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Revived Warrior - Volume 1 - Chapter 58


Chapter 58: underground black market

What I can do? I thinking quickly and remind the flute in gold grade I have brought from the Treasure from Sky in the third floor.

I am putting the flute out of my bag at the same time running to a side of the dragon in order to attract the attention of the BOSS. Then I starting playing it.

Even I know almost nothing about how to play it in the real world. It is the world of a game so that when I use the skill ’’instrumental playing’’ and method ’’the method of playing wind music’’ the skill will finish automatically and the quality of the music is only decide by the patience of the skill. So the real experience can not affect the game.

When I started playing ’’the song of praying’’ I can see the dragon clearly stop a moment and staring at me curiously. It seems that it really moved by my song. Seeing that it really works, I am very exciting and on the one hand playing different music continuously, on the other hand let others leaving quickly.

My friends relief from paralyze one by one slowly and it makes me really nervous then I try to concentrate on the song I am playing. I feel that my heart is almost melting in the song, it is really a strange feeling but I realize that the effect of my song is increased a lot I can see in the eyes of the ground dragon is appear a little fascinated. I am a little bit surprise, only concentrate has so much effect? It almost equal to my skill rising two or three level! Even I am know less about it, I know that I have know a method that can let my singing, oh, not only singing, maybe all of the living profession will improving because of that.

At the time, all of other people are all coming out of the cave, the last one is Treasure from sky, he said to me before going out: ’’Hey, the snake have no ears, he is listening through the belly(actually, the ground dragon is more like snake than dragon).’’

Oh my goodness, it is a deaf? I am playing to a deaf.

Actually the sound skill in the game is different from the normal sound. It is not transfer by air, but straightly transferring into the heart of the listener (After all there are many monsters that are deaf).

I don't know it of course, but the situation is very bad and I have no chance to avoid the attack of it so I can only continuous playing. I try to playing the God Song of Love, and pressing the ground as my drum so that let the Ground Dragon can hear my sound.

The song I played is intermittent. Oh, in my grad of the skill, it is too early for me to playing that song.

But the dragon seemed very comfortable and waving his head along with the beat, it really works!

At that time I am very struggle in my heart. Escape? Or steal some gems?

Suddenly I see that the Ground Dragon is staring at me unhappily. I realize that it might be the unkind mind of mine is heard by the dragon in the song. The shopkeeper says the song of love can purify the heart of the listener. It seems that the most important thing is keep the player's heart clean.

Then I don't think other things, just back to the entrance of the cave little by little.

At last, I arrive the entrance of the cave. My friends are all waiting for me anxiously. Seeing that I am coming out of the cave, they all seems relief.

The Treasure from Sky pat my back and say: ’’Oh, friends, you are so powerful. Next time you practice a 'requiem', then we can steal the gems as much as we can.’’

Escape from the death, we all very happy, even happier than raise a level.

We still left many drugs so we continuous leveling. At the process, I am leveling to 31. Because in this level I have the experience to killing the evolutionary evil eagle, so that the point I get is pretty well.

The Tiger King suddenly says to me: ’’You are 31? Why are you still didn't evolution your profession?’’

’’I want, but as my profession is so rare that I don't able to find where I can.’’ I reply.

The Tiger King think for a while and say: ’’why not you come to the Wanxiang City? It is far though, but there, many people with hidden profession get their profession evolved because of that. So maybe you can find a chance.’’

Lunar Dance called: ’’Wanxiang city? Is that 'civilized city'? I heard about it. It is said that only allow player with the profession belong to art come inside. There is a NPC in the entrance check the skills of people! I also heard that there has the largest library in the world of game.’’

Sounds good! It seems that whether it is or not have chance for me to evolve my profession, I should go there once. But now, en, cross - country travel for me is truly too expensive.

Several hours goes, and it is very late, so Tiger King and others are downlined one by one, and they says they will be online next day 1 in afternoon. I remember the underground black market that city president have told me. So I decide to go there before they come again.

Underground black market will have in every large city except capital. But in consider of the road fee and other things, I finally choose the one in the sunset city that I familiar the most.


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