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Returning From The Immortal World - Chapter 659


Chapter 659: 659

Chapter 659: Sword Formation’s Might

The latest addition to the Everlasting Feast Hall’s project on fostering new powerhouses consisted of four aspects: magical arts, body enhancement, imperial swords, and a sword formation array . Since Gu Yan’er had woken up from her comatose state, though the number of treasures in her interspatial ring was not much and neither did she have flying swords, she still took her time to refine dozens of flying swords herself in order to foster powerhouses belonging to the Everlasting Feast Hall . The dozens of flying words were then given to dozens of the most qualified experts among them .

As for the sword formation array, it was taught by Ji Chimei, who developed four types of joint sword formation arrays: the Duo Sword Formation, the Four Phenomena Sword Formation, the Eight Apparatus Sword Formation, and the Infinite Heavenly Revolution Sword Formation .

Because Tang Xiu needed a group of experts to accompany him, Gu Yan’er personally ordered that all the ten experts who practiced the Infinite Heavenly Revolution Sword Formation be sent over .

The moment Western Nefarious Sangha saw that Mo Awu’s group of eleven had released their flying swords, his eyes instantly lit up . However, just as he pushed Miao Wentang and Shao Mingzhen back, not only did he not take the initiative to launch an attack, he also did not rush to attack Mo Awu’s group, but poured a pile of ashes and then turned and flew to the distance .

“He’s running away?”

Miao Wentang and Shao Mingzhen exchanged dismayed looks . When they turned around and saw the flying swords held by Mo Awu’s group of eleven they slightly furrowed their brows, because they were sure that they were not carrying longswords before . Could it be that they possessed the so-called legendary interspatial ring?

Eleven flying swords—it was something that they dare not imagine at all . After all, they were perfectly aware of the situation revolving around the cultivator community in these modern times . Not only were they down and out and waning, cultivators were also few in number . Who would be able to give eleven flying swords to his men at the same time?

“Mr . Miao, shall we pursue him or not?” Mo Awu moved toward the two men and asked .

Miao Wentang hesitated for a moment before shaking his head and saying, “Let it be! Western Nefarious Sangha is too strong and has countless means he has yet to use . Those two Bloodthirsty Chiropterans have yet to appear either . I’m afraid we are still not his match even if I join hands with Brother Shao . Let us find Tang Xiu . That Golden Armored Zombie has a dreadful aura and I’m afraid that Tang Xiu won’t be a match for him . ”

A few minutes later .

Western Nefarious Sangha had run away for dozens of miles . After discovering that no one was pursuing him, he rushed to a certain spot in the forested mountain . His figure then stopped under a towering tree, his old face painted with a cloudy and uncertain expression . He was not afraid of Miao Wentang since Grandma Shipo had told him everything about him already .

He also had no fear towards the middle-aged man joining Miao Wentang to fight him, because that man’s strength was pretty much the same as Miao Wentang’s . He would definitely be able to kill them if he used his trump cards .

However… the appearance of those eleven flying swords was like a thunderclap that blasted inside his heart, even shocked him to the point of dread . It was eleven flying swords! And yet, those eleven cultivators who used them had just barely broken through to the Foundation Establishment Stage . What this implied? This meant that the young man who just pursued Golden Armored Zombie was definitely someone terrifying, he probably had a very terrifying influence behind him .

The unknown was the most frightening!

He thought that he already knew about all the cultivator circles, and yet, he suddenly discovered that there was an influence that had many flying swords—a fact that raised fear inside him . He was born cunning in nature, low-key and cautious, and always scheming whenever he was tempted to go into action . Of course, it was also suitable to describe him as being timid and coward .

“These people… what are their origins?”

In his mind, Tang Xiu’s face appeared once again . Those eleven cultivators who released flying swords were all obeying his orders, meaning that his status was definitely very high .

“Investigating the details of these people is a must . Knowing oneself and the others, only then will I be able to measure the degree of danger before going into action . ”

“I must get those flying swords, but I need to find the right time . Killing and robbing treasures must be wonderfully done in a clean manner so as to not leave trouble for the future . ”

“I just hope… Golden Armored Zombie can escape . ”

Western Nefarious Sangha grabbed a string of Buddhist beads, pinched them with his thumbs and chanting a prayer in silence . Golden Armored Zombie was a powerful figure who came out from an ancient tomb in a Demonic Yin land of a certain place in the Western Region . Although they had been fighting for nearly a hundred years, they had always joined hands whenever they had to to confront their enemies . Many times they had collaborated to fight their enemies, thus creating a particular attachment to one another .

High up in the air, above a certain place of Longquan Bay where most of the area was wetlands, Tang Xiu held the Bloodguzzler Dagger backhandedly . Each time he brandished it, a blade light was released and hit Golden Armored Zombie’s body hard, yet even if his body was hacked by the blade light, it was only able to leave a white mark and sparks that flew to all directions . Only the parts of Golden Armored Zombie’s body that was sprinkled by the Body Dissolving Liquid did the blade light inflict some damage .

“You can never escape, Golden Armored Zombie . Your only choice is to be obedient and let yourself be caught without putting up a fight . ” Tang Xiu was in a high spirits to fight, whereas Golden Armored Zombie was constantly dodging and avoiding his slashes .

Golden Armored Zombie’s eyes were bloodshot and full of hatred as he tried to avoid with difficulty . He occasionally seized the opportunity to counterattack once or twice . His speed was fast, yet Tang Xiu was not much slower than him either . The most notable thing of all was that Tang Xiu’s combat experience was very rich, and he was as though able to predict the trajectory of each of his attacks in advance .

“WHO THE HELL ARE YOU?” Roared Golden Armored Zombie furiously .

