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Rise Of Humanity - Chapter 457


Chapter 457: 457

Chapter 457 - divine Tree of The Peaches of Immortality

After finding his path, all of his problems were solved immediately;the rack of the【Celestial Demon Tai Chi Nine Revolution Worshipping Art】was set up quickly by him and after quite some time, Zhong Yue finally completed his【Revolution Art】 .

Whether or not I can reach the peak of the Inner Core stage depends on if I can perfect my art!

Zhong Yue took a deep breath and started to cultivate his【Celestial Demon Tai Chi Nine Revolution Worshipping Art】 . As the【Celestial Demonic Tai Chi Art】appeared around him and surrounded his Tai Chi Inner Core, god specters emerged one after another and prayed around him .

He was trying to offer his Tai Chi Inner Core up as a sacrifice by performing the【Tai Chi Art】’s 【Million God Worshippings】!

However, he was offering his inner core as a sacrifice to himself, and so he didn’t worry that his inner core will disappear .

As the ritual began, Zhong Yue’s strength went into free fall at a rate so fast that he began to fear that he was going to regress back to the Inner Core stage!

On the back of the white tiger, Chi Xue, Ying Nu, and Husan Weng all looked at Zhong Yue in shock as his body soon ballooned to a huge meatball that is about thirty to forty feet in diameter .

Zhong Yue’s face flattened, his limbs disappeared, and only his fingers could be seen .

“Senior Martial Sister Chi Xue, is this normal when cultivating the Nine Revolving Inner Core?” asked Ying Nu with shock .

Chi Xue, however, was also confused as this did not happen in her case, her appearance did not change much during her own process of attaining the Nine Revolving Core .

Little did they know that this happened because of the enormous power in the inner core that Zhong Yue offered to himself, causing his body to overflow and balloon to this state!

Fortunately, Zhong Yue reacted in time, and he immediately suppressed the power surging within him . His appearance gradually returned to normal appearance, and it wasn’t long until he had completely recovered .

His strength, however, did not recover .

The deterioration of his strength was so drastic that even Chi Xue was shocked . After all, Zhong Yue’s process was markedly different to her own, so her own experience in cultivating the Nine Revolving Inner Core no longer had any relevance to Zhong Yue’s . She had only dropped to the early stages of the Inner Core level from the peak level of Inner Core level back then, whereas Zhong Yue fell all the way down to Inner Core level from Heavenly Dharma!

Reincarnation Monarch’s Imperial Court!

The nine times of peaking and falling are quite nerve wrecking .

Chi Xue thought, Strange… I thought that he went through this not long ago and with this time, he should have revolved eighteen times already . How come he revolved again this time and caused such a huge ruckus?

As someone who knew little about the Zhong Yue’s inner core, Chi Xue was left clueless .

Zhong Yue, on the other hand, started reforging his Tai Chi Inner Core, trying to regrow his inner core in the prayers of the million gods!

“We saw the Immortal Peaches Tree!”

Suddenly, shouts could be heard from the front . Immediately, Zhong Yue opened up his eyes, and the others all looked towards the front in excitement .

Somewhere ahead of them, there were a few hundred excited celestial and demon Qi Practitioners looking around excitedly . These Qi Practitioners were divided into groups of eight that were led by True Spirit level Qi Practitioners .

Somewhere even further in front, Zhong Yue spotted bright rays in the skies and a huge area occupied by an imperial court with gods standing around it .

What was in front of them was an illusion, the illusion of the Reincarnation Monarch’s Imperial Court!

And right underneath the imperial court was an ancient celestial tree that bathed in the celestial rays that appeared to be a peach tree .

This tree itself, however, bore a presence that was shockingly even greater than the Six Paths Fruit Tree!

There were a scarce number of leaves adorning its branches, and a tiny lone peach hung on one of those branches .

“The divine Peach Herb…” someone murmured .

Even more Qi Practitioners swarmed toward the tree to have a look, with many directly charging toward the tree .

“Can this tree turn into a tree monster as well?” murmured Zhong Yue .

The monster Six Paths Fruit Tree was already incredibly scary . If the Immortal Peach Tree was even stronger, then the many people present here today will be slaughtered with ease!

Husan Weng nodded and answered, “Indeed, if not it would not have kicked me out of here back then . However, they seemed to be restricted by something that prevented them from killing any living beings . ”

Chi Xue then said softly, “The peach on the tree is still very immature and doesn’t have as much value as when it’s ripe . I suggest we avoid getting into a conflict with these people over this . According to the records of the Western Mother Celestial Race, there are more ancient celestial trees out there with superior fruits that barely anyone is able to procure . ”

At the same time, Zhong Yue, who was in a crucial moment of reforging his inner core, nodded in agreement to Chi Xue’s suggestion .

The four of them then turned around and distanced themselves from the Immortal Peach Tree .

