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Revolution Of The 8th Class Mage - Chapter 79


Chapter 79

Slow Client (2)

Outside the south gate was a widespread disturbance, the new tower lord 'Ian Page' who had a brilliant debut. Under King Terry Greenriver, there wasn't a single person who conducted a large-scale investigation about the monsters.

(Why the hell did this frustrating thing come here?)

(From the beginning...... was looking.......... for the thing........)

(Ah! Irritating. Irritating!)

The body was blue as well as its soul, along with Ian who was there. The dragon 'Sparta's' soul was unexpectedly the same way the fairy queen explained it.

No, rather than the premonition he was more excited about the fight. It didn't seem like either of them were pleased to meet the other.


Ian stopped the argument between the two people.

And asked the dragon Sparta.

’’Is there a problem?’’

Now it was his time to talk. Ian was surely frustrated with the way it was talking, but he endured it.

(From the moment..... their traces were......... sensed.......I was in a deep sleep. It isn't long........before I .......wake up.)

(Speak quickly, please! Quickly!)

’’Queen be quiet.’’

The poor destiny of the queen who could not be quiet even when she was needed to.

She was blowing on both the sides of the ball and placed them on the top of the table. And heard the story of the dragon.

(In your expression........ the empty shell........ the body........ . I made......the empty shell...... on my...... own will. Even if you......... people try..... to make........ the shell will be impossible..... to do. But )

The dragon was speaking slowly.

And frequently stopped between his speeches.

It seemed like it was very hard to speak.

(From the moment........ I woke...... I have been able to detect its presence.)

’’What presence were you able to detect?’’

(The one I don't remember.......... making ........ the body)

This was what the dragon said.

The body that he never made.

The story of the presence of the shell that it was able to detect.

That it could feel as soon as it woke from its hundred years nap.

(I read and remember the......... memory fragments........ of the body........ that were carved....... in the underground. What kind of existence....... made my body........ and I don't understand......... why it is there....... But....... I see you and...... fairy queen.)

The fragmented body in the basement of the old Ivory tower.

It was the shell that was shattered by Ian's magic.

(I don't know..........the whereabouts......... of the other people....... but I followed the......... fairy dust and.......... that's how I got here.)

’’Why didn't you come in your soul form?’’

(To sense........ the energy/ aura of the dust. Can only......... detect things....... in flesh/ body....... and I apologize for........ making a fuss. But I didn't........ hurt humans.)

’’That, I know. I'm thankful for that.’’

The way how the fairy queen respects human differs a lot from how the dragon Sparta does.

Not respect, it could be a different emotion, I'm glad that it didn't hurt anyone.

’’To sum it up, the flesh/ body that the dragon did not make. You felt the presence of the body, and in your memories, you saw me and the queen. And you sensed the direction with the help of the fairy dust and came all the way here. To discuss the problem. Right?’’

(That is.... it.)

Ian got the whole situation of the dragon sorted out. But it wasn't something that could be answered.

I knew the facts first, that the name of the dragon was 'Spartoi', and what more did I know?

’’Does the queen have a guess?’’

(Hmm, I'm not sure. Wasn't it a mistake? Who would have made that body? And it is impossible for them. As his skull is empty, his memories seemed to have followed him.)

That woman was indeed no help at this moment.

’’You have come a long way, I don't think I can give you a story that will help you.’’

(It is alright........ It is natural for you....... to not know...... And it is......... natural for the...... fairy queen to be......... ignorant about it too.)

(What did you say? This guy!)

’’Queen. Be quiet.’’

(Why are you asking me only......!)

The fairy queen went silent again.

And Ian's voice continued.

’’I don't know about the helping, but what I can tell you right away is that. I received magic from the place where the body is present.’’


’’Would you like me to show you?’’

Ian asked the dragon.

He couldn't speak anything as he set up a device, to know the effects of the magic. and the fairy queen shook he shoulders a little.

(Show........... me.)

’’Magic like this’’

Ian memorized the 'Order of household'.

At the same time, golden mana started to spew.

(No way......?)

’’It is said to be the Power of the House.’’

(Power of.......... the household.........)

The dragon was short on words for a moment. It was a soul made of light but, he felt like he was trying to weigh something.

(Indeed I can.......... feel power....... from you. It is the same......... as their power........ That this is.......... the power of......... the household.)

Like the fairy queen, the dragon Sparta too could feel the power that was radiating from Ian. That is, Ian had possibly become the member of the household.

(If it is like......... this even the fairy.......... queen couldn't............ resist your words?)

