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Returning From The Immortal World - Chapter 637


Chapter 637: 637

Chapter 637: A Sudden Incident

With the improvement of their family condition, Su Lingyun had always been wishing to give something to her son . Even if the others were oblivious to the matter, it was something crystal clear to her how sorrowful and hard the days they had gone through all these years .

Tang Xiu hugged Su Lingyun’s shoulders and smilingly said, “Thank you, Mom . Even if you don’t give me a dime, I’m still very happy and satisfied as long as I can celebrate the New Year with you every year . ”

“Silly boy!” Su Lingyun stroked Tang Xiu’s head and said with a smile, “Let’s go inside! It’s started snowing outside . ”

The present Tang Family had a mental and spiritual fortitude that was different from before . In the past, it was they had a knot that burdened them, always wary, tense, and always vigilant to the threat posed by the Yao Family—for fear that because of their negligence, an incident would occur at any time . Now, however, the Yao Family had become a thing of the past, the once behemoth had collapsed, making all the members of the Tang Family breathe a sigh of relief .

Nevertheless, the threat brought by the Yao Family all these years had also made the members of the Tang Family deeply comprehended one thing, that was, to be a monolithic whole and keep the family together . To make the Tang Family more and more powerful in the future, it was necessary for them to… unite .

One for all and all for one . All is withered when one is dried up, for one’s glory is everyone’s honor .

Though the Tang Family had ruined the Yao Family, it did not mean that they could relax as of yet . There were numerous prominent families in the capital and the power constellation was always complicated . At present, there were still a few powerful families in existence that could pose a threat to the Tang Family, and it was unknown how many forces were staying low-key and hidden in the dark . Therefore, though the members of the Tang Family did feel relaxed, they did not ease their vigilance and neither did they let go of their alertness .

Tang Xiu himself was very satisfied with the current situation the Tang Family was in at present . He stayed with his parents in Beijing for three days before returning back to Star City . Although the family of three did not celebrate the New Year in Star City in these three days, they had prepared a lot of New Year’s gifts;not to mention that Mu Qingping had also returned home prior to them . Hence, the family of three returned to South Gate Town with warm feelings .

The light of day receded and was replaced by dusk . Just as the family was preparing to have dinner, Tang Xiu received a call from Kang Xia . The happy expression on his face vanished after the phone call ended, as several points of intense killing intent replaced it .

“Mom, Dad, I need to go out to tend to something . ” Tang Xiu got up and grabbed his coat .

Surprised, Tang Yunde asked, “Is it very important that you can’t even join us for dinner?”

“It’s a bit of emergency indeed,” said Tang Xiu . “A top executive of my company had a car accident, so I must catch up and have a look at his situation . ”

“Then be careful on the road, son . ” Tang Yunde nodded and said, “Do call me if something else happens . ”

After replying, Tang Xiu quickly left the villa and drove towards Star City Chinese Medical Hospital . When he arrived at the hospital’s operating room, he found many security guards from the Magnificent Tang Corporation standing guard in the corridor;some of them were Kang Xia’s private bodyguards . They stood at the entrance to the operation with solemn expressions, and they watched the situation around in vigilance .

“How is he, Kang Xia?” Tang Xiu strode over and asked .

Upon seeing Tang Xiu, Kang Xia immediately spoke with a bitter expression, “His injuries are very severe . I have been noticed that he’s in a critical state and the doctor told me to be mentally prepared since the possibility he can be saved is… minuscule . ”

“What about the two bodyguards who are responsible of protecting Dai Qiang? Have they been found?” Asked Tang Xiu in a heavy voice .

“No, not yet . ” Kang Xia shook her head . “I immediately rushed here with these men the moment I got the news . I already sent people to investigate it and they have yet to come back . However, we lost contact with two since we can’t connect to their phones . We also have contacted their family, and they do not know where they went either . ”

A cold glint flashed in Tang Xiu’s eyes . It was easy to judge that the car accident that happened to Dai Qiang was definitely an accident, but a pre-planned assassination had been prepared for a long time . As far as he knew, Dai Qiang had a total of four bodyguards who worked in shifts of two . The four of them had been trained by experts from the Everlasting Feast Hall, and five ordinary people would not be able to contend with them . The most important thing was that these two bodyguards had very professional work ethics, and and they naturally kept their phones on 24/7 . Now that they have gone missing and their phone couldn’t be contacted, it would only mean one thing: they had met a misfortune accident!

“Any particular situation happened in the company as of recently?” Asked Tang Xiu . “Or, did some issues emerged that Dai Qiang encountered?”

“Dai Qiang once mentioned it to me last year . He said that someone had contacted him and wanted to privately buy a large bulk of Gods Nectar from him . You also know that Dai Qiang is the Director of the Magnificent Tang Corporation’s Winery and there have been a lot of people who want to see him, asking to open the back door in order to buy Gods Nectar in private . That’s why I did not take it seriously at first, but I did feel that the number ordered by that person was kind of quite a lot . Dai Qiang refused that person’s request and then received a threat from the other party . ”

“Who is this man?” Asked Tang Xiu .

“He’s from the Southern Region, the owner of an electronic fabs in Guangyang Province, someone surnamed Qian,” elaborated Kang Xia . “I already assigned some people to investigate the details on this man surnamed Qian half an hour ago, but there’s no result as of yet . ”

“Let’s wait for the news, then . I’ll go inside to see his situation . ” Tang Xiu nodded .

