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Returning From The Immortal World - Chapter 663


Chapter 663: 663

Chapter 663: Black Winterwood

Though Tang Xiu tried all sorts of methods to remove the six Soul Tranquilizer Stones embedded on the ceiling of the cave, all of his efforts were for naught as the stones did not budge at all, and neither could the solidified Dragon’s Eye in the center be taken . He finally conjectured that these six Soul Tranquilizer Stones and the solidified Dragon’s Eye formed a peerless abstruse and mysterious array he could not figure out despite his deep knowledge and accomplishments in array formations .

“In life, something will be yours if it’s meant to be yours . Otherwise, just let it be . ”

Tang Xiu sighed with a helpless expression and gave up while looking at the six Soul Tranquilizer Stones and the solidified Dragon’s Eye . If Gu Yan’er’s injury had not been healed, then he would not hesitate to level this mountain and take them . But now that Gu Yan’er had been healed from her injury, though a Soul Tranquilizer Stone was an excellent treasure, he was not that eager to take it away .

After leaving the cave, Tang Xiu did not go back to the Western Nefarious Sangha’s Immortal Abode . But he ordered the monk to keep an eye on Golden Armored Zombie and keep him in check to not do anything that could harm humans again before he left with Light directly, quietly followed by the concealed Dark . As the trio arrived at the place the SUV was parked, Mo Awu directly started the car and took them back to Longquan Village .

“Tang Xiu, you’re back!”

Miao Wentang and Shao Mingzhen, who had been waiting for a few days, had already received from their men that their two SUVs had appeared outside Longquan Village, so they rushed out, and their expressions seemed just like they had a heavy burden lifted off their hearts .

“Relax! The problem is solved . ” Tang Xiu chuckled . “Brother Miao, that Grandma Shipo is Western Nefarious Sangha’s accomplice and they have been collaborating for nearly a hundred years, so you should not trouble yourself to go looking for her again . Regardless of anything, she and that monk will never dare to set their eyes on you anymore in the future . ”

Miao Wentang’s face was blank . He could not understand what Tang Xiu said at all . After hesitating for a short moment, he asked, “What exactly happened?”

“I planned to exterminate him, but it never crossed my mind that he was such a scaredy cat and was afraid of death so much . So I decided to spare him and used a special method to control him . ” Tang Xiu smiled and explained . “If anything, it can be said that I now control his life and death, thus he will never dare to have any bad intentions toward you again . ”

“Western Nefarious Sangha has a very high cultivation, how come you’re able to control him?” Asked Miao Wentang in a shock .

Tang Xiu only smiled in response and did not elaborate . Although Miao Wentang was a friend and their relationship could be said to be very close, it was still not deep to the point that he would reveal his secrets .

Various thoughts swirled inside Shao Mingzhen’s mind . After seeing that Tang Xiu was unwilling to elaborate more on this matter, he immediately asked, “Now that the problem is solved, are we going to leave this place?”

Tang Xiu looked at Miao Wentang .

The latter hesitated for a while and then said, “I need to go back to Haiqing Province since the matter has been resolved . A lot of my men who came with me here were killed, so I need to deal with their funeral arrangements . ”

Tang Xiu nodded without speaking and asked if Shao Mingzhen was going to Blue City . Their group did not stay any longer and directly went to Kanas Airport .

Outside the airport .

Tang Xiu quietly put a jade box into Miao Wentang’s pocket and whispered, “I hope you don’t feel upset since I spared Western Nefarious Sangha’s life . This is an Essence Amassing Pill . It can help promote your cultivation a level, so your trip here won’t be for naught . ”

Miao Wentang’s expression moved, and he realized that Tang Xiu did not want Shao Mingzhen to notice him giving him this concocted pill, thus he nodded with a unperturbed expression . He was indeed a bit vexed inwardly that Tang Xiu did not kill Western Nefarious Sangha and even recruited the monk to work for him instead . Though Tang Xiu saved his life, many of his men were killed;that was undoubtedly a huge loss in and of itself . This concocted pill that could increase his cultivation for a level, however, made that upsetting feeling vanish .

Half an hour later, Miao Wentang took his secretary and two bodyguards to board the plane and left, while Shao Mingzhen took the plane and flew to Blue City afterward . Tang Xiu himself did not left with them because there was still something he needed to do: return the favor from someone .

As for Light and Dark who came later, Tang Xiu gave them all the herbs he obtained and told them to transport them back to Ji Chimei to be concocted . Following which he ordered them to leave .


“Hello, Jie Walie . It’s Tang Xiu . ” After sitting in the Wrangler SUV, Tang Xiu dialed Jie Walie’s cell number .

“Hello, Mr . Tang . What about your business? Is it done?” Replied Jie Walie with a smile .

“Yeah, it’s done, and those friends of mine have already left as well,” said Tang Xiu . “Anyways, I’m on the way out of the airport to return your cars . Tell me your address, I’m going to see you now . ”

The dirt road was muddy, grumpy with gravels, and they even had to pass through a dozen dilapidated bridges . After which, Tang Xiu and his men finally arrived at the place where Jie Walie told him: The Vaultgate Horse Ranch .

“Welcome, Mr . Tang!”

Donning blue overalls and boots, Jie Walie was waiting for a long time, thus he warmly welcomed them along with the two tough men beside him .

