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Revived Warrior - Volume 1 - Chapter 57


Chapter 57: ground dragon

We rest for a while then walk down to the 4th floor.

We used think that the fourth floor might be darker than the 3rd floor, but to our surprise, we find that it is light just as daylight, because there are numerous gems in a corner of the cave that form a small mountain. It is almost a house's high.

The light of the gems is really attracting us and we cannot even move our eyes.

Oh it is no wonder that the Treasure from Sky is so enthusiastic to fighting with the BOSS in the fourth floor. There is a huge gem mountain there. Not only the brothers, but also us even the coldest one - White Feather is obsessed by the gems also.

Suddenly a piece of strong wind suddenly appears in front of us and blows us out from the obsessing.

The system notified me: ’’There is a monster that 10 grade higher than you, very dangerous, be careful.’’

I give a reconnaissance to is and the result is: ’’Ground Dragon, BOSS, unknown level, dark type, the rest unknown.’’

The Ground Dragon seems more like a snake than a dragon. It has a body longer than 10 meters, and the part it standing is higher than 3 meters. The scales of it are big, but there is a layer of mucus in the outer part of it, seems very slippery. The first impression of me about this is: it is difficult to climb up.

I used to want to climb up on the body of it and use the bloodsucking pipe and taming to deal with it. But now I could only give up the thoughts.

Suddenly, the Treasure from the Sky adds himself with the light of the God of War and the light of life, then rushing to the BOSS.

The businessman that sold equipments to us just now suddenly becomes a enthusiastic fighter, we all feel very strange about that.

The Treasure Hunter look at us with a little shame: ’’Un, that, that is because of my brother is so zealous about the treasure, the normal time won't be so that, but here, the gems are too many so...’’ He says that, but his eyes is also filled with gems and gems. I think the persuasive of his speaking is not very much.

As expected, he is also ask his summoner rushing to the BOSS.

Tiger King and Unstop Chivalrous is also very exciting and Tiger King even use the skill: Charge. So that even he is start late, he is the first one who hitting the BOSS.

’’Pong!’’ A huge sound echoing in the cave that not very big. On the head of the ground dragon, we see a clear ’’-1’’ rising on it.

Tiger King is also bounced for some meters then with his fattiest speed. ’’Run!’’ he is shouting.

Treasure from sky shout: ’’My additional skill is in light type, I might can break his defense.’’

With another sound, the sword of him hitting on the body of the ground dragon, but it shows -1 also. And the sword of him is almost fly out of his hand because of the power of bounce.

The summon monster of the Treasure Hunter is worse: ’’MISS’’

The arrow of the White Feather and the fireball of mine are also shows -1.

While running, the Treasure from sky says jokingly: ’’You are so fierce just now, why you run first?’’

’’Oh, the durability of my gold sword is drop one over five just now. What can I do? Just run!’’ the Tiger King replied him.

We are all playing the game for a long time and really familiar for the situation right now. It shows that the level of the monster is too high that we can't stand and we have no chance to win even a little. So that the only things we could do is running fast.

But at this time we se that the ground dragon is stretching his body and its head is just block the entrance of the cave and turn his head to us. I can clearly see there is a little joking slipping from its eyes. Monster stares at us jokingly? How is it possible? But now is not the time to care about it because it means that we have no way to escape.

I don't know what the grade is it but it must higher than 45 and both the defense and the special defense are all scaringly high.

No one among us can reconnaissance the grade of the ground dragon, but in our mind, the BOSS won't be 6 grade higher that the monster around it, the monster in the 3rd floor are 39. But this time seems special and we are all in danger because of the fail judgment.

So what can we do?

Suddenly, I have a thought and just running to the orientation of the mountain of the gems.

Other people think I want to get some of the gems before I die and some of them have intention to do the same things as me. Especially the Treasure from sky, he is starting running.

’’Oh, shit! You think I am for the gems? I am attracting the BOSS, back, soon!’’ I am shouting.

As I am expected, the priority of the protecting gems in the program is higher than the killing invaders (at least the game company should prevent the players from getting profits as much as possible, all in all, it is a game that I can change the money in the game directly to the real money). The Ground Dragon just spray a piece of black frogs to me. The frog flies slower that fireball or lightening so that I rolled aside then avoid it. Others are all backwards to avoid it.

Seeing that the head of the BOSS are leaving the entrance of the 4th floor, others want to leave, but suddenly, they feel a little dizziness and can't move themselves.

Oh they smell some of the frogs just now. it is poisonous. But I am not affected much, maybe it is because of the 30% dark resistance of mine. But I should attract the attention of the BOSS long enough that my friends can recover and escape. but how can I do that?


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