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Rise Of The Wasteland - Chapter 272


Chapter 272

Chapter 272 Triggered

The earth was shaking;the engines roared. The huge aircraft were arriving and landing at the Guantanamo airport one after the other.

’’It seems that most of the major cities in the Southern United States are under Enclave. If they aren't, it's impossible to get so many transport aircraft, professional crew and ground staff.’’ Zhou Qingfeng saw the huge amount of food, he was excited and nervous.

His trick was no different to dancing blades. He was stuck between the Enclave and San Diego Military Alliance. He would be attacked from both sides if something went wrong. However, the huge amount of equipment and resources were also very attractive.

Zhou Qingfeng asked for two hundred thousand tons of food and a hundred thousand tons of fuel from Enclave. That amount was not impossible to be transported within a month. Thus, Enclave was considering a cargo ship for transportation.

Behind the scenes, Zhou Qingfeng told Katrina who just came to Guantanamo, ’’We need to speed up the formation of our army. After ten days, detain the transport aircraft, ships, and the people of Enclave. None of them are to leave here..’’

Katrina was with Zhou Qingfeng in the airport tower. When she heard that Zhou Qingfeng was going to pick off the Enclave, she lowered her voice and exclaimed, ’’Are you crazy? Enclave is so much stronger than us. We can't even deal with the three hundred soldiers they just sent here.’’

What Katrina said was completely true. Mr. Clooney of Enclave was very smart. After he agreed with Zhou Qingfeng, he sent several Boeing 787 aircraft with three hundred soldiers to 'protect' the properties of Enclave. In fact, he did not completely trust the Polarlys Legion.

These three hundred soldiers were not to just threaten Zhou Qingfeng, the alliance who occupied Guantanamo was uncomfortable with it. However, Zhou Qingfeng insisted on doing things his way, ’’Katrina, just do what I say, detain the people and everything after ten days. Stop them from leaving.’’

Katrina did not agree with him immediately. She asked with a serious face, ’’Are you sure you wanna pick on this organization that's so much stronger than us, make them our enemy instead of our friend?’’

’’Yes, I'm sure.’’

’’I need a reason.’’

’’......, there's no reason, just do it.’’

’’Victor, you always surprise me.’’ Katrina stared at Zhou Qingfeng, took a deep breath and said, ’’Alright, I'll do it with you, to challenge Enclave. I hope you don't let me down.’’

Katrina spoke like she was betting her life on it;she treated whatever Zhou Qingfeng said as a mission that she would give up everything for.

Zhou Qingfeng was speechless but also shocked when he saw Katrina's serious face. He quickly said, ’’Katrina, please trust me, I'm not risking your life.’’

Katrina was touched by Zhou Zhou Qingfeng's words. Her serious face was instantly replaced with a smile, ’’Alright, I got it! I believe that you could create miracles and I could do better than Lena Fox.’’

Katrina put her hands on Zhou Qingfeng shoulders and kissed his forehead, ’’Since you're gonna do something great, I'll make it even greater.’’

’’There are tons of business aircraft at Miami Airport and ships at the port. I could talk to the Cubans in Miami, exchange their aircraft, ships, pilots, ground staff, and sailors with our fuel.’’

Zhou Qingfeng nodded and agreed with Katrina, ’’You could do that, but the port and airport at Mars are too small for those huge aircraft and cargo ships.’’

’’Get Nassau, it has a huge port and an international airport. The enemy isn't strong anyway. I just formed a five-hundred men light infantry battalion in Abaco Island and there were two thousand men in the backup team. With the amazing transport we have now, we really should expand our forces.’’

When it came to battle, Katrina was excited. Zhou Qingfeng also thought he should get a more reliable base. The Abaco Island was too small compared to Nassau that could fit two hundred thousand people. Once they took over Nassau, the entire Bahamas would belong to the Polarlys Legion.

’’How about you conduct the attack?’’ Zhou Qingfeng was stuck in Guantanamo and only Katrina was able to move freely.

’’Sure.’’ Katrina said Katrina said proudly, ’’I'm a standard soldier that trained professionally since I was young. Commanding five hundred men shouldn't be a problem.’’

’’Alright, you can do it.’’ Zhou Qingfeng thought a small risk and high return was worth a shot. ’’I'll talk to Clooney about it and see if we could get some stuff from them to support us, like a few armed transport aircrafts.’’

Clooney totally agreed with the thought of the Polarlys Legion attacking Nassau. He would be happy to see the Polarlys Legion fight with the Cubans. He even offered a Lockheed AC-130 gunship to support Zhou Qingfeng.

Zhou Qingfeng's plan was going very well. However, with the huge amount of incoming food, Mirta's mind has cleared from the shock. She talked to Zhou Qingfeng about her doubts, ’’You guys are not trying to get Guantanamo back, are you?’’

For the past two days, a huge amount of resources arrived with the transport aircraft. The San Diego Military Alliance was going to get tons of precious food and they just traded their transport aircraft and helicopters that were not useful to them at all. However, seeing so many people of the United States returning to Guantanamo, Mirta was worried.

’’Our next target is Nassau and then the Bahamas. I think we're not gonna be enemies within the next twelve months.’’ Zhou Qingfeng laughed, ’’But after twelve months, who knows what's gonna happen?’’

Mirta remained silent like remained silent like she was evaluating Zhou Qingfeng's reliability. After a few moments, she said, ’’Victor Hugo, you're such an honest man, but also a dangerous one. I haven't stopped thinking about killing you since I've met you. You're a big threat to us.’’

’’Really? Why didn't you kill me?’’ Zhou Qingfeng smiled and came close to Mirta. He was so close to her that he nearly touched her boobs. ’’I'm dangerous, but why are you getting so close to me?’’

Mirta hesitated. Through the hijab, Zhou Qingfeng could see that her eyes were filled with mixed feelings. Her eyes were filled with madness, cold blood, admiration, and unwillingness. Zhou Qingfeng put his hand out towards her hijab;he wanted to see the face under the hijab.

However, Mirta caught Zhou Qingfeng's hand and snapped, ’’What are you doing?’’

’’I want to see how beautiful you are.’’

’’I'm not beautiful. I'm ugly as hell.’’

’’I don't believe that, so I wanna take this hijab off.’’

’’What...? I'll kill you.’’

’’You're not gonna do it and you can't.’’

’’Victor Hugo, I really hate the way you speak.’’


Zhou Qingfeng thought it was very fun to play with Mirta who was proud and fierce. While Zhou Qingfeng teased Mirta, the burly General Federo showed up.

It seemed like Federo was mad about something. The moment he saw his wife holding Zhou Qingfeng's hand and them being so close, he frowned and snapped, ’’What are you doing?!’’


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