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Returning From The Immortal World - Chapter 652


Chapter 652

Chapter 652: Spending Money Like Water

There was no absolute in the world . The firm determination displayed by Qian Xingwang was destroyed in just half a minute . He couldn’t even stand longer than Chen Cheng, and everything he confessed was more detailed than Chen Cheng’s, even vowing under the name of his ancestors for eight generations .

“The Stygian Club, the Varro Family, Beaufort . ”

While holding a cup of hot tea and sitting next to a luxurious bed, Tang Xiu’s eyes fell on the sleeping Kang Xia, yet they did not focus on her . He was no stranger to the Stygian Club and had even sent some people of the Everlasting Feast Hall to investigate this organization before . He already knew the goal of this organization . The Varro Family was one of the Dark Council’s members and they had a total of six family members in this council . Beaufort was one them and had a very big influence there .

Qian Xingwang pledged his loyalty to Beaufort since 20 years ago and was his competent lackey . It was also Beaufort who had been eyeing the product formulas of the Magnificent Tang Corporation, so he ordered Qian Xingwang as his representative in China to attempt to steal them personally .

For the time being, Tang Xiu did not plan to go abroad, instead, he issued an order to the Everlasting Feast Hall: Assassinate Beaufort and do not leave any trace of who did it .

“How long have I slept?” Kang Xia woke up from her sleep . As she found that Tang Xiu was sitting on the bedside, she asked with a brightly smiling face .

Tang Xiu came back to his senses . He looked at the time and smilingly replied, “It’s already 12 at noon . You’ve been sleeping for a long time, so off you go to have a shower, would you? We’ll go to the dining room for a meal . ”

Finding that she was asleep for that long surprised Kang Xia . But she was more concerned about the results of last night and quickly asked, “How things are with Qian Xingwang?”

“He spilled everything he knows,” said Tang Xiu with a nod .

“Who was instructing him?” Asked Kang Xia again .

“A power overseas . I’ve sent people to remove the man behind the scene, so we can say that this matter has come to an end, albeit for the time being,” answered Tang Xiu . “However, we need to strengthen the security forces of the Magnificent Tang Corporation . I will allocate some money to Tie Zhongkui to register a formal security company which will be responsible to form a new security force later . After this security company is on the right track, all the company’s security personnel must go to this security company for comprehensive training . ”

Kang Xia nodded and said, “Our business will become bigger and bigger in the future, so having a lot of security personnel is inevitable to ensure the safety of our properties . Just tell me directly if you have something you want me to do . ”

“Alright . Just go and have a shower!” Tang Xiu patted her shoulder and smiled .

After the lunch, Kang Xia left, then Tang Xiu took Mo Awu to the Walled Hill Village construction site . After watching the lively scene there, he was satisfied with the Long Family’s working efficiency . Without wasting too much time, he found Long Zhengyu, who was in the shed having a meeting with the foreman .

“How come you are here, Tang Xiu?” Long Zhengyu concluded the meeting temporarily and greeted him with a smile .

Tang Xiu then said his purpose in coming here, “South Gate Town villa complex was developed and is managed by your family through its property management company . I just wanna ask, have all the villas in South Gate Town been sold? If there’s still a villa for sale I’m willing to buy it for 10% above the market price . ”

Long Zhengyu thought for a while before he let out a wry smile and say, “Did you really came here personally just to ask about this matter? If you really did, I’m afraid I’m going to disappoint you, mate . The villas in South Gate Town are all sold out . Also, I don’t know about the property management there . You better ask Xueyao for that . ”

Tang Xiu forced a smile and shook his head before taking his mobile phone to call Long Xueyao . What he didn’t expect was that she told him that there were several owners of the villas in South Gate Town who were prepared to sell their properties there, and one of them was Tang Xiu’s neighbor .

“I want all of them . ” Tang Xiu told Long Xueyao on the phone and hurried back to the South Gate Town . After he met her, he asked her to make an appointment to meet the owners . Originally, he intended to buy the properties 10% above the market price, but the price offered by three owners was actually slightly lower than the market price .

Afterward, other than the Kingview Villa, Tang Xiu also bought Villa No . 10, 13, and 14 . Finally, Tang Xiu also also set his eyes on the Villa No . 11 and 12, since he thought that if he also bought these two villas, all the villas in the innermost part of South Gate Town complex would all become his property .

After completing all the formalities and paying the full amount of money for the villas’ purchase, Tang Xiu spoke to Long Xueyao, who came out with him from the Housing Administration Bureau, “Your Property Management Office should have the contact number of those Villa No . 11 and 12’s owners, right? Help me to get in touch with them, I also want to buy their villas in these two days . ”

Seeing Tang Xiu purchasing three villas in one breath like this had already shocked Long Xueyao . She was immediately speechless now that Tang Xiu saying that he had his eyes set on the Villa No . 11 and 12 as well . For one to be able to buy a villa was already amazing;a well-off person, so to say . But he directly bought several of them in a bulk!

“Tang Xiu, are you going to buy all the villas in South Gate as a whole or something? At that time, our Property Management Company will be very relaxed in our job since we’re only responsible to manage the sole owner, you!” Joked Long Xueyao .

