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Rolling Love - Chapter 67


Chapter 67

Holding the thin quilt, Yan Liang sat on the bed and looked at the man sleeping. How much darkness was hidden behind the calm surface ? Nobody knew.

The only thing she could do now was to lie back and close her eyes, and endure the rare company of this strange man till she fell asleep.

After a long time, Jiang Yu Nan open his eyes.

Although there was no expression on his face, there was a thin film of cold sweat on his body.

He looked at the woman curled up on the other side of the bed, she was so close to the edge that she could fall off at the slightest movement. She was clearly avoiding him.

Jiang Yu Nan slowly unclenched his fist and stretched out his hand. It seemed he wanted to touch her. But ultimately, he couldn't bear to touch her;gritting his teeth he got out of bed.

He slowly walked into his room. Every step was heavy, although he was silent, his face was pale with pain.

In the cabinet there was a safe. Jiang Yu retrieved his medicines from the safe. Even the simple action of pouring the medicine made his hand shake uncontrollably.

Perhaps the medicines worked quickly, or perhaps the pain had settled into a numbness, but Jiang Yu Nan could feel his body become lighter and he put the medicine back . His tall body slid along the body of the cabinet and finally fell to the ground. The whole process happened so quietly that Yan Liang, sleeping next door, never heard a sound.

As the night passed, the first rays of the sun pierced through the gap in the curtains and softly shone on the man's eyelids.

Jiang Yu Nan found it difficult to open his eyes. His eyes were bloodshot as he looked at the open window.

This ray of light in front of his eyes seemed to remind him that he had successfully survived one more day.

He stood up holding the locker for support. Then he picked up the tablets he had accidentally dropped yesterday and put them in the trash. Then he took a shower to wash away the pain, changed his clothes and came downstairs to have breakfast.

At the table , he spread the butter on the bread. Just as he took the first bite, he heard movement on the staircase. His eyes followed the sound. Standing at the middle of the stair case, Yan Liang looked back at him.

Watching the suited and extremely gentlemanly looking Jiang Yu Nan, Yan Liang reminded herself: She was going to confront such a powerful and cold blooded enemy every day.

Just as she had expected, when she sat down at the table, he couldn't resist a taunt, ’’ Why didn't you let me know about Zhou Cheng ?’’

Yan Liang sneered, ’’ To beg you to help me ?’’

He replied: ’’No.’’

’’ No?’’ , she calmly said, as she sipped some fruit juice.

To make big changes, she had to keep her composure. She was now able to face her enemy calmly and have breakfast face to face - she considered this a big progress on her part.

He seemed to realise something, silently he looked at her for a moment and then faintly spoke,’’ You've changed...’’

Yan Liang thought he wanted to express his opinion, but instead he ridiculed her, ’’ With your new lover, you don't care about your old lover, this isn't your usual style.’’

Yan Liang gritted her teeth, closed her eyes briefly and finally could no longer hold back. With a bang she put her cutlery back on the table and stood up but didn't leave immediately.

Jiang Yu Nan was still sitting there, but he wasn't looking at her. His eyes stared at the wall opposite him. He hadn't eaten a bite , but his black pupils seemed to be overflowing with some unknown emotion.

Yan Liang took the car out of the garage. Her heart was both disturbed and angry, how could she watch Zhou Cheng go to prison ?

Maybe he had flouted some rules for Xu Ziqing, but she couldn't allow him to take the fall for Xu Ziqing..

All she could do now was to delay the investigation until she could find Xu Ziqing. If she was willing to take the initiative to plead guilty.....

But this possibility was minimal.

So Yan Liang drove down with a troubled heart. The heavy iron gates slowly opened, Yan Liang's car was about to leave the mansion when a car appeared suddenly in her path.

Yan Liang braked abruptly.

She almost hit the car, but fortunately she had braked just in time.

She was about to roll down her window when two people emerged from the back seat of the other car.

Seeing Yan Liang, the public officials greeted her, ’’ Ms Yan, we've been waiting for a long time.’’

Frowning, Yan Liang looked at the person. Then realisation hit her, she looked at the car , yes, it was a police car.

’’ I'm sorry, I have to attend to something urgent right now, we can do this some other time.’’

The two plainclothes policemen were unmoved. Yan Liang had no intentions to convince them, nor did she have any intention to stay. She reached for the steering wheel and started the car. In the next second, the policeman reached into the car and turned the car off. ’’We just want to ask you to co operate with our investigation. The sooner the Zhou case is cleared, the better it is for Xu. You really shouldn't use excuses to avoid us.’’

Yan Liang looked at the arrogant police officer, and sneered in her heart. Better for Xu ? Xu had long since ceased to exist...

**** ****

With no other choice, Yan Liang accompanied the two police officers.

From the police, Yan Liang learned that because of the acquisition of Xu by Li Bo, most of the original staff of Xu were no longer present and this hampered the investigation and evidence gathering.

