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Returning From The Immortal World - Chapter 661


Chapter 661: 661

Chapter 661: As Terrifying and Dreadful As It Is

With his Golden Core Stage cultivation, Light was much stronger than Western Nefarious Sangha, and his flying sword was like being assisted by a spirit . Strike upon strike was dished out, stirring and smashing Western Nefarious Sangha’s magic wand . The moment the monk spurted out blood, the sea of flames was pierced through by the flying sword as it hacked the two Bloodthirsty Chiropterans afterward .

“Come back!”

Western Nefarious Sangha was so frightened that his soul almost flew away . He hastily rushed to collect the two Bloodthirsty Chiropterans the moment those sword images hacked them, and then retreated back into the middle of the stone inscriptions and statues . His hands kept conjuring seals and, with his blood as the guide, he activated the array in the blink of an eye .

“You’re indeed very strong! Strong enough to make me feel inferior . But this array of mine originates from an ancient scripture I’ve studied . Back when those powerful Eight Buddhas attacked me for seven days and seven nights, they were unable to break it in the slightest . This array even injured the seven of them to the essence, so they had to retreat in defeat . Come inside and kill me if you have the ability,” furiously shouted Western Nefarious Sangha as he glared at his opponent . He was pained due to his magic weapon being destroyed .

Light hesitated . He was confident that he could break this array by unleashing a mighty move, and yet he could not put it to use either . Despite possessing Golden Core Stage power, the chances that he could escape once the whole mountain collapsed were slim . More so that Tang Xiu was still here .

“It’s just a skill not worth to speak of!”

A sneering comment came from Tang Xiu as he gave a look of “don’t be impatient” to Light, and then floated to the front of the array . His hands kept conjuring seals in the air, as the previously invisible and colorless light curtains of the array then swayed all of a sudden the moment after . As the ripples appeared and surged forward, a faint traces of cracks emerged .

“Destroy its base!”

A silver needle suddenly shot out from Tang Xiu’s hand . The moment it penetrated through the crack, it hit the rock at the feet of Western Nefarious Sangha and easily pierced it .


The array instantly shattered and the light curtain vanished in the blink of an eye . Even the twelve stone statues exploded at this moment, broken by the explosion and scattered around .

After retreating several meters, Tang Xiu waved his hand to block the spattered stones and gravel as he looked at the horrified Western Nefarious Sangha and said, “Maybe I would not be able to figure out much if you were to use other methods, but you’re still worlds apart if you want to play with me on arrays . ”

Western Nefarious Sangha retreated tens of meters back . As he raised his hand to wipe the blood off of the corner of his mouth, he stared intently at Tang Xiu and said, “I’m really baffled . You can arm each and every subordinate of yours with flying swords, indicating that you or some of your men are proficient in arrays since you would need to lay out an array to aid in refining flying swords . I won’t hide it from you . This array is only one of my many deadly trump cards, and I still have another that I have yet to use . Of course, I’ll tell you something . The second trump card of mine is a method that will make me perish with you . Even if I can kill you, I’ll also die here . ”

Tang Xiu slightly knitted his brows and looked at the monk with a chilling cold expression . Suddenly, he smiled and said, “Do you think you really can unleash your final trump card?”

“What do you mean?” Western Nefarious Sangha’s heart jolted and his pupils contracted in an instant . His strong figure stiffly moved several meters away in a flash as a flying sword suddenly appeared out of the blue and swept toward the spot where he just stood . Following which, a black silhouette emerged a dozen meters away from him and threw away his arm .


Western Nefarious Sangha roared curses . A pungent green mist spread out from his armpit and the rolling green mist turned into a pair of arms, pulling his chopped arm back directly . While hastily avoiding the sword light that came shooting fast at him, he pressed the arm into its original place .

Dark, who wore a black robe and black mask, was twice faster than Western Nefarious Sangha . Even though the monk tried to avoid, the sword light still swept past his back and inflicted a long, bloody wound .

At this time, Light’s figure shot forward like an artillery shell and launched a strike on the other side of Western Nefarious Sangha . Attacking and killing this monk alone would take some effort, but with the two combining their forces, their strength greatly soared in an instant . The two flying swords hovered in the air, blooming sword lights that looked like Lotus Lotus flowers . The dense and numerous sword lights then transformed into a giant dragon that flashed towards Western Nefarious Sangha .

“Demonic Flame Sarira!”

Western Nefarious Sangha released a dark, ball-like Sarira with a black flame burning around it . After he forced out a mass of blood essence, the black flame instantly turned into balefire and enveloped the dozens of meters of the area around him in the blink of an eye .

A miniature version of the Black Sarira appeared out of the blue and turned into a Black Dragon in a flash as it shot torward the Sword Dragon .


The Black Dragon was smashed and scattered, but the power of the Sword Dragon drastically plummeted and even showed signs of collapsing . However, under Light and Dark’s control, the Sword Dragon still flushed toward Western Nefarious Sangha .

“Escutcheon of Destruction!”

The moment Western Nefarious Sangha had blood flowing out of his seven orifices, a black shield was released from his body to the front and guarded him . The Sword Dragon then hit the shield . Cracks appeared on the shield’s upper layer, yet it was not completely destroyed like his magic wand but blocked the Sword Dragon before it hit Western Nefarious Sangha .

