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Returning From The Immortal World - Chapter 653


Chapter 653: 653

Chapter 653: Charming Belles of Modern Times

The showering starlight was like sprinkled water, illuminating the lake surface with crystalline sparks . The inverted shadow of the trees painted the lake surface, as a faint fragrance of cold plum blossom came from the distance . Andy did not have an inkling of Tang Xiu’s intention, yet she still listened to him . As time passed, she felt a cooling sensation on her skin .


Andy, who had just closed her eyes, opened them again and said with a startled expression, “This place has a better effect in my cultivation than Star City, Boss . I can feel that the world’s spiritual qi in this place is no longer so thin, and is even several times richer!”

“You’re correct,” said Tang Xiu with a smile . “The spiritual energy here is several times richer than in Star City, so cultivating in this part of the forested mountain will be several times faster than cultivating in Star City . Furthermore, the destination I will take you to will have an enormous advantage for you . ”

With sparkling eyes, Andy replied, “I know that you know what’s best for us, Boss . You know, Yinyin is so sweet and Xiaohan is so cute . I’m so adorable and lovely as well, so you gotta tell Yinyin and Xiaohan to call me as Master’s wife later, Boss . ”

Pfft… Hahaha Kang Xia could not help but burst into laughter .

Tang Xiu forced a wry smile and rolled his eyes at Andy . Little did he expect that her thoughts would be so free and jump off topic like this . He was still talking about other topics, and yet she suddenly jumped off and came up with a relationship between men and women .

“Alright . Let’s have a meal first!” Said Tang Xiu . He then took out the grill, charcoal, pincers, barbecue seasonings, and meat prepared in advance from his interspatial ring . When he saw Kang Xia and Andy’s dumbfounded and helpless expressions, he wryly smiled and immediately said, “Could it be that you two have never made a barbecue before?”

“No, we haven’t!” The two women shook their heads and said in unison .

Tang Xiu forced a smile secretly inside . He waved his hand and said, “Alright, then . You two just wait until meal time!”

And then, he was responsible for doing the barbecue, igniting the charcoal, and then placed the skewered meat on the grill . Time passed by as he waited until the roasted meat was almost finished before putting various types of seasoning . Finally, the two women and two children wolfed it down and called out that they were full .

After the meal and drink, and feeling that they had enough rest, Tang Xiu stuffed everything back into his interspatial rang and continued leading them on the journey . After spending more than two hours, they finally arrived outside the stone forest, as Tang Xiu repeatedly warned them before entering it .

“Master, the world spiritual energy here is very rich . ” Just as they entered the stone forest, Gu Yin, whose cultivation was the highest among them, spoke with amazement .

“You’re very good, Yinyin . You’re unexpectedly able to discern it . ” Tang Xiu praised . “Take a look at this spring . It’s the Earth vein’s Spirit Spring . And the purpose of bringing you here is to make you cultivate inside this spring . I can guarantee that your progress will leap forward drastically . ”

“But Master, though you already taught me the acupoints’ position in the human body and the route of the meridians, I haven’t even sensed the flow of qi in my body . Can I also cultivate here?” Asked Tang Xiaohan after hesitating for a while .

“It’s fine if you can’t feel the flow of qi now . As long as you perceive it inside the Spirit Spring according to the method I taught you, I’m sure you will be able to do that in no time,” said Tang Xiu without hesitation .

“Alright, then!” Tang Xiaohan nodded firmly .

Tang Xiu then looked at the four of them and spoke, “Take off all your clothes and soak yourselves inside the Spirit Spring, and then begin cultivating according to the cultivation technique I imparted to you . ”


Kang Xia looked at Tang Xiu with a surprised expression, and even Andy exclaimed in shock . Her lovely, small face blushed, and even Gu Yin looked a bit embarrassed .

“Hey, it’s not like I want to take advantage of you, girls,” said Tang Xiu with a smile . “I have to stay here to make sure nothing happens in your cultivation . You all don’t know what dangers pose to you when you soak yourselves in the Spirit Spring, but you will understand when you begin . Do remember, cultivating inside it will be very painful, but you must endure it . Also, once you feel feel that your meridians are starting to bloat, you must stop cultivation immediately and leave the Spirit Spring . ”

Kang Xia and Andy exchanged looks and finally nodded without speaking . The former was aware of the thoughts of the latter . Ever since Andy met Tang Xiu, she had been talking about him literally all day, thus even a fool could tell that she liked Tang Xiu .

Of course, she would never be so annoyed if it was only Andy who liked the man . After all, Tang Xiu had owned her body, and she was his woman . But after all was said and done, she too realized that Tang Xiu would definitely not have only one woman, herself, in the future—as there were and had been many women who set their eyes on him, and they were also the type of perfect woman like her .

In case… that if one day in the future Tang Xiu had another woman, it was better to let Andy become that woman . At the very least she and Andy were like sisters, so they could get along well with each other .

“Take them off, then!”

