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Revived Warrior - Volume 1 - Chapter 3.2


I find tools around. After a minute, I see a NPC in the village is farming in the arable land in front of the village. I talk with them for a while and then rent their hoe with the price of 2 copper coins. Then I dig a pit with one meter deep in an hour and cut some wood nail with my sword and stand them in the bottom of the pit. Then cover it with soft grass and some mud. Then the system notified: you successfully made a simple trap, because you don't have the corresponding skills. The trap has damage 1, trap ability 1.

I'm surprised of the smart of the system that such a rough pit can be recognized trap by it. Then I started to attract wild wolf by small stone.

The first wolf that drop into the trap jump out of the trap very quick. Then it killed me in a second. It is very lucky that I am in the novice protection period (Lv.1-10), so I didn't lose too much EXP. Then I try to dig the trap deeper. After an hour the trap become 2 meter deep then the notification shows it trapping ability becomes 2. Oh, it's too tiring. I'd rather give up if I failed again.

Luckily, this time the wolf can't jump out by himself. Then I throw big pieces of stone into the trap until they are defeated. Then carry the stones out(it's so tiring).with the skill and experience in the game before, 9 wild wolf was attracted into the trap and was stoned to death one by one. I got ten pieces of wolf skin by cutting their dead body.

The reward of my mission is a short sword in copper grade, Attack +3. It can not only let me easier to leveling but also convenient me to make tools.

The aid of game shows the equipment in the game can be graded at: wood, stone, copper, iron, silver, gold, platinum, cameo, jade, star, moon, sun, saint, god, ground and sky. In the grade of wood, stone, copper, iron can be equipped by any grade of people. Then every time when you are leveling 10 more grades, you are able to equip the equipment with a higher grade. For example, when you are at level 60 or above, you can equip the equipment with jade grade. Then you must leveling 20 grades to equip a higher grade of equipment. For example, in the highest grade of the game - Lv.200, you can equip the equipment of sky grade. But there are also some of the equipments that are growable. For example, equipment with grade star, but it is growable, even you are Lv.1 you can also equip it. But at that time it was grade iron. And shows the ability of grade iron. But when you grow to Lv. 20, it will become the silver grade automatically.(actually the iron grade was the grade of Lv.10,but it can equipped by any player.)

It is too early to talk too much but now it made me really confident to get a equipment of copper grade.

I sell nine wolf skin and use another one make a shied by sticking it on a wood plank, it has ability defense +1. Now it is really clear that my 10 creativity is really useful.

With the new sword and shied, I have more confidence. After buying drugs, I decide to fight with wolves face to face rather than use that semi-finished trap and finally killed three of them before I run out of my drugs. Then I rise up to grade 4, with ability addition of 3 power, 1 physique, 2 agility and 1 mental strength, and got 1 explosive point accidentally because of by long-time intensive fighting.

At the same time the system notified:

The player Holy Devil arrive Lv.20 first, reward 500 prestige.

The player Holy Devil gets the equipment with grade silver first, reward prestige 300.

The best player is only Lv. 20, the best equipment is only silver grade, and it seems that the game didn't run for a long time. I was always really caring about the status of me in this game. It means I also have chance to be the top player in the world.

But this game has the setting of tired degree and hunger degree, but I have never feel hungry and tired. Is this the advantage of vegetarian patient? I think jokingly.

With the new aim and hope, I am starting to work hard to leveling.


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