“There’s no need for you to care who I am . ” Tang Xiu sneered . “What I can tell you is that, as long as you choose to surrender, not only will I not kill you, I’ll also bestow you a huge opportunity . However, I want your Aerolite Essence . ”

Golden Armored Zombie felt so chagrined . His speed was a bit faster than Tang Xiu’s, yet what depressed him the most was that his sharp claws that swept Tang Xiu’s body did not even leave any trace of injury on him . He even suspected that Tang Xiu was not really human . Why was his body so strong to such a frightening state otherwise?

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

A group of shadows came dashing like a whooshing gale . Golden Armored Zombie felt a bad premonition after seeing those shadows . According to reason, even if Western Nefarious Sangha was not able to kill all those people, he would not be killed by them either, would he? But still, how come he had yet to catch up with him until now?

“Blood Ocean!”

Golden Armored Zombie finally released his trump card . His sharp claws tore open his forehead and a dazzling drop of golden blood golden blood instantly shot out . In just one-plus seconds, the golden blood burst out and formed a billowing blood-red tide that surged forward .

Tang Xiu could keenly feel the terrifying energy contained in the blood tide, yet he did not look panicked in the face of death and sneered instead, “Golden Armored Zombie, you chose not to accept defeat until the end, eh? Fine! Watch how I break you killing move!”

Imperial Thunderblast!

He pointed the Bloodguzzler Dagger straight at the sky, and instantly, a terrifying aura came down along with the sound of a Dao mantra spell being chanted . Just as Golden Armored Zombie’s expression changed greatly, a lightning blitzed down into the blood tide . At the same time, Tang Xiu waved his arm to conjure his True Fire Art and layers of flames of tens of meters high True Fire blazed out of thin air and shrouded the entirety of the blood tide .

“Lightning and True Fire spells?”

The complexion of Golden Armor Zombie changed so drastically that he looked tragic . Fear arose inside his heart in an instant . He was an ancient corpse, and what he feared the most was exactly Lightning and True Fire . What he was powerful at was not his magical power but his physical strength, to begin with .

“I’ll give it to you! I’ll give the Aerolite Essence to you!”

Tang Xiu’s expression was joyful as he instantly caught the Aerolite Essence thrown by Golden Armored Zombie and straightly stored it into his interspatial ring after checking it . As he looked at the blood tide, the tide rolled back and contracted before turning into a golden liquid in the blink of an eye and shooting into Golden Armored Zombie’s forehead . Only then did Tang Xiu retract his technique .

“You will be thankful for this decision . ”

After Tang Xiu snorted coldly, he quickly took out a piece of jade and made it into a jade slip . Then, he recorded a type of cultivation technique into it, after which his finger pointed and released it as it turned into a stream of light that went toward Golden Armored Zombie, “This is the primary cultivation technique of the Corpse Smelting Lineage . Take this and cultivate it well, and then you’ll be able to reach the Nascent Corpse Stage . If you want the following content of this cultivation technique, you can go to Shanghai to look for me . ”

The primary cultivation technique of the Corpse Smelting Lineage that could reach the Nascent Corpse Stage?

Golden Armored Zombie released his spiritual sense into the jade slip in his hand . After reading the entire chapter of cultivation technique inside it, his stocky figure trembled violently and his heart was shaken heart was shaken out of ecstasy . He was an ancient zombie with sentience and intelligence and had been fumbling about for two hundred plus years . It was only decades ago that he finally found himself a cultivation technique which drove him to go all out to absorb nefarious Yin energy and seek an ancient tomb to absorb corpse energy until he possessed the strength he currently had .

This cultivation technique was simply tailored for himself . He could not imagine how formidable his strength would be in the future if he was to cultivate according to this cultivation technique .

“Thank you very much, Immortal Master . ”

Golden Armored Zombie knelt on one knee and spoke to Tang Xiu with a grateful expression .

“I’m giving you this cultivation technique in exchange for the Aerolite Essence you gave me,” said Tang Xiu indifferently . “But remember, regardless of how powerful you are in the future, you must never bring calamity to ordinary humans, neither are you allowed to do evil things, else I’ll send someone to exterminate you even if your cultivation has reached the Peak of Nascent Soul Stage . ”

“It will never happen!” said Golden Armored Zombie hurriedly .

“Tang Xiu!”

“Brother Tang!”

Miao Wentang and Shao Mingzhen flew over and shouted in a deep voice as they looked at Golden Armored Zombie with hostility .

Tang Xiu lightly smiled to them and said, “What about Western Nefarious Sangha?”

“He ran away,” said Shao Mingzhen with a regretful expression . “I don’t know what was the reason, but after Mo Awu and the rest used the sword formation array, he just glanced at them and immediately fled . ”

Tang Xiu’s expression turned fierce and quickly looked at Mo Awu and the rest . His face changed greatly when he saw the flying swords in their hands . He took a deep breath and immediately looked at Golden Armored Zombie, and then spoke in a heavy tone, “I want to know the identity and background of this Western Nefarious Sangha, along with all the methods he possesses . Also, I must know where his nest is!”

Upon hearing the question, Golden Armored Zombie immediately poured out everything he knew about Western Nefarious Sangha and finally said, “The distance from here to Longquan Swamp is only several tens of kilometers, and his Immortal Abode is there . ”

“Golden Armored Zombie, I want Western Nefarious Sangha’s life . What do you think about this?” Asked Tang Xiu coldly .

Hesitating for a while, Golden Armored Zombie then glanced at the jade slip in his hand before looking at Tang Xiu and finally saying, “I’ll turn a blind eye and a deaf ear . This is all I can do . ”


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