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Sairin Yuusha No Fukushuu Hanashi - Volume 3 - Chapter 15



Translator: Norva

In a large circular room.

There is a red and precious throne decorated by an excess of gold and jewels at the innermost part of the room.

The one who thinks that he has created such that expensive but tasteless thing, in reality, was no other than Dionis Herberg himself who had sat on such tasteless throne.

「It was surprisingly early. I assumed it was a questionable, whether you can win against that Overlord Squid or not judging from my battle experiences with you, though」(Dionis)

Even though the enemy has infiltrated into the deepest part, Dionis crosses his legs comfortable while making himself at ease having leeway with his attitude of resting his elbows on the throne armrest.

I pay my awareness to the whole room but there is no sign other than Dionis himself.

There seems to be no trap because Elfi shakes her neck while turning sideways.

「It's fine to be cautious, but there is nothing in this room, neither demonic beings nor traps. It would be disgusting and filthy if I'm going to let those demonic beings inside here, don't you agree? Moreover, I won't feel comfortable if there's a trap in my own room, you know」(Dionis)

「You're surprisingly calm albeit we have penetrated to the innermost region, aren't you」(Iori)

「It's obvious, because there's no more additional defence than me myself」(Dionis)

Dionis still doesn't even bothered to leave his seat albeit being glared by Elfi, in contrast, he distorts his lips while raising his jaws as if he were looked down on us.

He seems to have been very confident of being able to overwhelm us with our battle back then. It is convenient for us if he underestimate us. Because our plan was something like aims for an opening when he let his guard down.


「Yeah, according to plan」(Iori)

If there is no point in listening anymore, it is time to begin the battle.

「Whoa! Wait a minute! It's a rare opportunity for us having some proper talk, right? So, there's no need to rush」(Dionis)

「......Shut your trap, I have nothing to discuss with you bastard」(Iori)

「Don't say that, because there's something I want to show you, Amatsu」(Dionis)

Dionis snaps his finger.

Simultaneously with the dry sound echoing through the room, several crystals appeared around the throne. The transparent diamond crystal of the size of a whole person.


I was at a loss for words and the reason is that the numbers of people that are confined inside of the crystals were exceeding more than twenty of them. There are humans, demi-human, Mazoku and various other races.

All of them are women and none of them is wearing any clothes. The women who are exposing their bare skin in a state to have greatly spreading their hands and legs and they have no consciousness.

The sword was pierced deeply in their palm and ankle, and they were stuck in crystals like a specimen of insects. The look of pain and despair was stuck on every woman's face.

「What do you think? This is the specimen I collected in the last three decades and I always wanted to show it to you」(Dionis)

「Hmph......Quite a vulgar hobby, I am totally disgusted here」(Elfi)

「Aah, it's sickening」(Iori)

I agree with Elfi who grimacing her eyebrow and showed disgust expression. Dionis smiled wryly saying「That's cold」and moved his finger a bit.

Several of the floating crystals come out in front.

「That's mean, for all those troubles that I have been through to bring over your acquaintance」(Dionis)


「Don't you recognize this?」(Dionis)

I turn my gaze to one of the crystals that came out before me. The fact that among those it is stuck was the same Onizoku as Dionis. Dark brown hair, dark skin and the forehead with two horns that were broken visible.

And I recognize that Onizoku.



Besides, Dionis and Beltoga, she was the onizoku magician who was fighting alongside the human army. A meddlesome and was a strong-minded woman. She always scolded Dionis whenever they met and she was his childhood friend.

「Correct! Honestly Amatsu, it sounds like you remembered her」(Dionis)

「Were you, not a friend?」(Iori)

「Eh!? No way. I hate her, please stop with that kind of joke. I never regard such a small fry is a friend of mine」(Dionis)

Then, Dionis snaps his finger.

The crystal containing the Sharley fell back. Instead, several crystals appear before me. All that was in it was from the Onizoku and everyone was seemed familiar to me.

「As for this child, they were longing for Amatsu who had treated them normally, even though you just a human? Aren't you glad? It was a heart touching reunions, wasn't it?」(Dionis)

......What is this?

Dionis snaps his finger again.

Then, a different crystal appeared.

「As for this child......I wonder is it a bit difficult for you to recognise?」(Dionis)


The woman of features similar to a girl and the girl who hasn't reach her matured age yet.

A girl in their teens, a woman who grew big as a size of a girl.

A girl,

A woman.

A girl.

A woman.

A girl girl girl girl girl.

I faintly remembered their looks.

「You bastard――this......」(Iori)

「Do you don't remember it, yet? You dropped by when you were travelling through the empire. ――the ’’Lahm village’’ wasn't it?」(Dionis)

――There are Lahm villages around here and how it has become?

――It has been destroyed by the Mazoku for nearly three decades ago.

「 was your doing」(Iori)

Dionis snaps his finger.

Different crystal steps forward.

「’’Sheena village’’」(Dionis)

They are familiar

It looks familiar.

「’’Leos territory’’」(Dionis)

I remembered when I heard that.

I also remembered.

「’’Gurus village’’, ’’Settlements of demi-human in Cruz Mountain’’, ’’ Arlene territory’’, ’’ The Mazoku which you overlook at the Mount Peteros’’, ’’ Buguel village’’, Hey, isn't it that child whom you helped ’’The Cellu mercenary group’’」(Dionis)

The place that I went in the middle of my journey.