The dragon was speaking continuously.

It was a voice that had the feeling of enlightenment.

Yet he was still as slow as a tortoise.

(The fact that.......... the power........... has been given means.......... something great. I think I.......... got it right.)

’’Do you have any notable point in it?’’

(No. Their will......... is incalculable........... But just......... follow. The shield,......... the head.............. and the household.........)

But unlike the Fairy Queen, the dragon quickly acknowledged the present situation.

I don't even wonder why humans possess the power of the dragons. After awakening, the confusion about the concept of flesh came to conclusion by 'those people'.

'I want a sequel.'

Words with a slow tone that matched well with the relaxed attitude. Dragon, and Fairy Queen. Though they were from the same household can there be such a difference between them?

(It is a spectacular......... sight to see the........ Queen of fairies........... live with limbs like the.......... human beings.)

(Aren't you the same?)

(I have no........... dissatisfaction as........... I respect....... their will. However you......... seem to have a............ lot than before. Dissatisfaction..........)

(Human! Command this creature to speak his thoughts quickly! Wouldn't that be good for you too? If you have ears! Ugh!)

Ian looked at the two members of the same household fight and thought that there was nothing much he could do.

Okay, let's try to raise the level of expression a little higher. The level is low. Don't you feel it when you look at me?

'The power that you possess is the real problem here.'

Although the level of the quarrel is low, the power that they possess in not that demeaning.

I have already watched the use of the soul-bearing dragon at the northern gate.

He was surely able to absorb the attack from the mages unit, you could brag about that brilliant power. If it was constantly fighting, Ian could bet that he wouldn't be able to win against it.

'The Dragonian seems a little similar to me, could be much stronger too.'

The power of the households was similar.

The manifestation of the lightning magic by the fairy queen was the level of a 6th class. It was stronger even if it was all by itself. But her true strength lies in her 'clan'.

Couldn't it lead the hundreds of the fairy clans? But there were not patrons.

'It was different from the past life. Quite a lot of things were.'

In the past life, there were not such strong beings in Ian's life.

He directly researched about dragon from the Fairy Queen. This was the first time he either saw or heard about another dragon's household.

'In this life, I'm always in a knot.'

Is it because I already researched the dragon chant?

Is it because he already used dragon chant?

'The side effects of turning back time.'

The Dragon chats, turning back time.

A box/ case that will never open.

Yet I feel like I have opened that box.

'From now on, a lot of things might change.'

A gap between the last life and the present life.

The differences are getting farther away.

'I will get involved in a lot more things.'

I could assure you if this was a flow.

Relationship with the people of the household that was not in the previous life.

Understanding the wideness of the dragon chants.

The strength of the household that I need to possess.

Revival up to the level of that person.

'....... that's why I was in a hurry.'

Ian came to realize it just now.

The dissatisfaction that he he felt recently.

Hurriedness about the slow growth.

Causes for the emotional relief.

Till then. I was feeling impatient, but I could not understand why I was impatient.

The previous Ivory Tower lord Herbert vanished, Ragnar also lost wings. There was no reason to be impatient. If I wait for 2 to 3 years my mana heart will end up growing in a relaxed manner.

'Stronger beings are there. The dragons that are existing, the members of the household of these dragons, until the revival of the man. Will all be involved in my life.'

And that was the cause.

The intervention of those beings in Ian's life.

Ian is very strong, but there were stronger ones.

And such beings exist in Heaven and Earth.

'From here the process of growth cannot be stopped.'

It was one thing that was certain.

I couldn't even guess it at the current speed.

I need to be stronger than my current state.

No, I need to get much stronger than my previous life.

'I was very relaxed.'

I should just get the Dragonian's information.

Should just wait for the elixir to be produced.

Just want to see the effects of elixir.

Is that all?

What more am I supposed to do at the moment?

'The benefits of regression. Yourself.'

High-level magical knowledge.

Your own and unique technique for mana breathing.

Help from elixir and artefacts.

With his memories of the past life, Ian could grow at a fast pace by depending on them.

As a result, through the growth of his body was stuck, he could use the help of the elixir and grow with magic.

'I'm not a mage that has accomplished the 8th class level.'

Ian forgot the fundamental problem.

He came back with the use of Dragon chants.

The past life of Ian as his present life?

No, it is a lot more difficult to express it.

He wasn't a 42 years old 8th class mage.

He was an 18 years old 6th class mage.

His body was not the same as the past life.

'I have not yet reached that level.'

This was a different world than his previous life.

Maybe it was an illusion.

