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Returning From The Immortal World - Chapter 656


Chapter 656

Chapter 656: The Emergence of a Big Incident

Electric current?

Tang Xiu stared blankly and then secretly shook his head . A high-voltage current may cause the death for an ordinary person, but for him, who was an immortal cultivator, it was not much of a threat at all . Who among powerful immortal cultivators were not struck by lightning when crossing a tribulation?

Back when I was crossing the tribulation to become an immortal, those 99 tribulation thunders were so gigantic and had such a powerful might . . . But what was the result? Didn’t I endure it with all my will and even used the thunder power to quench my body, eventually turning my physique into an immortal physique?

This memory crossed his mind and his expression suddenly moved .

Quenching the body with thunder and lightning?

There was no hi-tech product in the Immortal World, and one would only see lightning if there was a change in the natural environment that would cause lightning to strike from the sky or by using lightning symbols and other props! But he was on Earth now! And all of those things could not be found here, and yet Earth had no shortage of electricity!

What if… he used enough electric current to quench his body, wouldn’t he be able to make his body stronger and more formidable?

As Tang Xiu thought up to there, his eyes shined with excitement . He turned to Mo Yi and said in a deep voice, “Professor Mo, I’ll set up an internal fund after the research project is officially started . If any of the researchers and experts die in an accident while conducting a research on this product, his family will get 10 million yuan from the fund as compensation, whereas the injured will receive 5 million yuan at the highest according to how serious his injury is . Furthermore, if they also have family members at home, the Magnificent Tang Corporation will be responsible to take care of the elderly and will also provide support for taking care of their children until they reach adulthood . ”

Tang Xiu’s commitment touched Mo Yi’s heart . Though he was nearly 60 years old, he still solemnly bowed to Tang Xiu with due care and respect .

“Please don’t act like this, Professor Mo . ” Tang Xiu quickly propped him up .

“Mr . Ta… No, it’s wrong . I should call you Boss now . ” Mo Yi shook his head . “I acted like that not only to represent myself, but also all the colleagues in this institute . Thank you for solving all our extra concerns . ”

“It’s nothing . This is what I should do,” replied Tang Xiu .

After saying that, he immediately changed the topic and asked, “Professor Mo, what is the maximum power provided by the high-voltage electricity in this laboratory?”

Though Mo Yi did not understand why Tang Xiu suddenly asked such a question, but he still honestly answered, “100 KW from the local power generator unit . There was originally a 120 KW generator unit from abroad, and Yuan Zhengxuan once thought to help us import it, but our laboratory does not need such a high-power generator unit, so we told him not to buy it . ”

“Is there a safety valve in the laboratory?” Asked Tang Xiu once again .

“We indeed have a safety valve,” said Mo Yi with a bitter smile . “Had that safety valve not have broken last time all of a sudden, my colleague would not have…”

Tang Xiu nodded to express his understanding . He would like to try it to himself as to how much power of electricity he could endure . But since he was not familiar with the scientists in this laboratory, and with the safety valve also not being there, it was not convenient for him to test it here .

At noon, Tang Xiu left the research institute . And just as he walked out of the entrance of the electronics factory used to conceal the institute, he saw a black Audi parked outside with Yuan Zhengxuan standing by its door while smoking .

“So, how was your talk with them?” asked Yuan Zhengxuan with a smile as he saw Tang Xiu driving his car out .

“Well, like the adage that money can make the devils push the millstone for you, this sentence applies to everyone, too . ” Tang Xiu nodded . “Anyways, I must thank you for giving me your treasure, Uncle Yuan . After the product is researched and I make a lot of money, I’ll invite you for a good drink then, Uncle Yuan . ”

“They really accepted your whimsical idea?” Asked Yuan Zhengxuan, astounded .

While making a gesture of counting money, Tang Xiu repeated his words again, “Didn’t I just tell you, Uncle Yuan? Money can even make the devils push the millstones for you . ”

Yuan Zhengxuan understood in flash and let out an expression of being at a loss whether he had to cry or laugh as he said, “Alright, alright . Nobody is a saint, and no one can’t live without money . Anyways, let’s go! I’ve just booked a presidential suite in the Long’s Dining Hall, let’s have a few drinks there . ”

Tang Xiu slightly smiled and suddenly suddenly realized that every time he returned to Star City, he had to go to the Long’s Dining Hall and spend some money there . Before purchasing those five villas, he also invited Chu Yuan and Xue Yu to dine in the Long’s Dining Hall as well .

As he thought about them, Tang Xiu felt a bit helpless inside . Chu Yuan was a wise and resourceful guy who had deep worldly knowledge, and he could even be considered an intelligent and wise man in the present age . Xue Yu, on the other hand, looked cold on the surface and yet was gentle and warm in the inside just like a jade—someone who had not been stained by worldly affairs . What made him quite helpless was that Chu Yuan was wary of him despite having a superhuman intelligence himself, whereas Xue Yu… was still occupied with the thought of whether he had really seen her face .

Those two are experts who would really be hard to deal with! Tang Xiu couldn’t help but sigh inside .

Seeing that Tang Xiu looked absent-minded, Yuan Zhengxuan said with a smile, “What are you dazing for? Don’t tell me you don’t want to accompany your Uncle Yuan for a few drinks, eh?”

Tang Xiu snapped back to his ,as he shook his head and said, “No, I’m thinking about how come you know that I still have a few bottles of Gods Nectar in my car’s trunk, Uncle Yuan!”

