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Returning From The Immortal World - Chapter 638


Chapter 638

Chapter 638: Disappearing from the Scene

After having finished with the call, Tang Xiu was struck with a bit heavy, sour mood . He was aware of the Magnificent Tang Corporation’s development . It was like an extremely fast rocket, even people without much ability were able to see it clearly . His identity probably was already known to many people at this time . The reason why his company could continue to develop until now, on the one hand, was because of the forces in Star City, who coveted the data of the company’s core products, had all been removed from previously . And on the other hand, it may be related to his other identity .

That other reason was the Tang Family!

The Tang Family was like a protective umbrella sheltering him . Many people were crystal clear about it in their hearts that they must face the Tang Family if they wanted to deal with the Magnificent Tang Corporation .

It was very clear for Tang Xiu that the struggle between the Tang and Yao Families, which resulted in the former being the final victor, leaving him as the party who benefitted the most from it . The result of the contention between the two families ended up providing more layers of deterrence and protection for the Magnificent Tang Corporation;an inadvertent aftermath arising from the strange combination of circumstances, so to speak .

Birds die in pursuit of food, and so will people in an attempt to obtain riches . A tall tree will catch the wind, thus being coveted by many greedy forces is inevitable . I have always wanted to keep a low profile, silently making a fortune in secret, but the rapid development of the Magnificent Tang Corporation, as well as the potential it holds in the future, inevitably caused jealousy from others . This so-called staying low profile I’ve been doing seems to be seen as nothing but a joke, a laughingstock in the eyes of many people . But the one who holds the authority over the Magnificent Tang Corporation… is none other but ME!

Tang Xiu lit a cigarette and stood in the hallway while taking a few deep puffs, as a strong and overbearing aura burst out from him .

Since keeping a low profile is no longer an option, then I will stand up high! The Tang Family is an existence in the light, whereas the Everlasting Feast Hall is in the dark . Since I can use both for myself, what should I be afraid of? Whoever dares to eye the Magnificent Tang Corporation with their greedy eyes, I will play and have fun with them . If worse came to worst, I will visit them with my men and exterminate them!

After thinking it through, Tang Xiu extinguished the cigarette butt and made a phone call to Gu Xiaoxue, instructing her to transfer Mo Awu back from Nine Dragons Island and to send a group of experts with him here and be ready to be dispatched at his orders .


Blue City…

Inside a standard room of the Venus Hotel, Qian Xingwang stood before the window with a vigilant look . He watched the outside through the curtain slit . He was an ambitious Chinese man who lived abroad . At the same time, he was also a trusted aide who managed the financial affairs of an influential figure in the Varro Family, a member of the Stygian Club .

“Giving up my position as the Boss of the Varro Family’s electronic fabs in China for the sake of getting the Magnificent Tang Corporation’s formulas may be a great loss . But I can get more profits and benefits if I can get the formula . Big Boss said that, if I complete this task, he’ll help me develop my own force in the future…”

Qian Xiangwang gripped his fists tightly, and there was a longing look in his eyes . He had bought a rather powerful Winery Vice-Director belonging to the Magnificent Tang Corporation . As long as Dai Qiang was dead, that Vice-Director was highly likely of becoming the new Director of the winery, then it would be very easy for him to get the recipe of the Gods Nectar .

Knock knock…

His room’s door was knocked, making Qian Xingwang tense inside . He quickly turned around to the four men sitting on the chairs next to the bed and quickly gave them a hand signal .

Immediately, a middle-aged man understood Qian Xiangwang’s intention and quickly pulled out the pistol from his waist . He walked to the side of the of the door and called out, “Who is it?”

“It’s me!” A woman’s voice replied outside the door .

The middle-aged man quickly shot Qian Xiangwang a look . When he saw him nod, he immediately opened the door and allowed a beautiful woman dressed up in a gorgeous attire to enter the room .

Qian Xingwang strode forward and asked, “How is the matter going?”

“The target has been dealt with and it was as per your instruction, a premeditated car accident . A troublesome thing may need to be dealt with, however . His two bodyguards . If the people from Magnificent Tang Corporation are to investigate it, it’ll probably be very easy to find that the two bodyguards are already dead . ”

“Everything else doesn’t matter as long as Dai Qiang is dead,” commented Qian Xiangwang with satisfaction .

“Anyways, why did you want us to arrange a premeditated car accident in the first place?” asked the woman .

“I just want to make those people from the Magnificent Tang Corporation to realize that this is not a mere traffic accident and is a deliberate effort, to let the the cat out of the bag that some people are currently eyeing their company;especially the winery . ” Qian Xingwang sneered . “When they are in a state of extreme nervousness, it will be our opportunity . ”

“I don’t understand,” said the woman with a confused expression .

“It’s a diversionary tactic, a feint to the east to divert them . But, the real attack will come from the west . ” Said Qiang Xiangwang with a complacent expression . “Our primary target is not the Gods Nectar recipe, but the formula of the health care and cosmetics products . As long as the security forces of the Magnificent Tang Corporation are assigned to the winery, we can begin to snatch the formulas of the health care and cosmetics products . ”

“You’re amazing, Boss,” said the woman, admiring him .

Qian Xingwang smugly smiled and then said with all seriousness, “Hurry up and pack up our things . We must move fast . The Tang Family of Beijing is the backer behind the Magnificent Tang Corporation . If we don’t move fast, I’m sure it won’t take long time for someone to find us here . A’ Sen, are you done finding a new base?”

“I already did . We can head there at any time . ” The middle-aged man who opened the door nodded and replied .

