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Returning From The Immortal World - Chapter 636


Chapter 636

Chapter 636: Raking in Money

Needle and thread in a loving mother’s hands, mending holes of the clothes of her soon wandering son . Her sewing picks up the pace as the date approaches, worries of belated return echoing inside her heart [1] . It was maternal love, the greatest existence of love in the world—the love that was like the highest peak of a mountain ridge .

The son did something wrong and came across the disaster of being imprisoned . Though Zhang Shi did not speak out her feelings, yet restlessness and worry resided inside her . Longing and anticipation that her son could soon be released from the prison to appear before her eyes . Half a year passed by with countless fantasies and countless prayers . When that dream had finally come true, her whole being trembled, feeling both excited and scared .

She was afraid that she was dreaming, and two lines of tears fell down .


Su Shangwen’s knees slammed on the ground and he repeatedly knocked his head on the ground, speaking with a bitter expression, “I’m back, Mother . ”

Finally, Zhang Shi was sure that she was not dreaming, as a dream would not be this real . She bit her lips and went before Su Shangwen .


She slapped Su Shangwen’s face .

With a loving and distressed expression, Zhang Shi angrily asked, “Have you already realized your wrongs?”

Su Shangwen kept kneeling . He nodded silently and replied, “I’ve already realized and admitted my wrongs, Mother . ”

Zhang Shi slowly closed her eyes, yet her tears flowed down from the corner of her eyes . When she opened them again, she sighed and said, “Get up! It’s good that you still have the conscience that your family is here . ”

“Mother, I’m sorry . ”

Zhang Meiyun also hurriedly came over and said with a face full of remorse .

Zhang Shi did not speak but looked at Su Lingyun instead .

Su Lingyun glanced at Tang Xiu quickly before she pulled Su Shangwen from the ground and said, “It’s great that you came back, big brother . Xiu’er did not do it to you with discretion, please don’t be angry with him . ”

“How can be I angry with him?” Su Shangwen shook his head . “On the contrary, I should be thanking Tang Xiu . I wouldn’t have repented if it weren’t for him . Mother, please don’t worry . We will change and start a fresh life and regard our family members as family members . As it should be . ”

Even in her dreams, Zhang Shi did not expect that she would hear her son say such words . She could not stop the tears flowing from her eyes, as she repeatedly nodded before replying, “That’s good, great . It’s great that you can change . ”

The atmosphere in the Su Family became slightly different with the return of Su Shangwen . Tang Yunde’s attitude neither showed that he couldn’t forgive him or pursued his responsibility .

In the evening, the mother and daughter, Mu Qingping and Gu Yin, returned back to Star City by a car driven by Su Quan, whereas Tang Xiu left the Su Family Village with Tang Yunde and Su Lingyun for Beijing . It was at two o’clock in the morning as the family of three arrived at the capital . They did not go directly to the Tang Family residence, however, but went to the house recently bought by Tang Yunde in Beijing .

At the Rivers and Mountain Blossom Garden…

It was a relatively upscale residential complex in the Third Ring Road . The most notable thing was the double compound house that was luxuriously decorated . It was Tang Xiu’s first time coming to this place despite him having been to the capital several times .

“Xiu’er, your mother and I will stay downstairs . Are you going to take a room downstairs or upstairs?” Tang Yunde put down the luggage, lit up a cigarette and said with a smile .

“I’ll take the one upstairs . ” Tang Xiu smiled . “Anyways, this house is quite big . It should be around 200 square meters wide, right?”

“It’s 260 square meters, to be exact . ” Tang Yunde smiled . “I was originally planning to buy a villa directly . But your Mom doesn’t like spacious villas, not to mention that we seldom stay in the capital either . Buying such a big residence would be a waste, so we picked this one . Anyways, we’ll leave the master bedroom upstairs for you . The house keys are on the bedside table, remember to take them with you . ”

“Got it!”

Tang Xiu casually observed the house as he took his travel bag to the second floor . Though he had an interspatial ring, he still did not want to have his parents know this secret for the time being . He changed into clothes that were temporarily stuffed into the travel bag prepared by his mother, Su Lingyun .

The master bedroom was around 30 square meters wide . It was luxuriously decorated and was especially spacious . Tang Xiu put the travel bag on the cabinet and walked towards the window . The building had 20 floors and their apartment took the 11th and 12th floor, which was in the middle of the building . Therefore, by standing on the window, he could see the commercial street outside the residential complex .

“It’s going to snow again, it seems!” Tang Xiu looked up at the sky in a good good mood .

For him, the definition of home was very simple . Wherever his mother was present, it was home—and he was more than satisfied now that he found his father and was with them .

The next morning was the New Year’s Day . Tang Xiu got up very early and followed his parents to the Tang Family’s ancestral residence . The residence was now very lively, as nearly all the core members of the Tang Family had arrived, including his aunt, Tang Min .

Paying a kowtow and making a ceremonial visit to wish the family a Happy New Year .

What surprised Tang Xiu was that his grandparents also gifted him a thick red envelope .

In the backyard of the ancestral home, Tang Tang pulled Tang Xiu to a remote spot . The latter grinned while shaking her mobile phone and spoke in a whisper, “Brother, gimme a red envelope . ”

Tang Xiu stuffed his hand into his pocket and forced a smile, “I didn’t prepare it . How about I give you the one grandma gave me, is that okay with you?”

“No need to be that troublesome . ” Tang Tang laughed . “It’s more convenient if you send me a red envelope via WeChat, you know . ”

Sending a red envelope via WeChat?

“What exactly is that?” Asked Tang Xiu, confused .

Tang Tang’s face stilled . “It can’t be true, right?” There was a disbelieving expression in her eyes as she asked, “You… you don’t know what a WeChat Red Envelope is?”