Just as they were walking away, someone started a smaller scuffle which became the impetus for a full-scale battle among all the Qi Practitioners over the peach!

The True Spirit Qi Practitioners soon took action, mowing down Heavenly Dharma level Qi Practitioners like grass and entering the fray with utter disregard .

Zhong Yue thought as he saw this, These guys are all out of their minds, but they saved me from executing the blood ritual . The jade fruit is not that valuable so why the hassle?

People were bound to lose their rationality in the face of benefits . These Qi Practitioners were now driven by greed, but they were unaware of the price they would pay for the small benefit of the immature fruit .

A few moments later, Zhong Yue managed to reform his inner core, and his strength skyrocketed, charging straight back into Heavenly Dharma!

And this was the amazing part of his【Celestial Demon Tai Chi Nine Revolution Worshipping Art】he created;as he offered his inner core to himself through the【Celestial Demon Tai Chi Nine Revolution Worshipping Art】, he would not only be able to recover his lost strength but also increase it further!

This time, he had returned to the Heavenly Dharma level with a wealth of new insights that granted him a more profound understanding of the secrets of the Heavenly Dharma level . , . , If I do this nine times, it will mean that I’ll have entered Heavenly Dharma nine times? This is… .

He became excited at the thought and almost lost control of himself . But he quickly regained his composure to prevent his excitement from disrupting his cultivation .

This time, his energy experienced a considerable spike after re-entering Heavenly Dharma, and his energy became even purer than before .

Now, time for the second one!

Zhong Yue repeated the steps once again, and this time, he was prepared for the ballooning of his body . He immediately suppressed the sudden surge of energy in his body and stopped himself from enlarging into a huge ball again .

The deeper part of the peach garden was somewhere that not even Husan Weng had visited before . Chi Xue carried the huge radish with her and stood on the head of the white tiger along with Ying Nu as the tiger walked towards the front .

On their journey, they encountered many Qi Practitioners that deemed the jade fruit was not worth their lives, and they all quickly dispersed .

Chi Xue then took out a map . On the map, the locations of the Immortal Peach Trees were all marked, and they all progressed rather quickly under the young lady’s guidance .

“Other than the Immortal Peach Trees, there is also a mother tree in the peach garden . This mother tree was a tree grown from an innate spirit fruit’s seed . The trees in the peach garden all originated from this mother tree . ”

Chi Xue frowned and took a closer look at the map, saying, “The elders of my clan have searched through this garden multiple times but found no traces of the mother tree . One fruit from the mother tree will be countless times more valuable than any of the other fruits out there… . ”

They then reached another Immortal Peach Tree but found no fruit there at all .

All the way to their destination, they were some of the trees that had two or three fruits on the branches, but at the same time, there are also hundreds of Qi Practitioners fighting for those fruits . There were also other trees that had no fruits or had some that were still unripe .

After .

After undergoing revolution for the third time, Zhong Yue and the others finally saw Qi Practitioners that triumphed in the chaotic battles, and just as these winners wanted to harvest the fruits on the trees, they were attacked by tree roots!

“Didn't you say that these trees are prohibited from killing?”

Zhong Yue was stunned to see that the Qi Practitioner that was sent flying away did not die . Instead, he fell into the Five Fingers Mountain’s seals and lost his life after turning into black smoke .

“Without the blood ritual, no one will be able to harvest the fruits . ”

Chi Xue shook her head and said, “In order to harvest the fruits, one has to sacrifice another first . ”

Immediately, they saw a Qi Practitioner grab heavily injure his companion and offer him as a sacrifice to harvest the immature fruit .

Upon seeing this, Zhong Yue shook his head and continued his cultivation .

After the sixth revolution, they finally reached the deepest part of the garden where there still were barely any fruits on the nearby trees, and even if there were, the fruits were all still immature and were rather ineffective for increasing one’s lifespan .

“These trees are not as strong as they used to be anymore . Seems like the Six Paths Fruit Tree was right . The black hole in Gui Xu has already affected this place, making it difficult for the trees here to absorb nutrients – it seems like Gui Xu is not far from destruction . ”

Chi Xue looked at the map and said softly, “According to our records, there are a few trees here that might have ripened herbs . They should be around here somewhere . ”

Suddenly, Ying Nu said, “Seems like we’re not the only ones here . . . . ”

Chi Xue’s heart tightened and turned her head to see a few Qi Practitioners not far away from them and also looking for the peach garden .

“Chi Yuner, Chi Yuner, it’s them!”

Chi Xue’s eyes twitched, and she said gravely, “The Kua Fu Celestial Race’s Qi Practitioners are here as well… Things might get complicated soon . Brother Yue, what is your level right now?”

Zhong Yue’s face turned gloomy, and he replied, “Inner Core level… . ”


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