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Rise Of The Wasteland - Chapter 314


Chapter 314

Chapter 314 Mission Accomplished

A Bradley combat vehicle was traveling at high speed . It knocked off a few vehicles that blocked the road and headed towards the town hall . Behind the Bradley, there were dozens of heavily armed and anti-tank vehicles . The entire road was shaking;the fleet was incredibly intimidating .

On Bradley, a Cuban officer received direct orders from Commander Carnell . He shouted to the other members in the group, “Kill all the Americans at the town hall, suppress all the resistant forces . ”

Li Cha, who was at the top of the building, saw the high-speed armored vehicle team coming towards the town hall . However, the mortar and sniper could not do anything to those heavily armored vehicles . He panicked and pleaded in the wireless radio, “Vulture, hurry up! We can’t hold on any longer!”

“Give us three minutes . ” The commander of the Vulture replied coldly, “You have to hang in there . ”

“Damn it!” Li Cha cursed . He understood that Bradley would be arriving in three minutes . By that time, it would only take a few minutes to destroy the building that they were in . “Take out the smoke shells, we have to hold them . Get the Javelin anti-tank missiles out . We’ll be killed when they are here . ”

The seventh action group did not have many smoke shells with them . The officer on Bradley went back into the vehicle . Through the infrared scope, he was still able to see the people on top of the building .

As time passed, more and more armed Cubans calmed down . They were coming from all directions and firing with either pistols or rifles at the top of the building . A cannon was launched from the Bradley combat vehicle . The building was nearly destroyed .

Meanwhile, at the town hall, Carnell at the underground garage received back-up . A platoon of guards of gold storage found him . They were armed with grenade launchers and heavy machine guns .

“Put your eyes on this entrance . Fire if anyone comes in,” Commander Carnell was exhausted from running . He pointed at one of the entrances that Zhou Qingfeng might use to set up the defence .

As expected, Zhou Qingfeng was here . As soon as the guards saw someone coming, the heavy machine gun started to roar . The narrow entrance and walls were demolished . At the same time, the guards launched grenades from behind . The entire platoon focused on the entrance .

The underground garage was shaking and it filled with flare and smoke . After around one minute, they stopped firing . The broken pieces of bricks, cement, and the wall covered the floor . Carnell searched the ground and tried to look for Zhou Qingfeng .

While everyone was focusing on Zhou Zhou Qingfeng, DogMeat silently came closer in the dark with a Claymore mine in his mouth .

The Claymore mine was already connected to the activator . It was placed on the ground and faced the direction of the enemies .

Meanwhile, Commander Carnell pushed a few soldiers and said, “Go . See if that Victor Hugo is dead . ”

The soldiers immediately moved . They covered each other and slowly moved towards the entrance . They tried to find the body of Zhou Qingfeng but they could not find anything . As one of the soldiers was going to return to report, he saw DogMeat .

“There’s is a dog!” The soldier snapped .

Carnell and the rest of the guards were stunned . Following that, they heard the sound of DogMeat running away . As soon as they turned around, they saw the Claymore mine on the ground .

Before anyone could react, the mine was activated by Ellie and Eileen, who were not far away from Carnell . Again, seven hundred bullets exploded from the mine, all the Cuban guards twenty meters away from the mine were killed instantly .

Carnell was lucky that he was right behind a pillar . At that moment, he felt the wave from the explosion . The sudden change in pressure made his ears hurt and temporarily deaf . He immediately closed his eyes, covered his head with both his hands and took cover .

A few moments few moments after the explosion, the Commander had no idea what was going on . He only felt the pain from his injuries . When he opened his eyes, he saw the corpses of his guards around him . There were a few people and a dog standing in front of him .

The underground garage was filled with silence . It was terribly silent . After Zhou Qingfeng cleared all the obstacles, finally, he was standing in front of the final target .

Meanwhile, the red-faced Commander Carnell was embarrassed . He lost everything . He yelled at Zhou Qingfeng, “Victor Hugo, you got me! But I don’t understand, why are you doing this? You’re not even American, why are you working for them?”

“I don’t work for anyone, I only work for myself . I want everything that you have, they would be very helpful for me to get through the cataclysm . ” Zhou Qingfeng finished talking, turned around, and walked away . DogMeat barked and followed .

Ellie and Eileen looked at each other, gave each other a high-five, and cheered, “Yay! We did it!”

“Dumb*ss, the cataclysm is over . It’s a new century, a world-changing new century!” Carnell shouted, “Where are you going, dumb*ss? Aren’t you going to kill me?”

Zhou Qingfeng continued to walk and his voice reverberated in the underground garage, “Mr . Carnell, you made two mistakes . First, this is only the beginning . Second, you’re already dead . ”

At . ”

At this instant, Carnell realized the pain in his chest . As the pain grew, he lowered his head and saw the bullet hole in his chest .

Meanwhile, outside the town hall, the seventh action group led by Li Cha was still struggling . Two of the Javelin anti-tank missiles did not work on the Bradley combat vehicle . The building was nearly destroyed and it could fall apart anytime . The seventh action group could be eliminated anytime .

“Damn it, Vulture, we can’t hold on any longer . You’re watching us die, aren’t you?” Li Cha was stressed out by the bullet rain . His wife and his son were beside him . All three of them were in huge danger .

“We’re here . ” Great news came out of the wireless radio . The Lockheed AC-130U gunship arrived at the top of the town hall . As soon as the guns on the aircraft fired, the enemies’ vehicles were all destroyed .

A laser-guided artillery shell was launched and it directly hit the Bradley combat vehicle . Following that, five of the V-22 Osprey military aircraft arrived and another five streams of bullet rain were created .

The news was being spread with the radio system, “Now I announce, Commander Carnell from the Cuban North America Strategy Committee has been confirmed to be dead . The other eleven key targets were destroyed . The beheading tactic has achieved a complete success . ”


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