Western Nefarious Sangha’s body was like falling leaves as the monk heavily slammed onto the walls of the cave dozens of meters away and crashed down loudly . Blood spurted out from his mouth at this time, as he gained a deathly pale complexion .

“You’re good for being able to block our joint strike!”

Light’s feet stepped in the air and returned to his flying sword;he seemed like he was going to fly toward Western Nefarious Sangha yet again .

Golden Armored Zombie, who stood at the entrance of the cave, had been paying attention to the situation inside . Never once had he dreamed that Light and Dark would be so formidable, neither did he expect that after they joined forces the two could unleash such a terrifying power .

If it was him who got attacked by them, then… just one strike a while ago would destroy the powerful body he was always proud and the only path opened for him would be death!

One strike of their collaborated power was enough to kill and smite him to smithereens!

At this moment, Golden Armored Zombie suddenly felt very lucky inwardly, feeling fortunate that he did not continue to become Tang Xiu’s enemy, else he would have already died now, wouldn’t he?

A glint flashed in Tang Xiu’s eyes . He raised his hand and shouted, “Light, Dark . Spare his life for now . ”

Light stared for a moment and instantly stopped, while Dark released black released black smoke and her whole figure disappeared .

Tang Xiu treaded forward in the air and came to the front of Western Nefarious Sangha, and said, “You have endless cards up your sleeves, and also have many treasures as well . However, I can see that you’re very afraid of death . You’re still unwilling to resort to perishing together with us even at this most essential moment . Such being the case, I’ll give you a chance to preserve your life . ”

Severely wounded as he was at present, Western Nefarious Sangha’s body was battered by hundreds of sword lights, but he temporarily sealed his wounds with his True Essence to stop the bleeding . He was even secretly prepared to use that last deadly trump card if Light and Dark attacked him again . Tang Xiu’s words, however, gave him a feeling of going from hell to heaven .

“Under what conditions?” Western Nefarious Sangha got up in an instant with his back leaning on the mountain wall .

“You know my secrets, but I can’t trust you enough considering your character,” said Tang Xiu slowly . “In this case, I must control your life and death so that you can preserve your puny life . As long as you ease your soul and let me cast a ban on it, not only can you stay alive, there will also be great benefits for you in the future . ”

With contracted pupils, Western Nefarious Sangha suddenly asked in astonishment, “Do you know the method to rule one’s soul?”

“You actually know about it?” Interjected Tang Xiu, astounded .

Western Nefarious Sangha let out a wan smile and said, “The ancient scripture I obtained has a record about it . One who gets controlled by it can only become a puppet . The reason why I fought Golden Armored Zombie four numerable times is that I wanted to use this Soul Ruling technique on him . But it’s a pity that my strength is slightly inferior to his, so I was unable to make it come true even if I had lots of cards up my sleeve . ”

“The Soul Ruling technique you described is different from mine . ” Tang Xiu shook his head . “The Soul Ruling Spell I will use will only cast a seal on your soul, with which I can decide your death with a thought if you dare to betray me . You will still retain your intelligence and freedom to do whatever you wanna do just like before . ”

“Y-you… you really will do that to me?” Western Nefarious Sangha’s expression changed and he stared intently at Tang Xiu, trying to see whatever hints were there .

“You’ll die now if die now if I will it so . Don’t think that you still have means to perish together, for you have yet to see what means I have,” said Tang Xiu straightforwardly . “Now, you only have two roads ahead . The first one is for you to submit to me and have the seal cast on you, whereas the second one is death . I have countless ways to kill you and ensure myself to be safe and sound . ”

Western Nefarious Sangha’s expression was constantly changing . He did not know whether he should believe in Tang Xiu, and yet he was afraid that there would only have the end of the road ahead of him if he was to refuse . He was in a dilemma and struggled inwardly for a long while, before he eventually nodded and released his soul .

With a faint smile, Tang Xiu quickly cast the Soul Ruling Spell on his soul . After finishing it, he said with satisfaction, “One who knows to act according to circumstances is a wise one . Your life is in my hands from his moment onward, thus you must obey all of my orders unconditionally . ”

Western Nefarious Sangha could sense that his fate was controlled by Tang Xiu . But as things had already gotten to this point, so he could only sigh inwardly as he nodded and respectfully said, “I will do everything you bid me do in the future . ”

“There’s nothing I want you to deal with for the time being . ” Tang Xiu waved his hand . “You are to stay here and cultivate well . Also, I’ll impart you a new cultivation technique that may help you to cultivate to the peak of Nascent Buddha Stage . I will contact you later if there’s something I want you to do . ”

After saying that, he took out a jade slip and recorded a cultivation technique of the Buddhist school and then threw it to Western Nefarious Sangha, saying, “My surname is Tang, Tang Xiu . The owner of the Everlasting Feast Hall, to where you must come every year to its HQ in Jingmen Island . ”

“Understood!” Western Nefarious Sangha nodded respectfully .

While pointing at Golden Armored Zombie, Tang Xiu continued, “You must not blame him, for I was the one who spared his life and gave him some benefits as well, so he was naturally willing to tell me about you . What I demanded from him is very simple, he’s not allowed to hurt any ordinary person and I forbade him to kill and rob people for their possessions, which will also be the same thing I demand from you . ”


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