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Rise Of Humanity - Chapter 397


Chapter 397: 397

Chapter 397 - End of The Young Dragon’s Path

Bai Canghai and Bai Zhenbei were flying over. One of them was wearing a winter-white robe while the other looked like a sickly young man.

Bai Zhenbei's face was filled with anxiety;clearly, there was something that was deeply troubling him while Bai Canghai was surprised to see Zhong Yue. He asked curiously, "I've just seen you not long ago, didn't you follow Chief Di on the land through the Great Wilderness to go back to the East Barren. Why are you here on the oceanic path? Wait, where are Chief Di and the others?"

Zhong Yue smiled and said, "A man can only be a man if he walks out from the guiding wings of seniors. I've separated from Chief Di so that I can grow more independent."

“See that?”

Bai Zhenbei glared at the sickly young man and punched Bai Canghai's head while he chided, "Why is Long Yue and Zhong Yue better than you? Because they are independent, they don't rely on their seniors, and everything they have achieved comes from their hard work! You brat, if I'm not around you, you'd most likely die the next day. When can you ever let me stop worrying about you?"

Bai Canghai's mouth twitched, and he mumbled, "Die? I'll more likely be battered to death by you before others will have the chance to kill me…."

To Bai Canghai's surprise, Bai Zhenbei seemed to be spacing out. It appeared that he was still worried about the Zong Li Celestial Race's ambush. Apprehension had already filled his thoughts. Otherwise, he would have been beating Bai Canghai up already.

Zhong Yue gazed at Bai Zhenbei and asked, "Senior, is something troubling you?"

Bai Zhenbei sighed, he raised his head and looked up into the sky while replying, "My heart is unsettled. I feel that something bad is approaching. This doesn't feel good at all … it must be this Canghai!

Bai Canghai then refuted, "Teacher, it is you that thinks too much, why does everything seem to be my fault!?"

"Canghai, you must be the Comet Innate Spirit Body, if not for you, how can I be so unfortunate? How could I have been threatened by that Zhong … that brat?"

Bai Zhenbei sighed before mumbling again, "This is not good, even the Eight Dragons Heaven Suppression Cauldron is awakened, this thing, even if it had accidentally fallen from the sky, it could still kill everyone on the spot, including me … Why am I so unlucky to have this kind of disciple?"

Zhong Yue winked his eyes and said, "Senior Elder Bai, one does not need to fear if he is not at fault, you have done nothing wrong, and there is no need to be afraid of anything else."

Bai Zhenbei heaved a long breath and then said, "Then what if I'm at fault … Little Long Yue, are you heading toward the Eastern Sea?"

Zhong Yue nodded, "Indeed, I'm going to meet with Ao Fenglou and some old friends. I'm not very convinced by my defeat at Zhong Yue's hands at all. However, by only relying on my teacher's knowledge and instruction, I won't be strong enough to defeat Zhong Yue. Only the dragon race has the greater arts that can help me in my quest!"

Bai Zhenbei's eyes suddenly lit up, and he quickly said, "We are also going to the Eastern Sea, I'm meeting up with a few old friends, why don't we go together?"

Bai Canghai was then puzzled as he said, "Teacher, aren't we going back to the North Barren? We are only heading east because you said it would be dangerous heading north. Why are we suddenly going to the dragon race now?"

"Why do you care so much?" Bai Zhenbei punched his head and chided.

Bai Canghai was furious and complained, "Old codger, I'm only stupid because you keep punching me in the head! I was smart, intelligent and quick-witted, I was even able to create a profound skill from just your fat. But now, I'm no match for the Zhong Yue nor can I compete with Long Yue. This is all your fault! Because you always hit on my head…."

Zhong Yue grew envious of them as he watched their bickering, Who are my teachers … Feng Wuji can be considered half a teacher, but it was a shame that he turned his back on the humans and betrayed all of us. The late headmaster can also be a half-teacher;Xin Huo can also be considered as half a teacher since I'm not the formal inheritor of his teachings. And he isn't reliable enough to be called a teacher. Shi Buyi ...? He can also be said to be half a teacher;his intentions in taking me in as a disciple were never pure from the start. In comparison to all my 'teachers,' Bai Canghai's teacher, Bai Zhenbei, is truly a great teacher.

Just as he was thinking this, they felt divine auras billowing over, and both Bai Zhenbei's and Zhong Yue's hearts stiffened up. Clan Master Xia and his wife, Zhurong Yanqin, alighted before them. These two clan masters were the strongest and most influential figures in the whole South Barren, and their auras joined together to make the atmosphere around them seem to freeze. Furthermore, Clan Master Xia was a Martial divine Master, and one of the strongest in this world at that.