Tang Xiu let out a faint smile and shook hands with him, saying, “It would be uncouth If me if I didn’t visit you before leaving Kanas, wouldn’t it? Besides, though you helped me due to Uncle Yuan, this Tang Xiu always remembered this favor, Jie Walie . Please accept this gift, it’s just a little token to show my respect to you . ”

The smile on Jie Walie’s face became wider . After receiving the jade bottle handed over by Tang Xiu, he exclaimed in surprise, “Wow, what a good thing! This is a beautifully carved fine jade . This one is definitely not ordinary craftsmanship . Mr . Tang, this gift is too expensive, I don’t dare to accept it . The platoon leader will definitely curse me if he knows . ”

Isn’t it just a jade bottle?

Tang Xiu stared at Jie Walie with a strange expression and was nearly unable of restraining himself from laughing . He suddenly remembered the story about a man who bought a glittering casket and gave back the pearls to the seller, and could not help but feel funny inside, though he still replied, “Well, for you to call me Mr . Tang is like you think of me as a stranger, Jie Walie . If you don’t mind, please call me Tang Xiu or Brother Tang . ”

Jie Walie quickly glanced at Mo Au and the eleven men behind Tang Xiu, as the smile on his face became even more brilliant . And yet, he did not retract his hand that received the jade bottle .

“Brother Tang . ”

“Brother Jie . ”

Tang Xiu called him with the new address with a smile, and then said, “Anyways, it is said that men regard others as strangers at strangers at the first meeting and friends the second time . We are now friends regardless of your relationship with Uncle Yuan! So, presenting a gift to a friend is what’s supposed to happen, right?”


Jie Walie could tell that Tang Xiu’s identity was extraordinary . He even phoned Yuan Zhengxuan to inquire about his identity after seeing him . Yuan Zhengxuan, however, told him very little, only disclosing Tang Xiu’s status as the owner of the Magnificent Tang Corporation . He could see the sincerity in Tang Xiu’s expression as he nodded and said with a smile, “Alright, then . I’ll accept this gift . Thank you, Brother Tang . ”

“Brother Jie, what I’m gifting you is not exactly this jade bottle, but the thing inside it,” said Tang Xiu with a smile .

Jie Walie stared blankly . His face immediately turned red and awkwardly asked, “Is there something else inside? What exactly is it?”

Saying that, he was going to open the bottle’s cap .

Tang Xiu stopped him and smilingly said, “There’s a drop of special medicine inside . Pour this drop of medicine into the water when you are taking a bath . It has a very good effect on improving your body . But remember, you will feel itchiness and pain while at it, so you must endure it . ”

Inwardly, Jie Walie was a bit unable to take the mystifying explanation from Tang Xiu seriously, but he still raised the jade bottle as he laughed and said, “Alright . I’ll try to use it when I go back and take a bath . Anyways, shall we go inside, Brother Tang? This is a horse ranch that I and a few friends of mine just set up recently . I’ll give you one of the good horses if you’re interested . ”

A good horse?

Tang Xiu could not help but let out a wan smile . He was not that interested in horses . He could go to Resting Cemetery Island to take a savage beast as a mount if he wanted to . Not to mention that those savage beasts were much stronger than good horses, to begin with .

The second floor of the exquisite small building was used by the workers of the horse ranch to live, whereas Jie Walie used the first floor as his office . When Tang Xiu strode into the office along with Jie Walie enthusiastically leading him inside, his eyes were instantly set on the eight-person square table inside .

“It’s made of Black Winterwood?”

With his keen eyes and observation, Tang Xiu could instantly judge the texture and material quality of the eight-person square table . Despite having experienced many things, he many things, he could not help but have his heart jolted at this very moment .

For some cultivators with special abilities, Black Winterwood was absolutely akin to a treasure as this type of wood could play special roles when being used to create furniture inscribed with arrays . Black Winterwood, however, was the most difficult material to carve arrays on, and yet it was the best wood after the engraving process was done .

Back when Tang Xiu was in the Immortal World and had yet to break through to the Immortal Realm, the place he used to stay had a set of furniture made of this type of Black Winterwood lumber carved with a Spirit Amassing Array on it . Such an arrangement made his manor simply turn into a Feng Shui blessed land, a treasure trove . Even just by sitting on a chair, his cultivation was nearly twice faster than usual .

Gathering and amassing spiritual energy was the most important nature of the Black Winterwood!

“Brother Tang, please have a sit . ”

Jie Walie invited Tang Xiu to sit down with a warm expression . He then personally brewed a pot of tea and then said with a smile, “Brother Tang, I called my former platoon leader after sending you to Longquan Village . I learned from him that you are the Big Boss of the Magnificent Tang Corporation . You know, that’s really amazing! I have tasted a few mouthfuls of the Gods Nectar produced by your company, but only some rich and powerful people here can buy it, and that is also with great difficulty . Its mellow and fragrant taste is simply an ambrosia made for the Gods, giving me an endless aftertaste until now . ”

A smile outlined on the corner of Tang Xiu’s mouth as he replied, “Brother Jie, you can send two men to Star City! I’ll let them bring back several boxes of Gods Nectar for you . ”

Jie Walie’s eyes lit up . He excitedly rubbed his hands and smilingly said, “Great, that would be great! Thank you so much, Brother Tang . I will definitely have a good face whenever I invite those friends of mine to dine and drink here if I have several boxes of Gods Nectar . ”

Tang Xiu then glanced at the eight-person square table once again and smilingly said, “Brother Jie, if you like Gods Nectar, how about striking a business deal and becoming partners? Besides, there’s another purpose I had in mind in coming here, too . ”

“What business deal?” asked Jie Walie quickly .

While pointing to the eight-person square table, Tang Xiu said, “That would be my other purpose . ”

“That table? A furniture?” Asked Jie Walie, confused and baffled .


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