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Returning From The Immortal World - Chapter 648


Chapter 648

Chapter 648: Getting Into Action!

After the dinner, Tang Xiu did not hurry to the hotel Master Huang was staying, but drove to a small hotel in the Old River Street district . Mo Awu, leading ten experts from the Everlasting Feast Hall, was staying in this small hotel .

“It’s been laborious on you, Awu . ”

After seeing him, Tang Xiu found that the originally stocky and burly man was now like a majestic iron tower, with a chiseled facial expression and smiling face, and yet had the bearing of a master .

Excitement sparkled inside Mo Awu’s eyes after seeing Tang Xiu once again, as then replied with a respectful expression, “Being able to work with you is an honor for me, Boss . This is not laborious at all . ”

“You all will stay here tonight . I’ll find a house as base for you to stay tomorrow,” said Tang Xiu with a smile . “You’ll be accomplishing some things for me later, while the rest will stay in the base, waiting for my commands to move at any time . ”

“Understood!” Mo Awu and the experts of the Everlasting Feast Hall respectfully replied .

Tang Xiu did not stay there for long . After leaving with Mo Awu he headed to the hotel where Master Huang was staying . What he did not expect was that other than Master Huang, Xue Yu and Chu Yuan were also there .

“Mr . Tang, I have asked around and found that you are acclaimed as the Young divine Doctor . I also learned that you’re going to treat Elder Huang’s leg tonight, so we came here to see your superb medical expertise . You wouldn’t mind, would you?” Said Chu Yuan with a smile .

As an old adage said, a sane person doesn’t hit someone who is smiling at him . Though Tang Xiu was quite annoyed with these two people who acted like dog skin plaster, he did not want to fallout with them for no reason either . Without being salty nor casual toward them, he took out the box of silver needles he always carried with him and said, “You two can give a hand since you have come here, then . Boil some water . The higher the temperature the better, and bring two clean white towels too . ”

Chu Yuan was somewhat helpless . He had an honorable and respectable identity, yet he was being ordered by Tang Xiu like some kind of servant . He quickly glanced at Xue Yu and found that she looked indifferent, thus he immediately forced a smile and said, “Alright, I’ll do it now . ”

Tang Xiu nodded at him in response and then gestured for Master Huang to take a seat . After rolling up his trouser leg, he used his fingers to press and rub the area around his thigh joint and the three acupuncture points on his left leg, the Xiyangguan point, Yinlingguan point, and Dubi point . At the same time, he also released a trace of Primal Chaos Force through his finger to seep into the surrounding acupoints .

“It was quite painful for you, wasn’t it?” Tang Xiu looked up and asked lightly .

“Yeah! Whenever it rains on cloudy days, my knee hurts so badly,” said Master Huang with a bitter smile .

“I’m not talking about the rainy season, but the cause of why your knee was injured,” said Tang Xiu . “There are several wound scars on your leg and cutting marks on your leg muscle, though the tendons weren’t injured . Did someone torture you in an interrogation in the past?”

Master Huang’s expression stagnated and looked incredulous as he replied, “You can tell that I was once tortured from the scars on my leg?”

“You have scars on your neck and on the eyebrows on your forehead . So I guessed that you should have a lot of scars on your upper body too,” said Tang Xiu with a faint smile .

Upon hearing it, Master Huang’s expression eased down . He forced a smile and said, “Some people indeed used corporal tortures for punishment due to my crime in the past . It was nothing but a trivial mistake, but my life was hanging by a thread back then . Fortunately… my companion arrived on time, else all the muscles and tendons on these four limbs of mine would have been cut off by them . ”

Tang Xiu nodded and did not utter any words .

At the door .

Just as Chu Yuan stepped out of the door, his face slightly changed and fixated his eyes on Mo Awu, who was standing guard outside the room . A chilling sensation suddenly ran down his spine, and he stepped back in an instant to make some distance from Mo Awu .

The life and environment he had gone through since childhood had made him extremely sensitive to danger . He felt a deep threat from Mo Awu, as if he was a savage beast lying in dormant at the side and had his eyes set on him .

“Who are you?” After being silent for a few seconds, Chu Yuan stared at Mo Awu and asked with a vigilant expression .

“Tang Xiu is my Boss,” replied Mo Awu with an indifferent expression .

Chu Yuan furrowed his brows slightly . Although he had secretly guessed it, hearing it from Mo Awu still made him shocked inwardly . He himself was a martial arts expert, and eight to ten ordinary ordinary tough guys were not his match at all . What’s more, he also possessed unusual techniques that could steamroll three to five martial arts grandmasters easily once he used them .

He could sense, however, that Mo Awu’s skills were absolutely not the likes of those so-called martial arts grandmasters . If this man did not have unusual techniques, then he had probably gone beyond that of the martial path and had reached a higher level .

“Tang Xiu truly has great luck,” muttered Chu Yuan slowly as he turned around and left quickly .

As Chu Yuan came back with hot water and two clean white towels, Tang Xiu stopped massaging the leg . He took out his silver needles and pierced them into Master Huang’s left leg . Following that, he then took out a scalpel from his pocket, disinfected it with alcohol cotton he brought for this occasion, and directly cut Master Huang’s knee muscle .

“Huh? It doesn’t hurt?” Master Huang was shocked . Little did he expect that Tang Xiu would use a scalpel . Even if he did use it, he had never expected that Tang Xiu did not use any anesthetics on him at all . He thought that it would be very painful when the scalpel cut his muscles, but he did not feel any pain at all .