However, that was not the most terrifying part of it all. Hovering behind the two of them was a huge cauldron on which were carved eight grandiose dragons and the Tao Tie totem patterns. Its four cauldron legs were in the shapes of four Chi Dragons, and it had a maze-like cauldron cover.

The Eight Dragons Heaven Suppressions Cauldron was awe-inspiring. Its aura was nothing like the divine weapons and even without it unleashing its power, Zhong Yue, Bai Canghai, and Bai Zhenbei felt an inexplicable suppression that seemed to come from the heavens. Their arcane energies and Yuan Shen were all suppressed, and even the skills were sealed away.

Zhong Yue's heart skipped a beat, and a cold chill crawled down his spine, This is definitely a saint weapon, the Zhong Li Celestial Race’s saint weapon!

The Eight Dragons Heaven Suppressions Cauldron was no weaker than the Coiling Dragon Sword and divine Wing Saber. For the Zhong Li Celestial Race to call upon their ancestor's saint weapon, one could easily infer how deep their hatred for Zhong Yue was!

I'm just an Inner Core Qi Practitioner, is there really a need to use use the saint weapon, a Heavenly divine Master, and an Imminent Deity magnate just for me?

Zhong Yue bitterly lamented in his heart while his maintained a calm exterior.

"I ask of the two Zhong Li Celestial Race clan masters what is this supposed to mean?"

Bai Zhenbei was surprisingly calm and steady as he smiled and questioned, "For the two of you to come with such a treasure, are one of us now suspected of being Zhong Yue? Your Xia Clan and Zhu Rong Clan disciples have checked one time after another, are you not assured by those inspections you've ordered or is it that you are just not satisfied yet?"

"Zhong Yue is not our only target. Those who colluded with him in helping him using the divine Wing Saber are also to be hunted down. Every cultivator that has ever appeared in the Fiery Capital will be considered suspects."

Clan Master Xia's face was still pallid;it was clear that his injuries from the divine Wing Saber have yet to fully recover. He then said plainly, "But Senior Martial Brother Bai, I just can't seem to explain a question that has been nagging at the back of my mind. Why is it that you left the Fiery Capital in such a hurry?"

Bai Zhenbei replied equally plainly, "The Fiery Capital is not a place safe to stay anymore, a gentleman will know how not to put himself in harm's way, let alone stay in the center of a catastrophe. Clan Master Xia, you are the head of the clans, and you should know very well of the orders you've given. You're overreacting, and all the cultivators have to go through tens of inspections every single day. I understand how deep your hatred is against that boy from the Zhong Shan Clan and that you'll do whatever it takes for revenge. But that's not what the other races will think. What you're doing will only give rise to grudges and possibly insurrection. I give you my piece of advice, Clan Master Xia,"

"There is only one way it will go down if it continues like this — every bit of goodwill that the Zhong Li Celestial Race has built with all the other races will be ruined, and the South Barren's reputation will take a great blow. Now, that won't be so beneficial to your Zhong Li Celestial Race, will it?"

Zhurong Yanqin nodded furtively. The Zhong Li Celestial Race had indeed spared no effort in their search for Zhong Yue. Such drastic measures were bound to draw the ire of the world, and it wouldn't be long before the other celestial races condemned the Zhong Li Celestial Race.

Even the Bai Zhe Clan of the North Barren and Shi Buyi of the East have also begun applying pressure on the Zhong Li Celestial Race.

The Eastern Sea dragon race has also sent an emissary to question the Zhong Li Celestial Race and demanded the release of the dragon race businessmen and Qi Practitioners still stuck in the South Barren.

However, Clan Master Xia turned a deaf ear to everything and remained recalcitrant to all their requests in favor of his search for Zhong Yue. If this went on for just a few more days, then the Zhong Li Celestial Race would soon be soon be beyond redemption in the eyes of the other races.

Clan Master Xia's eyes flashed with a cold light as he answered solemnly, "Senior Martial Brother Bai is right. But this wouldn't allay the suspicions in my mind."

Bai Zhenbei then laughed and gazed deeply at Clan Master Xia before saying, "Clan Master Xia, the Bai Zhe Clan has followed the wishes of our grand ancestor for more than 50,000 years. We are not to interfere with the affairs of other races. You know this too. So, now I ask you to be honest, have we, the Bai Zhe Clan, ever disregarded our ancestor's words? If Clan Master Xia insists on accusing me of things I have never done, then the Bai Zhe Clan will not hesitate to stand out for its own people. Do you think that your Zhong Li Celestial Race is the only race with a saint weapon?"

“Senior Martial Brother Bai, calm down, I’m just speculating.”

Clan Master Xia's face eased up. He then shifted his sights away from Bai Zhenbei to Bai Canghai before it finally landed on Zhong Yue. Suddenly, he asked, "Eastern Sea Long Yue? Why is that you are not with Chief Di?"

"I'm going back to the Eastern Sea."