“I know WeChat is a messaging and chatting platform app, but I don’t know what a WeChat Red Envelope is!” Tang Xiu shook his head . “Ah, that’s right . I don’t seem to have a WeChat account either . ”

The way Tang Tang looked at Tang Xiu was as though seeing a monster from an alien star, an extraterrestrial . With disbelief painted her face, she said, “OMG! It’s unbelievable that you don’t have a WeChat account, brother! Who doesn’t use WeChat nowadays? Who doesn’t know what a WeChat Red Envelope is? You…”

Inwardly, Tang Xiu could only force a smile . He just returned from the Immortal World for half a year and had to tend to various matters . How could he have time to spare to care about these things, anyway? He knew what the WeChat apps were from Yue Kai’s group, but he did not know that this app could also be used to send red envelopes!

Tang Tang shook her head, giving Tang Xiu a look like she was defeated . She reached out her small hand and said, “Gimme your mobile phone, I’ll help you download the WeChat app . Then, I’ll teach you to link your bank card to the account . After which you can send red envelopes to envelopes to your WeChat circle of friends . ”

Ten minutes later, Tang Tang asked Tang Xiu about his information, then helped him download the WeChat mobile app and linked his bank card to the account . Afterward, she smiled and said, “You can now send red envelopes, brother . Now you must send me a thick one, right? Oh, that’s right . You can directly transfer the money to the Red Envelope app, or else you will look like a miser of low class . ”

Tang Xiu could only dumbly laugh, “Okay! By the way, what’s the maximum amount for the transfer via the WeChat account? You taught me this thing, so you’ll be my first friend in WeChat . I’ll gift you the maximum amount of red envelope . ”

Tang Tang’s eyes brightened up as she extended her hand with a grinning face, “It’s 50,000 yuan!”

“Alright, then I’ll send you 50,000 yuan,” said Tang Xiu with a smile .

After a while, Tang Xiu transferred 50,000 via WeChat to Tang Tang . After the girl left with a happy face, Tang Xiu recalled all the people listed on the phone book and sent them a text containing his WeChat account number to let them add him as their friend .

This time was a new age, and one must catch up with the new tides and trends .

Now that he returned to Earth, Tang Xiu was perfectly aware that he must not isolate himself from society . There were many people using WeChat now, thus he could no longer linger outside alone .

Beep Beep…

Beep beep beep…

" . . . "

Notification sounds set by Tang Xiu kept beeping . Although the cell numbers saved in Tang Xiu’s phone were not many, about less than 100 people’s cell numbers in total, it took only a few minutes after he sent the message before 40-50 people applied to be added as his friends .

“Hahaha, what a rare matter! Boss Tang unexpectedly signed in the WeChat!”

“Tang Xiu, I’m Long Hanwen . ”

“divine Doctor Tang, I’m Li Hongji . ”

“Boss, you finally have a WeChat account!”

“Brother Tang Xiu …”

" . . . "

After sending the application to everyone, Tang Xiu kept receiving WeChat’s notifications;some were text messages and some were voices . There were many messages, however, and he would be left exhausted if he were to reply to each one of them . Therefore, he turned his eyes from it and straightly sent a red envelope to each person, 200 yuan each .

“Man, playing with WeChat is hella expensive . ”

Despite Tang Xiu now being a rich man, he felt slightly squeezed out after sending so many red envelopes all of a sudden . What he did not expect afterward, however, was that the moment he sent his he sent his red envelopes, he also received notifications that his WeChat account received red envelopes as well, making him stunned .



Most of the amount he received was, 6666 and 8888 yuan and so on . After spending more than half an hour, he found that all the red envelopes he received from everyone amounted to more than 800,000 yuan . Among them, the likes of the Big Bosses such as Long Hanwen, Chen Zhizhong, Jin Xingkui, Miao Wentang, and the rest, were as though having an agreement in advance between them, as they sent him the same maximum amount: 50,000 yuan! [1]

“This… one can also use this to get rich, no?”

While looking at the total amount of money displayed in the WeChat wallet, he shook his head with an expression that was at a loss whether he had to laugh or cry .

Just as he was preparing to close the WeChat app, Kang Xia called him . After a happy conversation, he was directly added to the Magnificent Tang Corporation’s top executives’ WeChat group .

“OMG! Did I see the name correctly? It’s the B-… Boss? Our Big Boss was added to the group?”

“Whoa, Big Boss was added? Is he going to give us a New Year’s bonus or something?”

“Hooray! Long live the Boss!”


“ . . . "

Tang Xiu immediately realized Kang Xia’s intention for adding to the company’s senior management group . It seemed that she wanted him to send out red envelopes to them! After some thinking, Tang Xiu checked it out and found that the number of people in the group was more than 40 altogether . He immediately sent more than 40 envelopes with 200 yuan at once, letting all of them grab it .

As a result, the red envelopes were welcomed with cheers in the WeChat group! Amid innumerable messages of flattery and praise, Tang Xiu sent blessings and greeted everyone before closing the app .

“What are you smirking and grinning at, Sonny?”

Su Lingyun came out of the room as she looked up to the falling snow . Her eyes finally fell on Tang Xiu and asked with a cheerful expression .

“I got red envelopes, Mom! I made quite a fortune from it,” answered Tang Xiu with a smile .

“Did you see the red envelope Mom sent you?” Su Lingyun could not help laughing . “I sent 50,000 yuan via WeChat . It was Wan… umm, someone taught me to use it . We were so poor in the past, so Mom did not understand how to use those sophisticated mobile softwares, so Mom only gifted you a little pocket money every year . But now that our family has money, Mom wants to make it up to you, and gifted you all at once this time . ”


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