Jiang Yu Nan had all the evidence that could incriminate Zhou Cheng clearly. Why were the police still looking for evidence? Could it be that he had only submitted a small part of the information he had ?

In the absence of any real information, Yan Liang could only rely on her own guesses to try and figure out the next direction of this saga. But not when she was facing the police. The police were unable to get anything useful from her. She was extremely professional , but eager to leave, and the police had no choice but to postpone the discussion for a later date and release her.

The investigation was very low key at this moment. There was no annoying media. She walked to the car uninterrupted, but just as she reached the parking lot, she encountered someone unexpected..

It was one of the partners of the Wan Kang law firm, the ones who had been responsible for all the affairs of Xu.

Lawyer Gao was assisting Zhou Cheng this time. From what Yan Liang knew, Zhou Cheng had not been called today. Then what was he rushing into the police station for ?

Yan Liang had opened the door of the car and was getting ready to sit inside when the lawyer's figure disappeared inside the police station. Decisively, Yan Liang banged the door and followed the lawyer into the police station.

Finally, she caught him outside the interrogation room.

’’Mr Gao..’’, Yan Liang was about to speak when the door of the interrogation room opened.

The solemn voice of the interrogator could be heard, ’’ We now have enough evidence to ensure that you cannot get away with this crime.’’

The interrogation room was apparently opened for the lawyer. The interrogators and the lawyer slightly nodded to each other. As the lawyer entered the room, a voice floated out, ’’ I am still going to repeat the same sentence - before my lawyer comes, I have only two words to say , 'no comment'.’’

As the lawyer walked in, the door was closed and Yan Liang could hear no more.

She stood at the door, silently laughing. The police were one step ahead of her.. they had found Xu Ziqing .

***** *****

How did Xu Ziqing get implicated ? It was impossible that Zhou Cheng had given her up.

The police had found evidence pointing to Ziqing ?

Why hadn't lawyer Gao mentioned this to her ? What else had he concealed from her ?

Yan Liang looked at the closed door. Now, she could trust no one. Even if the lawyer had something more to hide, she wouldn't be very surprised.

The interrogation continued for two hours. When the door opened again, only the lawyer came out, not Xu Ziqing.

Yan Liang sat in a bench directly opposite the door. From her point of view, she could see Xu Ziqing sitting angrily in the room.

Then she moved her attention to Lawyer Gao.

Seeing her there, the lawyer was momentarily stunned.After regaining his composure, he came up to her, ’’ Why are you here ?’’

Yan Liang looked at him, stood up and gave him a false smile, ’’Maybe you should answer me first. Why is Xu Ziqing here ?’’

The lawyer was embarrassed.

’’ I can't tell you too much, but I can tell you one thing . Though I don't know what evidence the police have in place, in this situation, your sister will go to jail.’’

Yan Liang anxiously asked, ’’ What about Zhou Cheng?’’

This woman did not seem to care about the life or death of her sister;this didn't really surprise the lawyer, and he ambiguously shook his head.

Although he hadn't given a positive answer, a glimmer of hope arose in Yan Liang's heart.

If the police really thoroughly investigated the matter, Xu Ziqing would pay for her mistakes, Jiang Yu Nan would simply be doing her a great favour..

**** ****

By the time Yan Liang returned to the company it was 12 o clock.

Most of the staff had gone for lunch. Her assistant was still waiting for her at her desk;she seemed agitated. When she saw Yan Liang, she stood up.

Looking at her, Yan Liang froze, ’’ What happened ?’’

The assistant immediately replied, ’’ Mr Jiang wanted to meet you for lunch. He is waiting for you.’’

Although there were a lot of rumours about Jiang Yu Nan and herself, in the eyes of the staff, they were still respected as a couple. Yet they actually had a poor relationship . The assistant was therefore not clear what to do. No wonder she was so nervous.

Yan Liang frowned and didn't answer.

’’ I'll tell him you're not available’’, the secretary said and immediately picked up the phone.

Yan Liang stopped her.

’’ I'll have lunch with him. Are you afraid that he'll poison me ?’’

This was funny for Yan Liang, but the assistant was stunned. As Yan Liang turned back to the elevator, the assistant still seemed to be in a daze.

Yan Liang pressed the button for the top floor in the elevator without any expression.

She'd like to see what Jiang Yu Nan would try to sell to her this time.

Soon she reached the president's office. She knocked the door, got no response, then pushed the door open.

From the entrance, she could see a figure lying on the desk;he seemed to be napping.

She really didn't expect herself to be in this situation- Jiang Yu Nan seemed to be sleeping deeply.

She hesitantly approached him, ’’ Jiang Yu Nan..’’

But till she came to his side, he was still lying there, completely unresponsive. Yan Liang gritted her teeth and pushed his hand. His hands were stone cold.

Yan Liang was surprised. ’’Jiang Yu Nan!’’ Her voice was louder now.

Still she did not get a response. She placed a hand in his forehead. His hands were cold, but his forehead was very warm.


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