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Saikyou Juzoku Tensei ~Cheat Majutsushi No Slow Life~ - Chapter 11


Saikyou Juzoku Tensei Chapter 11: 8-yrs old

A year has passed since I and chief became magic apprenticed and teacher respectively.

I became 8-yrs old and Giselle became 6-yrs old.

At first it was hard for me to talk with chief, but now I've completely used to it.

What should I say, somehow I managed to get how to treat this tsundere grandfather.

Philo's mother also laughed smilingly with a smile, said that ’’Lately, he talks only about you.’’ With a happy face.

’’Abel, it's been a while since your last visit. Let me see, how much you have improved.’’


Recently chief was busy preparing rituals, as my magic level has risen, the frequency of seeing my training was decreased.

Today, first time after a week he accompanied me for my magic training.

Every time I practice, Giselle accompanies me as if natural.

Giselle also somewhat imitates me and practicing magic, but it is almost always accompanied.(Read this at

... Incidentally, Philo was kicked out by the chief.

I think he should treat his granddaughter a little more careful, but in fact she come out with strange talks and gets in the way of training, so I am thankful.

’’েতরআঁক আঁকা’’ (draw draw on)

I stretched my hands in the air, borrowed the power of the spirit and draw the magic circle.

After finishing one drawing, start drawing the second one.

’’Fuun~, can you draw 2 and handle it? Do not show me any pathetic practice.’’

It was a spiritual tone on the top of the Buddha face, but his hands were fidgeting.

It seems to be expecting.

I cannot fail this.

This time is practicing to manipulate Otem with magic.

It is necessary to embed in the magic circle what kind of action to do.

Therefore, understanding of the magic circle is indispensable for making magic and complicated movements.

It is a thing that cannot be done by my father who said that we should only need to remember the magic circles.

Nonetheless, it is possible to determine the trajectory of movement is a small part of the magic circle, it can be done even without deep understanding to that far.

In short, the practice of freely manipulating Otem is the first step of practicing magic circles by creating yourself.

Although it is impossible to state yourself a wise man, to the extent of manipulating the Otem.(Read this at

’’পুতু দখ দখ’’ Grab the doll

While chanting I stretched my right hand towards Otems.

From my hand light emits and the light goes into the Otems.

The moment the light enters, the Otems starts to move.

One moves in a forward direction and the other moves in the backward direction.

Then, each spins around themselves.

’’Hou, it seems that you examined well, not just simple movements, but also to be able to incorporate until rotation.’’

The chief delightedly voiced out.

Not yet, it starts from here.

I further draw a third magic circle in the air.

’’বাএইএইহহতত’’ Air this hand

I chant towards one of the Otem.

From my hand released magic power changes to wind ball, according to the magic circle it fly towards spinning Otem.

Otem, which is spinning with 'Kurukuru', stopped moving as the ball of wind approached, and quickly avoided it.

Because the magic power of the wind kept to minimum, when it the wall it easily dissolved.

With 'Gatari'sound, the chief stood up.

’’No way, I never thought that you would embed corresponding action type incorporated into the magic circle!’’

Normally the chief who would not surprised by anything, raised a loud voice.

Because Giselle knew in advance, she is looking at the chief with a proud face.

Doya-gao[proud face] is also cute too.

My brother is proud to have my sister proud.

’’Why?... the corresponding action, I did not teach you yet, right?’’

’’When I tried a lot of things, I found a part that clicked about a bit by chance, so I tried to examine it.’’

Even if I said by chance, it is a result that I kept trying for almost a week without going to bed for a week.

I tried various forms of magic circles and continued patiently testing the conditions when magic acted and not.

It is the gift of my obsession.

’’... Well, good, you've done so far. It's already the area of ​​a top magician. Even without teaching by me, Abel would be able to devote himself by self-education. I never thought he could grow this far in just one year.’’

The voice of the chief struck.

When I look at him closely, he is shedding tears.


When I called him, the chief wiped away tears with his sleeves.

’’I did not cry! It was just dust in my eyes!’’

... After all he is Philo's grandfather, to be same in such places.

’’But, if there is no one who will teach me...’’

’’In future, I allow you to take books from the library, take home anything you like in the library, if I teach you poorly I might stop the growth of Abel. You have both talent and guts.’’

Until now he would not allow me to see the books because they were expensive, but at last that ban was lifted.

I am happy to be honest with that... The way the chief said it was a little lonely.

Recently chief took good care of me in many ways, despite putting his grand-daughter Philo aside.

I also feel lonely when I think that it is the last time chief sees my training like this.(Translated by Novel44

’’... If I had advice, could I come occasionally?’’

’’... Occasionally, maybe I may not think about it.’’

As usual, it is not a straightforward grandfather.

When I barely laughed, the chief gently laughed while diverting his face.

’’Well, may I borrow four Otems in the room?’’

’’What do you want to use them?’’

’’No, I wanted them to carry few books.’’

I choose four big ones from among the Otems in my room.

’’েতরআঁক আঁকা’’

After I chant, I draw four magic circles in the air.

Well, how was the path to the library?

Walls can be avoided if I apply corresponding actions, and I can use them with a simple instructions.

If by chance their movements stopped, I can recast magic circles and cast spells again.

’’পুতু দখ দখ」 ’’

When I chanted, four Otems started to move.

Yep, 10 volumes of books can be loaded on one Otem.

Otem super useful. For a while, it seems I need to a research of magic circles which moves Otem.(Translated by Novel44

’’Well then, I'm going to borrow some books.’’

’’A, Abel, I said certainly that you could borrow, but how many books are you planning on taking home?’’

’’For the time being, about three round trips today.’’

’’What? Are you going to borrow over 100 books?’’

Would it be bad?

However, I want to be able to form magic circles from scratch with my own power soon.

To do so, knowledge is overwhelmingly insufficient.


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