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Saikyou Juzoku Tensei ~Cheat Majutsushi No Slow Life~ - Chapter 6


Saikyou Juzoku Tensei Chapter 06: 6-yrs old (3)

Together with Giselle, I went to a less popular place away from the settlement.

Because I found a good stump, I used it instead of a desk to arrange the Oracle notes.

Throughout the day I tried practicing, but there was no results on the first day.

So I decided to go to that place for a while. I got up early in the morning before my father so that I could practice for even a second more, and my father got angry when I came back late at night. Let's put me aside. But Giselle, accompanying me without any purpose is also amazing.

As the time passed by 2 days, 4 days and a week, I gradually grasped something from them. I continued turning the Oracle notes(cards) and as a breather I carved few Otems.

And then, a month passed.

’’Clown, the king of red, the richest man of red...’’

While saying I turn three cards that are lying down.

The first piece was clown, the second piece was the red king.

The third piece was not a red richest man but a black devil.

Did I fail again? Is the hit rate about 60% or so?

I did not hit a single piece on the first day, and the success rate has been increasing, but... something like this, I feel something was short.

’’Nii-sama, this is amazing! Of the three pieces you have also won 2 pieces!’’

Un~... if possible, I would like to take it until about 100 out of 100, but...

It is a remembrance practice, but it does not mean that I can really see the picture.

Although I do not see it, intuition will work somehow if I do. It looks like one piece of perspective.

As a leading magician, a concrete vision seems to come to mind.

’’Nii-sama, what's the matter?’’

’’No, I was thinking that I cannot raise the success rate a bit more.’’

’’But, even father-sama, told that he often miss.’’

’’I want to surpass our father.’’

To say it clearly, I think my father's magical level is low.

If we talk about just making an Otem, I am already better than him. That I can say it with confident.

That is, as far as the basics of magical foundation, my father was losing to me, who is a 6-yrs old child.

For now, I am making my father as my goal.

But, that is the goal as a passing point.


Giselle opened her mouth wide and looked at me like she was surprised.

It's bad, I got a little excited.

In the Maren tribe, although the magical skill is the status, I can see that they do not do any training, so I feel a little irritated.

If I said this to my father, it will become awkward.

’’It's a secret to our father.’’

This is a secret between us two, by saying that I put my index finger against Giselle's lips.

’’`Hya, hi~yai~! I understand, nii-sama!’’

Giselle blushes and waves her hands with excitement.

Alright, choroi(easy to manipulate). Giselle is weak against this phrase.

In this case her mouth will not slip by accident.

’’Well then, let's stop here for today. Giselle want to try training?’’

’’Well, I...’’

Is not it much motivated?

It cannot be helped.

When she tried it before, but she rarely hit it.

Giselle is four years old and she have never made an Otem. Was this something like that?

’’It's been a while, let's go home after playing for a while.’’

’’Yes! Let's! Let's do that!’’

Giselle expresses her happy expression. I kind of feel sorry for her to keep me company to this forest and just watching my training.

’’Do you want to play Babanuki?’’

If I have more cards, we could have played the millionaire or speed, but with these numbers are a little less.

I also tried to think about various rules, but eventually I will settle down with Babanuki.

If there are two sets, we can use them as the same way as trump cards, but our house has only one set.

We sit across the wooden stump and face each other, and played Babanuki.

’’Right, right, right! Right is recommended, nii-sama!’’

’’Well then, I will take the left.’’


I put black and red fancier cards on stumps.

My hand is now zero with this.

I finally realized after winning three consecutive times.

Perhaps, am I avoiding the clown that I treat as joker naturally.

Giselle is easy to understand, but even if it is taken into account, there is a bias.

Are not I consciously remembered?

’’Nii-sama, you are strong...’’

Giselle puts her cheek on the stump and looks up at me.

’’No, no, just by coincidence.’’

She will be going to sulk soon.

Next time, should I try draw a clown on purpose next.

But, this also going to be magical practice, too.

From next time, should I make a habit of predicting patterns before pulling cards?

It's more fun than turning cards and I can get Giselle's mood to normal.

It is exactly two birds with one stone.

I wish my father do not get angry and accept playing cards as training.


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