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Rise Of The Wasteland - Chapter 273


Chapter 273: 273

Chapter 273 Gentleman

“Well, as you can see, there’s an argument among us.” They were caught on the spot but Zhou Qingfeng acted as if nothing had happened. He did not even move his hand until Mirta let go of his hand.

“Then, why are you getting so close to my wife?” General Federo stared at Zhou Qingfeng and his wife;he was so mad that he could burst at any time.

“The Polarlys Legion is planning to attack Nassau and I was hoping that I could recruit some Cuban mercenaries. I think your wife misunderstood me, she thought it would be a threat to the alliance,” Zhou Qingfeng lied.

When Federo heard the words ‘attacking Nassau’, he calmed down a little and asked his wife, “Is that true?”

Mirta glared at Zhou Qingfeng through the hijab and said, “Yes, Mr. Hugo has been unreasonable.” She could not help but play along with the topic. She could not say that she was being played by Zhou Qingfeng.

General Federo did not suspect anything. With the great confidence he has, he turned to Zhou Qingfeng and asked, “How many people do you need?”

“Around a hundred and I hope to get some officers too,” said Zhou Qingfeng.

Mirta heard what Zhou Qingfeng said and she was confused, “Are you serious?”

“I don’t mind paying with a huge amount of fuel, but I hope the mercenaries are obedient, strong, brave, and prepared at all times.” Zhou Qingfeng has really high standards.

Mirta was going to say something but she stopped. Federo nodded his head and said, “If you’re really going to fight with the Liberation Front, you could recruit some of the mercenaries from Guantanamo. A hundred is too little, how about a thousand?”

“I only need a hundred, one platoon would be more than enough.” Zhou Qingfeng had this thought in his mind, They’re just gonna be cannon fodders for Katrina. A thousand of them would be completely different from the initial plan.

Mirta was going to reject Zhou Qingfeng but Federo stared at her to notify her to shut up. Soon, both of them left with the guards. As soon as they were away from Zhou Qingfeng, Mirta shouted at Federo.

“Do you know how dangerous it is? There were millions of Cuban immigrants in the United States and we have a lot people leaning in their favor. The Polarlys Legion helped us a lot by transporting the food with those transport aircraft, everyone thinks they’re very strong at the moment.”

“Before the cataclysm, there were thousands of Cubans who used to work for the U.S Army at the Guantanamo military base and now you’re letting them take our mercenaries. Today, they get a hundred, tomorrow they’ll get a thousand, ten thousand, and finally, we eventually end up losing this place.”

Before Federo could say anything, a group of soldiers shouted shouted from afar, “Isn’t this our pretty and se*y Cuban lady? Hello, Mirta, it’s so good to see you!”

Someone walked quickly and approached Mirta. Mirta was shocked and she snapped, “Santos! What the hell are you doing here?” She turned around and looked at her husband, “What are the people from the Liberation Front doing in our base?”

Federo did not know how to explain. Santos laughed and said, “Oh, my beautiful Mirta, it seems like your husband hasn’t told you what’s been happening. Don’t you worry, I come in peace and am hoping you’ll surrender right now.”

“You’re crazy, what the hell are you talking about?” Mirta said sarcastically, “Look at our airport, we’ve got the Polarlys Legion supporting us. Tons of resources and food are coming for us, you’re the one who has to surrender, garbage!”

“I know you’ve got some help from them, but we’ve got more than you. The National Liberation Front has partnered with the Brotherhood of Steel. We’ve got tons of weapons from them and we’re getting a lot stronger.”

“As for the Polarlys Legion that you mentioned, they were just a bunch of losers who got kicked out of North America. They couldn’t even counter the Brotherhood of Steel. You know what, yesterday, we had more than twenty M109A6 self-propelled howitzers and a huge amount of artillery shells.”

“Can the Polarlys Legion provide you those heavy weapons? No! That goddamn legion is just a bunch of beggars of beggars collecting garbage and useless stuff. They even went to Miami to recruit slaves, hahaha…., is there anything funnier than that?”

“This is a place with a population of less than ten thousand. They may have been able to get you some food with the transport aircraft, but they can’t get you the real, good stuff. I’m here to warn you today, surrender. Otherwise, both of you won’t have much time left.”

Mirta was shocked by what Santos said and she had to think about it. Federo pulled her aside and whispered, “I’ve received information this morning, our defence point in Camaguey was invaded and it’s gone. Right now, I’m rebuilding the defence but it’s really tough at the frontline.”

“So this b*stard came to convince us to surrender?” Mirta was so mad. Federo shrugged his shoulders and said, “Well, I showed him our airport and showed him what we’ve got, but it seems like he doesn’t give a shit. We’ll really lose everything if it continues to be like this.”

Mirta stared at Santos as she digested what Federo said;she thought Santos was indeed terrible. She quickly ran towards the direction of Zhou Qingfeng. After a few moments, Mr. Victor Hugo appeared with Mirta.

Mirta introduced calmly and elegantly, “Both of you are my guests since you’re in Guantanamo. General Santos, from the National Liberation Front. He’s the commander of Bahamas with his base at Nassau. Meanwhile, he’s stopping all the ships from the ships from the United States.”

“General Santos said the Liberation Front has recently partnered with the Brotherhood of Steel and I think we should celebrate that.”

“This is the commander of the Polarlys Legion, Mr. Victor Hugo. They’re located at the north of Nassau, Abaco Island. I believe both of you have met and might have heard of each other. Today is such a great day for both of you to meet.”

As soon as Mirta stopped talking, General Santos was instantly outraged and pulled out his pistol. He was shouting behind the guards, “You…., you’re Victor Hugo? You killed my son, Quino! You’re gonna pay for it. I’ll get revenge for my son and I’ll kill you.”

Looking at the angered Santos, Zhou Qingfeng was dumbfounded but roughly knew what was going on. He turned to Mirta and said unhappily, “Ma’am, you’re taking advantage of me. Now the enemy’s attention is on me and that’ll really ruin our relationship.”

“That’s right. But the Liberation Front is our common enemy and they are giving us a lot of pressure. I hope the Polarlys Legion could attack Nassau as soon as possible, threaten them a little.”

Mirta’s voice gradually turned softer and gentler, “Little jerk, I might show you my face if you make me happy.”

Zhou Qingfeng thought in his mind, Do you think I’m the kind of pervert who’ll fall for that? I’m a gentleman, I’m not gonna fall for this!


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