Ian was the person who was living in the present.

That was an important thing.

'The present is the problem, and the present as the memories.'

The growth of the mana heart is an unknown area.

There was no use of the old life.

He had dramatically reached the 6th class status.

It was Ian who was looking back at the time.

'In Prairie, he almost died.'

Getting out of the head of an enormous monster, Ian poured it all out.

Mana, fundamental stamina, till the mental stability. Three days in a dying state, just enough to miss death.

'The more one uses the body the more he grows.'

Is the mana heart the same way?

I've been thinking about it. And judged it as an inefficient and an unsustainable method.

But looking at this once again, it didn't seem to be an impossible task to perform.

'Training and training.'

A training that pushes oneself to the limit.

How long has it been since I remembered that word?

It was Ian who was feeling a little awe.

'It is worth a try.'

Until recently he considered it as impossible.

The enemies were looking at him from everywhere.

But now it was possible.

'It is rather now.'

This may be an opportunity given to Ian.

A little blurry but a friendly, distinct situation.

Not sure how long it will last.

At least some time to relax was given to him.

’’Mr Sparto’’

His decisions were firmly set.

Hearing the low voice that called out to him the dragon asked.

(Did you......... call me?)

At the call of Ian, the dragon stopped quivering with the queen and immediately answered. Since he did not have the right to deny having a conversation, Ian spoke with more force than compared with the household.

’’This time, the body in which the soul is born has a mighty power. aggressive magic cannot be used against it, almost as it could absorb the shock, am I right?’’

(Of course..... I am a shield of theirs........ a gatekeeper for their......... territory and I'm fortunate........ to be their flesh........ and spirit.)

(What! Indomitable flesh! In a room of lighting the bone will also split.)

The Fairy Queen's fuss was followed by ignorance from both Ian and the dragon.

’’Perhaps can you endure my attack spells?’’

(At your level,......... it won't be much........... of a huge thing to do.)

Ian's attack do.)

Ian's attack spell wasn't much tough.

It indeed was a matter of pride.

Even though he couldn't accept it.

He was already stuck at the moment.

’’There's one thing, Does the dragon also feel pain?’’

(I don't........ know what........ it means.)

There was a slight bluff that could be felt in the voice of the dragon.

He was sure that it knew hat it meant.

’’Please look forward to it.’’

Both eyes of Ian were shining.


Broke the limit by training and training.

It was simple, but it was a difficult idea for Ian.

With that goal, he moved quickly.

Ian too, to the ivory tower.

Why hurry to the Ivory Tower?

’’Gave vacation.’’

’’Sorry? What again?.....’’

’’For half a year, from now till the start of the Prairie, on the authority from the state Sir Ronan and Sir Deckard were temporarily released. The two of the senior-most mages in Ivory Tower wouldn't be much of a problem. However.’’

Ian was on his vacation.

And the reason for it was spectacular.

And it was 'Closed training'.

Just like the previous Tower Lord Herbert Leon took a vacation to focus on black magic, in the same manner, Ian also took a vacation to focus on his mana heart.

The senior wizards Ronan and Deckard who were working in the Ivory Tower were also given the leave.


For a long time that he had been to the Ivory Tower, he was on an off-season vacation, and Ian Page's next vacation spot was Imperial Palace.

If it is not good for the Ivory Tower, the emperor has the right to do so, but the emperor should not refuse it without a specific reason.

’’This was the new first large group with the Ivory Tower. So, What were the steps that were taken to discuss the issues? Tower Lord.’’

Ian has used the power of authority that he had, he alone had the emperor.

This was a place where one would be nervous because the opposite person was smart and sharp, even this was different from the past. He brought exactly what was needed, and said it out without hitch.

’’Your Highness, I have something to ask you.’’

’’Please, it has been 6 years already. Do speak.’’

’’I need land’’

’’Land you say?’’

’’To be precise, I want an abandoned land.’’

The first thing that Ian searched for was a 'suitable place'. He needed a good place in which a 6th class mage could pour out his magic like a crazy one. It would be better if the land was wide and abandoned.

’’Being a mage who unfold magic around yourself, I don't think there will be any abandoned land that is present.’’

’’You do not have to worry about that. There is a way to absorb the direct hits from the magic. Only, I need a land that does not have a problem even if the aftermath of the magic reaches it.’’

Of course, he still didn't talk with the 'Dragon Sparto' about how to absorb a blow.


After listening to the request of Ian, the emperor had a concern.

’’A land that can be used for such a purpose, there is a place that you desire. It is close enough. Not too far away. It was originally a village, its name is......... was it Cross village?’’