Kang Xia nodded to Andy and began taking her clothes off . When a white and delicate body was completely naked and presented before Tang Xiu, despite once ‘farming the land’ in this body, Tang Xiu still felt a hot passion in his lower abdomen along with a faint impulse .

What Andy did also give him a surprise . She was just a few seconds slower than Kang Xia to strip down all her clothes, revealing her whole body . Though her lovely cute face looked a bit shy, she nerved herself up to stand in front Tang Xiu and said, “Boss, I have given you my body to look at, so I must become your woman in the future! If you don’t want me, then I-I… I’ll cry and throw a tantrum!”

While looking at Andy’s white body, Tang Xiu was deeply shocked by the white globes on her chest . They were huge, plump, white, with cherry red decorations—definitely one of the best-looking breasts he had ever seen . These two proud big globes would definitely make countless men have nosebleeds and run madly toward her . Coupled with her cute and adorable Lolita face, she looked angelic;definitely the best of the best .

Cough cough…

“Go forward fast…”

Tang Xiu thought he already had a firm heart;firm enough to restrain his impulse when he ordered them ordered them to do so . And yet, when his eyes unintentionally swept over the Golden Triangle part of Andy’s body, his firm heart was shaken and quaked .

White… White Tiger?

Tang Xiu once heard that there were women in the world who had White Tiger constellation marks, yet he did not expect that Andy would have them . To control and restrain himself, he hurriedly turned around, waved his hand and said, "Go! Enter the Spirit Spring and quickly cultivate . Yinyin, Xiaohan, you two go faster, too!”

Splash, splash… .

Four splashing sounds were heard as they jumped into the water . While suppressing his lust inside, Tang Xiu turned around to look at the four people and said, “Yinyin, Xiaohan, you two must hold onto the edge of the bluestone . The spring is very deep, and it’s possible to fall into its depths once you let go of your hands . ”

Kang Xia’s charming shoulders were exposed . Her fingers made a series of flicks, making the spring water splash, and then smilingly said, “Did you bring a rope, Boss? I think it’s better for you to tie Yinyin and Xiaohan’s body to a nearby stone so they won’t sink . ”

Tang Xiu gawked and immediately patted his forehead, quickly taking out two ropes from his interspatial ring . He bought the rope when he was in Jingmen Island before and stuffed it into the ring since he did not use it, but turned out that it now had its uses .

Time gradually passed by .

In the blink of an eye, five days had passed by and during these five days, Kang Xia and Andy’s cultivation had leaped forward, especially the latter as her cultivation had broken through to the Early Foundation Establishment Stage, whereas Kang Xia broke through the Peak Qi Refining Stage . Tang Xiaohan, with Tang Xiu’s aid, could now feel the flow of qi and reached the Qi Refining Stage .


A layer of qi wave spread out to all directions in the inner part of the stone forest, as a thumb-sized Golden Core appeared from Gu Yin’s abdomen and floated on top of her head, bathing in starlight .

“What is that?” Kang Xia and Andy exchanged looks in wonderment and shock .

Tang Xiu, who stood at the side, fixed his gaze on Gu Yin as he could clearly feel that the world spiritual energy from all directions was flooding like a tide after the Golden Core came out of her body .

“Take it back!” Tang it back!” Tang Xiu shouted in a heavy voice .

After hearing it, Gu Yin immediately took the Golden Core back into her body as she opened her eyes and excitedly said, “Master, I broke through to the Golden Core Stage, and I can even release it outside my body!”

“Yinyin, you are not to release your Golden Core ever again in the future,” said Tang Xiu with a serious expression . “Unless you encounter a very strong adversary and must kill him, only then are you allowed to release your Golden Core and explode it to perish together with your enemy . Understand?”

Gu Yin seemed to understand yet was confused, as she hesitated and asked, “But why, Master?”

“Separating Golden Core from one’s body is very dangerous to cultivators,” said Tang Xiu in a deep voice . “The moment you release your Golden Core and people with evil intention capture it, they will take it away easily . You’ll lose control over your own power, as the other’s power will be more powerful to control it . Once your Golden Core is taken away, it will be very harmful and even will have you killed too . ”

Gu Yin’s small face turned pale and she quickly replied, “I’ll listen to you, Master . ”

Tang Xiu nodded at her . He then looked at the Spirit Spring and immediately sighed inwardly . After it was absorbed by four people, the Spirit Spring’s height had already dropped half a foot . This kind of Earth Vein’s Spirit Spring was extremely precious and would bring a good effect when one took it as a medicine . Cultivating by soaking one’s body into it could be said as quite wasteful .

However, he did not care about it!

The amount of energy in this Spirit Spring was very huge and there were only a few cultivators in modern society nowadays . This Earth Vein’s Spirit Spring was enough for him to groom an army of cultivators if he wanted to .

The last time Tang Xiu visited this place he did not bring jade with him, so he did not lay an array here . The other purpose of his coming here was also to cover this stone forest with the array . One may not fear a lot of enemies, but still must be wary of any eventuality . If a cultivator were to come here and entered the stone forest, then the secret of this Spirit Spring would be exposed .

“Let’s go! We’ll leave this stone forest!”


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