Therefore these were people who I encounter.

The people that I helped.

「――――Hey, do you remember?」(Dionis)

Dionis is sneering at me.

「It's all the people we met on our journey, how nostalgic」(Dionis)

I remember.

The village and the territory which had been attacked by the Mazoku.

The mercenaries that fought together with us.

「After the incident of the Demon King castle, Lucifina and I got some spare time and we went on a journey to the places which we went on a trip with you and Luser. After conveying our betrayal and the death of Amatsu to them, we massacre every single one of them」(Dionis)

By the encounter with them, I have become stronger as I wanted to save them.

「Even though I told you that I massacre everyone, I only killed the man and plain-looking woman along with granny that doesn't have a chance to survive on their own later. While the woman who suits my taste will be turned into a specimen like this」(Dionis)

Dionis said that in an entranced tone while stroking the surface of the floating crystal gracefully.

「I noticed it when I killed you, the face of a dying person who is betrayed by the person whom they believed is really fun to watch」(Dionis)

「Betrayal by Hero's companions and the death of the hero whom they believed. As for their dying faces when realises it, in the end, it was really unbearable to see. Amatsu, I wanted to show you too」(Dionis)

「All the places that I travelled was really unreasonable though――Do you understand? Amatsu」(Dionis)

I understand Dionis' intention.

If you express it in one word, it simply a harassment.

「You always saying『I want to help! I want to save!』because in the end, those people whom we saved will borrow us their strength someday」(Dionis)

「Everyone, every single one of them has died in despair, you know. You always boasting those sense of justice of wanting to help while looking at us, didn't you?」(Dionis)

It's a denial of all the things I've done as a hero.

If you didn't have such an idea, they wouldn't have died. And, Dionis are saying that 『They are dead because of you』

「What's wrong? Say something. Have you been deeply moved by the reunion?」(Dionis)

「Just kidding」(Dionis)

「Hey, how do you feel! Hey, Amatsu!!」(Dionis)

「Ahahahahaha!! Tell me!! How do you feel now!?

The thing that you wanted to do and what you have done!! Aaaaaaaaaaall of it!! The feeling that was trampled by me and Lucifina who was your FRIENDS!?」(Dionis)

Being betrayed, ridiculed and killed.

I intended to hate Dionis more than everything.

「Hey, hey! Please tell me, directly to me!! How do you feel now that you know that everything you did was meaningless?」(Dionis)

However, it changes my mind.

Because there is no limit to hatred.

「Ahahahahahaha!! Hey, hey! Now, what kind of―――――――」(Dionis)

I run through the ground while using the strengthening and accelerate toward Dionis who is sitting on the throne.

I swung my sword upon Dionis with the fastest blow I could muster out in the present state.


In respond to repel the blade. Dionis pulled out the sword he had at hand to receive my blade.

「......I guess there's no common sense to attack people while they're talking, right?」(Dionis)

「I never get the common sense of you bastard」(Iori)

「It seems that you need some discipline......aren't you!」(Dionis)


By the competition of the blade, I easily being outmatched. The pursuit comes to the place where I was thrown. The spark was scattered in continuously corresponding with the clashing of blades.

As expected, the current me certainly being overwhelmed even if I use the reinforcement magic.


「Such coward swordsmanship!」(Dionis)

My balance is broke at the same time as I being pushed back.

Dionis faces distorted in the response of my misfortune that followed by a swung from his sword.


Then, Elfi's demon eye burst. The flash of the Crimson blinks and explodes. That made the water surrounding the room to shakes and vigorously splashes up.

Just before that, I pretended to collapse while jumped back away and dodge the explosion.


The explosion haze was torn up as Dionis appeared. He approximately unhurt while only his clothes are dirty. His expression is distorted in anger as he glares at Elfi.

「It is nice to have a pleasure to say something idiotic, but don't forget about me」(Elfi)

「 it the revenge for your subordinate?Anyway, you came here to get your body back, right? You are also surprisingly sly yourself to use Amatsu who lost his power, ain't you?」(Dionis)

When Dionis snap his fingers, the floating crystals disappeared.

「Hey, Amatsu. You really don't grow up, do you? Because you were betrayed by humans and demi-humans, are this time by a Mazoku? Though you were betrayed so severely, I wonder why you can still make friends? The other party is a Mazoku, moreover, she was the former demon kings, you know? I can hardly understand why you can believe such a person's words. Can't you even think for your self that if you lost your worth, you'll be betrayed and killed again?」(Dionis)

Dionis flimsily and fluently turning his tongue as he spouting such words.

Betrayed and killed again?

I wonder why I have not thought about it.

「Because I've decided it」(Iori)

It's hard for me to finish my revenge alone. That's why I have joined forces with Elfi while accepting the risk of being betrayed by her.

「That, I absolutely take revenge on you」(Iori)

「Oh, is that so」(Dionis)

At that time, Dionis finally lifted his hips from the throne.

「You seemed unable to comprehend who is right before you, don't you?」(Dionis)

Dionis laughs as he rises up.

「I, the Demon King forces ’’Water Demon Lord’’ and the strongest Onizoku ’’Mizu Oni*’’」(Dionis) TN Water Ogre

Innumerable water bullets are developed.

「Let me hear it once again for several minutes later. On earth, who's is the ones that you going to avenge? HAH!!」(Dionis)


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