The area of a village was named as Cross only a few decades ago, only now it was a place where pesticide agriculture flourished and the growth has stopped leaving as an abandoned land, not much far the land was located to the Southwest of the Capital.

Ian got the barren land from the emperor.


'Much easier than I thought.'

From the initiation of the vacation, he received the land and was using it for the purpose of practice. It was a full-fledged ambition from his heart to take an action. He was motivated, and he was flaring with passion.

'I should have done this.'

Since I came back in time, was there a moment where I was purely ambitious? I don't think there was. By always remembering the past, the way was faster and easier, I have been calculating the situations.

Except for a very few values, his focus on life was very well aligned.

'This kind of thing is not bad.'

Ian didn't know how to stop himself from walking.

The soul of the dragon Sparta which was in the south-west land went straight land went straight to the old 'village of Cross'.

I'm getting started from today onwards. Training to develop the situation of the mana heart.

(It's a

They arrived at the village Cross and it was full of barrenness.

Do you think that a dragon will help you? Not too long ago, all the predominantly agricultural plans were prohibited. This was the land that received the worst damage.

(What should............ I do to help?)

’’Just a moment, first things first.’’

Ian looked around.

Thoroughly very thoroughly. Of course, it was a rare land with no humans.

So being thorough wasn't such a bad thing.

'We should cover it properly.'

Ian put his right palm on the earth that was covered with black soil. And at the same moment, he started to memorize one chant.

’’Earth Wall.’’

And at that time a barrier of sand started to rise.

The scale of this was only slightly higher than the ice wall that Ian placed in the past, the length was much longer, it wasn't straight.


The barrier of the earth that spread was in a square shape.

Ian was stuck, inside the barrier.

’’This seems fine.’’

It was a square training room.

It was completely perfect.

No one can look inside this.

’’Now this..... empty, can you show me the body?’’

(Have my bones been brought?)

’’Of course. Here.’’

The dragon Sparto's needed its bones as a definite condition to form its body.

It would have been nice to be informed earlier because I was given the information later I had to sneak into the investigation site of the Southern Gate.

'There was no way it would be fine in the lava.'

The dragon's bones were fine. As the lava hardened its original form was preserved. It was a great strength.

(Now let me........ implant my bone.)

’’Just implanting it is enough?’’

Upon the request of the Dragon Sparta, Ian planted one bone into the ground. The blue soul light was also seeping into the ground.


How long am I supposed to wait for this?

Ian could feel a huge amount of vibration from under his feet.


The first thing that came out was the spear, and holding the spear came the hand.

The dragon Sparta was carrying the spear, in the same way, I carried it, and the tip of the spear was pierced into the ground with the boney hand.

Jwak! Jwak! Psh.................

The other hand came out and grabbed the ground, and a lizard-shaped skull also popped out.

The bone structure was similar to that of a human. But, if there was a problem.............

'There is no tinge than what I thought.'

Slowly it came out to a tough guy.

It was the indomitable body and mind, they are their heads and shields, it didn't seem to be in harmony that it was proud of.

(My body that......... you wanted.)

Of course, the body that was coming up from the soil, and the exorcism of the dragon Sparta was a little while ago. Even the lava was useless against the body. No, isn't it a bone?

’’Finally, I have another question to ask.’’


’’Do you really don't feel pain?’’

(I told you........ that I don't know........ what pain means.)

’’A regular feeling of hurt.’’

(My will if...... unbreakable.)

’’That a nice thing.’’

Does it really not feel pain?

A question that was lingering on the mind for quite a while.

If it can feel, then I will have to find another way.

’’From now on.’’

Ian was far away from the Dragon.

And carefully continued to speak.

’’Mr Sparto, the thing that you have to do is simple.’’

Ian continued to speak.

’’The indomitable body and spirit, the power and the sense of pride.’’

A massive wave of mana swung from the whole body.

’’Various types of magic can endure.’’

(Various magic......... are different?)

’’If I'm exhausted.’’

From Ian's mouth came out a satisfactory voice.

’’You can keep your side from then on.’’

It was only a few days ago.

This way was going to be ignorant.

But he found out an efficient method.

This was based on the memories from his past life.

An elixir with a tremendous effect.

An artefact with a fantastic power/ strength.

And, it's going to be different this time.

There was no previous life and the difficulty of this life.

The problem with the growth of the mana heart.

I will go through it a little differently.

’’Till I find the family.’’

The first training session in this life.

And the starting point of it was MAGIC.


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