――I was waiting for this timing.

「’’Triple Acceleration’’――!!」(Iori)

In the midst of swinging down the sword. The sword speed is rise sharply by the ’’Triple Acceleration’’. Dionis could not cope with the slash precisely because he was completely caught up by the timing from before.


The blade ruptured from the shoulder to the flank of Dionis. Fresh blood begins to spout out as Dionis leans back behind.


My body seems to fall apart due to the effect of an excessive load of the triple acceleration. It's a damage that cannot be covered by a continuation-type portion.


I suppress the wound while directing toward the screaming Dionis to land more strike at him.

「That sword!!」(Dionis)

But this time it was being dealt with. As Dionis is following the sword speed of triple acceleration as well.

「AMAaTSU!! Don't get cocky just because I was going easy on YOU!!」(Dionis)

Dionis rapture while his blood dripping.

The attack that demonstrated by him was full of ’’technique’’ unlike the previous. Although my physical surpassed him with the triple acceleration.

But it is just for now.

「Hey, Dionis. Try to look closely at that wound of yours, haven't you notice it yet?」(Iori)


The wound that hung from the shoulder to his flank.

Before he knew it, the flesh around it was dyed in black.


「......It's a poison of the swamp. You're the Water Demon Lord itself, so you should know it, right?」(Iori)

Entering directly in it was the purple poison of the swamp.

I took the poison and put it on the blade of a Jade longsword. The poison of the swamp shows the effect sufficiently even with only minor scratches.

That poison works effectively, whether it is a Mazoku or Onizoku itself.

「......Do you think I have no countermeasures against it? This poison, I will detoxify immediately!」(Dionis)

「――As if I let you do that!!」(Iori)

In addition to triple acceleration, I rise the ’’Reinforcement’’ two-fold.

I put my all in a single strike to Dionis who tried to fall back.


A single slash which I threw without minding that my bone might break. Dionis who unable to react to the strike was greatly thrown off to his rear.

「You fool......!」(Dionis)

There is a burden on my body, so it impossible for me shorten our distance at once.

However, as planned.

With this, I was able to get enough distance・・・・・・・・

「――I have told you, didn't I? To don't forget about me, right」(Elfi)

The red-coloured gaze of Elfi who had to handle the serpent by her mere physical abilities has completely caught Dionis in her gaze.

「It is a Checkmate Dionis」(Iori)

「No way......!?」(Dionis)

As being startled, Dionis turns his eyes to Elfi.

Elfi who already amass her magical power and was waiting.

「St, Stop――――」(Dionis)

That desperate cry is also in vain.

「――’’Demon Eyes・Complete Destruction Explosion’’――」(Elfi)

As a thunderous explosion swallowed Dionis.


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