“I don’t have much money, unfortunately, though, since I really do have this idea . ” Tang Xiu raised his hand to touch his nose and grinned . “South Gate Town has a good location so if I could transform it into a castle, that will be more magnificent and stylish, no?”

“Do you really have this idea?” Asked Long Xueyao, being at a loss whether she had to cry or laugh .

“I’m just kidding,” said Tang Xiu with a smile . “I’d rather go directly to another place to invest that money if I had that much . Anyways, I did not joke with you, I really want to buy Villa No . 11 and 12 . Help me out with this, and I’ll treat you to a meal if it’s successful, okay?”

“Okay!” Long Xueyao nodded .

Soon, Long Xueyao contacted the owners of South Gate Town’s Villa No . 11 and 12 and conveyed Tang Xiu’s intention to buy these two villas to them . When they learned that Tang Xiu was willing to buy it on a 10% more premium price, the owner of Villa No . 12 directly agreed happily, whereas the owner of Villa No . 11 hesitated and eventually rejected the offer .

After returning to South Gate Town, Tang Xiu personally visited villa No . No . 11 . He found that the people who lived there were an elderly couple . Tang Xiu then told them his purpose to visit, and agreed to buy the villa from them with a 20% more premium price, but also urged them to keep the deal a secret . Finally, after this elderly learned that Tang Xiu had bought all the villas around theirs, they contacted their sons who lived abroad and finally agreed to sell the villa to Tang Xiu .

After everything had been settled properly, only then did Tang Xiu felt relieved .

He spent a total of more than 490 million yuan to buy these five villas . Mo Awu and ten experts from the Everlasting Feast Hall then picked one villa to stay .


At the Magnificent Tang Corporation’s HQ .

The white skin, cute, Lolita-faced Andy was donning a very good-fitting windproof coat and white boots as she walked into the General Manager’s office . When she saw Kang Xia in the desk reading and signing documents, she suddenly smiled and asked, “Boss, is there something up for you to call me here?”

Kang Xia put down the documents in her hands and smilingly said, “Boss called me . He wants us to go to South Gate Town in half an hour . Also, we’ll be leaving Star City for four to five days to his hometown . Hence, you had better seize the time to arrange your work first before we leave in half an hour . ”

“Going to the Boss’s hometown?” Asked Andy with a confused expression . “What are we gonna do there? Also, is Boss going to go with both of us?”

Kang Xia nodded with a smile and said mysteriously, “Well, it’s confidential for now . You’ll know when you get there . Anyways, just hurry up with our work arrangements, will you?”

“God, you’re mystifying it too much!” Andy snorted but still said with an excited expression, “I’ve been dreaming to go out with Boss and play together . My dream now finally came true! Okay, I’ll arrange my work now . Wait for me!”

“Yeah, yeah . I’ll be waiting!” Kang Xia couldn’t help but burst into laughter .


In South Gate Town, Tang Xiu was done packing his spare clothes . Just as he stepped out of the door, he then saw Gu Yin and Tang Xiaohan standing outside the door with two small suitcases at their feet, as Mu Qingping then said with a smile, “You two must not be naughty since you are going out with your Master . And remember to be obedient . ”

“I understand . (Okay) . ” (Okay) . ” Gu Yin and Tang Xiaohan adorably replied .

“Okay, let’s go, guys!” Tang Xiu smiled . “Auntie Kang Xia and Auntie Andy should be coming soon . ”

Just as Tang Xiu led the two children to the courtyard, Kang Xia and Andy had just arrived . Andy was naturally overjoyed after seeing Tang Xiu and was very fond and paid great affection to Gu Yin and Tang Xiaohan .

The Land Rover drove fast all the way until the county town and then headed towards Songlou Town . Since they took a detour, they did not pass through the Su Family Village and arrived directly at the foot of the mountain back of the Su Family Village from another direction .

“Awu, the three of you will stay here to guard the car . If you want to eat… you can go and buy a meal in the town at the mountain foot . We’ll be trekking into the mountain for four or five days . ” After getting off the car, Tang Xiu waved to the car following behind them and then spoke to Mo Awu who approached .

Quickly, Tang Xiu took the group into the mountains . Tang Xiaohan, whose eyes were blind, was hesitating, as Tang Xiu then took the responsibility to piggyback him . The group then arrived at the lakeside in the valley where he had stayed before just as the night had fallen .

“Boss, tell me! What do you want us to do here to go so far in trekking deep into the forested mountain? Oh, Lord in the Heaven, I swear I’ve never climbed the mountain and neither have I been in such place either . ” Andy’s physique at the moment was very good, much better than Kang Xia’s . And yet, she was still a bit tired .

“It’s for cultivation . ”

Tang Xiu originally thought that Kang Xia hiding the truth from Andy was quite amusing and fun, so he also followed the play and avoided her inquiries several times to mystify it . But since they were already here, he did not conceal it anymore .

“Cultivate here?” Andy muttered with wonderment . “Can we not cultivate in Star City, too? Why should we come to cultivate here?”

Tang Xiu pointed to the starry sky and smilingly said, “Feel it carefully now . What’s the difference you can distinguish between this place and Star City? Remember, try to sense it in the cultivation state . ”

Andy was utterly confused, but she still followed Tang Xiu’s instruction nevertheless, and quietly run the True Essence in her body to absorb the world’s spiritual qi .


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