Having said that, he strode inside the operating room . There he saw seven doctors wearing surgical robes currently performing surgery on Dai Qiang;the hands of the chief surgeon were covered with blood .

“Who let you inside? Get out quickly!”

A female doctor who had just transferred to Star City Chinese Medical Hospital reprimanded him with knitted brows . Immediately, the other doctors in the operating room turned their heads and had their vision land on Tang Xiu’s face .

Tang Xiu ignored her as he looked at the chief surgeon and asked, “How is he?”

When the chief surgeon saw Tang Xiu, his eyes immediately lit up and hurriedly said, “The patient’s injuries are very severe . Though we have stopped the internal bleeding, four of his ribs are broken and one of them pierced his lungs . Also, he suffers from severe head injury and fractured cranial bones . He will need the help of a brain specialist later .

“Handle the injuries you can deal with as fast as possible, and then let me take over,” said Tang Xiu .

“Understood!” The surgeon said respectfully .

At this moment, the newly transferred female doctor was dumbfounded . She didn’t know Tang Xiu, neither had she seen him in the hospital . She really did not understand not understand why would the chief surgeon listen to Tang Xiu at all . And the rest seemed to have… admiring and respectful expressions?

Ten minutes later, Tang Xiu took over the treatment . Since the wounds had been sutured, Tang Xiu’s work became easier . After consuming three hours with extra carefulness, he was finally able to pull the battered Dai Qiang back from the line of death .

The medical techniques he displayed, however, were so incredible and unthinkable that all the doctors in the room couldn’t grasp them . However, when he said that “his life is no longer in danger, but the follow-up treatment must be done in order”, only then did all the doctors in the operating room come back to their senses with intense admiration on their faces .

“Thank you, divine Doctor Tang . It’s fortunate that you came here in time . To be honest, the possibility of rescuing him was only 20% if I were the one who did the surgery,” said the chief surgeon with admiration .

Tang Xiu nodded at him without speaking a word . He had consumed a lot of his mental energy in the three hours of treatment, so he only spoke a few words and then left the operating room .

“He… he’s that miracle-working divine Doctor Tang?” Muttered the female doctor who reprimanded Tang Xiu before . There was a disbelieving expression on her face .

“That’s of course . ” The chief surgeon glanced at her and smilingly said . “He naturally is that divine Doctor Tang . A miracle-working doctor who has treated a lot of hard-to-treat diseases, it’s like the illnesses depart the moment he touches the patients and brings back life to them . ”

“The way I treated him before…” The female doctor’s lips squirmed a few times and looked somewhat restless .

“Don’t worry!” The chief surgeon comforted her with a smile . “divine Doctor Tang has a broad mind and heart, he will never stoop down to our level . After all, it was good that you of all people tried to stop someone from rushing into the operation room, more so that you did not recognize divine Doctor Tang at all, so you did what you must do . Alright, don’t think about it too much . He just said that we must finish the post-treatment care for the patient well . ”

When Tang Xiu came out of the operating room, he saw Kang Xia waiting outside the entrance looking to have something in mind . Since the people around were his own people, Tang Xiu straightly asked, “How is the investigation?”

“We found the bodies of the two bodyguards in a river on the outskirts of the city,” said Kang Xia . “Their deaths was caused by was caused by heavy blows, probably by blunt weapons . This news is from the police, and I already sent someone to deal with it . Also, we haven’t found this businessman surnamed Qian . I’ve assigned some people from the Everlasting Feast Hall to investigate him in Guangyang Province, but the news is that there’s no trace of him there, like he has disappeared . ”

Tang Xiu took his mobile phone and made several calls . He must find that businessman surnamed Qian . It would be best for that person to not be found by him, or else he would make him pay a very painful price .

In regards to Dai Qiang, Tang Xiu liked this bald man . He was the one who took him from the other region to Star City to work for him . Now that the man encountered such a huge accident, he was the one responsible to make it up for him!

“Boss, I have a suspicion that…” Kang Xia hesitated .

Tang Xiu’s expression changed and asked, “What suspicion?”

“If this is really the doing of that businessman surnamed Qian, I suspect that this incident is not simple,” elaborated Kang Xia .

Tang Xiu’s eyes narrowed, “You mean that that man looked for Dai Qiang first as means to conceal his true purpose? Do you feel that he also wants the formula of the Gods Nectar?”

“That’s right . ” Kang Xia nodded .

“Let’s wait for the news!” Said Tang Xiu . “As long as I find that Qian man, I can squeeze out everything from him and make him spit out his real purpose . Anyways, instruct all the security guards of the company to withdraw from the hospital, as well as your bodyguards . Assign some experts from our company to come here in secret . I’ve rescued Dai Qiang’s life, but he must not be injured again . ”

“Understood!” Kang Xia nodded and did not speak another word .

As Kang Xia left with her bodyguards and the security guards of the Magnificent Tang Corporation, Tang Xiu personally escorted Dai Qiang to the ICU . He did not hurry to leave but stayed outside the room waiting for news .

Late at night, there was a phone call from Tang Min, informing Tang Xiu that she had found the location where that businessman called Qian was at .

He was in Blue City!

After hanging up the call, Tang Xiu pondered for a while before making a phone call to Shao Mingzhen . He knew that he was still in Blue City, thus he immediately asked his help to apprehend this businessman named Qian .

“Old Brother Shao, I’ll send you the information about this man . I entrust this work to you . ”


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