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Saikyou Juzoku Tensei ~Cheat Majutsushi No Slow Life~ - Chapter 25


Chapter 25

Saikyou Juzoku Tensei Chapter 25: 15-yrs Old (3)

15-yrs old 3

After parting with Philo, we walked for about ten minutes and arrived at my garden.

’’Fuu~... we did walked a lot...’’

I breathed a sighed and spoke to Giselle standing next to me.

’’Yes, that's right Nii-sama. Let's take a good rest when we are done. Actually yesterday, I let mother-sama to buy a new tea leaves. It was a little bit expensive, but it smelled nice and I think this would suit Nii-sama's taste...... ’’

Unlike me who is breathless, Giselle speaks fluently.

Although she walked that much, she did not sweat a little.

’’Is that so... I will look forward to it.’’

’’Nii-sama, why do you turn your eyes, Nii-sama?’’

There is already a hole in the garden for planting tree.

In the morning, I let digging type Otem to dig a hole.

If it is this position, it has plenty sunlight and it will not get in the way.

I took the soil which was attacked to the tree carried by the Otem and put it on the soil mound which was formed after digging the hole in the garden.

Then I took out a small bottle from my pocket and poured the powder contained in it.

This powder is a mixture of monster bones and demonic metals.

Then I stirred the 2 kinds of soils and powder with my hands.

 The quality of the soil is different between the village inside and the forest. There are things needed for the trees of the Futel and the geology corresponding to the trees of the Futel.

To match it... is half of my purpose.

Once mixed the soil, I waved the wand and a magic circle formed.


I casted a spell.

And then the soil mound glows gently.

Yoshi, with this the soil is ready.

I painted the soil that was ready in and around the hole.


After filling enough, I stepped back by clapping my hands to dust off.


’’Put it in.’’

With my voice Otem started moving.

It put the roots of the tree into the hole which it was carrying.

After the Futel tree entered the hole, I filled the gap between the hole and the tree roots with the soil made earlier.

Alright, it's the last step.

I pointed the little wand towards the ground.


The water overflowed from the tip of the wand and poured onto the roots of the tree.

By adding water, I made the roots familiar with the soil.

The transplant is over with this.

While I touching the tree of the Futel with hands, I started thinking about branches that should be cut out and the branches to leave.

’’Giselle, give me that thing that I handed over.’’


Giselle handed the paper bundle in her hand to me.

Heavy. If I had carried it all the way my arms would be numb.

I gently returned half of the paper bundle to Giselle.

This is a part of teaching inherited by the chief from his grandfather from their from the ancient times. These pages describe how to make Otems while alive as plants.

I got permission from the chief, I added writing here and there.

 As for the living IOtem, in fact there is a people more familiar than the chief.

 Among the Maren tribes there are the Chalco and Rietta families who make live Otems making their living.

But for them Otem is a business tool. I do not think they will teach me.

A live Otem withers quickly unless it has a magic mended soil.

That is the other half of the reason why I made that soil.

From live Otem, a special leaves can be collected.

It /> It also serves as a chemical material, but what is the best use is cigarette smoking.

Dried leaves were chopped, they smoke the smoke that came out after putting in a kissel and smashed with fire, it is a Maren tribe's luxury item.

Here in the Maren tribe it is called Koen ha pyipe(smoke-free leaves or smoky leaves), which is said to have a calming effect.

Because it smells when it is absorbed, it is also used as a perfume application.

 It seems that there is no age restriction in this world, but it is quite expensive as a child's toy, so it takes time to get used to it, so children do not smoke much.

At best there were few, who smoke it as a bit of mischief by imitating their fathers, after sucking it once they cough 'geho geho'and put it back to it's original position.

Afterwards they will be found out by the leaves content and preached as these are not for play. 

It is me 5-yrs ago. Shibi also said that he had exactly the same experience.

 I thought that I would never smoke again, but when a boy reached 16-yrs old to celebrate his maturity, as a part of the ceremony it seems that I have to suck smoky leaves for a long time.

I told you I do not like it, but my father was thrust by saying, ’’It is an important ceremony’’ with examples.

I doubt that the ancestors of the Calco family have incorporated as a habit, which the villagers tried to make a profit by immersing the villagers in smoky leaves.

There is no tightly monetary system in the Maren tribe.

Bartering at the plaza is the main.

 The demonic metal whose chief may have marked with magic is sometimes used instead of coins, but there seems to be some people who do not accept this.

 Instead, as light, convenient to carry and stable in value, smoky leaves often leaves often used as a bundle.

About that much more smoky leaves are valuable in the Maren.

As I am, it is not very funny.

Even solely because of my father's smoky leaves, many of those hunted are sold to the square.


If I also started sucking smoke-free leaves and doubled the consumption, I also have to go hunting every time.

The son of Calco family rarely goes to hunt, he inherited the making of smoky leaves and sells it occasionally, other than that he only hanging out at home.

I am sure that he will spend his free time in his house and devote himself to my research. Unforgivable.

That's why I decided to make smoky leaves myself.

I was not interested in tobacco, but if I have to suck it up I will make it myself.

I will not give money to those two houses.

Once I decided to do so, I went to chief's house the next day and I gathered the materials written about the living Otem and brought it back to my house in the end.

 Because the chief had a grudge against the Calco family, he seems to have tried mass-producing it by himself for the purpose of harassing them in the past.

Unlike his looks he had a quite funky place. He himself said that it was the because of youth.

However, it seems he could only make bad product of smoky leaves.

The things left in the house of the chief was only the writings of materials needed to make live Otem.

He could not have been able to catch up with the two houses that have been improving for many generations.

But I am proud of Maren tribe's number one, if it is making Otems.

I made several hypotheses about what Otem's optimum shape, what I need for earth, with the reference from the chief's failure story.

This time is the first to actually make one, but make one, but I am confident.

It is not so long until the birthday and there is no time to try a couple of them.

If I tried different kinds of conditions, there is no end to it.

For me, curiosity is great that I wanted to make it once. I will not make it in earnest that far.

And if I mass-produce it too much, I may be harassed by the eyes of the Calco family. People in that house are famous for being domineering and gloomy.

In the worst case I made a bad product, it means that I did not have enough knowledge and skills.

As make amends. I will smoke it during my adult celebration.

I will not be get addicted to smoky leaves, hunting hell can be avoided.

If I succeed, I succeeded and I only have to keep making it myself, so I can avoid hunting hell at that time.

I can cover my father's share too.

I returned the paper bundle to Giselle and took out the woodcarving knife.

I stroke down the branches of the Futel tree and left only 3 branches that can be regarded as nose and arms.

I left the leaves on the arm part. The nose is like a decoration.

I cut down the nose, the skin around the trunk and make shapes.

After engraving the face, I painted the paint on the part other than the remaining arms of the bark by the brush made from the devil's hair.

Finally, I used treatment magic and restore the weakened vitality.

OK, this is fine.

After two weeks, if I use magic power everyday, it will become splendid smoky leaves. It should be.

Living Otem has few branches and leaves, so photosynthesis can hardly be performed, so it cannot compensate for it's own nutrients to live, so it requires extra magic power.

In two weeks, I can afford to admire my adults in time.


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