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Returning From The Immortal World - Chapter 647


Chapter 647: 647

Chapter 647: Fruitful Harvest

Standing at the side, Tang Xiu could keenly hear the words of reminder from Chu Yuan’s man . As he looked at Chu Yuan, he could feel a faint fluctuation of energy in his body . The energy fluctuation was not spiritual, for as it did not have any spiritual qi that entered the body . Instead, it was similar to the mental and physical meditation of the Buddhist school of cultivation .

The people from the Ultimate Unity lineage are indeed better than those from the Strange Doors lineage! Tang Xiu lamented inwardly . He then turned his head and found that Xue Yu was still looking at him without blinking . A headache suddenly struck him . He truly regretted what he just inadvertently said . It was never in his intention to provoke a woman, especially a woman who looked flawless .

In his view, Xue Yu’s family was paranoid . They rigidly adhered to outmoded ideas, defending the outdated customs of their ancestors, and simply making fun of the well-being of their future generations .

“I’m sorry, it would be inconvenient . ” Tang Xiu’s mind revolved faster and finally hardened his heart to flatly refuse her .

Xue Yu deeply gazed at Tang Xiu and suddenly said with a smile, “Then let us forget it since you feel it’s inconvenient . If anything, I’ll be staying in Star City until Mr . Tang has the time to realize today’s bet . ”

“Are you some kind of a dog skin plaster or something?” Asked Tang Xiu snappily .

“I’m not . ” Xue Yu shook her head . “But I’m a person who attaches importance to promises, I always do and always will . Mr . Tang doesn’t have time to have dinner with me today, so I’ll be waiting for you to have dinner with me one day, and will always be waiting until you have time to have dinner with me for all my lifetime . ”

Ugh… The more Tang Xiu listened to Xue Yu, the more he felt the taste was quite unsuited . Had one not known the whole story of this incident, wouldn’t’ they easily misunderstand it after hearing Xue Yu’s words? After giving it some thought, Tang Xiu looked at Chu Yuan, whose eyes were closed, and suddenly asked, “Mr . Chu, do you have some time tomorrow night? How about I invite you to drink in the most upscale presidential suite in the Long’s Dining Hall?”

Chu Yuan opened his eyes, and his previously chaotic mood had calmed down . He seemed to finally realize Tang Xiu’s intention after hearing his words and suddenly felt that he really was somewhat petty and narrow-minded a while ago . Tang Xiu’s meaning was very evident . He did not have any interest in Jade Beauty whatsoever .

“I do have some time . ” Chu Yuan smiled slightly while restraining the invisible superior aura within him .

Tang Xiu nodded in response and smilingly said, “Alright, then for us to have a dinner is no longer an issue, Miss Xue . But it’s not like we have agreed that we can’t invite other people to dine together, right? Alright, I’ll be waiting for you at the anteroom of the Long’s Dining Hall tomorrow night . ”

The time flew by in the afternoon . After Master Huang spent quite the effort and concentration, he finally finished cutting all the stone chunks and removed the jade materials from the inside . Under the light, his face was pale as he wiped beads of sweat off it as he looked at Tang Xiu and said, “The task has fortunately been accomplished, Mr . Tang . All the stone chunks have all been cut, and all the jades and jadeites are here . ”

“Alright, I’m going to send these things back home first . Please give me the address where you are staying, I’ll look for you after tending to some things I need to deal with . Don’t worry! This Tang Xiu always keeps his promises . I’ve given you my word to heal your leg, and I definitely won’t take it back . ”

With a grateful expression, Master Huang said, “Thank you, divine Doctor Tang…”

After Tang Xiu learned the hotel where Master Huang was staying, he took away all the jades and jadeites removed from the stone chunks, and then bade farewell to Chu Yuan and Xue Yu before he left .

Inside the shed .

After looking at Tang Xiu’s back as he left, Chu Yuan’s eyes then fell on Xue Yu and calmly asked, “Do you believe that he has seen your face?”

“No . I don’t believe it . ” Xue Yu shook her head . After saying that, she hesitated for a while and then spoke again, “But I’d rather believe it than not, for I can’t break the customs of the Xue Family if he really has seen my face . ”

Chu Yuan secretly forced a smile and said, “I found that Tang Xiu’s identity is very suspicious . I did read about him, and though I know that he’s the secret Big Boss behind the Magnificent Tang Corporation and also a member of the Tang Family from Beijing, I always felt that he must have another identity as well . ”

“You mean, he’s the same type of people as us?” Asked Xue Yu, doubtful .

“Yeah . ” Chu Yuan nodded . “How can we explain his harvest from stone gambling today otherwise? Each and and every stone chunk contained jade or jadeite of very good quality . I have guesstimated his income today, too . If those jades and jadeites he got were to be sold, he can get billions of yuan . ”

“So much?” Xue Yu was taken aback .

At the side, Master Huang interjected, “It’s definitely that much, I’m sure . Just that Blood Jade can be sold for a sky-high price . I don’t have much wealth in possession, but if he is willing to sell that to me for 1 billion, I’ll buy it without any hesitation . ”

“Let alone 1 billion yuan, I’m still willing to buy it even if the price rises several times . The Imperial Garden has been in existence for hundreds of years, but even though generation after generation has amassed Blood Jades, what we have obtained all these years is still so little . ”

Xue Yu fell into silence . She still remembered the first moment she met Tang Xiu . The feeling like she was spied on through her heart made her shudder and feel cold all over her body .

Suddenly, Master Huang asked, “Are you all thinking that he could be someone from the Occult Sect?”