“We mustn’t delay any longer, let’s move at once,” said Qian Xiangwang with a serious expression .


More than half an hour later, Shao Mingzhen arrived in a hurry with eight men . When they kicked open the door of the room where Qian Xiangwang had stayed according to address given by Tang Xiu, they found that the people inside had disappeared .

“I did not find anyone here, Tang Xiu . They should have just left judging from the traces they left in the room,” said Shao Mingzhen after he called Tang Xiu to report about the situation .

While holding the phone, Tang Xiu slightly frowned and said, “Got it, Old Brother Shao . Let’s put this matter aside first since they have already escaped . Sorry for troubling you this late . Thanks a bunch . ”

“Leave the ceremonial talk aside, brother . Anyways, do you want me to send some people to find their traces?” Said Shao Mingzhen . “Finding them should be easy as long as they are still in Blue City . ”

“Nevermind,” said Tang Xiu . “It’s evident that these people have a clear target judging from their planned actions . Thus, the first thing they’ll do should be erase their traces, and then finding them wouldn’t be an easy task . ”

“So be it, then,” said Shao Mingzheng . “If you need anything else, I’ll still be staying in Blue City for the time being . Do call Do call me at any time if you need me . ”


In Star City Chinese Medical Hospital, Tang Xiu concluded the call with Shao Mingzhen and contacted his aunt, Tang Min, again . From her, he learned that these people they been investigating had indeed left, and that their movements were so bizarre that the intelligence personnel was unable to find them . It was like they vanished without a trace .

It was late at night, thus Tang Xiu delegated the task of protecting Dai Qiang to several experts of the Everlasting Feast Hall who had arrived and then drove to Kang Xia’s villa . It was already the early hours of the morning, but Kang Xia had not yet gone to sleep when Tang Xiu called her .

On the second floor of the villa, Kang Xia’s bedroom .

After Tang Xiu arrived, he took off his jacket and walked to the beauty’s bed . He opened half of the window and sat there to lit a cigarette even though the heating was on .

“How was the result of the investigation?” Asked Kang Xia with a face full of concern .

Tang Xiu shook his head, “The identity of the other party has been investigated and identified indeed . They were previously in Blue City, but when the people I asked for help to apprehend them arrived there, there was not a single soul in the room . They had left already . ”

“So, the movements of the other party are planned?” Commented Kang Xia with a serious expression . “Could it be their real target is… the Gods Nectar?”

“The Gods Nectar may be just one of many . ” Tang Xiu sneered . “Since they dare to covet the products of our company or its formulas, I don’t think they will only aim at the Gods Nectar . The formulas of the health care and cosmetics products may be included on the list as well . ”

“Who exactly is this person?” Asked Kang Xia .

“His name is Qian Xiangwang, a Chinese living abroad, the owner of an electronic fab in Guangyang Province,” answered Tang Xiu . “However, I have a suspicion that this identity is just a cover to conceal his true identity . It’s highly likely that he has another identity, unless he’s mental, otherwise he would never dare to have the idea of eyeing the Magnificent Tang Corporation . ”

“The enemy is now in the dark, and we are in the light . It’s best to stay careful and vigilant,” commented Kang Xia .

Tang Xiu nodded in response without speaking, and then said, “I won’t leave Star City before I get this rat . Also, I’ve already called a group from Jingmen Island here . They should be arriving a few days later . These people won’t quit halfway and leave the work leave the work unfinished since they took the actions already . I’ll make arrangements to set up a net in Star City . They will be trapped as long as they dare to get into action again . ”

“About your schooling…” Replied Kang Xia .

“I’ll put the matter with my schooling aside for now . ” Tang Xiu shook his head . “The formulas of the Magnificent Tang Corporation must never be stolen, else we will be struck with severe losses . ”

Kang Xia nodded without speaking and then said, “Anyways, I’ve sent someone to talk to the police . They are currently investigating these people, so let’s prepare ours too . ”

“Relying on the police nowadays is like playing with an absolute joke . ” Tang Xiu forced a wry smile . “The people I asked for help were more resourceful and skillful than the police as they are from the State Intelligence Agency . Yet, they still lost their traces . Do you think the police can be compared to the all-powerful intelligence network of the country?”

Kang Xia stared blankly for a moment, and then immediately said, “Then I’ll talk to the police tomorrow to make them suspend the investigation!”

“Don’t, there’s no need . ” Tang Xiu waved his hand . “We’ll let them continue the investigation in order not to beat the grass and scare the snake . We’ll act the same as we usual . We’ll use the brake to stop them, albeit slowly, and then we’re going to sit back and wait for the fish to bite the hook . ”

This night, Tang Xiu stayed overnight in Kang Xia’s place and slept until the next morning, as he then left in a hurry . He went out last night and did not come back all night, thus he was afraid that his mother would get worried . After returning back to South Gate Town, he found his parents still asleep, so he went to his bedroom, changed his clothes and cultivated for more than an hour . ”

“Do you have something to do this morning, Xiu’er?” Asked Su Lingyun at the table .

“Yeah, I have some matters to tend to . I got an appointment with a friend to fetch the child I just adopted,” answered Tang Xiu .

Su Lingyun put down the chopsticks and said with a curious expression, “Xiu’er, I know you just adopted a child since you told me before that you wanted to take him as your disciple . Is there any peculiarity or something special about him?”

Tang Xiu was silent for a short while, and then answered, “He’s blind . ”

Su Lingyun’s hands trembled and quickly asked, “You… you want to adopt a blind child? Have you thought about it well, Xiu’er? Though our family is not short on money to foster a child, but…”


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