Yuan Zhengxuan’s brows pricked and immediately grinned, replying, “Tang Xiu, I’ve transferred a lot of scientists and researchers to you, so you must have the intention to thank me before, no? Besides, don’t mention money at all as it’s way too uncouthly . I feel that Gods Nectar would be great! How about giving this Uncle Yuan of yours eight to ten boxes?”

A smile outlined in Tang Xiu’s mouth . As it climbed up to his face, he said, “Well, you’ll have 20 boxes of Gods Nectar delivered to your home tonight at the latest, Uncle Yuan . I promise you that you can call Kang Xia at any time when you finished drinking them up . She’ll send some people to deliver it to you immediately . ”

“Great!” Yuan Zhengxuan was overjoyed and gave Tang Xiu a thumbs up .

Immediately, the two men drove their cars to the Long’s Dining Hall . Tang Xiu dialed Mo Awu’s number, who followed him nearby on the way there, and told him to immediately buy a generator unit, and told him that the higher the power generated the better .

Ring ring ring…

Inside the presidential suite of the Long’s Dining Hall, Tang Xiu, who Xiu, who was drinking and chatting with Yuan Zhengxuan, was suddenly disturbed by the rapid ringing call of his mobile phone . Tang Xiu gave an apologetic look to Yuan Zhengxuan as took out his mobile and saw the number displayed on the screen . He then made a gesture to Yuan Zhengxuan, got up and walked away while speaking, “Brother Shao, is there something up for you to call me?”

Shao Mingzhen’s rushed voice was heard from the mobile phone, “Tang Xiu, Miao Wentang just had an accident!”

With a change in expression, Tang Xiu quickly asked, “What happened to him?”

“I don’t know the specifics, but his secretary just called me for help . They are in Kanas, Longquan Bay, in the Western region,” said Shao Mingzhen .

“Where are you now, Brother Shao?” Asked Tang Xiu with a serious tone .

“I’m in Blue City,” answered Shao Mingzhen .

“Brother Shao, wait for me at the Blue City Airport,” said Tang Xiu . “I’ll immediately catch up with you there with some of my men . Brother Miao is in danger, so we must rescue him . That’s right, contact them again and inquire about the situation!”

“Understood!” Shao Mingzhen replied and directly ended the call .

Tang Xiu put away his mobile phone and quickly strode to Yuan Zhengxuan’s front and said, “Uncle Yuan, I’m afraid I can’t continue to accompany you drinking . A friend of mine is in danger and I need to rush over to see him . I’ll make it up to you later after I’m done dealing with this matter . ”

Yuan Zhengxuan knew that Tang Xiu would not lie and speak such big words since his wife and son were once rescued by him as well . He was also perfectly aware that saving people was like fighting fire, thus he immediately said, “Tang Xiu, is the place somewhere I can help you with?”

“My friend got in an accident in Kanas,” said Tang Xiu .

Sigh, then I can’t help you . ” Yuan Zhengxuan sighed . He immediately shook his head and forced a smile, saying, “I don’t have anything in the Western Region that… Wait a sec . ”

As he spoke half of the sentence, Yuan Zhengxuan suddenly grabbed his mobile phone and quickly searched a certain number, and then quickly dialed it . After talking a few words with the other party, he hung up and looked at Tang Xiu, “Record this phone number . He’s called Jie Walie, my former comrade . Though we haven’t been in touch for several years, his number is still active . I just told him on the phone that the phone that you’ll call him directly when you have arrived in Kanas . He’ll fetch you up at the airport . ”

“Thank you, Uncle Yuan . ”

Tang Xiu quickly wrote the number, grabbed his coat and rushed outside . He even called Mo Awuand told him to go back as he drove towards Blue City . On the way there, he made a few phone calls to his parents, Kang Xia, and the director of the research institute, Mo Yi .


Blue City Airport .

After Tang Xiu arrived there with Mo Awu and the others, he saw Shao Mingzhen and his six bodyguards in the terminal .

“Have you contacted them again, Brother Shao?” Asked Tang Xiu quickly .

“I have contacted them,” said Shao Mingzhen with a forced smile . “Brother Miao’s secretary said that she isn’t clear about the cause either . She and the other two bodyguards were arranged to stay in Kanas Longquan Bay, while Brother Miao left with a group of people . But two days later, he ran away alone and said that his injury is very serious and said my name to his secretary before directly fainting . He has yet to wake up . ”

Tang Xiu could tell the seriousness of the matter and quickly asked, “Have you bought the flight tickets for us?”

“I booked 12 seat tickets for all of you guys after I received your text . Now is two and half an hours from our flight departure time,” said Shao Mingzhen .

Two and a half hours? It was too long!

Tang Xiu then dialed his aunt—Tang Min’s number and asked her to help arrange a passenger plane . In just seven-plus minutes later, the General Supervisor of Blue City Airport came to see him in person and told him and the others to wait for half an hour . After half an hour, an airliner without flight duty was taking them to the Western Region .

Tang Xiu knew that the flight route rearrangement, all aspects of communication, refueling the plane, and the other series of procedures would take time, so he still tolerated with the waiting despite feeling worried and anxious . Miao Wentang was his friend as well as business partner, more so that he had once helped him, a favor he always remembered .

4:20 PM in the afternoon .

The passenger plane finally took off from Blue City Airport and flew to the Western Region . After landing in a certain airport in the Western Region Airport, the group changed planes midway and finally arrived at Kanas Airport at 9:50 PM .


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