“I sealed your nerves with the silver needles . You won’t feel any pain even if I cut your leg from your knee now,” explained Tang Xiu .

Master Huang instantly understood and looked at Tang Xiu reverentially .

The muscle cut by Tang Xiu was not big, but was very deep . Master Huang could feel that the tip of the scalpel reached the bones . After Tang Xiu finished with all the treatment, he took out a small porcelain vase containing Body Refining Liquid and poured a drop, and then took out a needle to stitch the wounds .

“Pour the hot water into the basin and soak your knee by kneeling down for two minutes,” said Tang Xiu directly to Master Huang after suturing the wound .

There was a hesitant expression on Master Huang’s face when he looked at the high-temperature hot water with curling hot steam upward . He asked, “divine Doctor Tang, my wound was just stitched . Soaking the wound into the hot water now, will it…”

“No, it won’t . ” Tang Xiu interrupted him .

After hearing it, Master Huang could only force a smile and kneel one of his knees into the hot water . There was no pain sensation at all, and he even could feel a cooling sensation in his thigh joint . His eyes stared wide as a shocked expression could be seen in them . After the After the cooling sensation then came intense itchiness, followed by warmth thereafter . The three kinds of sensations took turns alternately and gradually merged into a particular sensation .

Ring ring ring…

At this time, a ringtone sounded .

Tang Xiu took his mobile phone out . After seeing that the number displayed on the screen belonged to Kang Xia, he accepted the call and asked, “What’s the matter?”

“It’s about Supervisor He, who’s in charge of supervising the Scar Removal Cream product . He was resting at his home half an hour ago when some people suddenly came to visit him . These people used both coercion and bribes to get the Scar Removal Cream formula . There were two of them, a male and a female . The male is a middle-aged man, while the female is a very young woman . ”

Tang Xiu’s expression changed and he asked in a deep tone, “Where are these two people now?”

“They are staying in a very ordinary residential building in the Old River Street district,” said Kang Xia . “Manager He secretly called me after he welcomed these two people at the door of his house, so I can overhear the contents of their conversation . I already sent some people to the Old River Street district and our people are currently keeping an eye on them . ”

“Do the other party only have these two people?” Asked Tang Xiu .

“There are a total of six people . The male and female who came to Manager He’s house, two men downstairs of the residential building, and two more outside the complex of Manager He’s residence,” answered Kang Xia . “They are now in the residential building in the Old River Street District . ”

“Text me the detailed address,” said Tang Xiu in a deep voice . “I’ll send some people to catch up immediately . I’ll also be there shortly . ”

“Understood!” Kang Xia replied and hung up the phone .

After receiving a short message from Kang Xia, Tang Xiu immediately called Mo Awu in the outside and said, “Remember this address and inform our men to get there at once . Do remember, no one among them is to leave that place . Also, some of our people are currently there, so don’t get into a conflict with them . ”

“Roger that!” Mo Awu replied and acted accordingly as commanded .

Tang Xiu gestured for Master Huang to move his knee out from the hot water and told him to sit down on the sofa . He pulled the silver needles from his left leg and said, “Anyways, there’s an urgent matter and I need to leave . The treatment is done and for tomorrow and the day after tomorrow, you need to soak your to soak your knee like this for two or three times in these two days . The temperature of the water is best at 60-70 degrees Celsius . Don’t use your leg for heavy activities for these few days . Your internal injury will be completely cured several days after . ”

“I’ll keep it in mind . ” Master Huang nodded .

Tang Xiu then looked at Chu Yuan and Xue Yu and then said, “I won’t be able to accompany you both . Remember, I’ll be waiting for you at the anteroom of the Long’s Dining Hall tomorrow evening . ”

He immediately left with Mo Awu after saying that .

Inside the room .

Chu Yuan raised his hand to touch his chin . There was a bright glint flashing in his eyes as he slowly said, “It seems that he’s getting into action tonight judging from what he said . Not only that, he seems to have a lot of men, too . ”

Xue Yu looked pensive and also commented, “Shall we go and have a look? The show must be quite good, and perhaps we’ll know more about Tang Xiu . ”

“Forget it!” Chu Yuan shook his head with a forced smile . “Though we did have a bit of ability, it’s difficult to guarantee we won’t be discovered by Tang Xiu’s men . You know, that guy with him gave me a sensation like he’s a kind of savage Jurassic beast that is oppressing me awfully . ”

Xue Yu nodded in response without speaking .

In fact, she also had the same sensation since Mo Awu entered the room . She even secretly observed Mo Awu and found that his fate trajectory was also particularly unusual, and deducting it was enormously difficult . She was still able to divine Mo Awu’s fortune for the next six months and was absolutely sure that the man would encounter great luck for half a year head . However, she could not see his soul clearly .

That’s right, it’s out of my sight, but I can still feel it . It’s very… strong .

Chu Yuan walked to the windows and stood quietly there for a few minutes, watching Tang Xiu and Mo Awu rush to board a car and then left at a very fast speed . He then immediately turned around and said with a smile, “I really became interested in Tang Xiu . I can tell that life won’t be so boring and lonely in the future . ”

“Yeah, he’s very mysterious . And I’m very interested in him, too,” said Xue Yu .

After hearing her words, the smile on Chu Yuan’s face instantly froze . For a woman to be interested in a man, she would eventually…


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