“Are there people surnamed Tang in the Occult Sect, by chance?” Asked Chu Yuan back .

“No . ” Master Huang shook his head . “But for one to enter discipleship in the Occult Sect, he only needs to study the Occult Sect’s techniques from its Elders, so he can be counted as Occult Sect’s people, no?”

Chu Yuan slightly leaned his face to the side and spoke to the young man beside him, “Send someone to investigate him . I must find out what’s his identity no matter what . ”

“I advise you not to make this decision, Chu Yuan . ” Suddenly, Xue Yu interjected . “He… has something nefarious about him . Only a few people in this world can make me dread and shudder, but something in him gives me a terrified feeling . There’s something about him you probably haven’t learned about . I can’t predict his fate, and neither can I see through his soul . ”

“What did you say?” Chu Yuan suddenly exclaimed and gasped . He had some knowledge of Xue Yu’s special ability . She was able to divine an ordinary person’s life and soul, unless they were from The Three Arts lineages .

This Tang Xiu…

“Do I still need to send someone to investigate him, Boss?” Asked the young man in a whisper .

Chu Yuan was silent for a moment before he forced a smile and said, “Since Jade Beauty has said that, do not investigate him for the time being . It will be harmful if we if we were to investigate him since we don’t know the details about him at all as of yet . So, we must not have a fallout with him for the time being . ”


After leaving the exhibition center, Tang Xiu went to a secluded place to store all the jades and jadeites into his interspatial ring . It was already 8 PM when he arrived home . He saw that his parents were accompanying Tang Xiaohan and Gu Yin and chatted with them . After greeting them, he then quickly walked upstairs to the second floor .

He got a lot of jade materials today and would start crafting a batch of jade bottles and jade boxes if there were no important matters he needed to tend to . Certainly, it was also necessary to craft a batch of array discs to be used to arrange a Feng Shui array .

The reconstruction of Nine Dragons Island was estimated to be finished next year . At that time, he would arrange a massive array on the entire Nine Dragons Island, which would need a massive number of array discs . Despite having gotten these jades today, the number was still far from enough .

After taking a shower and changing his clothes, he came back downstairs . Su Lingyun, who just walked out of the kitchen, saw Tang Xiu and said with a smile, “Son, the meal has just been reheated . Let’s eat first . ”

“Alright, Mom!” Tang Xiu faintly smiled and followed Su Lingyun to the dining room .

“Where did you go this afternoon, Xiu’er?” Asked Su Lingyun curiously . “Chen Zhizhong came to our house today, and since you were not here, he left something he brought before leaving . ”

Tang Xiu stared blankly . He did not know for what reason Chen Zhizhong paid him a visit . If he had something and needed to see him, couldn’t he just call him directly? After pondering about it, he took his mobile phone out and dialed Chen Zhizhong’s cell number .

“Master!” Chen Zhizhong’s voice was transmitted from the mobile phone .

“I heard you came to my house in the afternoon . Do you have something to talk to me?” Asked Tang Xiu .

“I just obtained a Millennium Wild Ginseng this morning, Master . I intended to deliver it to you personally, but you weren’t home,” said Chen Zhizhong . “Also, there’s something I need to say to you . Thank you so much for what Master did in the capital…”

“Alright . I know what you mean . ” Tang Xiu interrupted him and smilingly said, “Your son is my grand disciple, and his matters are naturally my business . Anyways, leave out these superficial things these superficial things towards me in the future, understood? By the way, I wanna ask you something . How much do you know about Jade?”

Chen Zhizhong let out a hollow laugh and then said, “I know a little about it, Master . You too know that for people like me who has a little bit of money likes to get some good quality jade, so I once studied about a bit on jades and precious stones from an expert in the past . That’s right, do you need some jades, by chance, Master? I have a few good quality Mutton Fat Jades and Nephrites in my home . ”

“Just keep those few articles first! It will be useful to you in the future,” said Tang Xiu . “What I really want to ask you is, do you have any interest in setting up a jade business?”

“Setting up a jade business?” Asked Chen Zhizhong in a baffled tone . “What’s the plan you have in mind, Master?”

“I need jades;a lot of them,” said Tang Xiu . “The higher the quality of the jade, the more I need them . If you are willing to manage a jade business, you don’t need to worry about the fund issue as I can invest a sum of money for you to use . Thus, getting jades later would be much easier . ”

“I’m more than willing, but I’m lacking the capital to carry it out, Master,” said Chen Zhizhong wryly . “Besides, all my floating capital is currently being used to maintain the Endless Virtue Pharmaceutical’s business, whereas the rest of my funds are invested in the New City project, so…”

“I can give you 5 billion yuan for the starting fund,” said Tang Xiu .

Chen Zhizhong was silent for a few seconds and then said seriously, “Then I’m willing to try it, Master . ”

Tang Xiu smiled and said, “Since you’re willing to try, I will transfer the money to your bank account tomorrow . Do remember, I won’t ask you how much money you must earn as long as you can get a massive number of precious jades . Also, there’s one more thing I need to tell you . Someone who’s in charge of your Endless Virtue Pharmaceutical’s business in Blue City is kind of problematic . Thus, maybe you have similar problems in other cities, too . You should check it yourself . ”’

“What have you found, Master?” Chen Zhizhong was secretly startled .

“Some people are selling precious medicinal herbs behind your back,” said Tang Xiu .

Chen Zhizhong’s expression greatly changed as he replied in a heavy tone, “I see . I’ll investigate this immediately and handle it well, Master . ”

“Alright!” Tang Xiu replied and then directly hung up .


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