Zhong Yue responded calmly, "The defeat was a great blow, but also an opportunity to better myself. I'm hoping to learn some greater arts and techniques from the dragon race."

Clan Master Xia nodded and just right as Bai Zhenbei and Zhong Yue furtively heaved a breath of relief, Clan Master Xia suddenly sent the aura of a Martial divine Master flooding right at Zhong Yue, compressing his bones and shrinking his body to only five feet tall!

Zhong Yue's face immediately turned pallid, and he gritted his teeth and bore the suppression stoically. Tardily lifting his head up, he asked, "What is this, Clan Master Xia?"

Clan Master Xia then retracted his aura and said with a gentle smile, "Just to make sure you are not Zhong Yue. Now, it seems like I've been overly skeptical about it. Can Little Brother Long morph into the state of [Atman Body as One]? I just want to see it."

Clearly, he still suspected Long Yue of being Zhong Yue. He had seen Long Yue's Yuan Shen;it was the moon spirit and thus, he asked for Zhong Yue to morph into the state of [Atman Body as One] so that he could take a look at his Yuan Shen.

Even if Zhong Yue disguise as Long Yue was near perfect, the moon spirit Yuan Shen was something he wasn't able to imitate.

Zhong Yue feigned an expression of anger before seemingly acquiescing and showing the moon spirit. It coalesced with his mortal body and morphed into the three-legged six-eyed Star Toad before turning into the celestial being in the next second, "Clan Master Xia, are you satisfied now?"

Clan Master Xia nodded gently and said smilingly, "Little Long Yue, I hope I can have your forgiveness. That Zhong Yue is too sly and cunning, even I have to make sure that I don't leave any details out."

Zhong Yue then released the state and turned back into Long Yue, keeping quiet and not saying anything afterward.

Clan Master Xia and Zhurong Yanqin exchanged a look, and they both flew they both flew away together. Zhong Yue, Bai Zhenbei, and Bai Canghai then all heaved a breath of relief, but before they could take in another breath, an immense godly aura billowed over onto the three of them.

The Eight Dragons Heaven Suppressions Cauldron was activated, and the weaker Zhong Yue and Bai Canghai both spurted out a mouth of blood when the immense pressure blasted on them. Bai Zhenbei's loud and angered voice then resounded the sky, "Clan Master Xia, what do you want!?"

Clan Master Xia then quickly kept the Eight Dragons Heaven Suppressions Cauldron away and apologized, "I apologize for whatever has just happened, I'm just trying to see if the divine Wing Saber would react to another saint weapon's provocation. Xia has been overly-sensitive, I will leave now. The three of you can rest assured that no one will come for you from now on anymore."

The two clan masters finally eased their hearts and left quickly.

This brat, how skeptical! Bai Zhenbei heaved another breath of relief and thought as his heart was still thumping violently.

Zhong Yue's eyes were also dark as his heart was still unsettled, Thankfully, I kept the divine Wing Saber inside the copper lamp, or else that big cauldron will have undoubtedly stimulated the divine Wing Saber!

The three then headed toward Eastern Sea, and as promised, they didn't have to be subject to another inspection along the way until they reached the beach coast, where the ocean fortress was located.

Zhong Yue finally eased his thumping heart, once they passed through the land-ocean border fortress, he would be a dragon in the sea;a man of his own free will!

The last step before success….

The three of them walked into the fortress at a steady pace toward the Eastern Sea. All of a sudden, Zhong Yue's hairs all bristled up, and his heart twitched with alertness. His head was instantly raised up, and he gazed over at the top of the city wall on which a man was standing.

He was wearing snow-white colored clothes and was holding a white umbrella – Feng Xiaozhong was standing quietly on the top of the city wall.

Zhong Yue raised his brows, and Feng Xiaozhong slowly walked toward them. He stood in their path and obstructed their exit. He then smiled and said, "Junior Martial Brother Zhong is really brave, so daring to have come out of the shadows and walk openly in the light with your true self."

“Junior Martial Brother Zhong? True self?”

Bai Zhenbei and Bai Canghai were dumbfounded;Feng Xiaozhong's words were like two hammers that struck right on their heads. Their ears were buzzing, and Bai Canghai asked with a quivering voice, "Xiao Mang high priest, what Junior Martial Brother Zhong are you talking about?"

"Of course, I'm referring to the Zhong Yue of the Zhong Shan Clan."

Feng Wuji smiled and said, "Have you ever seen a Long Yue without his blade on his back? Furthermore, even the true Long Yue is nothing more than Junior Martial Brother Zhong's cultivated incarnation."

Bai Zhenbei was bewildered, and he then suddenly punched Bai Canghai's head while shouting in anger, "I knew you were the Comet Innate Spirit Body, only that can explain why I'm so plagued with such bad luck!"


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